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  • posted a message on Familiar Recruits
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Would allowing it to copy all creature spells with only white mana in the cost (W, WW, WWW) stretch color pie too far?
    Once its no longer restricted by CMC its no longer a white card. It becomes a blue or green card. To be fair it could always be blue or green. The bend into white is exclusively for low CMC 2 or less most likely.
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  • posted a message on Familiar Recruits
    It's definitely overcosted. Alternatively, it could do more. Based on similar cards it could cost as low as 3 if you further restrict it to the first one you cast each turn. Though that might be pushing it.
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  • posted a message on Psionic Gauntlet
    No, because the intention was only to soft lock combat keywords. So that's overbearing from the intention.

    It would need to read, "Cards in your opponent's hand, graveyard, and spells they cast lose the chosen keyword."

    An interesting debate though, is if a creature is equipped with something like Sword of Feast and Famine, and Psionic Gauntlet causes the creature to lose Protection from green for example, should it remain lost and disable the ability for the equipment to regrant it. How about Stillmoon Cavalier? Should it be able to activate its ability to regain First Strike after Psionic Gauntlet causes it to lose the ability? I would suggest that if an effect causes a card to lose the keyword for a designated time, it shouldn't be able to regain it through that time.
    Its a debate on how the ability should function but now how the rules would currently handle the ability. If a card loses an ability, nothing inherently prevents it from regaining that ability. That's why the archetypes also prevent the gaining of that ability. If you want the function you describe you need the same wording as the archetypes. Archetype of Courage

    Though if you do that, it might need to increase its cost. And if your increasing the cost you might want to go full archetype and effect the whole board and maybe off the battlefield as well.
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  • posted a message on Psionic Gauntlet
    A fairly coherent card. I assume it chooses instead of targets to get hexproof and protections. Since you're already choosing at the start you can retemplste it to "Choose a creature and a keyword ability. Until end of turn, the chosen creature loses the chosen ability."

    The cost and equip cost have me scratching my head. I have no idea if this is too expensive or too cheap. As a start this is probably reasonable but it leaves me feeling off.
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  • posted a message on Daisy Lotus
    A more limited but stronger coalition relic is an interestint design. The flavor is a 10/10 for those who ger it but as evidenced by the response this isn't the type who get it. Though if you change any part the whole design falls apart so you have to simply enlighten those who don't get it. While fine for all larger formats its a tad concerning for standard though any alteration to alleviate that fear would make it unplayable elsewhere. I don't recall. Was Coalition Relic played in its standard run? If not then this is fine.
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  • posted a message on Mesmerize

    It's also not very intuitive to say that fateseal is worthless, but originally say that I'm Overestimating the value. Which is it?
    Normally it's bad forum to edit quote text but you have insisted that your mistakes be corrected this way.

    Then to answer, since context clues are apparently lost on you. You constantly overvalue Fateseal. On this specific card, fateseal is worthless because no matter the value you put on it, it won't matter.
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  • posted a message on Mesmerize
    I'm not overestimating the value of fateseal. I understand exactly how powerful it is.

    The point here is that this is what fateseal 2 is probably worth—countering a spell.
    You know, its quite funny. Everyone agrees that you are overestimating the value of fateseal. And normally you'd go "Oh, but in my version of magic only played by people in my head I'm right." And you could still make this claim but fateseal is actually worth significantly less in your version of magic where every card has a massive card flow mechanic stapled on in your deus ex series. Anything less than fateseal 6+ is factually worthless when most of your spells draw two to four cards.

    Though that isn't even the problem with this card. The problem with this card is that you've put incomparable together. There is no reasonable situation where the opponent will let their spell be countered.
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  • posted a message on Mesmerize
    You are radically over estimating the value of fateseal. Admittedly, if this just read Fateseal 2 it might be too good but because you can't be proactive that value vanishes. Leaving you with a cards that can counter useless spells but not useful ones. Unfortunately, this is a case of no value of fateseal being viable to balance the counter. Even an absurd fsteseal 8 will only make it marginally playable as there will be cards that you would be willing to let be countered but as it could never stop a combo or save your life it fails as a counterspell.

    A nice attempt at supporting an archetype but as the card is unbalancable its a complete failure.
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  • posted a message on Optimize
    While to the uninitiated this may look like word vomit once they understand that the game will receive multiple errata for this one card to function then it all makes sense. We get to work on those rules right away.

    705.1 Optimize
    705.1a This works.
    705.1b any other wording regardless of how coherent or valid is less elegant and thus less valid than this one.
    705.1d no, trust me this works
    705.1e if you don't understand how it works don't play it.
    705.1g despite the rules saying otherwise the card does as it says it does.
    705.1f the card also does more than it says it does based on the rules for it.
    705.1j this card was designed by a superior designer unless your opponent also is playing cards designed by a superior designer you win because your designs are superior.
    705.1l this card costs 2 more or less to cast as decided by your playgroup at the time of casting.
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  • posted a message on Great Depression
    I still forget that I need knowledge of the secret rulings on your cards before they can be properly understood. So with that nonsense out of the way let's look at the card you meant to design.

    Depression B
    At the beginning of your upkeep, put a sad counter on CARDNAME.
    Each players maximum hand size is reduced by the number of Sad counters on CARDNAME.

    This is still a strong card in an aggro shell but no longer an obviously oppressive card. It's possible it's still too strong but at least it's in the ballpark now.
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  • posted a message on Great Depression
    I don't know what you think you mean about the time lapse, but this really should cost 2 or remove the crescendo. While against aggro this will have little to no effect. Against every other type of deck it's very punishing. As an aggro card it's possibly game breaking. The more I think about it the more dangerous it feels.
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  • posted a message on Falling star and tokens
    Your assessment is correct. Falling star says creatures and tokens are creatures. Well, not all tokens are creatures but at least creature tokens are creatures.

    Also, if you check their oracle text. Chaos orb now specifically calls out non-token permanents rather than using the term cards. While Falling star still says creatures.
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  • posted a message on Proximity Error
    I wrote a blog that highlighted strategy building; such as deck engine structure; providing extensions to key content with alike contents; creating splits and spreads between alike content—and primary card advantage options (straight draw, wheel, and direct retrieval); and using mathematical proportion to secure percentile clench for key content in the opening game, and sustainability into the mid-and-end game.

    If you honestly think there's anything more to Magic than this—you need to question what it is you think you know more about Magic as a TCG game than I do.
    The fact that you believe they are similar is all the proof anyone needs to tell you know nothing about magic. Your obvious utter lack of understanding of magic on the most basic of levels is at the core of every criticism lobbed at you. If not for your profound ability to ignore others opinions you may have grown as a designer by now but you still make the simplest mistakes. Though as you lack the desire to grow it doesn't matter what anyone says. You can continue being the largest fish in your solitary box.
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  • posted a message on Proximity Error
    You are ignoring the opponent's ability to fateseal 1, which offsets any costs on the draw.
    Fateseal 1 is not at all equivalent to scry 1 draw a card.

    Your card does too much. At one mana the omen ability alone is what you get on an instant. Though it would be an undercosted instant but not so much that you could stick another ability on it.

    As shown in the first response one mana almost gets you the first half of your card ignoring the bull ability. If this wasn't doing so much the cost could probably drop to 3 but as it it needs to cost 4 at least.
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  • posted a message on GU Evergreen Keyword: Distract
    Quote from FetalTadpole »
    Quote from user_938036 »

    When declaring blockers, creatures with distract must be blocked if able before creatures without distract.

    The issue with this as reminder text is that it's more confusing to new players than the actual rules text. Blockers are declared all at once, there is no "blocked before." You kind of have to do this with a blocking restriction. There is also no difference I can see between your reminder text and "When declaring blockers creatures with distract must be blocked if able," period.
    That is much better wording for the ability.

    To clarify blocking conditions and blocking restrictions. A restriction is a "can't" while a condition is a "must" musts can be ignored if they can't be fulfilled but can'ts are always enforced which is why I changed the original ability from can't block unless to must block before. Your ability is still a condition meaning it fulfills the goal of allowing blocking if a distract creature is unblockable.
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