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  • posted a message on Midnight Mist & Gisa the Reveler
    lol at "it's broken to put hexproof on a 2/1 with an ability that's purely symbiotic".
    Making part of a combo more difficult to interact with is always a concern. When that combo is already viable at the highest tiers of play and you make a part strictly better its a good chance its broken. You have at length explained that you don't play current magic so don't flaunt your ignorance when others tell you something is obviously a problem. I'm sure on your table a 2/1 with hexproof that makes your undying creature comeback with an additional +1/+1 counter it would never be a problem. But in the real world this would cause problems.

    Look, everyone knows you don't know competitive magic by your own admission. So here is some solid advice that isn't limited to magic. When you hear something unbelievable about something you know nothing about don't think "that's ridiculous" instead think "so that's what things are like there." For more important things than subsections of hobbies you have no intention of delving into a cursory look into the subject should prove the validity of the claim.
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  • posted a message on Midnight Mist & Gisa the Reveler
    Midnight Mist, the concept of the monsters are out hunting is great flavor with an actionable rules text. However, there are a few problems. First, this shouldn't be hybrid. Black has no business being part of this card. Second, while nightmares transforming would be neat there are already horrors that do transform and would fit better. The fact that you may not want to transform some cards is a downside but one that is easy to live with.

    Gisa, you put hexproof on a lot of your cards. Stop that. Not every card needs hexproof. Dying to removal is OK. Moving on, this is doing too much. Adding the mana would already be a ability with the plethora of 1 drop cards that self reanimate. The counter manipulation would be great on its own as well. Just stick with the counters part for the easy combo with undying/persist. If you insist on keeping hexproof then the easy combo is actually broken and you'll need to retool it.
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  • posted a message on Goldrazer Eagle & Strife Condor
    The pseudo vigilance is wierd in black. Its not a break or anything its just wierd. The black card is significantly more powerful but both seem reasonable.
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  • posted a message on Endless Dungeon
    I don't think you could meaningfully increase the power of a repeating dungeon's base effects to make the idea good without being strictly better. However, if you take the concept of the reward for finishing the first mediocre dungeon is a strictly better dungeon then you have something to build on. The first layer would be the one you enter and there would be multiple "deeper" floors that you go to, possibly randomly, and each of those floors end with you back at the beginning floor, possibly in different rooms.
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  • posted a message on Crush from the Distance
    This is a really neat design. While the flavor was lost on me initially, that name isn't really doing it, your explanation has a lot of support in media. Though you probably want to find a better name. Cowed by Magisty would more appropriately capture the flavor you're going for. Or something like Awed by Infinity.

    As for functionality, the fact that the Enchanted permanent still has and can still use abilities means that this does very little to noncreatures. At the very least it should shut down activated abilities. Possibly even remove all abilities. Though it might have to increase in cost if it does that.
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  • posted a message on Soul Eruption & Keeper of Balance
    The existing mana base makes soul eruption broken beyond repair. In smaller formats its more interesting but probably leans to heavily in either underwhelming or broken.

    Keeper of Balance, if you drop hexproof and reduce to 1/3 or 2/2 then the any permanent text works well. If you don't then its overpowered either way. Hexproof and a huge butt on such a low drop is an absolute nightmare on any deck trying to kill you fast. Add in that it nerfs fetchlands and cripples mana ramp and it quickly reaches oppressive territory.
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  • posted a message on Zolo, Combat Escapist
    I had no idea what your card did until reading your explanation. I think a cleaner fix would be "Creatures can't be destroyed by damage during combat." This replicates essentially all of the value of damage on the stack by allowing you to act after the damage has been dealt. I'm sure there are corner cases where you get different results but I believe for the most part it accomplishes the same thing. Also hoses first strike.
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  • posted a message on Yamazaki Twins
    Your image costs 2 more than your text. The image is probably a more correct cost. Though its always sad to see a legendary have antisynergy with EDH. It might not matter but at the cost of 6 i would consider throwing on the legend rule doesn't apply.
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  • posted a message on [MID] - Innistrad Spoilers - Day, Night, Arlinn and Saryth.
    "new" mechanic? Oh please, they just keyworded to be more in flavor the identical mechanic that all innistradi werewolf already had
    Not the same. It's actually quite different. It only tracks the player whose turn it is so you can't interfere with the opponent transforming. However, the shift from day to night changes everyone's cards. While subtle there is a world of difference between the old and new werewolf mechanic.
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  • posted a message on Hilltop Troll
    The regenerate is probably too strong with that mana cost. While the ability isn't not green it would feel better as a red/Green card both for color pie and power level.
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  • posted a message on "Sacrifice A creature" and "IT's sacrificed"
    You more or less got it. Only a few minor corrections.

    With the fleshbag and Hexmage. If your opponent chooses to sacrifice the Hexmage to the Fleshbag's effects they can't then choose to use the Hexmage's ability to sacrifice itself. This is because there is no time between choosing what to sacrifice for fleshbag and it happening. This is because it doesn't target it simply instructs the player to do something. To see a difference look at Mercy Killing. If you target the hexmage with mercy killing; they can sacrifice the hexmage to its own effect and then not sacrifice anything to mercy killing.

    As for sacrificing a creature "twice". It just doesn't happen as you said. There is an ability on the stack saying to sacrifice a specific creature. However, if that creature isn't on the battlefield you can't sacrifice it. If there are any complications because you couldn't sacrifice it then those occur or don't occur but evoke just have you sacrifice the creature.
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  • posted a message on Viperdale Dragons, notable students
    Rumblehoof has a problem with their ability. Tracking p/t to grant an ability doesn't function properly in the rules. Because you are granting an effect in layer 6 while checking for the results of calculations in layer 7 the game kind of falls apart and ceases to function.

    Is it your intent for Wanderstroll to always be able to cast the few instant and sorcerys with subtypes? Not really a problem I just want to know it its intentional or not.

    Bamroot, haste with the etb or attack trigger is quite significant. It might be too much.

    Stexi might be an excessive amount of color fixing in those colors. Just counting and sacing artifacts(while still making treasure) gives it similar flavor while keeping a lid on the strong synergies this color combination has with artifacts.
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  • posted a message on Networks and Hacking: Mechanics for Cyberpunk a la Neon Dynasty
    I think you are going to be disapinted as I don't suspect Neon Dynasty to have a significant artifact theme at all.

    As for your designs. Network is overly complicated it its wordings and functions. A simple example you said a "Network" is the set of connected artifacts yet "target network" refers to a single artifact that is part of a network. This is a huge problem.

    Hack looks interesting but the name sounds wierd. Compromising the opponents resources is a well explored trope but I don't think it functions as a pillar of a set. The problem is this is strictly worse than flat out removing the target.
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  • posted a message on Mechanic: Telepathy
    Avoiding counterspells is a minor thing but needs to be acounted for. A more significant power level is timing. If you want to capture the feeling of fleetingness you would do it with timing. Make this ability only usable at a specific time. End of turn upkeep it end of combat for an odder timing. I don't know the specifics of how this is supposed to be fleeting so I can't offer more specifics of how to capture it.
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  • posted a message on Mechanic: Telepathy
    The miracle style trigger is a huge downside on this mechanic. Considering you haven't costed for such a significant draw back why no go with the simpler channel. Just discard with a cost to get the effect. I don't get the flavor you're going for so I can recommend something that is a better flavor fit.
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