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  • posted a message on Changeling Steward
    I would just like to point out that the only reason to specify "creature spell" is to hate on tribal. Is there any reason to do this?
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  • posted a message on Kara Vrist, Neurok Agent
    If this drew only one card it would be a very reasonable card. If it didn't check for artifacts before the discard it would be a very strong card. This card is way too good. Without the metalcraft ability, it is a build-around card that wants to be unblocked and have an artifact, which is neat. With the metalcraft it's just a broken card advantage engine with little to no needed investment. I can see why it's broken you took a 3 mana spell and attached it to a 3 mana creature as an on damage trigger, did no part of that seem excessive? Not even when you added an extra ability on top of that? As a five mana creature casting a 3 mana spell on damage to a player is still a little excessive but could be managed, but that's not counting the extra ability they have. They just shouldn't exist together at all.
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  • posted a message on Book of Kin
    This card would benefit a lot from dropping the second and last ability and going down to 2. Otherwise, it is in a weird spot. As a 4 mana rock its laughably bad at color fixing. However, as a 4 mana "draw a card whenever you cast a spell" it could be the strongest version yet on an artifact with the others appearing to all be 5.
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  • posted a message on Morinfen Assault Suit
    Your assumption is correct. Cumulative upkeep says Pay X, if you don't then sacrifice this. The suit says this can't be sacrificed. So when asked to pay you say no Cumulative upkeep says then sacrifice and suit says nope not happening and Cumulative upkeep cries itself to sleep.

    It would be very different if Cumulative upkeep said sacrifice or pay X. The suit says you can't sacrifice so the only option available is to pay.
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  • posted a message on GUR Elemental Legends for Commander
    That does a lot to mitigate how overwhelming it is.

    As for Ring Resonator, I specifically said probably because both of those effects are very strong, putting them on the same permanent makes that single permanent significantly better than either one. So yes, it is significantly stronger than rings or resonator because it is also the other one. That means there is a strong chance it could be broken, but being a creature means it can't resonate the same turn and is generally more vulnerable. So it might not be. If you combine two highly playable cards into the same card without increasing its cost the new card would be considered significantly stronger than either of the previous two.
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  • posted a message on GUR Elemental Legends for Commander
    The transcendent is crazy broken. Dropping 6 and 7 cmc elementals for 2 mana and with your guy either costing 3 to start or being obscenely durable means that this isnt a pipe dream.

    Rings Resonator, rings of brighthearth attached to strionic resonator. Far from original but neat. Probably broken as heck as well.

    Maelstrom Wanderer, let me get this right. If cast as the first spell of your turn with X equals 3 then you have a 6 mana 6/6 that gives nearly everything cascade. Looking at the upward potential its safer to just make it double X rather than give a ceiling that is unfair. Also what does the "this turn" mean. It's not part of a trigger but rather a static ability so is it meant to mean every turn or is it meant to be part of an etb?
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  • posted a message on The Guildpact Council
    A neat card, personally I would prefer if you couldn't cast the exiled cards but instead when it left the battlefield it put them into your hand.
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  • posted a message on Arkul, the Bloodforger
    I think triggering on any combat damage is too strong and his tutor should be equal to X not X or less. Most good equipment is cheap anyway so it gives them better play with the more out there equipment like Kaldra
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  • posted a message on Petition to put a "Dont face Mono Red decks" option in Free Play
    Quote from Hollowneck »
    There are too many "face holes" on Arena now (we used to call them "Timmy's"). Faceholes mostly play mono red. I choose to never play these people when playing turn one, either start or on the draw; such a complete time-waster and not fun. I have 60-some decks and NONE of them are mono red because I know these decks irritate other players and are NOT in the spirit of the game.

    Background: I started playing MTG in 1995. Love it, have taught countless friends and family members how to play. Arena is a good attempt at an online version which is failing now, unfortunately, due to mainly technical issues (mostly server deficiencies and bloatware "upgrades").

    "Faceholes" are irritating but it will be janky servers will kill Arena. I don't understand why Mark Rosewater and the Hasbro suits don't get this?
    There is so much wrong here starting from calling monored not in the spirit of the game and ending with blaming Maro, a card designer, for software problems.
    Monored is not a time-waster, it is literally the antithesis of a time-waster. Its entire point is to not waste time and finish games fast. While true time-wasters have players running their clocks down to near 0 before the game ends and the only decks that regularly do this that I've seen are three colors with two of them being blue and white.
    Players stalling are a much worse problem than players playing monored. Some people are unhappy when they lose to a monored player. Everyone is unhappy when a staller takes an extra 10 minutes to lose because they feel they are entitled to waste your time if you're beating them.
    Janky servers are a major problem. You know who has no power over fixing them? Mark Rosewater. Its a nice save that you threw in Hasbro suits because at least one person(suit) in Hasbro has enough say in how Wizards operates that they could shift the proper funds and personnel to deal with these issues. However, by bashing Maro all you do to your argument is watering it down with random hate that is misplaced so people read this is whining rather than acknowledging an actual problem.
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  • posted a message on C19 Another Bust?
    Quote from schindar »
    I think the point is that when the new player sits down for the first time and gets steamrolled, they're going to be unpleasantly surprised to find how exorbitant the costs can be to upgrade their deck (Cyclonic Rift is how much?!). Filling these commander products with needed reprints helps everyone trying to cultivate an EDH collection do so w/o having to apply for a line of credit. For example:

    Seedborn Muse is a format staple that makes virtually every deck containing green better by its inclusion. Not long ago it was a $30 card. That's a LOT of money for a card that isn't played in any sort of competitive environment. This new reprint is preselling for under $10 and it's only going to go down.

    The new player needs as many of these reprints as they can get. They don't need, nor do they want, 15 cent cards like Pristine Skywise when they're dolling out $40.
    I will be greatly saddened by the large number of people that now run Seedborn Muse or most 'staples' because they lessen diversity and usually fun. The same with Rift and a lot of cards people are asking for in this thread. EDH has a wide range of power level and for those playing at the high end basically, no product being made will ever be 'made for you' because no product could contain enough cards you would want that it would be made for you. For people playing at the lower end, these products are a great starting point. They function out of the box and have clear paths to upgrade depending on what theme you want to focus on and they lack a lot of the 'staples' that make the game more miserable. While I personally won't be happy with Pristine Skywise, to say no one will be happy is a toxic combination of arrogance and ignorance. The simple fact that it is a dragon will make someone happy, the added fact that its a non red dragon will make others happy. Learning that you can use Opt to make it into an immortal surprise blocker is a discovery event that will make others happy. I am almost 100% certain that the newer a player is the more they will like Pristine Skywise over Seedborn Muse.
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light & Graveyard exile
    Yes, like nearly all other abilities cast triggers go on the stack and you get a chance to respond to them. You can exile all graveyards in response to the ability.
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  • posted a message on Rayami, First of the Fallen and True-Name Nemesis
    Linked abilities like this don't work with such stealing abilities. Because no choice was made they don't gain protection from anything.
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  • posted a message on Does Hogaak trigger Prized Amalgam?
    Casting from the graveyard is not entering from the graveyard. That is why Prized Amalgam looks for both. So yes. When you cast hogaak from the graveyard it will trigger Prized amalgam ability for whenever you cast a creature from your graveyard.
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  • posted a message on K'rrik and Extort
    Currently in the rules Yes, K'rrik's ability allows you to pay 2 life instead of B for extort.

    118.12. Some spells, activated abilities, and triggered abilities read, “[Do something]. If [a player] [does, doesn’t, or can’t], [effect].” or “[A player] may [do something]. If [that player] [does, doesn’t, or can’t], [effect].” The action [do something] is a cost, paid when the spell or ability resolves.
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  • posted a message on Alms Collector and Otherworld Atlas interaction
    Whenever you draw, you always draw one at a time. However Alms Collector isn't looking at the actual drawing, it's looking at an instruction to draw multiple times. Otherworld Atlas basically said t: Each player draws X cards. Where X is the number of charge counters on ~. The difference of wording is because their style guide dictates when and how specific wording is used but they are effectively the same. So Alms Collector will interfere with the Atlas.
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