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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on casting ancestral vis from the gy
    Ancestral Vision
    As Foretold

    This is mostly correct, for varying reasons.

    The Gearhulk allows you to cast an instant, Visions being a sorcery means that you can't use the gearhulk. Briefing grants permission to cast from an usual space, the graveyard, but changes nothing else about how its cast so Foretold lets you cast it without paying its mana cost, which it doesn't have. Snaps gives it flashback equal to ( ) and nonexistent costs can't be paid, because its an alternative cost, flashback, you can't use Foretold, another alternative cost, to cast it without paying its mana cost.
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  • posted a message on Soldevi Excavations
    I'm not certain what you are asking but it seems what you want to do is correct. You can activate the ability of Soldevi Excavations the same turn it comes into play. Then when it is untapped you can again activate the ability. This will allow you to "look" at up to 3 cards from the opponents end step to your draw step.
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  • posted a message on Crumbling Will
    This is such an unreasonably specific use that it would never be printed. On top of that, when it is functioning properly it is frighteningly weak, and can't even trigger off of discarding to hand size. This all culminates in a disappointment. This card is literally Megrim/Liliana's Caress except more expensive and the downside of ignoring the first 6 cards discarded each turn. Even at three life I'm certain you would prefer to have either of those cards in play over this one when you start wheeling.
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  • posted a message on How to divide combat damage?
    Yes, you can make this choice.

    When your creature is blocked by multiple creatures you first assign blocking order. In this situation you will put the wizard first then the pact. Then you assign damage equal to your creatures power to the various blockers in blocking order while dealing a minimum of lethal damage to each in succession. However, you can choose to deal more than lethal, so you assign all 8 to the wizard and 0 to the pact.
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  • posted a message on MTG Additional Colors Project (Polychromia)
    These cards are interesting. I see you aren't very familliar with Magics terminology. Everything I put Italicized is proper wording for your cards to function. ~ is short hand for the card's name.
    Abstract Flower, Defender At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player taps an untapped creature they control. There is no end of steps so you trigger at the beginning. Nothing happens in untap so upkeep works.

    Adorable Kittens, Whenever ~ blocks a creature, untap that creature and remove it from combat.

    Bakezale Guard Dog, Guardian(~ can block an additional creature each combat.)

    No Evil Cycle, These cards are self imposed restrictions that lead to a win, which is cool but they cost so much and do nothing positive. Drop the cost on them to 2 or put some kind of benefit. Typically when assembling something like this only one of the cards spells out that you win the game. The win should be an upkeep trigger, winning out of no where by playing several enchantments isn't fun.

    Commit No Evil, Creatures you control gain Defender.

    Dangersense Wisp, Whenever a creature you control becomes the target of a spell or ability, you may tap ~. If you do that spell or ability's controller may change the target of that spell or ability to another target. If there is no other legal target the spell or ability is countered instead. The first part captures the intended design and I added the last part because that's what would happen with your design.

    Doubting Orders, this is horrifically over costed. Fog are 1 or 2 unless they have upsides.

    Festive Pig, this needs to cost more and exile upon death. Should cost 3 at least, stats are debatable. When ~ dies, you may exile it. If you do, end the turn.

    Free Range Woppletinger, you need a lot of cards that care about victory counters for this to be a card. The set with Coretapper had 8 other cards that cared about charge counters, and it was the second set where there was already 8 more cards in the first set. Venerated Teacher had 25 level up creatures to hit.

    Human Needs, drop the may in the middle of the ability. The situations where you don't want to put the counter are so few and far between it makes for a simply better card by not having it an option.

    Pravana, As long as ~ in untapped, if a source would deal damage to another creature you control, prevent 2 of that damage.

    See No Evil, this card would be better served as You play with your hand revealed.

    Weight of Guilt, Whenever a creature attacks, its controller puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Some spells, legendary creature and stuff
    Bola's Cruelty, Bolas's? You shouldn't bury a target at the end of a spell. It becomes more wordy but choose both targets at the beginning.

    Underworld Cry, this card is almost certainly under costed by at least 1, possibly 2.

    Rakdos' Nuke, this is great.

    Peacewalker, great hate. Slightly expensive for the normal effect yet not unusable.

    Ghost Shock, the wording on this needs fixing. Look at voidslime and acorn catapult.

    Frightening Horror, this seems too strong. It would look better as a demon that also took your life.

    Goblet of Life, I think this is over costed at 2.

    Rakdos' Spectacal, the word needs work.

    Leila, this is a very large for a human. Not too large, but large enough that you want to ask I should this be human and should this be this large. I'm not sure where this wants to be, as a Lord for a wide variety of tribes it is strange. I want this to cost 4 but kind of want it at 6 and granting haste.
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  • posted a message on Emeria "Target"
    Emeria uses the word target so you are correct about fizzling. I'm not sure why you think the If would allow you to change the target. The only way to change the target of a spell after you have already chosen one is if the spell specifically says to such as Wild Ricochet. The "intervening if" of the ability stops the ability from triggering if the condition isn't met and stops it from working if you no longer meet the criteria when it resolves.
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  • posted a message on Maddening Imp and EoT
    The Imp's ability can only be used precombat on the opponents turn. So assuming they are in their precombat main phase and declare they want to end the turn what that are actually proposing is a short cut in which all players will pass priority until their end step. As with any proposed short cut you can interrupt the short cut at any point. For the bat this will be still in precombat main phase. The ability will be put on the stack and the turn will continue as normal. (Interrrupted short cuts don't continue they are ended where you interrupt them)

    As for the second question. No the opponent can't end their turn in response all movements of the game require input from both players. Unless of course they have Sundial of the Infinite.
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  • posted a message on Bartizan Bats Revised
    Quote from Metaethics »
    Final thought: Designers have a lot of things on their plates when designing commons. But in practice, how many seconds do you think the designers took to design and playtest Bartizan Bats? The RIX design team accidentally gave us candid explanation of their design efforts with regards to Raptor Companion and co (They didn't even bother to make a cycle of reprint commons in each of the colors or tribes! Unbelievable!); and their contention was they needed a space filler and chosen an existing card to satisfy it. That leads to bad limited environments, bad constructed environments, and unsatisfying games of magic.
    I doubt they spent much time designing or testing Bartizan Bats. Do you know why? Because they can't devote all of their time or even very much to to EVERY SINGLE card. Some cards have to simply be safe inclusions. Is it possible that some format, it be draft, commander, pauper, or one of the myriad of other formats; could be improved if this specific card was some how different? Yes, obviously, any change can have any number of ramifications. However is this card in someway harming any existing format? No, because it is a safe combination of p/t,cost and ability. If you improve this common it is possible, not likely but possible, that suddenly a black flyer deck becomes the strongest draft deck. Which does ruin a format that is played. The occasional space filler common does not lead to bad limited environments, bad constructed environments or unsatisfying games of magic. Many space filler commons or untested uncommons and rares do lead to all of those things though. Change for the sake of change is not good.
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  • posted a message on Bartizan Bats Revised
    Yes most of your cards are French vanilla, also they are equally unplayable when compared to the original creature.

    At no point did I say your support card was complex, I said you don't cut a 4 drop for a 2 drop. Also do you know what the card spirit of the night is? Because it doesn't refer to another card and is rare.

    Version 2.0 isn't too complex its too strong for limited. A 2 mana 3 power flyer is well above the curve, having it at common can mean a player can get 3 or more which could quickly over run opponents.
    Quote from Metaethics »
    Re: Coercion variants - Never Happened and Drill Bit are variants of the same effect. I know Never Happened can hit Jumpstart cards. I just don't care as that option is not particularly interesting. If that was their goal... there were better ways of going at it. I can assure you that very, very few people won (or even bought a turn) off of Never Happened in limited. I think it's pretty clear that Never Happened is no Doomfall.
    Its fine that you don't care if a card was designed for a specific function, but if you are going to talk about the design of the card then you have to consider such things. If there were better ways of filling the goal of a common black card that can hose jumpstart before and after it has been cast then why not offer such a design. I gurentee you it is far harder than you think.

    Comparing never happened to Doomfall further cements that you don't understand set design. Never happened doesn't compare, the proper comparison in the set is plaguecrafter possibly disinformation campaign. It's hard to directly compare cards from a multicolor set and a nonmulticolor set but its easier to stick to monocolor. Between plague and doom its hard to say which is better but I always favor creatures in these situations.
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  • posted a message on Bartizan Bats Revised
    Not a single one of your cards fills the role you laid out. Certainly they are all better than Bartizan Bats but they still fall in to either Completely UnPlayable Jank, NotCommon, or this is a broken mechanic stop making cards that use it.

    Your support card is neat but you don't cut a 4 drop from your set for a 2 drop, you would cut Child of Night, which I personally much prefer over your support card.

    Also, you don't seem to know what "better designed" means. Never Happened is designed to be a common discard card that can hit jumpstart cards in the graveyard. Only a godawful designer would submit Drill Bit to fill the same role.
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  • posted a message on Gideon Blackblade
    What do you think of using Legend's idea of setting his P/T as # of lands you control to really hit that blackblade flavor? It doesn't really feel like a Gideon ability but he is supposed to be different because he is using a very special piece of equipment, that I assume he wouldn't use after this or on a regular basis.

    The exiletouch ability is neat but because Elspeth did something similar it feels wrong to have a different weapon fill the same role.
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  • posted a message on Gideon Blackblade
    So having the blackblade makes him search for more equipment? Ignoring the middle ability, its a neat Gideon that might be a tad too strong with the whole granting indestructible and vigilance.

    Looking at the second ability, its frighteningly weak, so weak that even changing it to a +2 instead makes it still look bad. It only looks at 4 for a subset of cards that unless you are playing commander where the only creature is your commander and everything else is aura/equipment. Then you have a shockingly low number of hits in your deck. Even Bogles plays only 20ish auras. Which accounts for 1/3rd of the deck and you are only looking at 4 cards the most optimistic odds still have you hitting less than 50% of the time. As a -2 you can reveal cards from the top until you hit an aura equipment. Though its still strange that Gideon, while/because he is wielding the blackblade, helps you find more equipment.
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  • posted a message on Guildmages
    How married are you to the costing exactly 1 mana of the opposing color. The guildmages have always had varying costs for their effects and keeping them to no more than 3 extra on cost could give you a much wider range of abilities to choose from.
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  • posted a message on Practicing with Commons - Three Cards
    Quote from 1110mystic »
    It seems there is some division on Unrolling Scenery. My thinking was that Crumbling Vestige provides that ETBT and ETB=Any Color allows you "T:C". Evolving Wilds generally provides that Fetch=Basic ETBT is about equal to "T:C". I simply thought about replacing the two. So unlike Crumbling Vestige Unrolling Scenery can't tap for mana and can only sac. That actually leads to the interesting scenario where Unrolling Scenery provides color fixing turn 1 & 3, and does nothing turn 2, unlike Crumbling Vestige with provides for color fixing turn 1 and colorless turn 2, and Evolving Wilds which provides for nothing turn 1 and color fixing 2. I would think it's okay for a common and plays much differently than those two other cards.
    The fact that is adds mana the turn it enters and two turns after is a rather complex bit of strategy that seems ideal for an uncommon not a common. Your commons should never confuse people or encourage them to make sub-optimal plays. This card can do that, if you are curving out do you play this on 2 and have 2 turns of only 2 mana or hold till the curve top. While more experienced players can easily see the 'right' line of play a new player can be stumped about when is the correct time to play this which makes it a bad common even if the effects could be allowed.
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