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  • posted a message on Who is the First Planeswalker?
    Quote from Orzhov-ish »
    Getting back to the original question...was the first planeswalker spark ignited by Ugin?
    The multiverse existed for at least 75,000 years before Ugin was born, which is 3 times his current lifespan. So odds favor him not being the first walker. Though currently the first to spark that is alive, tied for oldest with Bolas who sparked dozens/hundreds/thousands of years later its unclear.
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  • posted a message on Rooftop Storm in EDH
    Both paying 0 and casting without pay the mana cost are alternative costs. When calculating how much it costs to actually cast a card you have your cost or alternative cost, then additions and subtractions, then trinisphere but lets ignore that. The commander tax is an additional cost so it applies even if you are paying an alternative cost. Cost reductions do reduce the cost of additional costs. So if you had Jet Medallion and Sapphire Medallion, in addition to the storm then Thraximundar would cost 0 the first time they die then 2 the second time and so forth.
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  • posted a message on Geode Golem
    Quote from Volrath »
    Cool design, though I feel that this needs some sort of special syngery with a high-cmc commander to justify running it over efficient regular ramp.

    At first i felt like this too, but it's pretty good to get your commander back after it died a few times.
    I believe you still have to pay your command tax, as per the reminder text. At least that's what the folks over at reddit seem to think.
    That is correct, the commander tax is an additional cost. They even go out of their way to remind you to pay additional costs.
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  • posted a message on Eva, Enchanting Angel
    Quote from user_938036 »
    This probably doesn't need the CMC restriction. Zur has such a restriction because he looks through your library, getting from the graveyard is a much larger restriction.

    I put the CMC restriction in place to prevent players from reanimating stuff like Omniscience or Eldrazi Conscription or even things that shouldn't be easier to recur that cost less like Asceticism.
    I don't think any of that is a problem. If any of it is a problem you would just drop the etb portion. At 4 mana the ability to reanimated or cheat into play is reasonable for any permanent, so its reasonable for a focused card get a similar effect. You can't drop the cost with such a large body, but if you keep the restriction and shrink the body I could see it as a 2/3 at GWU.
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  • posted a message on Eva, Enchanting Angel
    This probably doesn't need the CMC restriction. Zur has such a restriction because he looks through your library, getting from the graveyard is a much larger restriction.
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  • posted a message on Knight and Sorceress Partner Duo
    I like the idea of keywording that ability even if it isn't used nearly enough to warrant, but using protect when protection exists seems far from ideal. Try other similar words; like shield, cover, or guard.

    Vanita's red ability actually discourages running burn because with her all of your cards are already burn which allows you to cut burn in favor of more variety. Keeping the trigger and damage the same it should cost at least 1R so you can't dump your hand easily for damage, RR might be a better option.

    If you drop the card filtering option so it is just draw two lose 2 it would help a lot as it adds risk back to the ability. I understand wanting to make it a hybrid of black and red draw but being the hybrid adds way too much choice and power. If you want to keep it the split then don't give options. Just flat out discard lose a life, draw two. Options are very valuable.

    You could also leave her abilities the same and bump her to 2BBRR to balance.
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  • posted a message on Knight and Sorceress Partner Duo
    Protects is a landmine I wouldn't want to step on. Protection has a clear definition and Protects looks an awful lot like it should function in a similar way and yet it doesn't. Gallus sounds like they want to be Shalai, Voice of Plenty and it might be better to just have them be that.

    Did you mean for Vanita's red ability to trigger itself allowing you to machine gun targets? Its way too good if you did intend that. If you didn't then it should probably only trigger when your stuff is dealt damage. The low cost of Bdicard a card may be too cheap for indestructible, it seems within acceptable range but with the other abilities it looks pushed. The repeatable draw two is way undercosted add in the fact that there is no risk with the optional benefit of card filtering and her card soars in value. With a slight bump in stats I could see her costing 6 as the obvious heavy hitter of their combo.
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
    Quote from Chalsis »

    At odd moments, when he visited the birth mountain or when he was flying above water, he thought of Ugin. In his hearts, he felt obliged to believe an invisible wind roused by sorcery had ripped Ugin away, because if it hadn't been sorcery, then Ugin was nothing more than a coward who had abandoned his brother just when Nicol needed him most. He could not bear to believe Ugin was so weak and dishonorable.

    Bolas may be a manipulative and vain, but on some level he really does care about Ugin and wants to think well of him. It's fascinating that he admitted to "needing" Ugin. This is a very rare admission of vulnerability on Bolas's part. In last week's story Ugin despaired because he felt like Bolas had never really cared for him, but now we see that wasn't quite the case. Bolas would have used him, certainly. And their relationship might not have been very healthy. But Bolas cared, in his own way, and he wanted Ugin with him.
    This emotion right here is heavy. It is a real care, Bolas probably cared more about Ugin than he has ever or could ever care about anything that is not himself. Its the type of emotion that tricks people into staying in abusive relationships because "he really does care about me in his own way". You know that if Ugin was privy to these thoughts shortly after he walked he would have ran right back to comfort him and assure him he didn't abandon him.

    Its interesting to see that over 25,000 years they both stay more or less the same but become more callous. Each devaluing life for different reasons. For Bolas only his life has value and others derive their value from how they serve him, while Ugin has the view Life is the value so a life is inconsequential.

    I'd like to back up a bit to the first story
    If you wish to master the way, then you must learn and repeat and remember. Knowledge is also memory. To forget the past is to lose a piece of ourselves. How much more so for an entire people who lose their past.

    My own story is a simple one. The one I loved best in all the worlds is the one who killed me.

    How did it happen? That is less simple, and will take longer to tell. Listen carefully, for he may come here someday, and if that happens, then you must beware, for whatever words he speaks to flatter and persuade you will be lies.
    I'm unsure what I first thought when I read it but it seems Bolas killed Ugin once, I assume causing him to become a spirit Dragon, and is thus setting up a warning for when Bolas comes to kill him again; obviously too late now but these words were some of the first he spoke to the Jeskai, they really should have propagated this warning at least. If this is the case do you think this story line will end with Ugin's first death?
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  • posted a message on New milling phrase: "library leaks N"
    As with all new things I instinctively don't like it. Having gotten that out of the way, I think it fails on the same axis that mill does. Leak does convey some kind of loss but it still doesn't sound right. More importantly it doesn't sound pleasant, but it isn't unpleasant in a cool fantasy way, just kind of eww.
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  • posted a message on Perfect Crime
    Other than the fact that split second is a nightmare unto itself this card is the incarnation of beauty. An amazingly simple yet powerful effect that perfectly matchs an extremely resonant troupe. My only complaint would be that I think black would need to team up with blue for a true perfect crime, but that doesn't match the effect.
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  • posted a message on Hostage Taker and Confiscation Coup
    Ok what if I cast clone and clone opponents hostage taker, my opponent allows me to take his hostage taker, but then as an instant cast urzas rage to deal 3 damage to MY hostage taker, I as a response to that instant, I pay the four mana to cast opponents hostage taker from exile. That's legal correct because that's a static ability of hostage taker, therefore my original clone/hostage taker would die but since I cast the exiled hostage taker he would not return to opponents because he was under my control. If opponent would have WAITED until I attempted to cast the exiled hostage taker, then put urzas rage on the stack he would have got it back right?
    This can not be done this way. Hostage taker doesn't let you ignore timing restrictions on casting the creature. So in this scenario your clone would die without you getting to cast the hostage taker. However, after the effect resolves you are the first player to be given priority so you get the chance to cast the hostage taker, your opponent can the respond but at this point killing your clone won't do anything because the hostage taker isn't in exile but on the stack. Of course if your opponent kills your clone before its ability resolves it will not exile the hostage taker at all.
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  • posted a message on Graftable Chimeras
    If you want to stick to evergreen abilities that don't repeat you can give red prowess and black then gets menace, while white and green keep theirs. Also your reinforce should cost 4 not 3, heck 4 might be cheap for the actual effect your getting but just 9n the one creature it should cost 4. Hexproof is obviously dangerous and lifelink might be oppressive, but to fix that you would have to completely rework them.

    If you are open to reworking them into "attacking creatures you control have...". White lifelink or +0/+X where X is at least 2. Red gets Menace or +X/+0, X could be 2 or some variable that isn't easy to get higher than 2. Black gets Deathtouch or +X/+0, only if red didn't. Green gets Daunt(can't be blocked by creatures power 2 or less).
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  • posted a message on Ixalan binding and return from graveyard
    As described there is no reason you shouldn't have been able to perform the actions you attempted. This is most likely a bug and you should report it immediately.
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  • posted a message on Genza, Tranquil Cenobite (Seven Matters)
    It should be " CMC of permanents you control..." not among.

    A very simple and effective Chinese menu multicolored card. It doesn't play well with haste creatures but that is less of a concern in these colors. The more pressing concern is the vast power gap between abilities. The Scry has a far lead on value, and being actual scry rather than just rearranging makes it viable to use each turn. The pump is useful as a fast closer but they are far too strong a wall which pushes you into turtleling and using the scry until you've completely taken over the game. Also the no duration is a nightmare after a few turns. It should last until your next turn, not indefinitely. The life gain is by far the weakest ability and yet when needed will be the most powerful. A 7 life swing easily takes you out of burn range, and creatures will have a hard time getting past a 0/7.

    Then you have the problem of actually getting them to work. Having exactly 7 CMC is no easy feat, especially over multiple turns. This card would benefit greatly by moving its trigger to beginning of combat. It makes it easier to control your numbers and adds significant value to the pump. If you want the pump being permanent it needs to use a counter and should set base stats to 7 rather than pumping.
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  • posted a message on Reeva, Bog Guide ("Top Of Library Matters" Commander Design)
    I don't like that you used the recently spoiled commander art, this particular one haunts me.

    Based on other similar effects it should be "If the revealed card is the chosen type..." rather than "If the revealed card shares the chosen card type" the "shares" is unneeded. Fertile Imagination is the closest similar effect, though there are quite a few.

    I really like the card, but it being each players upkeep might be too much. Its best application is as you said in narrow theme decks. On every upkeep either scry away a non(type of your choice) or put a (type of your choice) into your hand, that can get rather oppressive very fast. Especially with those three colors, you have ready access to your choice of most of the best creatures, artifacts, instants, sorcerys and walkers.
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