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  • posted a message on Legacy Hero
    Allowing it to get the enchantments whenever it flickers is too strong and there is an easy fix. Make it turn itself face down to get the effect.

    When Legacy Hero dies or is exiled, you may exile it face down. If you do search your library for an Enchantment card with a converted mana cost 5 or less and put it onto the battlefield.

    This stops the completely broken ability to find enchantments with Cloudshift and Skybind. Without taking away any of the intended function.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from ChrisBP7 »
    The hedrons are not necessarily connected to the Eldrazi only. If I remember correctly, Nahiri had the knowledge of how to create them even before meeting Ugin and Sorin. Ugin learned the lithomancy necessary for it from her and added the draconic symbols to specifically use them as a network for Eldrazi imprisonment, but this implies that hedrons themselves were a thing even before the Eldrazi. Probably used in much lesser capacity by the lithomancy-proficient Kor empire and not used as a Zendikar-spanning network, but still. I don't think there is a direct problem with the worldbuilding here.
    While all of this is possible. That is only if they choose to further retcon established lore. The word Hedron came from Ugin when they were building the prisons.
    One by one, she pulled carefully crafted stone shapes out of the earth—hedrons, Ugin had called them, and the name had stuck.

    Also the story is clearly referencing the plane spanning network of hedrons integrated into the leylines.
    The lace of leylines and the hedrons that channeled them might have been touching his skin, he sensed them so keenly.

    I'm fine with them saying "the Kor always used strange cryptic patterns in their stone/art work. I am not fine with them saying "The hedrons were built to trap the Eldrazi, the eldrazi came after the fall of the Kor empire. The kor empire had Hedrons."
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    As I said, the draw back is the main point of discussion. My first thought was to make it a rule of law for yourself only but it felt too restrictive. At what point would its cost make it prohibitive? 3, 4? Would entirely skipping your first tun be enough or too much?

    A loss of five life ranges from irrelevant to a turn faster loss. While the 7 cards are literally either you lost a combo piece or it had no effect. The effect of running such a card shouldn't be "sometimes you just can't win at all" which is the only real downside of losing combo pieces. I don’t know how top tier decks in commander playout so I can't think of a downside that would stall them without ruining it for the casual player.

    What if its cost was boosted to 4 and had "as long as its in your command zone you can't cast more than one spell a turn?" Its dowside should be consistant across games not a gamble of did it effect me at all or not.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    I really wish they could be consistent on little details. This story takes place when the kor skyclaves and the kor empire are still a thing. Meaning it is long before the eldrazi. Yet we get multiple mentions of hedrons, which shouldn't exist. Is it really that hard to keep worldbuilding consistent?
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    You need a "before the game begins" in the commanderifying part if you want this to actually work. Also seperate the commanderifying and the "cost" as one takes place before the game and the other has to take place during the game. Looking into the rules you don't need to give them partner it just adds words to your already wordy card. Also, why a land? By being a creature you can cut out the "can be your commander" text. Anything to reduce that wall of text should be welcomed.

    That said, the cost doesn't feel significant. Though I'm not sure how much you want to "punish" players if the goal is to optimize suboptimal commanders.

    Bishop of Coronation 2
    Artifact Creature - Advisor
    If Biship of Coronation is your commander, before the game begins, place two legendary permanents from your library into your command zone. Those cards are also your commanders.
    As long as Bishop of Coronation is in your command zone you can't cast other spells.

    This cleans up the text a lot and tries out a very different penalty for running this card. The penalty needs a lot of testing to find a place the doesn’t significantly harm the intended audience without making it a free role. Also I switched it up to legendary permanent as opposed to creatures. If you're going near full on wishfullfilment why not go the whole way.
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  • posted a message on Resetting your progress and wildcards?
    I'm fairly certain it is linked 1 account to 1 email so you will need a new email to make a new account.
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  • posted a message on Test of Faith and Guardian/Guildpact
    First, Guardian of the Guildpact can't be blocked by a green creature because of its protection. So let's say it is blocking a green creature.

    Your question is about multiple replacement effects. You have two different replacement effects that are trying to modify how the green creature will deal damage. Because you control the relevant permanent(the one being dealt damage) you get to choose how to apply replacement effects. If you choose to apply Test of Faith first it will prevent 3 damage and then put three +1/+1 counters on Guardian. If you choose to apply guardian's own protection first then all the damage is prevented and you can't apply Test of Faith because Test doesn't prevent any damage it won't put any counters on.

    To answer your actual final question. Damage that is prevented isn't dealt and won't trigger any "when deals damage" abilities or effects.
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  • posted a message on Dimir spellslinging cards
    I just realized Propitiate wouldn't work with a discard effect tacked on as you could target a high cost card you just pitched as part of the casting cost. Maybe exile a spell from hand instead? Or sac a creature?
    I assumed this was the intent. Either you pitch a bad card you no longer need to get the card in graveyard or just pitch the card you want from hand. You even avoided targeting so you could actually cast the card discarded. If that wasn't the intent its too costly maybe only 1 less and make it target.

    Night Fog might be improved if it gave a creature -X/-X, though I think that might be too strong an effect.
    It would still be far too weak at 3CMC. At 4 instants and sorceries in graveyard it would be as good as a 2CMC spell. 3 is such a significant cost for this effect because the scaling isn't good. I think maybe "Up to X target ccreatures get -x/-x until end of turn where X is the number of instants and sorcery in your graveyard." would be reasonable at 3 but its starting to push into too good.
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  • posted a message on Dimir spellslinging cards
    Izzet is the spellslinging guild because it is the combination of the two spellslinging colors. As a point, Undead Secretkeeper is the kind of card that makes you go, "Wait, why is this black and not Red? Black can't target spells." If your deadset on expanding the spellslingner archetype then any nongreen guild except Orzhov makes sense so Dimir isn't a bad choice.

    Night Fog, this is unreasonably bad and expensive. When you take an effect that can be either single color but make it multicolor you usually decrease the cost or make it better. You have to get 5 other instants or sorceryes in your graveyard before this is on par with a 1 mana spellHydrosurge. If you want to keep it as a psuedo fog effect then it needs to effect all creatures and only cost UB.

    Propitiate, the proper template is "Cast without paying its mana cost". This card is a lot harder to judge. Normally such effects steal opponents spells. So one that is meant to cast your own is tricky. As an instant at the same cost is probably fine.

    Undead Secretkeeper, as I said missing out on red makes this guy fairly sad. To play into Blue/Blacks strengths more what about. "whenever an opponent discards a card or a card returns to their hand...."

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  • posted a message on Reserved? Revised. City of Shadows
    It really needs to enter tapped still. If it needs another power boost then removing the B from its activation cost could be done.
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  • posted a message on Reserved? Revised. City of Shadows
    I think keeping the tapped but making it a swamp is better. It's such a slow build-up that you can afford to make it a real land on its own.
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  • posted a message on Keyword for Life-Based Set
    You don't want the option to choose which life is being attacked. This significantly complicates how it works while diminishing the value of the mechanic. To keep it simple false life should always be lost first.

    As for how false life isn't real life that is a lot harder.

    In what colors would false life be centered? White/Black? If so, it shouldn't be something completely out of color for them such as mana production. What is the opposing mechanic; is its own thing or just a payoff for losing life? What colors is it centered it? If its a payoff for losing life in the same colors then the lose life when you cast is probably best.
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  • posted a message on [C20] - Spike Feeders Spoiler - Twinning Staff
    Quote from Alphabourne »

    I am alittle confused about how the spells are being put on the stack. ill need to play it out and see.
    It is unclear if Reverberate would trigger twinning staff each time I target another reverberate. Beyond the 1st trigger.

    Thank you fro your response. Ill move this to another post if I need more clarifications after if you reapond

    My intention was not to create a infinite loop.
    Once again Twinning staff doesn't trigger. It alters how copies are made. Everytime an effect would create a copy it instead creates however many it was going to create plus 1. So each reverberate that resolves creates two copies in this case of reverberate. Then you are allowed to change the targets.
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  • posted a message on Grusilda's Tools
    I think you want something like
    Merge target creature with another target non-human creature as though it had mutated.
    Keeping the non-human clause allows you to reference mutate without causing any potential problems. I'm not sure if it would cause problems but its better to hedge against such things.
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  • posted a message on [C20] - Spike Feeders Spoiler - Twinning Staff
    Quote from Alphabourne »
    I am a little confused on how twinning staff works. What I think I know

    1. If I cast Leap of flame and paid the replicate cost 2 times. When the replicate spell is cast twinning staff will trigger from the replicate I paid giving me 1 more copy for 3 copies and 1 original.

    2. If I cast leap of Flame replicate 2x then cast reverberate. I Will get. 1 original leap of flame
    2 replicate copies 1 twinning staff
    1 leap of flame from reverberate 1 twinning staff?

    3 this is the confusion I HAVE Kalamx tapped, twinning staff on the board and cast reverberate . Would I get 1 original reverberate and 3 copies each copy targeting the original reverberate?
    Then when the stack starts to resolve would twinning staff trigger each time
    a reverberate resolved 2 reverberates will be added to the stack 1 from the Reverberate resolving and 1 from twinning staff? Infinite loop?

    There is a forum specifically to address rules questions. Asking questions about how the card functions on its spoiler page won't usually get you an answer.
    Twinning Staff, Leap of Flame, Reverberate, Kalamax, the Stormsire

    First Twinning Staff doesn't trigger. It is a replacement effect that changes how copy effects work.

    1. Leap of Flame replicated twice with Twinnning staff on the battlefield will result in four Leap of Flames. The original, the two replications and the additional copy from staff.

    2. Leap of Flame replicated twice with Twinning staff on the battlefield and you cast Reverberate targeting Leap of Flame. The end result is six Leap of Flames. The original, the two replications, and the additional from staff plus the reverberated copy and the additional one from staff.

    3. The situation as described is impossible. You can't cast reverberate without a target. So let's be generous and set it up so what you want does happen and explain how it works. You control a tapped Kalamax and a Staff. Your opponent casts any spell lets say Shock. You cast Reverberate targeting shock. This triggers Kalamax. Kalamax will create two copies of Reverberate. One copy targets Shock and the other targets Reverberate. You get two shocks and let them resolve, then you get two reverberates. You once again target the shock and reverberate. This lets you get "infinite" copies of whatever spell your opponent cast. Once you have sufficient copies of your opponent's spell you target their spell with both new copies of reverberate ending the loop but giving you 6 copies of the spell as both reverberate copies and the original reverberate give two copies.

    If you meant to create an actual infinite loop that ends the game in a draw then you can't with the described cards. You can always end the loop by choosing proper targets for the copied Reverberates.
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