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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    @WarMachinePrime It will not help as TKS isn't 'discard' it's exile. I think Nephalia Drownyard is pretty bad overall and there are certainly better options in GQ, Buried Ruin, or Tec Edge. Even Cavern is probably a better option in the flex spot.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    I've been running my chalice in the side as I feel it really only shines in certain matchups. I think the deck wants to be an aggro deck first so I opted to not dilute the main board with chalice and instead always go straight for the fast kill G1.

    In fact, in my last 2 events over the course of 12 rounds, I think I only sided chalice in once against an 8 rack player. I'd love to hear more I put from others too.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Tron player transitioning into Bant Eldrazi here. YES, sometimes stony silence just does nothing against Tron because it goes sylvan scrying into tron piece, Karn, **** your permanents. BUT since most of our creatures are colorless, Ugin doesn't wipe the board as effectively and with stony silence, that effectively takes care of all of their relevant removal (except karn) and shuts off a large chunk of the deck.
    Run stony silence and pressure the board - win.
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    Has anybody tested with shambling remains? Seems like it could get us out of the sticky situation of casting gravecrawler when we don't have a zombie in play.
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