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  • posted a message on [Official] QUESTIONS, Requests, & Help Thread
    @msten19: Here you go Smile :
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  • posted a message on Cant Find that "other" Chandra Art. Anyone?
    Take a look in my photobucket folder of Walker art to see if what you're after is there.

    The only art for a modern walker I haven't found so far is the Xbox promo Garruk. I'm gathering art for older walkers and will be adding that soon(ish).

    I tried to keep it strictly for card arts, but when I add the older walkers I'll be adding noncard modern walker art as well.
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  • posted a message on [UND] Undone - A Glutton's Dream Come True
    Hmm, I was hoping people could play nice in a casual game of UN Magic, but I suppose you guys are right, people would never agree on anything. Maybe there's a way to salvage boredom? Would making it something like (This creature can't tap or attack unless you've cast another spell this turn.)? If that sounds like something more appropriate, I'll make that change. Cards that could never do anything in a set, especially since one color really focuses on them, aren't something I want to just leave. I want the cards to see play. Smile
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  • posted a message on [UND] Undone - A Glutton's Dream Come True
    I created this set recently with Magic Set Editor, and thought I'd share it here. I hope you all enjoy it and any comments are welcome. The set is complete and can be downloaded here, but I'll take any tips and advice into consideration in future set design.

    Size: 98 cards
    Cards breaking the frame: 35/98
    Rarity breakdown: 8 mythics, 20 rares, 26 uncommons, 39 commons, & 5 tokens
    Cycles: Essences, and Planeswalkers
    Themes: Boredom, food, 6-sided die, halves, and excessive creature typing.
    Tribes (in WUBRG order): Cows, Rabbits, Pumpkins, Gluttons, & Plants (With plenty of randomness mixed in.)

    The Set limerick: Found in the flavor text of the Essences in the same color order as the Unglued limerick, WGRUB.

    The Cards:

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  • posted a message on Photoshop request
    Something like this?

    ... or with Doom colors?
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  • posted a message on Can't think of the name of this card..
    Sounds more like something from the Kamigawa block honestly, but may have been one of the screwball elementals from Lorwyn. Was it Oyobi?
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  • posted a message on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Arizona
    Quote from ljossberir »
    Perhaps we should remove dart boards from bars. Dart boards clearly have targets and targets naturally lead to mentally psychotic individuals going on shooting rampages.

    I'm not trying to troll, that is just how sad and pathetic it is to try and draw any tenuous connection between these two items.

    I think you misunderstand what I'm trying to get across, and maybe I wasn't being clear. I don't know. My point was that if we have to be so careful not to offend, harm, or otherwise put somebody in danger, images that could be construed as such probably shouldn't be used either - especially not by be people in positions of power to influence. I'm not trying to debate, if I was wanting a fight I'd go one forum down and stupidly hop into a debate. I'm just trying to say that violent rhetoric begets violence. I can't prove it was his motivation anymore than anyone here can say that it wasn't. It's like arguing over which came first: the chicken or the egg. Nobody knows for sure yet what all his influences were, and if he turns out not to have taken anything from the rhetoric of late, then I'll rescind my statement. I'm not too full of myself to do that, lol.

    And no, no politician should be charged with murder here or take the full blame, but if that young man(iac) turns around and says it was his inspiration, shouldn't there be some accountability? We have laws to prosecute those who provoke riots for instance, even if they don't act violently themselves. Why should someone that provokes violence of another nature be let off the hook? I'm not suggesting charges, but at the very least apologize and change your tone of voice (which for those unaware, Palin has condemned the act, expressed her sympathies, and removed the image from her site - this is not to be construed as her taking the blame though or an apology for the rhetoric/propaganda either, it's just a simple act of doing what's right in a situation like this.)

    Look, if you guys are looking for a fight with me, I'm not up for it. I didn't come in for a fight, I came in to come to terms with what happened. Go to the first page and look at my first post in this thread, completely and utterly shocked and confused by the event and the propaganda and that it might inspire others like him (I never said it was his inspiration.) That's all. Fighting isn't helping anything. Nobody can prove the crude was his inspiration, and nobody can prove it wasn't. We just have to be patient and wait for things to surface.
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  • posted a message on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Arizona
    All these quotes, why not quote the target: “Sarah Palin’s list has a gun sight over our district. They have to realize there are consequences to that.” Gabrielle Giffords, Nov 2010

    Yes, the guy was going to fly off the handle without the proper medical treatment (which he obviously didn't get), but he didn't just randomly pull the trigger in a crowd of people. His mind locked on to the faults in our society that he saw, and another suggested to him, even though it was indirectly, where he should direct his anger and distrust. It was inevitable, fine, but the target was not... somebody gave his broken mind one and he went after it.

    Now, don't get me wrong. He didn't pull the trigger exclusively because Palin's campaign put out that image, but that kind of imagery invites problems of a whole other nature. When someone has a fragile state of mind, all they need is something like that to set them on their course. In a land full of people so afraid of violence and terrorism that they can't even board a plane or walk into a courthouse without risk of a strip search or pat down, it's pretty ridiculous that propaganda that so obviously can incite violence is still allowed. Come on. It's a gunsight on a map. Seriously? I'm not saying there should be laws in place against this sort of thing either, I just wish there were decency and common sense in politics. But then again, I could just as easily wish to live in a land of rainbow farting unicorns...

    The image for anyone not familiar is attached.
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  • posted a message on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Arizona
    I don't usually step in hear and say anything, I usually just lurk, but it's amazing all the propaganda encouraging people like him to take up arms, take back seats, and the silly map from Palin's bunch with the targets... ugh. Just take a look here: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2011/1/8/934297/-Second-Amendment-Remedies-(with-pictures)

    I just feel sorry for those who lost their lives, regardless of this individual's political affiliation or the things that influenced him... and I'm disturbed that there is so much to influence him and others like him to do this kind of thing. I just don't get it. None of it makes any sense.
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  • posted a message on 2010 Forum Awards
    Quote from sentimentGX4
    Well the forum awards aren't technically not wanted by the vast majority of users either. The majority of users simply either are indifferent or know nothing about them; but, from the poll, more who know about the forum awards want them to stay than those who don't (except for practically every moderator).

    Except you've excluded the third option of that poll: Those who don't care enough about the forum awards to vote for or against them, but would rather just say that polls don't change anything. You can't assume from a poll on who likes Peanut Butter and who likes Jelly that people like Jelly better because it gets ten more votes than Peanut Butter if all the while "neither" is a third option and it received more votes than both Peanut Butter and Jelly.
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  • posted a message on 2010 Forum Awards
    Quote from JeroenC
    Probably because people would assume it is all part of a grand conspiracy for 15 pixels worth of trophies.

    I had to marry five mods for mine. I know, I know. For shame, bigamy is a crime! *channels Cartman* "Whateva. I do what I want!"

    In all seriousness though, I got mine for participating in art contests here, something that required skill and I won for said skill -not for playing nice on the interwebs. I didn't demand a glorified drama inspiring popularity contest to try and win them, which is what this all comes off as. The forum awards clearly aren't needed, or wanted by the vast majority of users here, and giving the minority what they demand isn't going to do any more than inflate egos further and open up more problems. My only question is, since it isn't going to happen, what purpose does this thread serve and why isn't it locked yet?

    As for why I come in here, I don't post much anywhere, but I do like to keep up on site issues.
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  • posted a message on 2010 Forum Awards
    All I gather from the forum awards bit is that people want a reward for being a decent person on the internet like a dog wants a biscuit for being a "good boy". Don't any of you have more important things to worry about? The forum isn't exactly coming apart at the hinges without these frivolous pixel awards. Leave the staff alone, they have enough to concern themselves with between here, real life, and who knows what else without people demanding they put on some silly award competition.
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  • posted a message on Poll: December Altered Card Contest
    It was a toss up for me, between Icbusybug and Ondal the Fool, both of whom I felt had the most original of the alterations. I ultimately went with Icbusybug as I just love the style, the presentation of a raw scan without digital touchup (I like seeing the brush strokes), and the feel of it being a single, well integrated, piece. Great work!

    I have to admit though, I was also sorely tempted to vote for cardtransmuter's entry... I just love that game! "There will be no shame..." with those cards. Great entry! Grin
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  • posted a message on December Photoshop Contest
    My entry...

    Quick note, the little star next to her name is my take on a magic-ish Commander icon.
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  • posted a message on Magic: The Gathering Font
    There's this: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showpost.php?p=4501747&postcount=11

    But that's as close a font as I know of, and that's not an exact match either.
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