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  • posted a message on Most Expensive Black Lotus
    Pretty good condition too! Grin

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  • posted a message on Air and Tear (Foil Clouding/Oxidation?)
    Ouch, tough lesson indeed but for sure it's better to have learned than not at all.

    Good stuff on protecting the cards henceforth. I'm certainly taking a cue from that as well.

    Cheers to minty cards! Grin
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  • posted a message on Air and Tear (Foil Clouding/Oxidation?)
    Haha wow, point taken and knocked out of the park lol!

    Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. These airborne buggers exist, build up over time, and can certainly cause abrasion on our nice shiny foils. Yeah, I'm a believer in double sleeving all my decks now.

    Oh and wanted to share this shot of my friend's "new" foil mountain (was FRF actually not KTK):

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  • posted a message on Is now the best time ever to be in Magic?
    On a purely subjective note I would say yes, now is the best time ever to get [back] into Magic.

    I don't play in tournaments yet, as I'm still building up my card collection, so I'm not versed in the meta but I'm simply excited about the game for the reasons the OP mentioned.

    I've always loved dual lands and it's great to see the fetches and shocklands reprinted and being offered at lower rates. Having reasonable access to all these lands provides huge incentive for deck building and brewing. I've always felt that if you have the right mana you can cast anything and that opens up barriers to card choices and plays you previously might not have considered or imagined.

    Definitely looking forward to Origins, MM 2015 and Battle for Zendikar as well. There's a little bit of everything in the next few sets and I can't wait to see what they offer!
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  • posted a message on Air and Tear (Foil Clouding/Oxidation?)
    Whoa that's crazy 6j, hopefully the foil cube cards weren't hit too hard? How were they after a year compared to my Jace above?
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  • posted a message on Air and Tear (Foil Clouding/Oxidation?)
    Hey thanks Sparki. I didn't consider just the slight rubbing of sleeves to be a cause however now that I think about it I can definitely see that happening.

    Double sleeving foils really is the way to go then. Going to hit up my LGS later for some KMC Perfect Fits.

    On a related note, a buddy of mine pulled a foil Mountain from a RTR pack the other day and mentioned it was cloudy out of the package. Interesting, these things are quite sensitive.
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  • posted a message on Air and Tear (Foil Clouding/Oxidation?)
    I've had this foil Jace, Memory Adept for a couple of years now. Pulled it in a pack and kept in a binder since then except for recently when I slotted it in a deck.

    The deck didn't get played or transported much and I dismantled it earlier tonight. Now I noticed some spots on the card which I've never really noticed before and an wondering if this is just normal clouding or oxidation on the foil's surface?

    The card should be mint and I don't recall ever scratching it so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this would happen. I tried lightly rubbing a damp cotton swab over over it but no joy. I guess it's quite possible the card came in this condition and I just haven't noticed it until now.

    Any insight is appreciated, cheers.

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  • posted a message on Buy all 20 fetch lands now?
    I missed out on the original Onslaught and Zendikar fetches.

    I'm slowly building up my allied fetchland collection this time around and am for sure going to wait until Battle for Zendikar releases later this year for the enemy ones.

    I've always supported buying good lands. Back when I started playing in the mid 90's I bought a whole bunch of Revised Duals. I let them go a few years later when I stopped playing (which is something I still regret to this day... ohhh Vintage you elude me!). Now that I'm back into the game I'm sticking with Modern and I really like all the lands it offers.

    If you have the right mana, you can cast anything!

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  • posted a message on Players quitting the game or conceding
    Yeah I know what you mean. I run into a couple of quitters in the free play rooms too.

    I can only guess they're salty and don't want to play against whatever it is you're wielding. I just move on to the next game and likewise I definitely get some great matches there too.
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  • posted a message on Single Most Expensive Card You Have Ever Bought
    Picked up a set of NM Lorwyn Cryptic Commands earlier for $60 per.
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