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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    I think is a busted card that might be useful as an alternative wincon against some control or midrange strategies. But, actually, its weak to countermagic... And with assasins trophy in the meta,i dont see exactly where it fits. At least, niv mizzet cantrips and shoots for one when gets killed, and cant be countered
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm

    Huge WTF OMG
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from gm_jack »
    Delve threats are our best ones, as they have limited answers. We have to head into a protect the queen strategy, and start pressuring them fast enough they can't set up profitable chumps and attack back. If the game goes really long, we are likely to lose, but they are often clunky in the opening turns, so getting ahead will let us dictate the flow of the game better, to limit their ability to get into the late game.

    I absolutly agree with this. We are not winning the long game, so we should try to close the door asap. Tbr may seem counterintuitive in an atrition game, but i think is our best answer to wide boards. I take out k commands and 1 fatal push and bring in 2 stubborns and liliana of the las configuration may change, but the strategy is well defined for me
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Izzet Delver
    Then i would go for duress, for the reason mentioned above. But in general, as an izzet player i feel favoured againsr golgari... We have better grinding tools i think
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Izzet Delver
    Depends on the deck we play against. I would say, agaisnt mono black where they already have many ways to deal with out creatures, duress offers a way to deal with our spells, so gives them more options. Against adimir shell though, would be pretty much the same and would depend only on the board state
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Im hyped with niv mizzet, parun... Wow. Willing to give it a try
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Well man, if in few months we see a spike in ur storm, having a higher winrate thanks to firemind s research, then you were right. Else, it wasnt good enough
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Quote from MarcWizard »
    Quote from marlboro92 »
    Casting 20 spells and paying 8 is trivial? or paying 4 mana before you draw the first card... no way, firemind's research doesnt excite me

    uh, have you not been clocking up storm counts to win? How exactly have you been winning with this deck? And 4 mana? Your plan A is casting a very removable 2 cmc creature and trying to use that mana advantage to win in 1 combo turn. This sideboard card changes up your pros and cons - you still invest 2 cmc at the start. Now instead of having to all-in in one turn and possibly be blown out by a well timed removal, extraction or counter, you get to accrue counters over time and kill them at your leisure.

    Man this card cant be played in multiples, cost doesnt get reduced having a bear, nor the activation... Cant be flashed back, only deals damage in multiples of 5... Its slow, not flexible enough. Go ahead, try it out and tell us how it goes
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Casting 20 spells and paying 8 is trivial? or paying 4 mana before you draw the first card... no way, firemind's research doesnt excite me
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    What about blood moon being back?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Dragonaut - Eye Candy - Nivix Blitz
    9 Island
    5 Mountain
    3 Ash barrens

    4 Delver
    4 Kiln fiend
    4 Nivix Cyclops

    2 Mutagenic growth
    4 Gitaxian probe
    4 Ponder
    4 Preordain
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Dispel
    4 Lightning bolt
    2 Apostle's blessing
    3 Daze
    3 Temur battle rage
    3 Gush

    4 Geist
    3 Pyroblast
    2 Hydroblast
    2 Dispel
    2 Gorilla shaman
    1 Flaring pain
    1 Apostle's blessing

    Hi everyone! Ive been testing hard this summer at my lgs, in a meta full of all sort of delver decks and boros, this is the list i came up with. I think heavy interactive decks are still our worse pairing, but i made few twerks and doesnt feel so awful now, pretty much 50/50, and still very favoured against any non interactive or slow deck (tron, mono green, elves...).Here few notes about the choices i made:

    4x Delver: I see many list running augur of bolas, i dont think thats the way to go. The deck already has the best card draw engines, but sometimes lacks threats. I dont think youre killing anyone with a flat 1/3 body. Moreover, the 1 cmc feels better to tempo out our opponent, apply pressure, eat a removal spell that could kill our kiln fiend...

    3x Daze: There is many games we will always loose if those tend to go long. Protection against counterspells and removal is real, and being able to play multiple spells in the key turn is the way to go against mono blue delver, dimir, izzet...I think blitz is the best pauper deck in the first 4 turns of the game.

    2x Mutagenic growth: Its a very powerfull card, but we should not overstimate it. I mainly see it as an answer to bolt, but fails against galvanic blast, skred, journy to nowhere... I think 2 is the sweet spot for it.

    3x Gush: Another really powerfull card, that justifys having underpowered cards in the long game like Daze. When you have so many cards in hand, you dont care much about having one Daze on turn 5.

    1x Brainstorm: Is our worst cantrip, period. I see people runing it as a x4...really, our manabase doesnt support that many fetches. Preordain is better than ponder, ponder is better than brainstorm.

    3x Ash barrens: I find this card to be very superior to evolving wilds effects. Being able to curve it for one mana at the end of the opponent turn, or main phase it and still get the color you need in the same great, you cant do that with wilds. Eventually you can also play it as an untapped land. I wouldnt not play more than 3 though, since it slows us down.

    No electriquery: We are not trying to play the control game against creature decks like monogreen, elves or faeries. Even there, those decks are overprepared against the card. I think our gameplan should not change much against them, just trying to assamble a fast combo kill is a better plan, so i added apostle blessing to the sideboard.

    4x Stormbound Geist: This card gives us an alternative plan against any deck that wants to trade resources. Its so, so good against izzet delver (specially if you can pretect it with daze) .The deck can feel very clunky with this one and Nivix, so I tend to cut 2 Nivix, and bring 4x Stormbound geist, improving threat density and making bolt and skred bad. I found is not the way to go against mono blue delver though, wich is more a tempo deck that can kill you even if your hand is full of cards.

    PD: I won many crazy games against legacy decks with this deck, you can imagine how good it feels Grin

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 16/04/2018)
    Im a ur and grixis player and i dont think stirrings deserves a ban. Has been around for a while, sometimes has been in tier decks, sonetimes it wasnt. The only issue with is that preordainand ponder are banned.. And thats silly. Also, i pray for twin to be unban to dodge linear decks.. Midrange would get better
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Quote from Yuhiza »
    Hi, I want build UR Gifts Storm but i dont know if is a good idea.

    Do you think it´s worth build this deck now?

    Hi yuhiza! I will tell you how i ended up here. In the begining, i had mono u tronand merfolks. Then, i built grixis, all variants, delver, shadow control. Then.. I didnt know if i should build mono u tron, ad nauseum or death and taxes.. Then i got here, and im not planing to move. This is the most intrincate deck andthe one you have to make more decisions with. What the other mates said about the deck is pretty accurate, not an easy one to play but worth it! Try it out
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ironworks Combo
    Actually its true, its disruptable through gy and artifact hate. If we could only have preordian blue mages would be happy
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ironworks Combo
    This deck looks much like eggs in the past..Ban is comming
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