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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Quote from traderjoe »
    If you were already at a very high life total, say 60+, would you still keep sacing the martyr and keep gaining life? seems obnoxious, no?

    Depends on the matchup, if I am against titan shift any opportunity to gain life brings you closer to sealing your victory.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Quote from Kastellan »
    Anyone tried out the Gideon Package?

    It looks promising but I'm afraid it is too slow

    I've tried it and I find its very meta dependant, if you have a lot of people that tend to go wide aggressively it's pretty poor, if you have more combo in your meta it's not so bad.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Regarding ghostly prison, yes it is a dead card against certain decks, but you also have to remember its white and can just sit in your hand to gain life with if it serves no real purposes. Sure it would be better to have more relevant cards, but it's not completely dead I would say.

    @Lear_the_cat i've been wanting to try to use brisela for ages and I just couldn't really find a way to get it to work, thalia's lancers seems like a really great addition and dropping the serras makes sense to a degree with all the fatal pushes and paths around lately.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Thank you. I have limited testing with both. Was looking at O-Ring also since i really want to use Sun Titan as at least a 1 of. How is O-Ring vs Cast out. The Flash I am sure makes a big difference, but O-Ring can come out earlier

    Oddly I have gone back to oring/banishing lights now and that's only due to the fact that the breach moon players have gone home for the summer here as they were students. O-ring/banishing light come down sooner but can be taken out by abrupt decay, which as there aren't many jund decks locally for me either is pretty good. If I was in BW I would be on Anguished unmaking, but I don't have my marsh flats anymore so would have to make a poor mans version with heaths and strands. It can be brought back with sun titan which is a plus. I would recommend just being careful what you o-ring because if you are in a board state where your opponent removes their only legal target you will either have to target one of your other nonland perms.

    Cast out has flash and cycling and adds as another instant speed removal for more problematic threats for us and that is what I love about it. I have enjoyed using it but I am back on the o-ring/blight plan for the time being as I prefer that they come down sooner and the meta has a few more problem permanents which I don't need to worry about too much.

    Did you see the 7-1 PTQ Gobo's list?

    It looks sweet. My list is almost identical, the only differences are Runed Halo, Gideon Ally, Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Relic of Progenitus (I use Surgical).
    I really like Walking Ballista and kinda want hear his opinion on Walking Ballista. If someone knows him... Smile

    His list does not have Ghostly Prison, Cavern of Souls and Surgical Extraction.

    List looks really interesting, i've been wanting to use balilista and hangerback for a while now as it's a great way to finish off games and I am happy to free up a white card for that effect. Don't know him sadly so can't comment on that.

    Here is a list I was thinking about. I need help figuring out sideboarding I need a reply within the next two months

    List looks good but personally i think you have 1 to many wraths that could be better as something else. I think the split is fine if humans is a thing where you are. Regarding your sideboard you can look at a majority of the lists here but it depends if you are looking locally or for the wider modern meta. Locally it's best to pick what is good against your closer to home meta, for example I have a lot of players that play white cards in my meta, eldrazi n taxs, reliquary company, UW spirits, and BW tokens. So I put glare of heresy in my sideboard as its a free exile card against a lot of the cards in that meta (I'm on mono white martyr at the moment). Personal preference but I don't think would be suited for a PPTQ or a GP for example. Let us know what you're thinking with your sideboard and we can comment/make suggestions.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I've played with both and tbh, cast out has always been on top. The flash side and cycling alone make it superior and allow you to interact with problematic cards at instant speed. My main use cases for it locally is that we have a few breach moon players, being able to snag an emrakul, the aeons torn that could be game breaking is pretty sweet.

    Ixalans binding has it's uses but everything i wanted to effectively nevermore I will just use nevermore instead, I can't ixalans binding crytic command for example.

    The problem i find with the tron example is that they have several ways to simple make us get rid of ixalans binding, karn, ugin, all is dust, o stone to name a few. I think it's good, but i don't think it suits martyr from testing with it.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    It's a very interesting interaction, you're right in the sense that you should shuffle because it doesn't say you may search, the action has to take place as far as I am aware. It's the same as if you are just fetching a squadron hawk off the bottom that you have mistveiled because game sense wise you still searched your library even tho it was the bottom card.

    There are a few cards from Core19 that I am looking forward too, Resplendent angel is on my list for testing along with the new ajani and a couple of other cards too.

    @Ulfendar Thanks for the detailed breakdown too.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    In the Jeskai matchup I usually bring in my own surgicals or some form of GY hate (Rip/Relic). But in those matchups with things like path it can be pretty problematic so i don't always keep my serras in and I throw in my bigger more problematic threats and planeswalkers. You can surgical your own serra in the GY in response to your ops surgical and simply fail to find the other serras, this removes it as a target in your GY. Likewise to targeting yourself with relic and removing the targeted card and same thing for mistveil plains, only time it really becomes an issue when they extirpate your card because of split second.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Quote from Semoreh »
    To me Karn is the most overhyped card of Dominaria, but I might be wrong. I can see him be very good in the right shell, but I don't understand how it could fit in almost every deck like it's often implied. Especially in Martyr Proc... :x

    Thanks for the report Jiskel !
    I've stumbled on Mtgo against an Blue Black Faeries and Blue Living End yesterday, and they felt like harsh match up (I lost both 0-2). The pair of Caverns MD would have helped a bit. MD Leylines as well.

    I'm bringing my mono white proc to my LGS tonight myself and I'll be doing a short report afterward Smile

    Looking forward to it, faeries can be a bit problematic but I personally have had a good record against living end, saccing martyr and kami with living end on the stack is great so long as they don't have faerie macabre

    caverns really helped, upping to two helped me push through a few counter spells which could very well have made me lose.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    Thanks! They were very helpful, I too completely forget that gifts targets which made me MB them, think 3 might be overkill so probably going to drop one in to the SB and throw another wrath effect in the main or another inspector.

    I can see what he means with the use of the new Karn, it's being discussed in the FB group at the moment. The card advantage from him seems pretty good but we do have a lot of other good planeswalkers at that cost that can forward the game plan for us. If I get one in my prize packs when I pick em up I will test him out and see how he goes.

    The main issue I have is the ultimate does sweet FA for us, he says not to pay attention to the ultimate but with things like gideon and even elspeth at 4 cmc and white I dunno if I want to run it. Either way, if I get one, will test and let you know.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    So went to a local tourney on Sunday with the following list, it's based off a list from Ryan Hodges list from the FB group.

    Came 2nd overall and here are my match breakdowns

    Round 1, scapeshift 2-0 win
    Game one, got an early Serra ascendant and started the beats.
    Game 2, gained more than 50 life and managed to resolve some Serras with cavern of souls and eventually close out the game. Op tried to bolt snap bolt a serra but I extracted the bolt before he could catch it.

    Round 2, Grixis cards I own 1-1 draw
    Game 1, my op didn't draw a land for several turns and then started the serra beats, he scooped after 4 turns of drawing no lands
    Game 2, this game went to time, he had a Liliana emblem and we went in to turns, I had a ghostly prison in play, which he EE'd and hit me down from 60 to 30, i then dropped another Prison and he blew that up as well and killed me in turns. Really fun interesting game, op forgot I had leyline in play and had loads of targeted effects.

    Round 3,Affinity 2-0 win
    Game 1, kept a slow hand with a wrath in it and some land destruction and a ranger, my opponent also kept a slow hand and the wrath paid off, managed to get to 30 life and swing in for the win.
    Game 2, Stony silence followed by Ghostly prison sealed the deal, wrath killing all his creatures finished him off.

    Round 4, Sramios 0-2 loss
    Game 1, opened with a leyline managed to make 30 life and 2 serras, got my opponent down to 4 life but he grape shotted my serras and made a bunch of monks with a mentor. Killed me dead with lots of monks.
    Game 2, much of same, should have sided in extractions for retracts but this was an oversight, think i was thinking to much about boarding in rule of law and a few other spells.

    Round 5, Merfolk 2-0 win
    Game 1, made a big serra and started swinging, it got there in time before my opponent could deal enough damage to me.
    Game 2, op sided in damping matrix but my ghostly prison bottlenecked him enough in time for a wrath, first one was countered, second one resolved killing his team and allowed me to rebuild faster.

    Top 8,
    Round 6, Affinity, 2-0 win
    Game 1, my opponent goes really wide but I have the life gain and it pushes me enough until I find a wrath and wipe him out game 1
    Game 2, mull to 6, have the stony silence but he has spell pierce. I manage to survive as he goes wide with vault skirges and signal pests and find a timely wrath at the right moment. I managed to resolve a world queller and start by picking off his darksteel citadel and then his lands afterwards and he scoops it up.

    Round 7, Counters company 2-0 win
    Game 1, get a good start with a martyr serra reveal, opponent didn't not down the cards I had when I revealed from martyr and after he tried to go infinite with kitchen finks and vizier of remedies I cast out the vizier with the persist trigger on the stack. My opponent tapped his birds of paradise to cast a cord to get the kitchen finks so he had no blockers for my Serra.
    Game 2, my opponent tried to go infinite and I extract the finks with persist on the stack, i get my serras online and my opponent takes a few hits, plays a reveillarkI have 2 cast outs, 2 paths and 1 more surgical in hand, i have 1 more swing to win. I path an untapped birds in his end step, and in my main phase I path his reveillark, he targets two birds of paradise in the grave and I extract them, opponent scoops.

    Round 8, Jund 1-2 loss
    Lad if a very competent Jund player,
    Game 1, I kept a hand with no leyline but a bunch of stuff, knowing that he would take something turn 1, it's official also, bloodbraid elf is a real beating, he continued to take apart my hand and then beat me to death.

    Game 2, I get a leyline in play and play my threats, get to 30+ and start swinging with serra, I get another in to play and he pushes them, I wrath and then when I am top decking I drop a proc and bring back 2 serras and a martyr, this sealed the deal.

    Game 3, drop a leyline on turn 1, opponent drops a lavamancer and it starts to deal with my tiny creatures slowly and my opponent gets liliana the last hope and cascades in to liliana of the veil. I get overwhelmed by creatures and eventually die.

    Overall I am still a big fan of the mono white list, I think I will change the nevermores for prisons as they didn't really do much and I might try a dusk // dawn if I manage to get a hold of one, they aren't expensive but the restock for lifegain could be really relevant.

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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    Meddling mage is good, if you can resolve meddling mage and gaddock teeg together against certain versions of tron and control it's pretty much game over unless it's GW tron. Sundering growth has been in and out of my sideboard and is meta dependant, populating a clue can be game changing of course.

    I've chopped and changed between sky hussar and sphinx's revelation and i honestly prefer sky hussar, yes it's slower, yes it doesn't gain me life but it's uncounterable in almost every situation and you don't often mind tapping a kami of false hope and a martyr of sands to draw a card.

    teferi's moat is something i have not had change to check, not a lot of tribal decks in my area and plenty of lingering souls

    I feel I miss safewright quest but I find it quite difficult to make the spot for it. Geist of saint traft is strong and if we manage to resolve it can close games quickly.

    I haven't explored Simic cards much as of yet but I can think of a few across the top of my head kiora, the crashing wave could work well with gideon and can be pretty good for helping
    us ramp a bit.simic sky swallower looks great but is a bit expensive and can offer as an alternative to sphinx of the final word but i prefer the fact sphinx in uncounterable.
    sagu mauler again big guy, trample hexproof but isn't uncounterable, at that mana i want it to be able to hit the field without any issues.

    A couple of other cards I have played about with are reflector mage and rhox war monk mage has been good against decks like deaths shadow for bouncing tasigurs and whatnot. Rhox war monk has been good against shoring up the burn matchup, not that it really needs it but it's still a pretty good beater.

    The only multicoloured card I can think of for valakut is shadow of doubt

    Agree with your locked cards for the bant version, I have always found it difficult to cut cards from the wishboard.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    I did, I posted on the youtube video and the mtggoldfish article, but sadly nothing came of it. I was very polite as I didn't want to cause a huge uproar I just wanted him to point out that it was not his creation is all and in fact discuss the deck to bring it in to the light a bit more because I think more people should be playing it.

    The Flagstones mixup isn't mandatory but at the same time it helps you fetch out mistveil plains and a basic at the same time whilst also offering up land destruction against your opponents for tron and such. I've still got a lot to learn about the deck and the lines of play but that will come with time I feel. You can also do some pretty serious thinning on turn 2.

    Turn 1 Flagstones

    Turn 2 GQ, float white, destroy flagstones, get mistveil + untapped plains play Squadron hawk get 3 more (assuming you have no more in hand) you just thinned your deck of 5 cards and filled your hand with a bunch of white cards. Pretty sweet imo Smile this can also be done with 2 flagstones of course.

    I know what you mean about Prisons, my Meta is full of decks that go wide so it's pretty relevant, lil gideon doesn't do so well against a swarm of tokens and all of a sudden we have a bunch of Breach moon players which is pretty much unwinnable if they resolve a JTMS or a get an Emrakul to hit us. We have to be really fast out the gate and deal enough damage to them before they can put an emmy in to play and the blood moon can be quite annoying at times. The prisons help for a bit bit can still be problematic, it was why I really wanted to move away from oblivion rings and move more towards a playset of cast out but even cast out feels less permanent, especially when they can jut bounce it with cryptic command and get their emrakul/jace back with no repercussions.

    Here's my abzan list, i'm working towards moving away from Gideons for now as although I love them and they are a win condition I feel like they might not fit my abzan build too much.

    Still working on the landbase and think that Ob Nixilis Reignited can easily just be sorin, grim nemesis and probably should be, hes just place holder for now as I presently don't own one in paper. With the fact that I am running black I had considered Vraska, either the 5 or the 6 mana one instead of [c]ajani unyielding[c] I really like the card advantage from ajani but vraska could help with dealing with problem permanents.

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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Quote from Semoreh »
    Hey everyone !

    I'm seriously considering builing the mono W version of this deck, as streamed by SaffronOlive three months ago :

    It's budget enough, and I've found a good deal on a playset of Serra Ascendant that convinced me to give it a go Smile

    I see that mono-coloured decks are not really favored in the most recent pages of this topic. Any reason why ?

    The meta in my LGS is mostly composed of : Junds (a lot), Affinity, a few Humans, some Lanterns, some Goblins and Burn. A few UW or Jeskai control here and there but not too many. Do you think this deck can fare well against these opponents ? What's your experience against Jund, most importantly ?

    Thanks for your help, and I hope my list is not too outdated ^^

    Saffron was nice enough to copy my deck from the SCG IQ and take it as his own without crediting me. (To note, I know I didn't coin the deck of course but the fact that he stated he made it without quoting me kind of annoyed us, I also received no answer any of my contacts about it through multiple channels so I no longer use the website as a result.)

    It has been updated since then and essentially I switch between Gideons and ghostly prisons based on the meta. I really like the mono white version and have had a lot more success with it compared to the wish variants.

    I took mono white to an event this weekend and came 7th overall, had a couple of draws which set me back a bit and I decided to try the deck without flagstones of trokair which I won't be doing again, miss the thinning too much. I thought taking them out would help me focus more on my opponents lands rather than gqing myself.

    I've experimented with the bant wish version and I am looking to really try and get my teeth in to the Abzan wish version, I am just tweeking the manabase and considering mainboarding castigate or sin collector in a certain number just so that I can have a better control matchup. I will post a work in progress list.

    I agree about how slow the wish variant can be, closing out the game with a big threat is usually the way to go with Serra, which is why i prefer the mono white version. I know we don't get a 4 mana wrath in abzan but we do get access to zealous persecution which is pretty strong at the moment, especially with all the mardu pyromancer in my local meta. I feel like I need a marsh flats or two in my version of the deck though before I can confidently play it.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    Just some feedback from the the event I went to on Sunday, I went 1-4 and did terribly, Mardu pyromancer has all of a sudden become very popular in the area along with a few other really annoying combo decks. So I am thinking of going back to mono white until I can get better fixing for my lands and with Dominaria coming up I am going to be prepping for a version that has a few other angles that it want's to work on. I feel like using fall of thran along with a few other tid bits such as crucible.

    I don't feel like I have the right kind of fixing to make the deck as good as I want it to be on paper in all honesty and with the rise of all these aggro decks I want to just bring the ghostly prison back it seems only right. Sphinx's rev was almost always uncastable as I didn't get to have double blue often so my mana base definitely need tweeking before I can make good with this variation of the deck. I am going to do some post dominaria brewing and post a list later on. It probably won't be much different but I am hoping at least it will be more consistent. I want to be able to attack on a lot of different angles and at the same time have a really good land destruction package as I feel that is pretty relevant. I'll update soon.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    I used to own marsh flats but not anymore, if I can spare cash for them I will, cutting a mistveil plains for another land was something I thought of, i had considered the UG one, the hexproof can probably be relevant.

    I liked the look of seedcradle witch for an interesting mana sink or maybe just throwing in 1 serra, i don't think I would be able to trigger kytheon, possibly but not very often.

    I'll be taking it to test out this weekend if I get time, will come back with my results, thanks for the feedback.

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