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    posted a message on How is it possible to make money by being a pro magic player or writing about magic?
    50.000 a year from a hobby is still a decent living.... (considoring the US Median is ~32k overall, or ~40k if you only count full-time)

    And if you are good enough, you get appearence fees, sponsorships, articles... it can add up, they will never be rich like some sport pro's, but you can "live of" it if you are good enough...
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    posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from Binary
    You say that as if they haven't already made that decision.

    The thing is:

    Limited - Wizards makes money from people buying boosters
    Standard - Wizards makes money from people buying boosters
    Eternal - Wizards makes no money... every penny invested in eternal goes to the secondary market. - yes maybe those cards come from wizards in the past, but they have already made their buck-fifty per dual land rest is just speculators and decay over time.

    So there is little incentive for Wotc to focus heavily on Eternal...
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    posted a message on What do you carry your cards in?
    Dragon shield's hard plastic boxes http://www.arcanetinmen.dk/index.php?id=80 Fits standard deck + Sideboard, EDH or whatever... i have around 10 with various decks, tradefodder and even have one with dice and counters
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    posted a message on Tezzeret + Time Vault
    as long as the DCI keeps their current policy of errataing cards back to "working as intended"

    ..they would rather ban/restrict a card, as opposed to "fixing it" see for example Flash
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