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    posted a message on [[M14]] Return of Slivers
    Quote from FieryBalrog
    But like everything else that was interesting or defining about Slivers, it seems to have been thrown out the Window. This is literally nothing like the old Slivers at all. They don't have the defining mechanical rule of Slivers, they don't have the defining visual design of Slivers, and they aren't even spread across all 5 colors (or so it seems anyway).

    They could have invented a completely new race for this and called them "Predatorians" and no one would have batted an eyelash.

    I sadly have to agree. While there are indeed some impressive cards with the creature type - "Sliver" on them, these are not Slivers. Not in appearance, not in style, not in concept.

    And the whole wannabe Predator thing? What on earth were they thinking? It's not even a subtle thing, it's clearly Predator wannabes. A more humanoid form I could accept, but this is too far. Part of the draw to Slivers was that they were such an alien form of life.

    If we're looking for Paralells, they're much closer to Xenomorphs than Predators, heck, if they had styled them in that direction and added a Predator-styled "hunter-of-slivers" race that'd have been doubleplusawesome all over. But this....I just don't get it. And without the books....there's no real background as to why the sudden and IMO, extreme change.
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