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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Wenn Sometimes actually Play Ante Cube and Run it ltke a League where once you go below 30 nonbasics you are Out in that draft we use all the Ante cards and some Others. Its fun Bit most of the Ante cards are often Last picks because they are not that great. But due to the Basic Land Limit we have with that Format Sometimes you actually have to Play them.
    Edit: technically Not the original Ante but a homebrew Version of it.
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  • posted a message on Colossus Hammer
    Quote from Ryder052 »
    T1 Colossus Hammer
    T2 Ancestral Blade
    T3 Saheeli, Sublime Artificer, Blade becomes the Hammer, swing for 11 Grin

    Not a big standard fan but now i wanna do that
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  • posted a message on Gifts Ungiven
    but you have to spend time getting back the cards you actually want
    since gifts is an instant you can also do that at opponents eot and in both cases you need co actually cast cards to pull combos of in shared summons you need to cast the creatures and with gifts the cards you got.
    Depending on what you searched for yes you need to play cards you got with gifts to get back the other ones but that does depend on the piles.
    Gifts has the benefit of not just looking for creature based combos but any kind of combos / value plays whereas summons needs to be creature based.
    Because of that you can do generally more with gifts than summons.

    Now is shared summons a bad card? No.
    Is it better than Gifts, or at the same level? No
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  • posted a message on Gifts Ungiven
    Gifts does way more than what shared summons does though and cheaper as well. I dont't know if needs to be on the banlist but gifts is IMO better than shared summons by a large margin.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Saprazzan Outrigger is okay if you are playing a decent amount of removal not great but playable in some situations.
    Agree with Night_Hydra on the problems with chumping.
    Gravebane Zombie is bad IMO 2 power creatues trade up big time sure they loose a creature each time but you lose a draw each time. Eventually they find the bigger threat and then you really don't wanna recur it.

    Welkin Tern vs. Omenspeaker hmm for me it's the speaker although Tern is probably the better one.

    Hypothesizzle vs Razorfin Hunter sizzle all the way.

    Goblin War Party vs Ill-Tempered Cyclops i tend towards War party but then again i draft swarm more often than ramp
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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.
    PS: I appreciate the civility. Lets keep it that way. Smile


    Define "fun".

    I didn't answer that directly since it's different for everybody but for me I also like to just open boxes but that is due to the same psycological fact that makes people like betting thats why I personally wouldn't call that fun. Fun for me(in magic sense) is playing the game and deckbuilding both can be applied to drafting but also constructed.

    Having a complete set was often the goal and still is for me on many sets. ... But just like then I never wanted to open some Minor League Scrub who couldn't hit his weight I wanted to open the All Stars.

    This to me seems like it is conflicting since If you want a complete set wouldn't you need the minor league scrubs as well?
    And just like with magic what makes cards valuable and desireable is not just defined by how good it is but also by how bad the other things are.
    If every pack was just all stars there would still be undesireable all star cards, or all cards would be undesireable.

    Cracking packs has always been a fun activity for me

    Like I said for me it is more of a psychological thing. But if it is fun for you great. But what makes it fun for you? Is it the thrill of getting something valuable/something you need? If that is the case you can't make everything valuable because that will get rid of the thrill (and the aforementioned problem of if everything is valuable nothing is, and the thing that there will always be duds as good cards are also defined by bad cards)

    Again I will say, why is there the need to have EVERY set be draftable?

    Not every set is draftable, the not randomized product isn't. Every randomized product needs to be draftable (IMO) due to the fact that most people don't enjoy skinner boxes/loot boxes on their merit alone. And being draftable adds something to proactively do to packs. (While IMO not taking anything away)

    Sure to alot of people collecting is a big part of Magic, but that part benefits from duds the most, it makes other cards more valuable and more desireable. And to people who are only collectors the definition of dud differs from those that play as well. (See Reserved list cards)
    So in general I don't think making a set draftable is a loss the collectors nor the players. In fact I actually do believe both benefit from it.
    The only downside (to players) I see is the general downside of randomized cards it makes some cards (prohibitivly) expensive, and this is the case even if a randomized set isn't draftable.

    For masters sets and esp. Modern Horizons what hurts is the box/pack pricing.

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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.

    Some of us don't like draft, don't draft and won't do it period. That isn't "fun" at all to us. There are 4 sets a year you can draft, you don't need a 5th one to make it fun for a subsection of the community.

    True Not everyone likes limited but if you take the draft out you take the fun for the limited players out but you gain nothing but the loootboxes and you have those with or without being able to draft the set so its still a loss in general.

    Why do you open boxes/packs in general would be my follow up? As the EV will always become lower than the packprice it is always advised to purchase the singles you need rather than boxes/packs.
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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.
    If they put better cards in at all levels it wouldn't be a lottery (or nearly as risky) then would it?

    yes it would unless all cards are exactly equal it would still be less risky yes but lorrety nonetheless.

    You wont get the lottery aspect out of randomized packs but you can keep the fun in by making it draftable.
    Sure it would be nice if there were monetary better cards in the pack but unless you wana draft a set it is always monetarly better to buy the singles you need. You always get the cards you need without relying on the lottery and without getting chaff you dont need.
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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.

    And don't upgrade certain commons to uncommons because of price, keep them at common. Nobody wants Future Sight Nether Spirit Reap the Past or Genesis at Rare in Modern constructed, nobody.

    Nobody needs any rarity if it was for constructed only. Why make it into a lootbox so you have the chance to get the card you need? In that case everything thats not the thing you want/need becomes a "bad card" if you just open a randomized product for stuff you need even if you can trade it away

    I get you want more powerful stuff we all want that but you can't make a set just full of powerfull cards ant it also being more than 40 cards.

    As I said before if modern horizon was something like "From the vault" or "commander arsenal" and we have cards like future sight in it I would understand your complaint. Sure more powerful cards would be nice but saying that you don't want a randomized set be draftable is essentially saying you are fine with playing the lottery just for the sake of playing the lottery. You want to be exploited while also not having fun being exploited.
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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.

    This idea of every set needing to be available to draft is what nerfs a set like this. So much potential then it becomes watered down for the draft experience. WotC knows this and continues the same old $#@+. Couple that with the obvious cards for Commander and the set becomes a jack of all trades and a master of none. So yes, it becomes "cash grab". There is good stuff don't get me wrong, but the pricing is too much for what you get and if you call it Modern Horizons cater to the MODERN CONSTRUCTED player for crying out loud.

    I agree with the pricing issue but if you don't make a randomized set not draftable it is just a lootbox and people (including me) would be more upset. The other option to not make it draftable would be something like precon decks or commander arsenal but by doing that the number or cards we would have gotten would probably be around 20-30 and there would have still been "bad" cards in there as well not to mention the price hike on such a product. So I think it is okay to have it a draftable set. However their pricing for an unlimited set that is meant to be draftable is just absurd.
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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Dark Mirror UB
    Legendary Artifact

    You can't draw more than one card each turn.
    Whenever a commander enters the battlefield under an opponent’s control, you may discard three cards if you do create a token that’s a copy of that creature except the token isn't legendary.

    Dark Mirror can be your commander.

    Next a Commander without casting costs.

    EDIT: Oops overlapped lets go with fleshrums next
    - A WB tribal Knight commander with a G activated ability, or
    - A WB tribal Knight commander with a R activated ability
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  • posted a message on Wishes
    Quote from schweinefett »
    Here's an interesting thought: Errata all wishes BACK to its original tempting.

    As in, there was no exile zone when the wishes came. There was only 'removed from the game'. So if all wishes were templated like how the new karn does it. So now, the wishes read: "You may choose an XXXXX card you own from outside the game or in exile, reveal that card, and put it into your hand"

    How does something like that sound? it actually captures the original intent/use of the wishes, and harkens back to the pre-exile days.

    That still leaves the question about what does outside of the game entail.
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  • posted a message on [Rules Tinkering] TEST: Sparked Commander
    Saheeli is on his watchlist as well, for good reason.
    think you meant this as the guy you are talking to is the OP :D.
    But I agree that dack creates unfavorable gamestates if hes in the CZ. While not easily abusable his +1 and -2 are always useful, and there are still some cards that can makepretty good use of his abilities. If Vraska, Relic Seeker is on the watchlist I really thing Dack should be too.

    My Playgroup agreed to try that out for one or two weeks but it will take the guys a while to build their decks. Since we pretty much dissolve our themed decks after we played a couple of games with them most of us will use what they have and not go out of their way to get new stuff. So I thought about going either Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge,Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner or Nissa, Steward of Elements.
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  • posted a message on Wishes
    There would be no contradiction between that rule and the 100-card deck rule. Cards outside the game are not in your deck. Bringing a card from outside the game with a Wish doesn't make your deck illegal all of the sudden.

    Actually it does commander is the only format with a maximum card size(brawl?) and if you enforce commander restrictions on the cards that way that counts. And if you dont you would be able to get any card as the card outside of the game as the rules enforcing the deck construction (Identity singleton etc.). Since if the cards don't count towards your deck they also don't count towards the singleton rule. Same with commander Identity since cards outside are not in your deck but must adhere to format rules. So the only thing youd limit would be banned cards.

    My Wishboard would vary in PUGs esp. mtgo it would probably be half silver bullets like hosers since the powerlevel varies alot. in my local playgroup it would be more powered down hosers and niche answers.
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  • posted a message on Wishes
    as long as the card is legal in the format you are playing (such as Two-Headed Giant, Commander, Brawl, etc.) and conforms to any rules or restrictions for that format (such as Singleton, Color Identity, Unified Construction, Block Constructed, etc.)",

    I mean I understand what you are proposing here and what you had in mind but technically that is what Rule 13 does as well. One of those restrictions is a Maindeck of exactly 99 cards so no additional card you can get conforms to rules and restrictions so with that Wording you would still essentially blank wishes. If the intent is to be able to only grab "legal" cards I think the RC would still need to rework the rules. It is very difficult to get a simple reworking on the term "Outside of the game" to such a degree that it works "as intended" without changing Deckbuilding rules.
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