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  • posted a message on Silverboardered Card for My Birthday
    Happy (I assume) 33rd Birthday
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  • posted a message on Hilariously overzealous bans and restrictions throughout history
    There is a good video series about this by nizzahon Magic
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  • posted a message on [C21] Lorehold Legacies— The Command Zone previews
    I like this boros precon and I usually don't.

    On the topic of white having the best removal i think that time was over a long time ago. I mean I agree StP and PtE are among the if not the best spot removals IMO but what we get nowadays is mostly meh to bad with one or two few exceptions. Similar thing to the creature thing usually green and reds pack more punch. There is a reason in the top 100 Commanders according to edh rec every mono color is represented except white (even Colorless is above that)
    And in standard of the 50 most played cards (according to MTGGoldfish) there are only 2 white cards Yorion on rank 22 and Casket on 26 with 2 black and three red removals above them and the first cheap creatures are both green and haymakers being red/green.

    Now I don't think white is as ba as people make it out to be but they get the short stick more often than any other color, thats why I get exited when they get a treat thrown their way (Skyclave, Smothering Tithe, Teferis Protection)

    The part where white shines is unfortunately not that useful in EDH, as I still think white is the Sideboard Color in Modern. It is a an ok auxillary color in EDH. But not for the wraths though as my personal order for wraths go: Rift , Toxic Deluge, Blasphemous Act then Austere Command then back to nonwhite with stuff like In garruks wake, crux or extinction event.
    As for spot removal in EDH besides STP and PTE my Top ones are pongify, Rapid Hybridization, Reality shift, Anguished Unmaking, Chaos Warp, then Generous Gift/Beast Within. so besides Gift and the aforementioned white has to share one of my Favourites with black.
    I play white for cards like Smothering Tithe or Teferis Protection.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Eurogamer previews — Academic Probation, Semester's End, and more
    Wizards: We are making Ward evergreen, so we don't have to use hexproof as much.
    Also Wizards: Yeah, let's throw White hexproof granting so we can use it more.

    Well there is a big difference in granting hexproof and inherently having it as one is interaction the other prevents it Grin
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  • posted a message on [STA] Faithless Looting— Wyatt Darby preview
    The Harmonize I feel is okay but this Faithless looting definitly not my cup of tea.
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  • posted a message on All Seeing Eye of Truth & All Seeing Eye of Justice
    In addition to what user said yeah sure 8 is bigger than 4 but that also doesn't stop you from still putting in 4 of those cyclers to draw easier into one of your 8 copies you need since you know there is no cost in the cycling you can always dig deeper.

    Furthermore the consistency gets better due to the fact that and lets use your counterspell example again. 8 counterspells only increase the consistency of drawing counterspells and reduce the consistency of drawing anything else. While a zero mana almost impossible to interact instant speed draw increases the consistency of EVERY card in your deck including said counterspells, hence making a deck more consistent. And your 8 phisical copies thing also falls really Flat in stuff like X-Card combos since there usually aren't multiple cards that do the same thing so you just can't put more than the 4 copies in anyways.

    And to show that cards with no cost associated with them are overpowered you can look at how other tcg handle those(as you did but with kind of irellevant cards). Show us a card that has no cost associated with it other than putting it in your deck and then show us tournament results where that card is legal.
    One of three things will happen either almost each deck that can play it plays it, it has been banned or the overall powerlevel is ridicilously high that one card more or less doesn't make the difference. There is a reason the Bill card in the PokemonTCG got changed to a supporter card so there is a cost to it (not being able to play another support card that turn) because in the early days of the game every deck had the full playset of bill. Similar thing happened with Pot of Greed (being banned or limited) and remember Jar of Greed has a cost (you need to wait one turn after setting to activate it) and it still saw significant play in most of the decks before the Powercreep of that game have relegated it out of there.

    Your card has less cost than The old version bill and the Jar of Greed, or to circle back to Magic less cost than Mishra's Bauble the 16th most played card in Modern or Gitaxian Probe a card banned in Modern,Legacy,Pauper and Restricted in Vintage [8th overall most played card 65% of decks play it] and Legal in Penny Dreadful [6th]. And thats just the cycling part. You can actually use the card itself if you really dont need to dig for something, I mean without the cycling 0 it would be a reasonable card that some decks could play. But the cycling 0 it would be a card that almost every deck would play.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Kitchen Table Commander Players know the rules sure but the legality of cards is a different thing entirely sure they maybe know that silver bordered cards are generally not legal but since many casual Kitchen table playgroups don't know or don't care about the ban list. Or have their own stipulations etc. I do not think rule zero is a Joke sure it doesn't work for everyone esp. Pick up groups sometimes have a hard time since people want different things out of the same Format but in general Communication helps to maximize the fun for everybody. And that communication is exactly what Rule 0 want's to achieve.

    And it works there are Playgroups that ban fast mana because they don't like it, there are those that allow Un-Cards and it works, Hell even things like the Power-Scale is basically Rule 0.

    And the Thing I mean with opt-in rather than opt-out is that it sets the focus of talking beforehand not after people are already in game where the chance of Frustration is higher. Since technically people can Rule 0 the cards out of their playgroups (Which apparently some playgroups did with the TWD cards so another successful application of that rule) for the people that are vehemently against something they will be having a bad Time when that something suddenly appears, where as someone who likes that something is less likely to just exclusively like that thing and has other alternatives to still have a good time.

    A Meateater is much more likely to be okay with a Vegetarian restaurant than A Vegetarian is with a Meat-only restaurant (or with a normal retaurant if they are of the militant vegan/vegetarian varaiety).
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Its clearly the better approach to offer a Magic related version of a card and use that as the "official" name and then a alternate art one, so the player can at least choose, being forced in a variant is not good.

    While I like the silver Bordered approach more I am also completly fine with the Godzilla Treatment.

    The whiteborder thing however I think stems from the urge to "pimp" your deck and People "pimp" their deck with stuff like the original cards that is also another reason (other than being underprinted in the first place) that alpha cards are seen as more valuable than Beta cards even if its the same card. And having an Indicator that a card is a reprint i.e The old reprint policy with reprints being white bordered makes them less desirable. Also some people like consitency but yeah that would be a problem with silver-bordered as well but then again as you said that consistency goes away with borderless anyways.

    Realistic only very few of the cards will be strong enough to be relevant in Magic anyway, so its not like you get a ton of super important cards that suddenly everyone has to use (unless WotC fkes up majorly, which is entirely possible that we get a "mistake").

    Maybe, maybe not it's hard to speculate about this sort of thing.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Like I said before then our expierience differs greatly I own a 60 Card casual Un Deck I play regularly with my roomate (which i bought a box of unstable with) and in One of my playgroups. That one I rarely play in stores or my other playgroup since when I go casual there I mainly Play Commander but one of my commanders has silver bordered cards in there, and like I said before after asking I've never been told that I can't play them heck I've been told not to play my Zur cycling deck but never not to play my Jor Kadeem Deck that plays Uncards. Sure I agree that I've not seen many People play silver border (not Zero mind you) but I also never seen People say I can't in casual, and while I think more people would be against the UB there might be more People that wouldn't like playing against them it would be better for the whole group If they communicate it beforehand and that is easier if it is an opt in rather than an opt out.

    UB being black-border means people will play it, even begrudgingly. I doubt anyone here who said they'd be happy with UB in silver border would actually play them. Hell, a large majority of those who like UB wouldn't play it either, because it's not a real Magic card.

    So you think the people who are vehemently against playing with or against UB would do so begrudgingly if they are blackborder but those that embrace it wouldn't If they are silver border or even because they are UB in general. If you believe that then the best approach would be to not do UB at all since it is a loose loose situation. Also you are basically saying everyone who said that is either lying or atleast not being thruthful to themselves which I simply do not believe. Some People are Pumped for this product and some People hate it with a passion (and everything in between) and especially in those extreme ends I do belive people do as they say.

    Edit: My G/B/r Dice/Squirrel deck
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    If this thing was silver-border (or any color, even gold border), players would treat these even worse than they would now. Outside of Un-set draft, silver border is treated like complete garbage, even more than their own packaging.

    Even during the time when silver border was allowed in big casual format Commander, I've seen multiple cases of people ripping up their opponent's cards mid-game because it's "worthless silver border." Heck, the only one played in any significant numbers is Urza, Academy Headmaster to take Sisay, Weatherlight Captain's place for a few weeks in 5-color Superfriends.

    Playgroups who accept non-black border cards (again, including gold border) and next to NONEXISTENT. The legitimacy of black border will keep these cards treated as cards, and not hamster cage liner.

    It seems like your expierience differs greatly from mine I never had a Problem playing with silver bordered cards both in store with randos (After asking them if they are okay with it) and with my Playgroups. (Similar to gold bordered cards although Ive never actually seen someone playing these directly but I've seen and played with people that use proxies which is basically equivalent to gold border anyways)

    If you think the treatment for UB cards is bad now what makes you think those people would accept them more if they are black bordered, in this thread alone a lot of people who don't like the crossovers have said that they'd be fine if they were silver bordered but they don't like them being black bordered even some of the ones who like the crossovers said they would prefer them that way.
    For those that are vehemently against the crossovers even when they are silver bordered they won't treat them differently than silver bordered anyways (with the extreme being not playing against them in whatever shape or form they come) so there it makes no difference in them being silver bordered anyways.
    With the people who dislike the crossovers but would be fine with silver bordered they would be treating them better than they are now since they themself said that that would be okay with them.
    Same goes for the people who like UB but woul'd have liked them to go that route instead. Both those groups would treat them better if they were silver bordered.
    The only group that would treat them worse is people who love the crossovers but hate Un-sets/Silver-Bordered stuff which (At least in my expierience) is a very small minority.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    and can you give another example that isn't the cheese stands alone/Barren glory? and Super-Duper Death Ray/Flame spill? (Trample on instant/Sorcery impossible in black.) and pretty much nothing else from Unstaple and forward?

    in other words, I'm aware of this, Maro mention this Unstaple and Forward is somewhat more on test pilot territory

    Edit: target Minotaur example it’s not black because you picked a card with 4 different arts
    Last edited by Ryperior74: 18 minutes ago

    Firtsly We had different arts in the same set before See Fallen Empires Set and Homelands Set
    Secondly: Ronom Unicorn and Amateur Auteur
    Novellamental and Vaporkin
    Steamflogger Boss and Itself
    Despondent Killbot and Alpha Myr or Field Creeper
    Beast in Show and Yavimaya Wurm
    Plus the Target Minotaur Plus Barren glory are the functional reprints.

    Then you have Lots of cards that coudl be easily implemented without changing the comp rules like most Die rolling Cards
    What makes a As Luck Would Have It that much different from a Chance Encounter for example or a
    Krark's Thumb from a Krark's Other Thumb

    Then you have cards that basically do similar things that already have been done already like Shahrazad and The Countdown Is at One or Crow Storm and Empty the Warrens and theres more like cards that do the same thing but worse.

    And most if not all of these are Silver bordered because of their flavor not their mechanics which is a fine route to take as UN- Sets have been popular despite not being tournament legal, sure there are people avoiding buying these for that reason but that didn't stop them from getting popular, and I'd argue It actually helped Both UN-Sets and magics Popularity that way
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Cranky »
    The issue with that is the same as with making them silver-bordered: They wouldn't be legal in the format, so the vast majority of people wouldn't want to play with them. Its no solution at all, really.

    So? playgroups exist (and not in that small of a number that already allow silver bordered cards. Sure the issue is playing with randos but usually people allow it if asked and if it's casual anyway it is good form IMO to ask what the powerlevel is anyway so one more question isn't going to hurt.
    And If you think most people wouldn't say yes, then the issue moot anyway since with or without silver bordered not many people are into the crossovers so the vast majority wouldn't want to play them anyway. Sure that is casual play, tournament play is a bit different since when they are silver bordered they are illegal for those, but I think UB is more geared twoards casuals anyway (like the Un- Sets). While most Hardcore Spikes wouldn't care what the name or the artwork on their cards is, and that there might be tournament Grinders who love crossovers I think the vast majority of players even If they love crossovers want those cards to stay in the casual realm. And with Coverage being a thing wizards might want to keep them there.

    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    I know but here’s the thing though.

    now some you refuse to believe this but Mark said countless time silver border point to print stuff mechanic wise impossible to print

    No I believe this as there was/is a Blogatog entry for this as well, thing is he also said it is a Testing ground to try things out and the vast majority of Silver bordered cards are pretty possible to print mechanicswise if not already printed mechanics wise
    And the main reason not to print them as is in a normal set is mostly flavorwise.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from LeyShade »
    Direction changes with time. In fact, in this case, this would be Magic returning somewhat to it's original direction - a game system for representing multiple franchises. There's also likely the business case: Hasbro could lose the patency that grants them royalties from everyone else if they don't act on the original filing soon, being able to show that the system is being used for it's original purpose. Ya see, that patency of game mechanics is tied to the reason 'for' the mechanic. If they can't prove their using it for intent, they'll have a far harder time trying to justify why those who are have to pay them royalties. Hence why it's a win-win for Hasbro: expanding their market into other IP's to grab those consumers, while also taking care of some backroom business.

    I do agree intent wise on these being silver-bordered, that I agree with. Though, if they were trying to prevent confusion with the UN sets, redesigning the holo thing at the bottom of the card seems as wise a choice as any.

    Direction won't always change like with my comparison of games. And while I agree that businesswise it is good for short term gains I do not belief there are significant gains or gains in general in the long run, but that is just speculation on my part.

    Furthermore your argument about changing directions could also be made the other way around that they stopped their "intended" this is all about other IPs due to their belief that the Magic Brand is musch stronger on it's own. Also Crossover/Promotions do not need to be "repaid in kind" as I do think those crossover/promotions contracts are already fulfilled, but that is also speculative on my end, but based on the fact that most I can remember were done in the style "MTG is popular lesk ask them if we can use their stuff to draw in the MTG crowd" (Similarly to what feels like what Wotc does with UB now) so more of a one and done thing on a smaller scale as to what WOTC is doing now.

    And from my own expirience, all those promotions/crossovers with magic did either not much or nothing at all in the long term for me sure I tried a few because of those but none of them stayed with me.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Since those early sets, Magic has appeared in: Multiple tactics, strategy and hack n slash video games. A magazine only cross-promotion with Yu-Gi-Oh (A gold card Dark Magician, a 'dragon' 6 star Shivan Dragon monster). Official crossover material for D&D. A series of game books (published by company who produces Queens Blade books). A staff only UFS (now AniVersus) character card. Referenced/parodied in at least two anime. A proposed & developed, ultimately unreleased board game that crossed over with the Monster In My Pocket brand. A crossbrand drinks promotion with World of Warcraft. A white dwarf only army list for Slivers...

    These are a handful of examples from around the world, across MTG's history. The only difference is this time those franchies appear in MTG card form. Which is why I find it so amusing that a tiny subset of players who've proudly pushed their IP into the frames of others are now having a major backlash that those same IPs are appearing in theirs. To say that MTG wasn't designed to facilitate crossover's is to literally ignore the patenting documents that force everyone else to pay Hasbro royalties (because most of it's mechanical fundamentals (like tapping a card to show it's used) are properiety).

    The thing is that direction is important you wouldn't call Persona or Metroid or Minecraft Games that were designed to facilitate crossovers just because they appear in Smash bros which is however a game which is desinged to do that. Furthermore most if not all of those crossovers happened not from the hasbro side asking but the crossover side asking to basically do the thing many in here accuse wizards of doing with this, a quick cash grab. Also the size of the crossovers were in most cases hold to a minimum to you know have the other IP keep it's Identity.

    That's why I personally wouldn't mind a silver bordered crossover set for example that way you can use the game system but keeping the crossover distinct but still playable for those that like these, albeit as an opt-in rather than an opt-out.

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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Cranky »
    Holy hell, literally none of your arguments make any sort of sense, I'm not even sure where to begin. You really, really just want people to believe this is a bad thing for some reason and can't find a way to back it up. I very much don't understand the level of hate y'all have for this thing that objectively does no harm to you in any way. To live in a world so serene where a company daring to pander to anyone other than you for a millisecond is enough to raise your hackles this much... I can't imagine ever having that level of privilege.

    By all means have at it, the majority of folks will be over here enjoying cool new cards just like the majority of folks were actually quite happy with previous crossovers if you look at sales data instead of angry Facebook posts during a time when everyone had nothing better to do.

    As if sales data is the be all end all of enjoyment. I am not one to say what to like or not to like. I know some people will enjoy crossovers and more power to them. What doesn't make sense with these arguments? And what constitutes as harm done? If you consider more people enjoying the game as a benefit why cant you consider less people enjoying it not a harm?
    Like I implied before that is not a reason to ostracize someone just for playing crossover cards, but If people don't want to play against stuff like that they now have to either announce it beforehand, suck it up, or stop playing altogether. And to think all of this could have been avoided (And still can) is to make those things opt-in rather than opt-out (You know like Silver bordered-Sets, Banned-cards etc.)
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