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  • posted a message on Midnight Mist & Gisa the Reveler
    Unfortunately the other pieces in the combo are already pretty resilient to removal. Overall many of the cards that interact quite favorably with your Gisa are.

    Gravecrawler Edit: corrected by WizardMN
    Geralf's Messenger and all the other Undying creatures
    Blood Ghast

    Sure in most cases you still need a sac outlet but there are enough cheap ones or ones which are resilient to removal themselves like Woe Strider or any of the many non creature sac outlets.

    I think the deck user meant is the yawgmoth sacrifice decks where this would just slot in easily

    And this is a deck /combo thats viable and proven to work as it 6-0 a modern challange last week month.

    It would still be a fine addition even without hexproof but hexproof might put it over the top
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  • posted a message on Magic Showcase 2021
    Quote from signofzeta »
    Quote from Kamino_Taka »
    what exactly stops you from playing the commander decks as "base rules" decks?

    Unless you change the deck in some form, there will always be cards that references a Commander, the Command Zone, Color Identity, and multiplayer over 1 v 1.

    Yes most of the time its less than 5 cards per deck which can be removed or ignored whats the problem with doing that?
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  • posted a message on Magic Showcase 2021
    what exactly stops you from playing the commander decks as "base rules" decks?
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    Chin up. Still have a lot to watch of your series
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  • posted a message on Planechase Commander? Hint from WotC Survey
    Bought all planechase cards before the anthology came out and my commandergroup plays it regularly since. Before the shutdowns at least biweekly (our commander playgroup meets weekly). And while there are some randomness feelbads there are some awesome comebacks. The planechase games usually take an hour or so longer which is the biggest downside for our group as we start relatively late so we tend to have only one or two games on planechase night where we usually have 3 or 4.

    We mostly play from one deck, but sometimes play the map variant or "draft" the planechase cards for the round.

    I also have most of the archenemy cards and we play that much less about once every couple of months.
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  • posted a message on Force of Impulse
    While I get your point Grapefruit I think its fine since its not really a longstanding tradition as it started with MH1 before that we had 3 cards with "Force of" Force of Will, Force of Savagery and Force of Nature with 2 of those not being alt cast cards.

    I don't think it's a problem at this point in time to have one or two more cards with names like that that don't do alt costs.
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  • posted a message on Modern Infinite Squirrels Idea
    with the new cards you can also go Scurry Oak + Ivy Lane Denizen for infinite squirrels
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  • posted a message on Treacherous Dragon & Thrash Loyalties
    So it basically is a nonsense system.
    That's not how I measure it. I do everything by heart, keeping a mental image of how much domain influence it should have abroad, when checked against every other effect, contents, and condition

    So you arbitrarily say something has much or little domain influence you can always just arbitrarily change it when someone points something out so its a pretty useless measure.
    Further more since noone (and I am including myself here) can check against every other effect it will always be a bad measure. But it can be helped when knowing the big players of a given format (for which the card is designed) and since you lack that part (as you said yourself you are not playing actively esp. sanctioned formats) your own measurement system with arbitrarily set values is done better by others. That is due to the fact that they usually know the main other "effects,contents and conditions" that could apply to the card.
    And most people who critique your cards do not forget the other important aspects you call them risk challenge and fantasy the risk/challenge part is embedded in the floor/ceiling of a card and the fantasy part is the flavor part. People usually address those things.

    With that all said both cards are fine both in wording and design.
    The dragon is a good Johnny/Jenny card albeit a bit weak but that playertype usually like the challange.
    Thrash Loyalties is more of a SB card for a sac deck as against a lot of decks it either gets nothing or only one creature but against the right deck it can be a nice 3 for 1. So also a bit on the weaker end but perfectly acceptable.
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  • posted a message on Sliver land
    For Commander he is only allowed one as the only cards you can have multiples of in commander are Basic Lands and cards that specifically state that you can play more of them.
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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    Quote from fleshrum »
    the difference being this doesn't have a drawback. In what way is having 1 life a risk during your own turn? (high cost) or (low cost + quirk) has been the template for time warp effects for decades now, and won't change anytime soon. A custom card should reflect that. If you want to template it differently, there should be good reason to do so.

    Do you have a reason? If not, it needs to change.

    There is a big reason. It was explained in a previous post. This spell cannot be used in a bundle of scenarios, because it will lose you the game. And even if you have a response backup, so long as it's not sufficient.

    The drawback of skipping your untap step is absolutely not greater than risking losing the game.

    Given that, I just think it triggers attention deficit that there would be two miracles that both allow extra turns.

    Mine though certainly is more creative, and probably is the creativity that should have been shown firsthand for such a dynamic concept.

    Use the card when your opponent is tapped out shuts down most of the scenarios that would lead to a game loss not being able to untap make the extra turn mute without setup since you either cant play cards/attack the turn you cast savor so you have more mana to play stuff/attack in the extra turn or you cant play stuff/attack in your extra turn since nothing of yours untap thats what i meant when saying you need more setup to make Savor the moment not into a Explore aka just drawing a card and make a land drop.

    It is unlikely that one would lose the game in the extra turn one would likely not play self damaging cards on upkeep if they played your card making it wholly depending on the opponent and you can avoid that pretty easily. So the risk of losing the game is minimal with your card while the reward is huge, with Savor the risk is nonexistent but the reward is minimal great if you haven't completely build your deck around it. Making the drawback not worth it in most cases. Whereas your drawback is negligible in most cases.

    And as I said before if it just changed your life to 1 even after that turn then we can talk about risk of dying and even then it would still be a pretty strong card. Then you would actually be incentivised to build your deck accordingly.
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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    There is a reason we havent had a 5 mana unconditional extra turn card in standard for 12 Years since it's exeptionally strong.

    And savor the moments drawback is significantly higher than yours since you know you need to work around that way more than yours to have it not just be a glorified 3 mana Explore for savor the moment you need to build your deck to make use of it. For your card that is not really necessary the only workaround yours has is when to play it.

    Yes without miracle your card is slightly weaker than Temporal ManipulationTime WarpCapture of Jingzhou but those are still pretty strong cards and I'd argue that with miracle your card is stronger than those

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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    Since they already have more than a fighting chance with this heavily undercosted and superpowered extra turn spell the extra "restriction" Wizard proposed are fine.
    Players will already be unable to use this if they have any effects that cause them to lose life at the beginning of their upkeep. They won't be able to use it in the face of burn, or pingers, vampiric damage, life sapping counterspells, and so on.

    Except you are already in blue and control when the spell is cast so all those issues are minor since you will cast this either when you have protection up, are sure the opponent cant do any damage or you lose anyway and casting this is a last ditch effort to draw/do something to win the game.

    And if you insist the card to do what you intended to do anyways then word it that way FetalTadpole's wording for example.
    Take an extra turn after this one. At the beginning of that turns upkeep your life total becomes 1. At the beginning of that turns end step gain life equal to the life lost that turn.
    This is the shortest I could think of that should work within the rules.

    However I already think even if the Life stays at one I still think this is a overpowered card where the card it was (presumably) inspired from Temporal Mastery Costs 7 mana and exiles itself where as your card costs 4 (two colored but still 3 mana less) has a drawback that is negligeble as you cast it when the coast is clear anyway.
    Nevermind that your version is easier to miracle.

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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    It's just that the only way to spell it out is kind of incoherent.

    It's not really necessary, since the context could suggest that 'only during that turn' specifically.

    I figured this would be a nice, easy one for you all. Here comes the underhand softball. Go'head, knock it out of the park.

    Yeah but the rules work the way they do and as you have been told time and time again it is bad design to change the rules to fit your cards if there are ways to do it without needing that. WizardMNs solution is a not 1 to 1 solution but one which makes it similar enough isn't as cluttered as the alternative.
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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    Golden Opportunity 2WU
    Take an extra turn after this one. During that turn, your life total becomes 1.
    Miracle 1W/U mana [i](You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you draw this turn.)

    I am guessing you want the life to go back to normal after that turn, if that's the case this card doesn't do that it would be 1 even after.
    If that is your intent with that card it is too strong IMO since the 2 drawbacks (being at one for a turn and being 2 colored) are too little for a n effect that costs 5 usually. Adding to that being able to miracle it for 2 makes it broken.

    If your intent was the same as the card currently functions (Setting your like to 1 even after that turn) it's still strong (and probably still broken) but not that bad as what I imagine you intented.

    In both cases I think this needs an exile clause like most modern Instant/sorcery based extra turn spells to prevent easy recursion shenannigans.

    Also I Personally would drop the miracle as it adds a lot of power to an already extremly overpowered card.

    P.S. There is a way to word it to make it do what you (probably) intended.
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  • posted a message on Impulsive Wish
    Thanks for your Calvin and Hobbs explanation. But you realize if you turned that in to your teacher you would get an F.

    Same as your card designs when you hand in something that doesn't work you can't just ask the teacher to grade it as it was intended/implied. If your assignement is to make a Magic card and you make something that does not work as such you'd get an F.
    If they are a good teacher they'd tell you what you could do to make your intentions work (Like how many people here try to make your card do what you want it to do).
    I am glad that you now atleast listen to some of that help to make it work.

    Now for the Final Version

    Impulsive Wish U/R mana
    As you cast Impulsive Wish, you may place the top four cards of your library outside of the game.
    Put a random card placed outside of the game by a card named Impulsive Wish into your hand.

    He wished for disgrace, but not for the means to foresee his own.

    Final version.

    (The quote is here so people know what version I am referring to since you might edit it which makes it difficult sometimes to follow a thread since its hard to get what people are talking about)

    It's ok it's an interesting take on cantrips I agree that it is (especially the first played instance) nothing more than something like a thought scour that "places outside the game" instead of milling cards. I do not think people will use these to power up their wishes since there are more cards that recur stuff from graveyard than wishes and in addition the cards "placed outside the game" are still just random cards from your deck whereas with a wish its easier to get a silver bullet from you SB. In your example it would be easier just to have both in SB in the first place when you are playing burning wish anyway since you are never guaranteed to "place outside the game" the banefire and when you draw your wish but dont have banefire "potg" and you need that kind of effect you'd get demonfire anyway. (unless you have both in sb which would be best practice anyway when playing wish) And if it were in your graveyard instead of "Potg" there are more than 3 ways in red to get it out of there and in your hand with wishes there would only be 3 (wish , burning wish and your card).

    Where I think your card gets interesting is in multiples since you don't have to "potg" on the second one and outside the game is an open zone for you it basically becomes U/R draw a card (might be one from the ones that got put there earlier) or draw a random card out of the 3 you placed there earlier which might be an interesting choice to make.

    Powerwise I'd think its 2/5 not too strong due to sorcery speed but fine enough in some decks
    Designwise i'd give it a 3/5 as it certainly looks interesting but most of that fades away since the use of putting random cards outside of the game isn't well used and could have just as easily been exile as it would have opened up a litte more designspace that way and still make it less complex in the process.

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