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  • posted a message on Green Elemental Blast
    Wouldn't be printed today, but its not an unthinkable or unreasonable card , and it works within the rules.
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  • posted a message on Mox Sands & Argent Ring//Luna Ring
    That would be a sight to behold but yeah be sure to have a judge at hand since from what i've learned so far is that reap doesn't know how the rules work and might reinterpret them.
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  • posted a message on Kakureta Trap Box & Charm Jack
    calling it mill or traumatize is wholly subjective, there is bias for one or the other (I fully admit i am biased in favor of calling it mill I was happy after all these years of calling it that that they adopted the term) there can be arguments about which you think is better but since it's fully subjective it is not really a logical discussion since nothing is wrong logically with calling it either way it is all based on preference.

    Similarly with unblockable and Mana value (CMC). However in addition to personal preference using them the old way has lead to problems of legibility and understanding so they tried to fix it (an IMO they did).
    And as you youself said just because it is not broken doesn't mean we cant make it better, thats what they tried with the renaming , retemplating of those things.

    And thats why I asked for your fix of exactly the problem they were faced with, and your fix has the exact same problem they run into.
    Now is their fix perfect no is it better than what they had before ? That's Subjective, but according to their feedback it was necessary to improve upon it. There are a few objective improvements that came with the change namely mana value is way shorter than converted mana cost. And That tangible improvement would be lost with your suggestion.
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  • posted a message on Immortal Fire
    Again You think damage gets marked on a creatures toughness normally but it doesn't never has and probably never will.

    When I Bolt your 1/4 damage is assigned by the bolt and 3 damage is marked on the creature. If I then play Zilrotha in the same turn your creature will die,thats because it has 3 damage marked and now that zilrotha is in play that is enough to count as letal damage.

    That is how Zilrotha works in the game If damage would be assigned to toughness the creature wouldn't have died since the assignment is already done at that point and the creture would be a 1/4 with 3 damage marked on toughness. But again since damage isn't marked on toughness thats not how it worked the creature dies.

    To reiterate what 3 of us are saying over and over Zilrotha (and by extention your card) and Doran affect different rules. Not inverse rules not the opposite etc. The opposite of a Doran is normal creature combat aka Creatures assign damage based on their power. The opposite of zilrotha is normal lethal damage calculation aka if marked damage is greater or equal to a creatures toughness.

    Zilrotha affects rules 120.6 and 704.5g and Doran affects Rule 510.1a they literally affect different rules.
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  • posted a message on Kakureta Trap Box & Charm Jack
    Undeniably, they changed it to cut corners and save text space.

    If I was responsible for this, I think that converted mana cost would just become mana cost. Converted mana cost could have always been reduced to mana cost from the very beginning. Specifics of color or otherwise are easily added to this to describe specifics; eg. red mana cost.

    The term [active mana cost] for modular cost like X, or for other modifications to mana cost to describe it as it currently exists where necessary. Maybe the term [printed mana cost] or [base mana cost] to describe what's printed on the mana box line. Once again with specifics of color; eg. colored mana symbols in its printed mana cost; colored mana symbols in its base mana cost.

    I don't really like the term base, even for power/toughness. I think it would have been better, although lengthier, to use the term original.

    Same could be said here also, if not to use the term 'printed'.

    Then you have the same problem they have run into with converted mana cost and mana cost, the similar name that would't solve the issue that would only dress the issue up in fancy clothes. Before we had 2 closely related but different things names similarly CMC and Mana Cost One cares only about the amount the other about the specifics. They then renamed them so its easier to distinguish between those two. You suggest a solution that doesnt even cover the problem now we still have distinct but closely related and similarly named things in Active MANA COST, printed MANA COST.

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  • posted a message on Immortal Fire
    It certainly is not, because Doran, the Siege Tower wouldn't have used the term assign then.

    Let me just say, for someone who had come back to the game at Lorwyn block, from last playing and leaving the game at Mirrodin; Doran's text was elegant and instantly coherent. It had professional composition and body. It felt unique and majestic. Everything about it defines the essence one seeks to capture by wording such effects, or adapting the obvious opposite effects from them.

    Since Assigning damage based on strength is already the norm your card doesnt need the term like at all. Doran needs the term because assigning damage based on Toughness INSTEAD of strength. Your card doesnt change the damage assignment rules at all t just changes the fact that lethal damage is calculated with strength instead of Toughness again nothing in the damage assignment is changing at all.
    Doran, the siege Tower still has the same rules text nothing changed because as you yourself said
    Quote from "ReapThaWhirlwind »

    This is attempting to force alike credentials for two different parameters, under the blind assumption that the functionality needs to be universal, when simply, it does not.

    and yet this is what you are doing attempting to force two different parameters to be universal.

    So you even do the things you said we shouldnt do yourself.

    Creatures assign damage with their Strength under normal circumstances. They dont assign damage to Toughness but to a creature.
    The Thing doran changes is Strength to toughness in this sentence nothing more.

    Creatures are destroyed as a state based action when they are marked with lethal damage that is defined as marked damage >= toughness or the source of the damage had deathtouch.
    The thing Zilrotha changes is toughness to strength in this sentence nothing more.

    Doran and zilrotha have different wordings because they affect different rules.
    Zilrotha doesn't change damage assignment rules at all, and doran ONLY changes damage assignment. You Try to make apples out of oranges.

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  • posted a message on Kakureta Trap Box & Charm Jack
    I understand this, but they should have still combined the aspect into that single term, and then simply indexed the term mana cost by specifics.
    Which they did before but the other way around which lead to the confusion problem which was the reason they changed it.

    Before Single Term Mana cost and mana Value was indexed by specifics converted mana cost.
    That is what we had and they expicitly made the change to remove/reduce the chance for confusion.

    What is your idea to get rid of that confusion?
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  • posted a message on Immortal Fire
    It's not about the amount of words, it's about the amount of necessity. And this is the minimum necessary to fully adapt the function.
    As Zilortha, Strength Incarnate shows it is not it works within the game there is no necessity to change the rules.

    [quote from="ReapThaWhirlwind »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/custom-card-creation/827205-immortal-fire?comment=14"]
    Dare to think for a second there's a reason I didn't write it like that in the first place. Because I didn't want to look like an ass. Because I loath cutting corners.

    To me it looks exactly like cutting corners. If you would like to do something you cut corners by not looking up if there is already a wording and instead make one up (and then not even bothering to fix it when people tell you that there is already a wording on that.

    Furthermore, that is damage assignment regarding multiple blockers. But general damage is assigned by single creatures, Butcher Orgg. If there was no aspect of damage assignment, then could not exist damage in the first place. It is the means that it can exist and be distributed.

    Nobody said there is no damage assignment with zilrotha. Nothing changes with damage assignment that functions as it always functions. The only change that happens is if the marked damage on a creature is higher than their Power they die, the end.

    This is a core function of the game. I think this conversation ends now.

    The core function when it comes to damage and creatures is the following:
    120.6. Damage marked on a creature remains until the cleanup step, even if that permanent stops being a creature. If the total damage marked on a creature is greater than or equal to its toughness, that creature has been dealt lethal damage and is destroyed as a state-based action (see rule 704). All damage marked on a permanent is removed when it regenerates (see rule 701.15, “Regenerate”) and during the cleanup step (see rule 514.2).

    And that rule is the reason Zilrotha is worded the way it is.

    But rowan already told you that.
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  • posted a message on Kakureta Trap Box & Charm Jack
    The "changes in language" are simply the previous forms that should be well-familiarized here.

    Mill was used and well familiarized way before the keyword was introduced but there you have a problem with it and for the others you use it as an excuse that it was better that way. There are reasons those things changed.

    Mana Cost still exist for example they just changed the Converted mana cost to mana value to avoid confusion.
    The Mana Cost of Dispellers Capule is W It's Mana Value is 1
    The Mana Cost of Engineered Explosive is X It's Mana Value is 0 in any Zone Besides the Stack Where it is the Amount of mana Paid for it.
    The Mana Cost of Everflowing Chalice is 0 It's mana Value is 0 (even If you Kicked it)
    The Mana Cost of Darksteel Citadel is Nothing. Its Mana Value is 0.

    Out of those 4 Cards only Everflowing Chalice can be searched for with Urza's Saga since it asks for mana cost and not mana value.
    But all four can be search for by Artificer's Intuition since it asks for mana value instead of mana cost.

    Indestructability barely changed in language due to it becoming an keyword ability rules wise (which it wasn'1t before).
    (From is Indestructible to has Indestructible, it changed to reflect the change of it having the ability Indestructable like A creature with flying has Flying and not a creature with flying is flying)

    "Unblockability" was never a keyword ability and to reflect that better they changed the text to every other thing with that kind of abilities (including Keyword ailities.
    I know why you dislike that change in particular since wizards did with that what you always refuse to do. Standarization of rules text.
    When they decided not to make it a keyword ability (like how they did with Indes) they used the standard wording for similar abilities.
    Like all the Can't be blocked (except) by X.
    By doing that they wanted (and IMO succeeded)to avoid people confusing it for a Keyword ability (which happened before the change for both Indes and Unblock)

    These are the reasons they gave for the change. All for a purpose what is your purpose of changing them back.
    If flavor and vague concepts of force majeur is all your reasoning then you fail as a game designer as ingame consitency is one of the core things of a well designed game.

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  • posted a message on Immortal Fire
    yeah an by the simplicity of the wording of zilortha, strength incarnate we dealt with all of that without changing the rules. As a lot of us said already alot of your cards could achieve the same if you would stay within the standard wording and game rules but it is you and ONLY you that insists on changing the rules to fit your cards instead of the thing EVERYBODY ELSE on this Forum and the official Magic designers do chaning the cards to fit the cards.

    Zilorthas Wording:
    Lethal damage dealt to creature you control is determined by their power rather than their toughness.

    16 Words No Change in Rules Neccesary to avoid the issue of "To amend this ability for power, the conditions needed to be reworked and changed so that damage assignment is cached based on the value of power, but does not reduce the power of the creature;"
    Conscise. No additional baggage. Professional.

    Your Wording
    Each creature you control is assigned damage based on its power rather than its toughness.

    15 Words + 10 Words Reminder Text Since you change the rules + Rewriting of the Rules, bloating it (unnnecessarily)
    Convoluted. Baggage heavy. Unprofessional.
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  • posted a message on Leakers strike again — 9 new cards from CML Including……..The rabbit token (edit: 3 more cards)
    an opponent .... they ... . To me it seems pretty obvious the controler of the permanent looses the life not each opponent.
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  • posted a message on Viena's Bondage Dungeon Reprise & Volrath
    turn one that 5/5 and the oppponent has to have exactly force of will in hand. so it doesnt matter how many cards your down. and as soon its out the removal is narrow as in edict or bust. You can try to go for the wipe but by the time you better hope the player doesn't have triple black open or your wipe stops from regeneration.

    And since its discard not exile it is a great card in Reanimatior , dredge (yes despite what you say there are drege versions out there that could benefit from this greatly) , madness and general graveyad stuff like bloodghast et al.

    So a card that is insanely strog on its own and doesn't need more upside just gets more upside.

    Namedropping One with Nothing explains a lot.
    And the fact that the only GY interaction that came to your mind is Oversold cemetry Dawn of the dead and dredge just shows that you dont have any expierience playing the game.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Benefitting The Trevor Project
    Quote from Dusque »
    It's going to be amusing to see how many people get triggered and complain that they are just trying to get people's money. It's literally part of their job as a company to get people's money, and inclusion is at least meaningful way of doing so.

    The first one has arrived

    Magic the Pandering keeps on going.

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  • posted a message on Unfun simic
    To some people Esp. if Land/Massland Desctruction is frowned upon Mazes end also becomes pretty solitaire since you often cant interact with it in a meaningful way.

    What I try to do in situations like this is asking everyone to switch decks. If you play something that they don't like and they play something you don't like both parties could bring different decks. And if thats not possible you could try to switch decks with each other every now an then to see the perspective of the other person.

    Now this doesnt mean you should never play the decks you like/built but if other people don't like it maybe dont play them everytime. That should be communicated between you. If neither side is willing to budge though it's harder. If nothing works its also just fine to say sorry I am not having fun this way so I won't play against that anymore but keep in mind that that will normally result in a lot less games.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Jetmir, Raffine, and Lord Xander — The Command Zone previews
    It is usually granted but also usually hereditary so anything can be noble. And depending on which customs you wanna go by royalty is nobility.

    Quote from wikipedia »
    The privileges associated with nobility may constitute substantial advantages over or relative to non-nobles or may be largely honorary (e.g., precedence), and vary by country and by era. Membership in the nobility, including rights and responsibilities, is typically hereditary.

    So maybe Xander's ancestors might have become noble by merit and he just inherited the nobility.
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