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  • posted a message on Vintage mtgo Swiss - sponsored by Cardhoarder - (Thursday's @ 8:00pm EDT)

    Vintage mtgo Swiss
    sponsored by Cardhoarder

    Hosted by: No_Outs @ mtgo

    This recurring tournament is a player run event that aims to provide an alternative to the typical structure of official Vintage events on mtgo. There will be a number of rounds based on attendance, 3 @ less than or eight players, 4 @ nine to sixteen players, and 5 @ seventeen to thirty-two players.

    Time -->
    Upcoming events are as follow:

    Thursday (5/10) - 8:00pm EDT
    Thursday (5/17) - 8:00pm EDT
    Thursday (5/24) - 8:00pm EDT
    Thursday (5/31) - 8:00pm EDT

    Location -->
    Games will be played in the mtgo Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious room. Pairings will be handled through

    Register via, see the bottom of this post for more detailed registration information. Click the "CHAT \/" tab --> "Join/New Chat Session...", and type #vintageswiss in the text field. Click the button to the right to enter the room. Any issues, message the tournament organizer for assistance. Players are asked to have this room open, as pairings and other announcements will be made here.

    When registering, please submit a copy of your deck list on for later publication, they will not be viewed prior to the conclusion of the event.

    Cost -->
    This is a free event, with no stakes or cost of any kind to play. After the final round has been played, the top placing players will be awarded credit from the event sponsor via the following scheme. (Cardhoarder has generously agreed to sponsor Vintage mtgo Swiss weekly.)

    1st - 5.00 credit @

    2nd - 5.00 credit @

    3rd - 4.00 credit @

    4th - 4.00 credit @

    budget friendly and not placing in the top three
    (decks not containing tradition power nine, Wasteland, Bazaar of Baghdad, and/or Mishra's Workshop...)

    1st - 2.00 credit @

    ties are broken via standard tie breakers // intentional draws not allowed

    Information -->
    > Your deck must remain consistent between all rounds.

    > Games must be set as Vintage, 25 minutes, watchable, best 2 of 3.

    > First paired player creates game table. Ten minutes are provided to allow time to create and join games. Please message the tournament organizer if you're having trouble starting your game.

    > Kibitzing other players matches is not allowed.

    > Results should be reported in the vintageswiss room on mtgo.

    Our next event is quickly approaching. If you intend to participate, please create an account at and register for the event via your Player CP. So that the event can start in a timely manner, registration closes 30 minuets prior to the start of play.

    Players without a legal deck list registered at will be dropped before the start of the first round of play.

    Players not present on mtgo at the starting time of the event will be dropped before the start of the first round of play.

    Please be present in the vintageswiss room on mtgo, however I will also make an attempt to contact you on the client privately to make certain you are not experiencing technical difficulties.

    In the event you don't understand any of the instructions for registration, or have any other issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact me via PM, or message No_Outs @ mtgo.
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  • posted a message on Classic Heirloom - Play Group
    I'm looking for a group of players interested in getting together for some fun / casual games of Classic Heirloom on MTGO, Monday - Thursday mornings (est) & anytime Fridays. If you're interested you can let me know here, or find me on MTGO as No_Outs

    Heirloom is a super budget friendly format based off legacy which seems to have plenty of room for various deck options and innovation.

    The legality range is as follows:
    Mythic: 0.01 to 1.50
    Rare: 0.01 to 0.50
    Uncommon: 0.01 to 0.25
    Common: 0.01 to 0.13
    Heirloom Legality Checker
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