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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    I understand that request to mean "a commander thats technical legal but not a functional commander". So here we go:

    Zendikar, Bereft of Soul 2C
    Legendary Land Creature - Avatar
    T: add C
    ~ can't attack or block unless you control a Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest.
    Once pristine, now no more than a husk, yearning for rebirth.

    NEXT: A BGR commander that sacrifices creatures for interesting effects.
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  • posted a message on Guildmasters Guide To Ravnica Thoughts
    The GMG to Ravnica is definetly a World book rather than a simple Plane Shift document. However, my enjoyment of the book is much more on the side of appreciating MTG instead of really wanting to play DnD in the Ravnica setting. I'm just not a big fan of urban adventures in DnD.
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  • posted a message on Apparently I Might Have A Problem
    I too once sought to have a collection of EDH decks in all 32 color combinations but soon ran out of inspiring ideas as to what to build. I find that more than color combinations, it is unique card choices, strategies and deck mechanics that are engaging. Once I built an EDH deck around a certain theme or mechanic I simply can't be bothered to repeat those in another deck. My goal is that in each of my decks, the ~10 most exciting cards for that deck are also unique to that deck, or at least fulfill a different function.
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  • posted a message on Dual-Tribal Commanders
    Most Kaalia of the Vast decks are some combination between Demon, Dragon and Angel tribal. I once saw a Animar, Soul of Elements deck that was both hydra and Elemental tribal. Saproling and Fungus go hand in hand.
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  • posted a message on Runed Halo - Commander's Brew
    Wow this really could have done with some new art.
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  • posted a message on MTGArena - Anyone giving away their unused promo codes?
    Too bad. Well, thanks for the info.
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  • posted a message on MTGArena - Anyone giving away their unused promo codes?

    So I found this image online and suppose the deck codes must be in the regular GRN packs? If so, does anyone anyone have spare promo codes from opening packs?
    I am also looking for a sealed event code from the prerelease packs. I would greatly appreciate a PM if someone is willing to give their (spare) codes away.

    Also, I would be very much interested to know how often these code cards appear. Are they abundant or are they rare (like once a box)?
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  • posted a message on Your Critics and Hopes with MTG Arena
    Quote from flushfire2 »
    Quote from Algernone25 »
    -Trading/gifting - 100% will never happen, it will be too easy to same the system where you make dozens of accounts and just have all of the hydra head accounts funnel their cards to the main one. Give me an afternoon and I could have playsets of effectively everything you'd ever want.

    Not if freebies & rewards earned from playing are not tradable, or it takes half a year before they become tradable, or only cosmetic items are tradable. There are multitudes of restrictions that can be put in place to prevent such exploits. Other games, some almost a decade old now, have done it before. But I'm not kidding myself, the sole reason trading won't be available is the same reason as other games with no trading - Wizards wants all purchases to themselves. It's actually a pretty cunning move, by not enabling trading and dusting, players won't be able to get any value out of cards or extra copies they won't be using meaning they'd have to spend more (or grind more) than they would if such features were enabled. At the same time they can convince the more... supportive players that it's all for the sake of fair play. Brilliant.

    I agree the two aspects why trading is unlikely to come are ingame economy and Wizards wanting to hog 100% of revenues generated with MTG Arena, but my evaluation of whether thats a good or bad thing is quite different.

    1. Ingame economy: By keeping card collections isolated within accounts, Wizards can ensure the pace of collections improving. Thias is important for players without much experience in trading and bargaining, because it keeps the economic decision trees simple: I want a certain card, so I'll craft it with a wildcard. I I don'T have the wildcard to craft it, I need to acquire it. Thats a simple process. If we had a fully fledged secondary market on MTG Arena, you would need to consider if its better to craft a sought-after card to may be able to trade it for mutiple copies of your wanted card. In short, wildcards would have diffwrent values depending on what you craft with them, so in order to not "waste" your wild card you need to consider the market, which is a much more complicated matter than just exchanging a resource for a product.
    Note that its not just beginners who may be overburdened with the secondary market. I've been playing Magic for 8 years now but am unwilling to inform myself about exact trade values etc. I just want to play Magic, not study a market. I prefer the wildcard system over a trade market becasue its nice and EASY.

    2. Wizards share of revenue: I never understand why people complain about this. How is Wizards claiming all revenue from their own product an evil thing? Tradeable card on MTG Arena will create a market where real some people will make money of a Wizards product, and it is totally reasonable for Wizards to contruct a system that ensures that they alone make money of their property.
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  • posted a message on Your Critics and Hopes with MTG Arena
    Quote from Greyimp »
    There're always people willing to pay. Even for an incomplete game like Arena as people are spending money on it already.
    For cards you don't get to own for trade or sale or dust.
    They're going open beta this month and they STILL HAVE NO PLAN FOR 5th COPIES of cards. Astounding. That right there tells you the lack of foresight, money, and creativity pressing forward with Arena. It's not ready for open beta but they're going to push it out anyways because they've got people willing to spend money already and the game's not even done.

    Timmy's makin a game come pay him to play it.

    What happened to the original way of treating 5th copies, wasn't this increasing the bar towards some reward lootbox or one of those wildcards?
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  • posted a message on March of the Multitudes
    Multiple people in this thread mentioned putting this in their Trostani deck. Can someone explain to me what the appeal of this card is in Trostani? I understand Trostani is a token deck but I though you'd rather want large token that scale better with the populate and life gain abilities.
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  • posted a message on [Guilds of Ravnica] "Macabre Hatchery" Black Prerelease Promo Leak?
    The set symbol reminds me of the spires and archways on Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind.
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler up
    Something is really off about these decklists. They did a really good job on he new cards, both bringing ome long-awaited characters (don't tell me a product is bad because it doesn't have Serra in it) and overall high-quality and fun commander cards. But then these cards were embedded in decks that are lackluster. I can't believe that the reprint choices for this were made by the same people who designed the cards or came up with the deck themes. Don't get me wrong - I totally believe the precon decks should be far from optimized but loosely themed around 1-3 ideas (each represented by a commander), rather a toolkit to build a deck around whichever commander you liked best. But I feel that while there was some real heart put into the new card designs, the deck designs are just uninspired. Not just value-wise but also tech-wise. no quirky card choices or pet cards. I don't get it.

    Maybe Battlebonds gobbled up all the reprint value because they can sell a booster product better if you can pull nice reprints? It would be a terrible shame if all the goodies were put into some supplemental booster producs from now on.

    Besides, people keep mentioning a statement from WOTC about increasing price because of power-level. Could someone link that? Can't find it.
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  • posted a message on Genza, Tranquil Cenobite (Seven Matters)
    1. These options are very unequal in power level. gaining 7 Life is easily the weakest option.
    2. Scry 7 is a pain in the behind to resolve. If you are not 100% familiar with your deck and knoiw exactly what to look for, this will take ages and frustrate players. there is a good reason Wizards is reluctant to print cards with scry >2. MaRo goes into great detail in one of his podcasts on how big srcies have multiple issues.
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  • posted a message on Battlebond: Name & Number Crunch
    So the main feature of this set (partners) are only showing up in enemy colors but all the nice new duallands are allied? WHY?
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  • posted a message on Do you just collect cards? Or always play?
    Try to indoctrinate some family and friends to play with you. MTG really has a wide audience and is very interesting to a lot of people who have never gotten into trading cards or strtegic games in general. I hosted regular EDH evenings at my place and got more and more people asking to try it out.
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