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    App is here

    Hey everyone! Like you, I play Magic, and like you, I hate it when I can't cast my spells. So I looked online to find resources on how many lands to play, and the best I could find was Frank Karsten's excellent analysis here. However, while his analysis is great, I still wanted a tool that would allow me to do more fine tuning. Since I couldn't find such a tool, I decided to make one.

    Land counter lets you put in your deck makeup, and it calculates the chances of you being able to cast certain spells by any turn. It works by running 1000 simulations.

    This is the first version, but if there is a lot of interest, I might add in more functionality (taking into account tapped lands, ability to import decks and see average turn you can cast all spells, actually make land suggestions, etc).

    Give it a whirl and tell me what you think...

    TLDR: Go here , find out how often you can cast your spells.
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