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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    IF they give Teferi his spark back and I must stress on IF, I will be okay with them not giving Azor a spark. However I have doubts on Teferi being a 'Walker again.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens

    Haven't posted in a while, but I've been piloting this variation. I plan on taking it to another FNM soon, it usually does pretty well. Let me know of your thoughts.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    No one has mentioned Torment of Hailfire. For 2 mana you either get rid of a card, get rid of board presence, or they take 3 and the value just keeps going up for every other mana you pump in to it. I think I may try it in a list like... this.

    4 Liliana of the Veil
    3 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
    2 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

    4 Bitterblossom
    4 Lingering Souls

    3 Thoughtseize
    2 IoK

    4 PoE
    3 FP

    2 Torment of Hailfire (Test option... My argument is that one card can take either a hand down to zero, take a field down to minimal, or hit to the face exponentially. If they have no hand or field after the initial cost every mana spent is 3 dmg to the face. That's Black Lightning right thurr.)
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  • posted a message on Modern Miracles
    Quote from mightybenno »
    Have you tested your list for some sharing of your experience?

    I'm constantly testing the deck lol. I'm posting the new list below with some interactions that I've seen. Condescend wasn't performing like how I wanted and Azorius Charm in a slot of a counter has really done work.

    I believe you could do a RW Control Miracle list with Nahiri. You'd want to include Bonfire of the Damned. It's too amazing not to include in that setup. Maybe once I get this deck finished which I'm feeling confident it's getting close I'll try out a RW. At most Visions would be a 3-of, but I feel like the 3rd Contingency Plan is far better for what it needs to do.

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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    GW has Parallel Lives. It doesn't need this. If you're playing Control Tokens with a Playset of Bitterblossoms this is a possible one-of. Anything that allows me to get more value out of a Bitter is a nice addition.

    You act like this is a new effect.
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  • posted a message on Modern Miracles
    Quote from 8hlftls »
    This list doesn't seem terrible, have you played with it at all? How are different matchups?

    I've tested it before Amonkhet. It seems pretty fluid, but there is some matchups it just doesn't get going. With the lands from Amonkhet the draws will be a lot more reliable.

    Quote from sbfinley »
    It a lot like one I used to run and I tried forever to make a viable modern miracle deck. It's just insanely tough without hand fixing. Miracles on the draw are dead until you discard them for revival and having one hit with Remand is even worse. The problem with it is that you spend so much effort trying to control your top deck when you should be worrying about controlling your opponent. Supreme Verdict is just better than Terminus in UW IMO and Luminarch's Ascension is just a better Angel engine and finisher (and is a 3x in my UW shell.) I wish you best though!

    That's why I don't board Remand. Unsubstantiate is the better spell for what it's supposed to do. I have Supreme Verdict as a one-of in the SB. The thing with Terminus is it's just so easy to get as Miracle in this deck. I've tried Luminarch Ascension and without putting a fog or tying another slot for Ghostly Prison it doesn't work and then it becomes an entirely different deck doesn't it?

    Quote from greywyn »
    IMO, a third colour can help. Either red or black.

    More flexibility, and better options for interactions.

    Working on a version too, atm. Smile

    There is a third color. Green. For getting Miracles back...

    Counterbalance is miracle's keystone, not terminus.

    Hence why this is Modern Miracles and not Legacy Miracles. Legacy has Top, Brainstorm and Jace to support Counterbalance. So in order to play Miracles your keystone cannot be Counterbalance. Modern just doesn't have a good enough source of topdeck manipulation. Trust me. I've tried it.


    Thank you all for commenting and critiquing the deck. I've since updated the deck tweaking the manabase with the new lands from Amonkhet making drawing on my opponents turn a lot more reliable.

    You can also guess that the major win-con of the deck is Angel beats from Entreat the Angels. It also can mill out and has done it multiple occasions with Jace, Memory Adept. I hope you call continue to check in with the deck as it matures and evolves. I edited the decklist with the appropriate changes.

    EDIT: Contemplating removing Halimar Depths for a one-of Celestial Colonnade for an alternate beat stick... Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    My local LGS recently had a $250 jackpot tournament and there were decks there that I've never played against. Can I get our odds and best in slot for these decks?


    Also in the tournament was
    UR Storm
    3 Infects
    Cord of Calling

    Top3 were
    1 GU Infect
    2 Skred
    3 Chord of Calling
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from jongsl5 »
    I don't think it's optimal to run a full 4 Liliana. Yes it's the best card to have against the unfavorable combo decks but this is a card you want more to top deck rather than have in your opening hand. BW Token dumps its cards slowly making Liliana's +1 more of a disadvantage for us than for any non-combo/control opponent.

    Spectral Procession is harder to counter than Lingering Souls or Bitterblossom, both of which are more vulnerable to sideboard hate and discard. The reason Sram is not a good replacement is because your tokens don't fly - not to mention the 4-mana. When your tokens are grounded, you lose a ton of inevitability in the long game. We have Fatal Push for manlands and ghost quarter is not great against Valakut. Don't forget it is also the fastest clock we have.

    If your meta is Tron+combo, it makes sense to adopt a ghost quarter build with Liliana but this is not an optimal build in a normal meta.

    I run 4 LotV and honestly if I can hit a Discard -> Bitterblossom -> LotV against combo decks I'm very favored to win. Plus you can always dump a Lingering and still get use afterward. That's not favorable but it's an option if you need it.
    LotV makes your deck if you build to suit her.

    Sram's is a meta choice against Tron and can cheat out a Liliana.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    First of all hello diateone. Round 2 Affinity and Round 3 GB Tron - It's a bad matchup for us. I'll say that much right now. I'm going to say this though, Blood Moon IS one hell of a card. It's solely because of Blood Moon that I run 2x Disenchant over 2x Sundering Growth. I would take out a Halo for a second Pithing Needle. If you're running against any Tron at all you want to immobilize Ugin and Karn quickly and efficiently. I tend to side in 2x Pithing Needle, 2x Disenchant, 2x Stony Silence, 1x Anguished Unmaking and my 2x Lost Legacy in that matchup. I want to throw as much hate at it as I can.

    Think about adding a single Surgical Extraction in the SB as you're running Ghost Quarter. You hit a tron land, you Surgical it. Tron is now 50x slower.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Okay ladies and gentlemen. Went 4-0-0 tonight to win it all. Was 12 people.

    Match 1: White Weenies 2-0
    Summary: Nothing special. I out-boarded him quickly first match. Didn't SB second match as he didn't put any threats up.

    Match 2: Slivers 2-0
    Summary: He wasn't able to get out of the slump I put him in with a turn one Inquisition into a turn two Thoughtseize. Was able to race him after. Boarded in Zealous Persecutions. Snagged a ZP and used it in combat to level the playing field. Out raced him game two.

    Match 3: Esper Gifts Ungiven 2-1
    Summary: He didn't spect a list with so many planeswalkers for tokens. And he hadn't the opportunity to watch my games. Got Lili out turn 3 and managed his hand with a Lili and a Bitterblossom. He countered my Gideon, next turn I brought out Sorin. He conceded game 1 as I was going to ult Lili and Sorin. Match two I sided out the two Gideons in favor for two Rest in Peace. Sided out the two Spectral Processions for two Lost Legacy. and sided out two Anguished Unmakings for two Surgical Extractions. So I lost match 2 due to him hard casting a Elesh Norn. Nuff said. Went on to Match three and I managed his hand. Inquisitioned turn one a Mana Leak. Paid 2 life to Extract the Mana Leaks. (He only had 4 Mana Leaks and 3 Cryptic Commands for counters.) On turn three I Lost Legacy'd his Gifts Ungiven. Turn 4 I brought out Lili and after that I just hand managed the opponent the rest of the way to victory.

    Match 4: Dredge 2-1
    Summary: Match 1 was his. Boarded in Surgicals, Rest in Peaces and Lost Legacy. Took out Liliana. Match 2 I started with Rest in Peace. He conceded. Match three I was able to first turn Inquisition a Cathartic Reunion. Next turn another Inquisition takes Stinkweed and I pay 2 life to Surgical it. I lost Legacy'd Prized Amalgam, drew into another Surgical and as his lone Bloodghast attacked at the time I took it out with a spirit and Surgical Extracted that as well. After that it was pretty easy.

    Made a few mistakes. But the best game of the night had to be against Gifts Ungiven. Props to that player. He told me after I won the tournament that he's seen a lot of token decks. He said he never has seen one quite like mine. Made me have all the feels.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    This kind of deck is unorthodox and a lot of people will tell you it's wrong. But it's perfectly right for me.

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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    We've wasted a page and a half on Windbrisk Heights. Sabinfrost, you obviously aren't going to change your mind on it and you have made your point. Get off the subject now please. Windbrisk is in the options of BW Tokens, but currently not one of the better solutions to mana fixing or deck acceleration. Smuggler's Copter, Hidden Stockpile or possibly even Phyrexian Arena for deck manipulation is what I see as best fit.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    It's worse than a token. Fatal Push will be so used that as soon as you activate My it will die.
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