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  • posted a message on [the one ring] is there magic rules in it?
    This website and forum is dedicated to the Magic: The Gathering trading card game; unfortunately, we can't help you with The One Ring RPG. I'm not sure where would be best for you to ask your querry, but the game seems to have a small reddit community, you could try there : https://www.reddit.com/r/oneringrpg/. Good luck in your research.

    I am locking this thread since it isn't about Magic: The Gathering. Lock
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  • posted a message on Tap all non-white vs Boros deck
    Non-white means "not white", and creatures that are both white and red are white, so they are not nonwhite. Your effect (Ivory Giant or something similar, I guess), would thus only have tapped your creatures that are only red or colorless. Those that are both white and red don't get tapped.
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  • posted a message on Bosh Stack Ruling
    Quote from ZachaREeeee »
    Okay great looking out, thanks! I totally assumed the stack worked from the top like usual but missed the fact that abilities give no Priority. I appreciate the clarification!
    Abilities, just like spells, use the stack and can be responded to: players get priority while they are on the stack. However, just like when casting spells, the process and payment for activating an ability, including sacrificing something as a cost, cannot be responded to. The ability can only be responded to once it is fully activated and paid for, and permanents sacrificed as a cost for it are already gone.

    Now in your scenario, it's Bosh you're killing. So you can only do it once the Manalith is sacrificed and Bosh's ability is on the stack. You can destroy Bosh at that point, before the damage is dealt, but as peteroupc stated, it won't remove his ability from the stack and won't prevent it from dealing damage. The ability on the stack is independent from Bosh and can still deal damage even if Bosh is the source of that damage.
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  • posted a message on Can't Stay Away and DFC
    Right. It remains the same permanent as it transforms, and Can't Stay Away's effect giving it that ability remains. It still has the ability.
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  • posted a message on Angel of Destiny Mechanic
    This indeed seems to be an MTG Arena bug: there is no reason why the first player to resolve their Angel of Destiny's second ability after attacking with it that turn wouldn't make their opponent lose the game.

    As for reporting the bug in hopes it gets fixed, I personaly don't play Arena and this isn't especially our area of expertise here, you'll have to look that up elsewhere. It's probable that's it has already been reported and it's a on list of things to fix, but another report can't hurt either.
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  • posted a message on Dress Down v Dash
    Ragavan does lose his triggered ability that triggers on combat damage, and he also doesn't have the haste from Dash. The reason why he doesn't have haste here despite entering the battlefield after Dress Down is surprisingly a tad complex and involves layers and dependency. The part of Dash that gives haste is a static ability that functions on the battlefield: “As long as this permanent’s dash cost was paid, it has haste.” Both it and Dress Down's ability apply in layer 6, where ability-adding and ability-removing happens. Most of the time, you would apply effects in timestamp order to figure out if the creature has an ability or not, but here, there is what's called a dependency (see rule 613.8): applying Dress Down's effect first makes it so that Ragavan's static ability is lost and thus doesn't give him haste, so it is always applied that way, even if Ragavan has a later timestamp.

    Ragavan will still be returned to his owner's hand at the end step, because that is a delayed triggered ability that's set up by Dash while the creature spell is on the stack. It's not an ability that the Ragavan permanent has, it's external to it and is set to happen no matter what Ragavan becomes, provided he doesn't leave the battlefield in another manner before that.
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  • posted a message on Solemnity and Out of Time
    Out of Time

    If I have Solemnity on the battlefield and cast Out of Time, you can't put time counters on Out of Time.

    However, since Vanishing's ability has an intervening if clause and a triggered ability that only triggers if I remove the last time counter, does that mean Out of Time stays on the battlefield until it is removed in some other way?
    Correct. Out of Time enters with no counters, and the sacrifice part of Vanishing only happens when you do the specific action of removing the last time counter on it. Since it has no time counters to be removed, that never happens.
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  • posted a message on Adventure
    No, Swift End is not a Knight spell. It's an Instant spell and its only subtype is 'Adventure'. As it is not a creature or a tribal spell, it wouldn't be able to carry a creature type. Despite the fact that you cast Swift End "from" a card that is a knight creature, once Swift End gets put on the stack as you cast it and you're in the process of paying its cost, it's only Swift End, an Adventure Instant.
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  • posted a message on Split Screen shuffle
    This thread has veered off from the topic of the rules question, locking it. Lock
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  • posted a message on The Kinda Promised End
    1. No. The player-controlling effect is applied to that player's next turn, and if you generate multiple such effects in the same turn, they all apply to that same next turn, so they're just redundant. However, extra turns are added on top of each other. So you'll only control opponent A during one turn, then they take two extra turns where they are not controlled.

    2. The current turn won't end because you're not there anymore to control opponent A. The effect that gave you control of them simply ends, and they go on with their turn from there, making their own choices. They then get the extra turn as planned, as it was set up and it doesn't require you to stay in the game to happen.
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  • posted a message on Learning in Commander
    Quote from Mystic_X »
    In a game of Commander where sideboards don't exist, what happens when someone "learns" with divide by zero?
    Anything pertaining to cards "outside the game" needs either an official statement from the EDH rules committee or house rules in order to work in Commander. And the EDH rules committee did make an official statement about Learn : https://mtgcommander.net/index.php/2021/04/12/2021-april-update-strixhaven/.

    In short, the "fetch a Lesson" part of Learn doesn't work in Commander unless your playgroup makes house rules to allow it. But the "rummage" option and the "do nothing" option work fine.
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  • posted a message on Ward question
    Quote from Sliverologist »
    To me, [Ward looks like it exactly works on the stack but on Mark Rosewater’s Blogatog I saw this: “Ward doesn’t work on the stack.” with MaRo responding to that with “FYI”. What am I missing?
    Abilities of permanents only work while they are on the battlefield, unless it is made clear that they work in another zone instead.
    113.6. Abilities of an instant or sorcery spell usually function only while that object is on the stack. Abilities of all other objects usually function only while that object is on the battlefield. The exceptions are as follows[...]
    Ward is not part of the exceptions.
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  • posted a message on Incubation // Incongruity
    Quote from The Fluff »
    and sorry, made a mistake on thread name.
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  • posted a message on Mutate question
    No. The abilities granted by the cards below Lazav in the pile are granted in layer 1, the same layer as copy effects, and the effect of the pile becoming a copy of something else has a later timestamp, and so it overlays all the text including those abilities. Lazav keeps hexproof and his copy ability, as the ability states he does, but he loses all the other rules text. Now, if you mutate something under him after he's copied something, then he has the abilities of the mutate card. Again, timestamp.
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  • posted a message on Magic Rulings Helpdesk
    To prevent further posts that don't belong here and considering it hasn't been used for its intended purpose in a long time, I'm locking this thread for now. Reopening it certainly is a possibility if the need arises, but in the meantime, don't hesitate to send me a private message for any issue regarding the Magic rulings forum. Lock
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