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  • posted a message on What if I tapped my land before lich mirror activated?
    Yes, that works. You can "float" mana, attempt to lose the game in some way (you can't just concede, you need to have a way to lose all your life or something) and have Lich's Mirror replace that event, and then use the mana in you mana pool to play cards from the fresh hand that the Mirror had you draw.
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  • posted a message on Is the mana pool “on the battlefield”
    The mana in your mana pool is not permanents, it's an intangible resource that exists until the current step or phase of the turn ends. So you can tap your lands for mana before they get destroyed, and then use the mana after the wipe has resolved, but it needs to be during the current step (or phase if it's currently a main phase).
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  • posted a message on Dungeon of the mad mage priority question
    Quote from Exerath »
    I was playing MTG arena, and my opponent completed the dungeon of the mad mage during my turn. The player was able to play the free card and I was not given priority to use one of my creatures activated abilities in response, subsequently losing the game (pretty epic game, to be honest). Is there a reason a player couldn't respond to a card being cast for free due to a dungeon ability?
    You should be able to respond to the spell, which my dungeon's ability has you cast and put on the stack. As peteroupc said above, this may have happened because of your Arena settings; when in doubt, use the full control mode.
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  • posted a message on What if I copy a card in my hand?
    Thead moved to Custom card rulings.
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  • posted a message on Hive Mind
    Quote from GregBSbs »
    Thanks for the reply. Would something like Innocent Blood work better? I am trying to get it so its like a board clear.
    Sure, if you have two opponents, two additional copies of Innocent Blood will be created for them, and if all instances resolve, each player will sacrifice a total of 3 creatures if they have any.
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  • posted a message on I’m confused on how Wulfgar, Isshin, and Saskia interact
    Your brother is right: Isshin and Wulfgar are quite picky on the category of triggered abilities that they allow to trigger multiple times. For an ability to be affected, its trigger condition needs to specifically be the action of attacking (i.e. declaring one or more creatures as attackers). While dealing combat damage to a player usually is a result of attacking, it's a different kind of event, it happens later, and it's not what Isshin and Wulfgar are looking for. Abilities like Saskia's don't qualify.
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  • posted a message on Burning-Yard Trainer clarification
    It's just until end of turn. The "until end of turn" complement applies to both the "gets" and the "gains" in the sentence here. This will always be the case with similar wordings. There are very, very few examples of instants, sorceries, activated or triggered abilities giving a permanent bonus to power and toughness without using +1/+1 counters, because of memory issues: a permanent modifier really works better with some kind of marker. I can think of only one weird, old card called Riding the Dilu Horse which goes against this principle.
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  • posted a message on Combat phase with creatures such as Elvish Champion
    Nothing silly there, don't worry. I wouldn't encourage the use of the term "assign" for +/+ effects, because in the rules, that verb is specifically used for distributing damage (when a single source can deal damage to mutliple recepients), but what you're referring to is clear.

    Barring first strike or double strike, abilities which introduce a "special" combat damage step prior to the normal one, attacking and blocking creatures all deal their combat damage at the same time. So here, your Llanowar Elves deals 2 damage to your opponent at the same time as their Golbin King deals 2 damage to your Elvish Champion. Afterwards, Llanowar Elves reverts back to a 1/1, but it has already dealt its combat damage.

    One thing to note is that if instead of going unblocked, Llanowar Elves had been blocked by a 1/1 creature, it would be destroyed right after Elvish Champion is gone, because Llanowar Elves would have been dealt 1 damage, which stays marked until end of turn and causes it to be destroyed because it's now equal to its toughness.
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  • posted a message on Is oona's blackguard's ability static or activated?
    Do would the same rule apply to stinkdrinker bandit, if i have 2 stinkdrinkers on the battlefield and 1 unblocked rogue does damage to a player does that 1 unblocked rogue get a +2/+1 for each stinkdrinker on the battlefield, essentially giving it a +4/+2m
    Absolutely. Each Bandit's ability triggers and resolves separately when a Rogue you control attacks and isn't blocked, and the the bonus is cumulative.
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  • posted a message on Embodiment of Flame
    Flame counters don't do anything on their own, here it's only a form of storage put there so it can be used later by Embodiment of Flame's second ability.

    The second ability puts the top card of your library in the exile zone, and it gives you until the end of the current turn to play it from there. You have to follow the same steps and restrictions and pay the same costs as if you were playing the card from your hand.
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  • posted a message on berserk is driving me berserk....
    The combat phase is divided into 5 steps : beginning, declare attackers, declare blockers, combat damage, end. The way these steps are structured, if a turn-based action, such as declaring attackers, declaring blockers or assigning and dealing combat damage, happens during one, it is the first thing that happens, then players can cast spells and activate abilities still during that step, and the game moves on to the next step only once all players have passed priority in succession on an empty stack. So because combat damage is the first thing that happens during the combat damage step, the latest time where you can cast an instant to pump a creature before it deals combat damage is during the declare blockers step, after blockers have been declared. This happens to also be the latest time where you can cast Berserk during a given turn, and that's probably what you want to do in order to have maximum information.

    The reason why Berserk has this clause is because of its destroy effect: if it didn't have it, you could use it on an opponent's attacking creature after it has dealt combat damage, in order to destroy it without the power boost being relevant. They considered that would make it too good as a removal spell.
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  • posted a message on Sacrificing same creature multiple times in the same turn.
    As long as you control another zombie, you can sacrifice Gravecrawler to the Phyrexian Altar and recast it, yes. When an object changes zones, it is considered a new object with no relation to its previous existence, so if you do it 20 times, it is indeed the same thing as if 20 different creatures died; also, Liliana's Standard Bearer's ability should be read as "X is the number of times the event of a creature dying under your control happened this turn". So, yes, you draw 20 cards.
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  • posted a message on Daybound Question
    Yes, it will enter transformed. Entering the battlefield transformed is not the same as transforming, which is a special action that can only be performed on a permanent already on the battlefield. Entering the battlefield transformed is not something that Immerwolf stops.
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  • posted a message on Do cards with enter the battlefield abilities come under your control first?
    Yes, Dagger Caster has deathtouch as soon as it exists on the battlefield, and what matters is that it has deathtouch as its ability resolves (after the ability has gone through the stack). Every creature that the ability deals damage to will have been dealt damage by a source with deathtouch and will be destroyed as a state-based action.

    To note, if Dagger Caster gets removed from the battlefield before its ability resolves, deathtouch will still work, because then the game will check last-known information about the source of damage and see that it had deathtouch as it last existed on the battlefield. However, if it is Archetype of Finality that gets removed before the ability resolves, Dagger Caster won't have deathtouch as the ability resolves.
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  • posted a message on Copy Creature Spell interaction with Double Major
    Your brother is right, the Rite of Replication token copy(ies) will be nonlegendary. When a copy effect copies something that's a product of a copy effect, the exceptions to that previous copy effect, as identified by the word "except", carry over to the new copy.
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