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  • posted a message on Commander legends same partners
    Yes, since the singleton rule doesn't apply in Commander Legends limited, you can have the same partner commander twice.
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  • posted a message on Tormod, the Desecrator and the delve mechanic
    A) Just one zombie. The cards are exiled all at once, and because the trigger event is worded "one or more cards" and not "a card", Tormod triggers only once and you get one zombie.

    B) Flood of Recollection doesn't touch the graveyard. It exiles itself as part of its effect while resolving, and it's still on the stack while it's resolving. It goes from the stack to exile, so no Tormod trigger.
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  • posted a message on Pernicious deed
    Sacrificing Pernicious Deed is a cost, and you can't respond to costs. You can only respond to an activated ability once it's fully activated and paid for. What goes on the stack is only what's after the colon, "destroy each...". What's before the colon is the cost. When you get priority (the right to cast spells or activate abilities), Pernicious Deed is already gone. You can't even try and waste your removal spell (let's say it's Disenchant), since you can't cast it on a nonexistent target.

    Also note that even if the Deed's ability didn't require sacrificing it, and you could destroy it in response to the ability, that still wouldn't stop the ability. Once activated, an ability is independent from its source.
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  • posted a message on Chromatic lantern and mana echoes
    Quote from Demonstar »
    Hi was wondering if there was any interaction between chromatic lantern and the mana echoes

    Respectfully, I wanna ask, what makes you think there would be an interaction? I'm just curious as to where your misunderstanding is, to better help you. Chromatic Lantern only affects lands, by giving them a new activated ability that you can activate to produce mana of any color. Mana Echoes is not a land, so there is no interaction. It makes mana, but mana is not land, and land is not mana, lands produce mana, an intangible resource that goes to your mana pool and that you can spend, and that goes away at the end of the current step if you don't. You may think Mana Echoes is "kind of like a land" because it makes mana, but interactions in Magic don't work with "kind ofs".

    There's a card with a similar name, Chromatic Orrery, that would actually allow you to use Mana Echoes' colorless mana to pay for colored costs, but the way that card works is completely different. Maybe you mixed up the two?
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  • posted a message on Two copies of Nightmare Shepherd and board wipe
    Quote from 0pTicaL »
    I have two Nightmare Shepherds and one Kird Ape in play and my opponent sends Kird Ape to the graveyard, does this trigger both Nightmare Shepherds or just one?
    It triggers both, but only one will be able to give you a token Kird Ape, because of the "you may exile it. If you do..." clause. The triggers go on the stack separately. As the first resolves, you need to exile the Kird Ape card from your graveyard to get a token. Then, when the second resolves, you can't exile the Kird Ape card which is no longer in your graveyard, and you get a token only if you do, so you don't.
    Quote from 0pTicaL »
    And my second question is, if I have one Nightmare Shepherd in play and three Kird Apes and my opponent casts Wrath of God, does Nightmare Shepherd's ability still trigger and I create three 1/1 tokens?
    Yes. Die triggers and other leave-the-battlefield triggered abilities trigger based on their existence prior to the trigger event (the move from battlefield to graveyard), so the Shepherd triggers for creatures that die at the same time as itself.
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  • posted a message on Identifying a tutored SB card
    There's no problem with taking a card out of its sleeve while it's not in a hidden zone. People do it frequently for double-faced cards, for example.
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  • posted a message on Radha & MDFC
    Yes, you can play the land face of the modal double-faced card (MDFC) from the top of your library here. This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, as the modal double-faced card is not considered a land card while in your library and it only has the characteristics of its front face (spell face), but just like when it's in your hand, the card has the built-in capacity of being played as a land, if you can currently play a land from where it is. Radha doesn't care that it's not a land card before you take the action of playing it as a land, she allows you to take the action of playing a land from your library, and that's what you're doing.
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  • posted a message on Avenger of Zendikar and Blasting Station
    You can actually sacrifice all of the plants that Avenger of Zendikar makes with Blasting Station right after Avenger enters. In your scenario, Wwen Avenger's enter-the-battlefield ability resolves, 7 creatures are put on the battlefield, which triggers Blasting Station's untap ability 7 times. All of those 7 instances of Blasting Station's untap ability go on the stack at the same time, but they're all separate abilities on the stack, and each object on the stack resolves separately, with the possibility of casting (instant or flash) spells or activating abilities in between each instance resolving. So you can in fact tap the Station and sacrifice a token in between each untap trigger.
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  • posted a message on Flagstones of Trokair
    Thread moved to the Legacy forums.
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  • posted a message on Understanding Crystalline Resonance
    Your understanding is 100% correct, things happen as you described. Their Aurelia was blocking a creature that looked like herself and was represented by the Crystalline Resonance card; that creature changed characteristics when it became a copy of Ohran Frostfang, but it's still the same permanent being blocked by Aurelia. Ohran Frostfang's ability is a static one, which applies to creatures its controller controls for as long as they are attacking creatures, and attacking creatures remain attacking creatures until end of combat. Deathtouch matters at the time damage happens, your creatures had it in time for it to fully work. Oh, and you do get a second combat phase, all you need for it to happen is for Aurelia's triggered ability to trigger and resolve, which it did because you attacked with a copy of Aurelia. Doesn't matter what happens to that Aurelia after its ability triggered.

    I'd advise against playing with people such as this one, who try to invent rules to their advantage instead of learning the real ones.
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  • posted a message on using land as a sacrifice
    No, your son shouldn't have been able to sacrifice those lands. "Nonland permanent" means a permanent that's not a land, and these were lands. Something can't both be land and nonland at the same time.

    This is a common misconception with such terms, "non[thing]" : it means it's not that thing, not that it's something else besides that thing.
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  • posted a message on Rules Change Trample - Part 2 - Your not crazy
    The Magic Rulings forum is usually reserved for rules Q&A, but I'm not sure there is a better active place on the site for such a thread, and it's still about the rules and it can be interesting and helpful to some people, so I'll leave it here. Just don't make a habit of creating that type of thread. The subject's been covered in full with what's been said here, so I'm locking this. Lock
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  • posted a message on Gain control of a card that championed?
    You are not playing the Nova Chaser and it is not entering the battlefield, it stays on the battlefield and simply changes controller. Flamekin Harbinger remains exiled. To note, if Nova Chaser leaves the battlefield while it was under your control, the Harbinger still returns to the battlefield under its owner's control.
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  • posted a message on Slimefoot the Stowaway vs Boardwipe
    It will trigger and drain opponents for each saproling. "Die triggers", and abilities that trigger from permanents leaving the battlefield in general, do trigger when something dies at the same time as the permanent with them. The game looks back in time and those abilities trigger based on their existence on the battlefield before the event.
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  • posted a message on Imprint
    Quote from davidb32 »
    Quote from MadMageQc »
    While playing, a card's color is defined by its mana cost, or its color indicator (small circle next to the type line)

    Or it's color defining CDA, of which there are currently exactly two such cards. (Transguild Courier & Sphinx of the Guildpact)
    I intended my "possibly superceded by the effects of abilities" to include those, but it is indeed worth distinguishing them as they matter for Chrome Mox while non-CDAs wouldn't, thank you.

    EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, some non-CDAs such as Painter's Servant's can matter for Chrome Mox, as long as they affect cards in exile.
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