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  • posted a message on Kozilek, the Great Distortion: Can you play one of the cards drawn to counter a counterspell?
    Quote from HandsomeP »
    If I cast Kozilek, the Great Distortion, can I use one of the cards drawn via his ability to counter a counterspell?
    If you mean to counter a counterspell that targets Kozilek himself, no, not if your opponent is doing things right in their own interest. The card-draw ability goes on the stack above the Kozilek spell when you cast him, and then your opponent can cast his counterspell targeting Kozilek in response to the draw trigger, and it will also resolve, countering Kozilek, before you draw cards. You still get to draw afterwards though, as the draw ability is independent from the Kozilek spell.

    If for some reason your opponent lets the draw trigger resolve, and then tries to counter Kozilek, sure. EDIT : Oops, I somehow forgot that Kozilek needs to be on the battlefield for you to use his spell-countering ability, that's a bigger reason why you can't use that if that's what you meant. But if you mean casting a counterspell card that you drew, say Force of Will, sure.
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  • posted a message on Salvations
    Quote from The planes »
    I played Dark Salvation and I paid the B and used 4B for the X and someone told me I only get 2 zombies why is that if I used 4B to pay for X would I only get 2 what is the point of having two X cost than and how would I be able to get 4 zombies

    Card name fixed for tags to work, there's no s. -MadMage
    You asked the same question 10 days ago and you were answered correctly the first time. But I'll answer again in my words.

    The point of having two X in a cost is for the effect to be scalable like other X spells (say Exsanguinate), but more expensive. The way the game is designed, being able to get an additional 2/2 zombie token for each additional mana would be a little too good and unbalanced (at least according to the designers of the game).

    If you want X to be 4 with Salvation in order to get 4 zombies, that means the spell will cost 4 + 4 + B (X + X + B), for a total of 9. Maybe that makes the card bad in your mind, but this isn't the place to discuss that aspect further, this forum is about the rules, not strategy or cards' power level.
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  • posted a message on Ephemerate Interactions
    Quote from Marco »
    Thank you peteroupc!

    For the fifth bullet point, should I put the evoke triggered ability on the stack first and the "When Mulldrifter enters the battlefield, draw two cards" ability on the stack second? (LIFO) At what point do I draw two cards? At what point do I draw the additional two cards? Please illustrate as you did above.

    You will draw at least two cards no matter what happens to Mulldrifter, because a triggered ability is independent from its source once triggered. What you can do that could help is put the draw trigger on top of the sacrifice trigger so it resolves first, so you'll draw 2 before you even have to cast Ephemerate. It'll still be possible to do it then, since spells and abilities on the stack resolve one at a time and players get priority between each. Those 2 cards could be counterspells, another Ephemerate, who knows. At that point, if you want to cast Ephemerate on Mulldrifter before it gets sacrificed, it's now or never, and if you do it and your opponent has something to remove the Mulldrifter in response and make Ephemerate fizzle, you'll need another card to stop them.
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  • posted a message on Is Geist of Saint Traft a Legal Commander?
    The only Commander variant where Geist of Saint Traft is currently banned as a commander (well, the only one played enough to be considered relevant I think) is French Duel Commander, which is an unofficial (as in not supported by Wizards of the Coast) format with a vastly different philosophy (games are played with 20 life, notably, which is a major reason why Geist is considered too good there). The 1v1 variant that's supported and curated by Wizards is the Magic Online 1v1 commander, which is also used as a base by some tabletop 1v1 commander groups. That one has a much smaller banlist and is played with 40 life like multiplayer. It's really about the rules set that your organizer / playgroup adopts.

    EDIT :
    Quote from Rasalghul1989 »
    What is Duel Commander? Is that just 1 vs 1 Commander? I generally just play in a small play group of about 4 people at a friends house or I play against one of those friends. I thought there was a Banned as Commander list for cards like that elf that generates too much mana quickly. Sorry for my lack of knowledge with card names and rules.

    Was writing my comment as you posted yours. The regular multiplayer commander banlist is found here, and some legendary creature cards are on it largely on the basis that they are considered too powerful as commanders (the example you bring up would be Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary), but it's not a separate "banned as commander only" list anymore. Used to be though.

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  • posted a message on Dark Depths and Give//Take
    If you're playing the Commander format with a monoblue commander, no, Give // Take won't be legal to play, but anywhere else, there's no rule against it. However, indeed, the spell Take can only target creatures, and it can only remove +1/+1 counters, not any other kind of counter.
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  • posted a message on Can't be countered rulings question
    Quote from DeathParrot42 »
    Simple question: if I play Temporal Extortion using mana from Boseiju, Who Shelters All, can an opponent still pay life to counter it?
    Assuming you found a way to spend colorless mana on casting Extortion (say there's a Sphere of Resistance on the battlefield or something), your opponent can still pay half their life to the cast trigger, but it won't counter the Extortion. That cast trigger is an ability, and Boseiju makes it so that ability can't counter the Extortion.
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  • posted a message on Using off colour lands in EDH
    No. Commander's color identity rules make it so you can't include a card in your deck if a mana symbol that's not in your commander's color identity is found in the card's rules text, in addition to its mana cost. You can't play Tournament Grounds in Boros because it has a black mana symbol in its rules text, same for Crumbling Necropolis in Izzet.

    The one "exception" to this rule (not really an exception, rather an interpretation of technicalities) is Extort on cards like Blind Obedience, which can be put in a nonblack deck because the W/B hybrid symbol is technically not in rules text, only in reminder text (italized and in parenthesis).
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  • posted a message on Steppe Lynx question
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Just a simple question on Steppe Lynx, since I'm ordering this card. First main phase of my turn, have a lynx in play. Stack is empty, I try to play a land. Can the opponent respond by lava dart the lynx, before it get the bonus from landfall?
    Your opponent can't respond to the playing of a land, which is a special action that doesn't use the stack. However, they can respond the lynx's landfall ability, which is a normal triggered ability (starting with 'whenever') and does use the stack. With the landfall ability on the stack, they can cast Lava Dart and destroy the Lynx while it's still 0/1. You'd need your land to be some sort of fetchland to one-up them and respond by triggering the landfall ability a second time on top of the Dart.
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  • posted a message on Followed Footsteps vs Darksteel Mutation
    Quote from Avanoh »
    So I know that in the case of Clone, cards like Darksteel Mutation don’t prevent it from copying what a creature originally was. But does that same rule apply to Followed Footsteps? If I put it on a creature that was made a 0/1 with the Mutation, do I get copies of the insect or copies of the original creature?
    The same rules apply. Followed Footsteps is a copy effect the same as Clone. You copy only what's printed on the original, no effects that are currently modifying the original's characteristics are copied, with the exception of other copy effects (for example, if the creature you enchant with Followed Footsteps is a Clone that's currently a copy of something, the tokens you get are that something, not fresh Clones that can copy anything).
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  • posted a message on Pramikon, Sky Rampart and removing abilities
    Darksteel Mutation will remove all of Pramikon's abilities, which means that the one limiting players' attack options won't be in effect anymore. Note though that it doesn't erase the choice of direction that was made as Pramikon entered the battlefield, the game remembers that choice and so if Darksteel Mutation is removed, the effect resumes.
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  • posted a message on Squirrel Nest on an Opponent's Land
    Quote from Kamonohashi »
    I know that if I attach an enchantment to an opponent's permanent, the enchantment is still under my control. But what about auras like Squirrel Nest or Presence of Gond? When my opponent taps the enchanted permanent, doesn't the generated 1/1 creature come onto the battlefield under his/her control-- since the power to create a 1/1 is being given to his/her enchanted land or creature?
    Indeed, it is your opponent who gets to create tokens under their control in those cases, because the activated ability within quotation marks is granted to their permanent.
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  • posted a message on Duplicant and Ulvenwald Hydra question
    Quote from AstroBlastr »
    Thanks! One more question, will the power and toughness of my duplicant change if my opponent plays another land?
    Yes. Duplicant constantly looks at the power and toughness of the imprinted card, and those are constantly reevaluated in the case of Ulvenwald Hydra, so the Duplicant's p/t will follow accordingly.
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  • posted a message on Tahngarth vs Goad/similar effects.
    Quote from UltraCloth »
    So when Tahngarth, First Mate is tapped and has his ability trigger from another player’s attack, can you choose him to attack a player who has goaded Tahngarth since their last turn (e.g. with jeering homunculus)

    I’m pretty sure you can (assuming the attacking player is attacking the player who Goaded Tahngarth that is) but just wanted to double check!
    Indeed, you can. To attack (the action) and to be attacking (the state) are very different things within Magic rules, and while the former results in the latter, the latter can be true without the former ever happening, as is the case with Tahngarth's triggered ability. "To attack" is the action of declaring a creature you control as an attacker during the declare attackers step of your turn, and it is only that action that Goad affects. Effects that cause a creature to be attacking without it being declared as an attacker in that way can be used to have a creature be attacking the player who goaded it.
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  • posted a message on Stopping Gift of Doom
    No, indeed, you can't respond to the turning face-up, which is a special action that doesn't use the stack, nor to the attach, which is a replacement effect that modifies that special action by adding something to it. There is no window where you get priority between you knowing this is Gift of Doom and that's it's going on this given creature, and it being attached. By the time you get priority, the creature is indestructible.
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  • posted a message on Interesting Question about Sleeves
    What matters is that all cards in your deck are indistinguishable from one another when face down. Since having no sleeves or translucent sleeves makes it so any color difference and any small damage on the back of the cards are visible, it's no surprise that it prompts additional scrutiny from other players and from judges if you do that. But if you can pull it off with all your cards being pristine and of the same coloration (i.e. no older cards), there's no strict rule directly against it.
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