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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    Quote from xboxgregory »
    Thank you! Jund can be tough, but IMO it's the easiest of the matchups that you named. They tap out far more often than GDS and Izzet decks (idk about phoenix, but any UR tempo/control deck in general). I used to run a recall but I ended up cutting it when i discovered how good repeal is. It definitely can be handy in the right meta (defensively) as well.

    I think it would be awesome to see others play the deck, I feel like I've talked all my friends' ears off about it and I have no person that I know that also plays the deck, so any collaboration would be awesome.

    I agree that Jund is def the easiest out of those matchups, for the reasons you mentioned. I'm able to sneak a match from Jund here and there, but the izzet deck (counters + removal + clock) is tough, and GDS (izzet plus discard) is attrocious. I've been thinking about recording a full competitive league on MTGO, and talking through my thought process. If I can find the time this weekend, I'll do it.

    Quote from xboxgregory »
    GDS is just about the worst possible matchup, but it's still winnable. I would just play like they don't have it all the time, and if they ended up having it then you just lose. No hard feelings, move on. If you really want to beat it you can board into more grapeshots and try to cheese them when they make a really big death's shadow.

    I think I am 1-9 on MODO vs GDS, it's actually that bad. They so frequently have more discard/removal/counters that I have paladin/silence/claim. I actually wish I could face them more though, so I could learn how to best maximize my chances. Since I'm playing this at GP Portland in a few weeks, I'd like to have a better strategy than "hope I don't get matched up," or "pray for two bonkers hands in a row." I only get two loses to make day 2. I've added 3 Geist of Saint Traft to hopefully improve those removal-heavy matchups. I'll see how it works out. I was trying a really experimental SB of 3 Geist 3 Ka, Khemba Reagent, 3 Monestary Mentor, and 3 Inquisition of Kozilek. Side out all flex spots and 5 cheerios. I actually 5-0'd a league with it yesterday, but didn't face any midrange lol. But I'm starting to think that simple is better, and I might just have to pray to not face GDS.
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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    Quote from xboxgregory »
    Claim was great, I definitely prefer it to paradoxical now. I was worried that surgicals would be prevalent this weekend, making it worse, but I didn't end up seeing any. If people often bring it in against us in the future we might ant to look into changing up that slot.

    Godless Shrine is definitely an awkward draw if you have no other blue sources, and it adds one more land in the deck that does not produce blue (which isn't great). It was relevant one game, but I ended up winning anyway. I would say that it's worth taking the hit in the manabase to have access to Claim. I'm glad I have shrine in the main also, rather than in the board like I used to. Freeing up a spot for the second Forgetender was important. Also, claim and forge tender work great together.

    As a note, try to hide your godless shrine G1 if you plan on bringing in claims in games 2 and 3.

    Here are my matchups:

    Round one: Affinity
    Round two: Bant Spirits
    Round three: Hardened Scales Affinity
    Round four: UR Thing in the Ice... control? (Loss)
    Round five: Eldrazi Tron
    Round six: GW Company/Devoted Druid
    Round seven: UR Storm
    Round Eight: BG Infect
    Round Nine: UW Control (ID)

    My loss in the swiss was round 4 to UR thing in the ice.

    Quarter Finals: UW Control
    Semi Finals: Burn
    Finals: UW Control

    As you can see, the only "bad" matchups were rounds 4 and in the semi finals, so I was pretty fortunate in that aspect. Eldrazi Tron used to be a bad matchup but 3 repeals mainboard help out a lot. I guess you could still call in unfavorable though, but he did not have chalice game one even though he knew what I was on. I almost won round 4, as I was able to create 3 turns of openings but I fizzled every time. I might have overboarded, as the reason I lost was always not having enough equipment.I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board on what to bring in there, or at least limit myself in my sideboarding options.

    Wonderful finish! Many congrats, and well done. Also, thank you for the mini report. I was pretty curious of your matchups, since I've found I have an exceptionally hard time with Jund, GDS, and Izzet Phoenix (your one loss). It's great you managed to avoid them for the most part. You have convinced me on Serum Visions. I was running 1/4/2 Noxious/Repeal/Hurkyl's Recall, but will switch to 1/3/2/1 Noxious/SV/Repeal/Recall. I love the recall MD, and don't think I could remove it, as it's won me many games.

    I am working on getting Magic Online Replay Tool working, and will hopefully be posting my stats soon. I think I have ~200 games on MTGO (not matches), so I'm excited to see my win% by turn and matchup.
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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    Yesterday I played small tournament, 9 people modern open, managed top 2 in 7 rounds. Didnt played finals.

    During tournament I won vs uw spirits twice and mardu. Lost to humans and grixis ds.

    Congrats on your solid performances lately! Do you have any reflections on your matchups? Which ones are most difficult for you, and why? And how do you like signal the clans? I am super curious about your experiences with your list.
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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    Gonna revive this thread with some observations. Here's the list that I recently 5-0'd a modern competitive league. As mentioned previously, I was playing 2 Time of Need, but have opted to cut them. This also frees up green from the manabase, which was always sketchy to begin with. This is the current list I'm playing:

    For the flex slots, I opted for the playset of repeals, Erayo, Hurkyl's Recall, and an extra noxious. I'm super satisfied with the recall and revival. They add consistency, and often times recall is relevant against affinity and KCI. Erayo is lackluster. I gave him a second shot, and am disappointed. I though he would serve as a nice 9th paladion/sram (a turn 2 flipped erayo should buy enough turns to win), but he is either win-more, or too difficult to flip.

    I chose the playset of repeals to see how much I like the card in general. So far, I am very happy with it, but still want to test other configurations. The best argument for repeal is that it is always decent, and can scale up to be wonderful. At worst, it's a cantrip for U. At best, it can be a Thoughtcast or Ancestral Recall. The other benefits are a MD answer to hate (such as Eidilon or Meddling Mage), and that it is never a dead draw while you are comboing (cast with mox opal to return mox opal for a free cantrip). There have been several times when I would have preferred a Serum Visions, but I think the flexibility outweighs that.

    The biggest problem that I've been having is discard-based midrange decks. Grixis Death Shadow is the main culprit, and Jund Death Shadow and Jund in general are problematic too. They have discard to rip Sram/Paladin from our hands, and removal to kill him on the board. Topped off with a fast clock, things go downhill fast. Occasionally I can sneak a G1 win, but when they know what's up G2/3 things are more difficult. Adding Claim/Fame has helped tremendously, but wasn't enough. I've been trying Leyline of Sanctity, but am not super impressed with it. It helps with discard, but doesn't help with removal, is only good if it's in the opening hand, and is dead during combo. I also added Inquisition of Kozilek, and have been quite happy with it. Nabbing discard/removal/hate and learning info about my opponents' hand has helped tremendously. An interesting idea that I came across was Ancestral Visions. I am going to swap them for Leylines next league I join. I think they are great because (1) they are another threat that will eat discard, (2) are a great T1 play, and (3) are a good topdeck in stalled games. I'll report back my results when I've played more.

    There is also one last permutation I want to try, with Artificer's Assistant. I have played it before, and loved the added consistency. I also liked that it ate removal so Sram/Paladin could stick. The problem was that it's dead during combo, and dropping artifacts to scry makes it more difficult to combo later in the game. To solve this, I want to try adding 3 MD Hurkyl's Recall, and 1 Mox Amber. I am unsure about Amber, but have noticed that most of the time I'll have a Sram on the field while comboing. This would generate mana with retract, and make recalls free. From my previous list, the plan is -4 Repeal, -1 Erayo, -1 Noxious Revival, +4 Artificer's Assistant, +2 Hurkyl's Recall. Still need to think what I would cut for the Amber. I'll post my feelings about the changes after I've tested them in a bit.

    Thanks to MTGO, I've gotten to play dozens of games with Cheeri0s. I am planning to play this deck at GP Portland, and am hoping to at last make day 2. I think it's possible, as long as I get lucky enough with my matchups. If anyone has any suggestions with advice or cards to test (with good reasons), let me know, as I have some time to test and optimize this deck before the GP.
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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    Quote from Be_lakor »
    A long long time ago I used Signal the Clans to find my threats. Time of Need seems ok, but I'd like to see more ways to keep the Sram sticking on the 3rd turn since you are telegraphing the Sram. It might be ok against the low interactivity from the current decks though (Dredge, Storm), but against any deck with more control elements I like Serum Visions and Repeal more, just to conceal information.

    This is a great argument that makes complete sense to me. I am Jiggywiggy, except that I managed to recover my old account (hooray!). Time of need was great vs non-interactive decks, but those are already good matchups. The green I added to the manabase was also painful, so I'm happy to cut it. I 5-0'd another league with 2 Time of need, but am for sure going to cut them. I'm considering running 1 Erayo and a playset of repeals, with no serum visions. I want to see how useful repeal can be by itself, and will update with the results.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    Quote from slave »
    Treasure Cruise?
    Considering how quickly we fill up the yard, this card might be useful if we could drop some blue mana.....


    It's not gonna work. 7 is just too expensive, even with delve. The only deck that could hope to use it is QSI, but it sadly doesn't fit. It would be nice if wizards threw us a bone though. I've found time to get back into legacy, and I picked up my exact same list from 4 years ago haha.
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  • posted a message on Mtg China Proxies?
    Does anyone know anything about the mtg china proxies? I recently uncovered a swords to plowshares, and lots of time spent googling yielded only this result:

    Some people have told me it might be a "yamaguchi" (that's not the correct spelling, but I think it's phonetically similar) token, and it was copyright infringement by a Chinese company. I don't want to scan it in case the latter is true, but the art is anime style, and the card back is an old school list for friggorid. Thanks for your help guys.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Melira Pod / Angel Pod / Junk Pod / Abzan Pod (8/2011 - 1/2015)
    Red is for fullminator mage and ancient grudge out of the side. It's the only artifact hate that deals with dampning matrix, cage and torpor orb. Just a singleton Stomping Grounds. Also you can play mogg fanatic side for the reveilark combo and a tutorable answer to dark confidant.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Melira Pod / Angel Pod / Junk Pod / Abzan Pod (8/2011 - 1/2015)
    Is anyone else playing a 5c pod list still? I just refuse to cut blue, Phantasmal Image and Body Double have won me so many games that I didn't deserve, I can't bring myself to cut them.
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  • posted a message on Infinite Loops
    Is there a way to do infinite loops in MODO? For instance, if I have Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Kitchen Finks and Viscera Seer is it possible to get infinite life without clicking a million times? Thanks.
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  • posted a message on [NPH] Myr Superion - Wow...!
    Quote from Ertai87
    Turn 1 Birds of Paradise.
    Turn 2 Lotus Cobra.
    Turn 3 Crack Fetch, Explore, Crack Fetch, Violent Ultimatum.

    Yeah. Magical Christmasland.

    I'm sorry, but this is probably the worse comparison I've ever seen made. You're talking about a 6 card combo by turn 3, vs a 2 card combo by turn 2 (assuming you're not land-screwed). Also, this thread is full of hilariousness and people talking about the applications of this card in formats they don't understand.
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  • posted a message on This video is everything wrong with tournament Magic.
    Kinda off topic, but Gavin (one of the narrators) is Lesurgo, right? Looking around I'm pretty sure he is, but can't find confirmation.

    And on topic, I don't see what the big deal is. Storm has this shroud of mystery "omg combo wtf" around it, and has a reputation for being impossible to play because of the spell chain. While combo isn't the easiest to learn to play, once you get the basics it becomes second nature; you see the card patterns so many times you don't even have to make the calculation, you know exactly what to do. I'm confident most decently intelligent people could pick up the basics if they devoted 15-20 mins a day for 1-2 weeks. It's not the big bad wolf that everyone says it is.

    And to top off the kinda wall of text, watching people argue about the intelligence a kid that they have little or no information about is probably one of the silliest things I've seen on this site. Just because his school didn't teach probability doesn't mean he can't look it up on the internet, or buy himself a book. I have seen him at a few local tournies though, and he's definitely the most arrogant kid I've ever seen. It works for him, but I would not want want my kid to turn out like that.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    SI was designed to be a 100% active deck, therefore the least reactive stuff you run, the better. It is not worth diluting the deck for narrow answers, especially answers that cost 1G in addition to whatever the answer costs. How do we beat trinisphere? Race it. Chalice of The Void? Race it. Counters? High threat density; remember that if you resolve just 1 draw 4 that's +3 CA, and FoW is -1 CA for them. Hate bears? Race them. Gaddock Teeg comes down turn 2 on the play at best, which gives you 8 cards to tendrils/etw/drop a belcher. Unlike the blue decks that run Meddling Mage, the decks that run Teeg are usually GW and run no disruption. This gives us an even better chance of turn 1 killing them.

    Meddling mage is more problematic, because the deck is probably running FoW/Daze/counters in addition, which leads to bad times. But if you're expecting a lot of those types of decks, why are you playing SI in the first place? Considering aggro in general is almost always a buy, I have no problem facing 2-3 aggro decks for every control match, especially because control is winnable post SB. The only reactive card I have in my SB is 3 nature's claim, because without it the deck is literally answer-less to that stupid white leyline.
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  • posted a message on Sucker Punch
    I would see it if it wasn't PG-13. That killed it for me ]=.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    This is the list I like to play.

    // Lands
    1 [FUT] Dryad Arbor
    1 [B] Bayou

    // Creatures
    1 [FD] Eternal Witness
    1 [EVE] Odious Trow
    4 [AL] Elvish Spirit Guide
    1 [NE] Skyshroud Cutter

    // Spells
    1 [MR] Goblin Charbelcher
    2 [SC] Tendrils of Agony
    4 [DIS] Infernal Tutor
    4 [PT] Cruel Bargain
    4 [SHM] Manamorphose
    4 [FUT] Summoner's Pact
    4 [MI] Lion's Eye Diamond
    4 [TE] Lotus Petal
    4 [MR] Chrome Mox
    4 [TO] Cabal Ritual
    4 [EX] Culling the Weak
    4 [MI] Infernal Contract
    4 [B] Dark Ritual
    4 [MM] Land Grant

    // Sideboard
    SB: 1 [MR] Goblin Charbelcher
    SB: 4 [US] Carpet of Flowers
    SB: 4 [SC] Xantid Swarm
    SB: 4 [LRW] Thoughtseize
    SB: 2 [WWK] Nature's Claim

    Most lists are almost the same, but the manamorphose are flex spots. I prefer a balls to the wall approach, but you can probably put wild cantor, IGG, or Slithermuse instead.
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