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  • posted a message on [TSR] Mothership 3/2— Kiki-Jiki, Mogg War Marshal, Firemaw Kavu, and Grinning Ignus
    I’m at a point where these special reprints make me feel like the <insert music artist> fan who bought the original CD, then a remasters CD, then a 10th anniverasry edition, then downloaded it in Apple store. Then Vinyl gets released.

    I’m still gonna chase a few of the retro franed cards but the novelty of the frames/expeditions/extended or alternate art, etc. is getting less and less.
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Mothership 3/1— Damnation, Tendrils of Corruption, and Thoughtseize
    I think a good example of a Mythic would be Living End, in terms of novelty, complexity, and power. Based on white and blue previews, it is lookong like that cycle will be printed at mythic.

    IMO Extirpate is a decent candidate for Mythic.

    As for the retro frames, at first I thought the art really is good for the old frames, but as it turns out almost amything looks good in those old frames. I remember then the new frames came out in 8th ed and people are saying that the new frames are bland and ugly. Well, time has told that they were right after all.

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  • posted a message on [TSR] Mothership 2/26— True-Name Nemesis, Wipe Away, and Shadow
    They are printing the entire cube in tbe old frame... must... resist.
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Aven Mindcensor and Flickerwisp— Kenji Egashira previews
    So Far I am liking the cards in retro frame. The cards they chose have art tbat fits the old frame. They really do feel like old magic cards.
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Good Morning Magic 2/25 — Thraben Inspector, Duskrider Peregrine, and 5 Rebels
    So the shuffle your library shorthand starts with Strixhaven
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Mana Tithe, Porphyry Nodes, Return to Dust and Banishing Light— iyingdi previews
    Not the chase money rares, but decent reprints. I am actually planning to get a set of Mana Tithes and this will drive their prices to the ground. I also like the old border Banishing Light. Will get a foil for cube if cheap enough.
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  • posted a message on Time Spiral Remastered Booster Box Art & "Spoilers"
    It won’t be Time Spiral without one of its most iconic “accidental” cards. 4th art I believe?

    Quote from Dale Dan Tony »

    On the booster packs we can see Sidewinder Sliver, Serra Avenger, and another card I can't quite make out.

    Down the thread someone suggested Stuffy Doll. Seems to be right as the needles are visible.

    Slivers are quite expexted, too; though I am wondering if they limit to fewer colors for limited, like what Modern horizons did.
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  • posted a message on [STX][CUBE] Prismari Command
    I think I might be taking out Ral for this, or Dack’s Duplicate (is anyone playing with this still?)

    The shock and shatter will probably be the most used but the other half might be useful for Welder/Reanimator shenanigans.

    Quite interesting that it is arguably mono red if you still consider faithless looting in color.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Nice to know that they are removing that useless plastic trash. This is a great move and hopefully towards a trash free packaging in which everything can ve reused as a deck box or even just a simple card storage box.

    While I love the masterpiece art,
    Specifically for demonic tutor I still like the old school white border revised feel. But looking forward to these for cube.
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    I dunno.. spell half MDFC, a praetor, level up, wizards. Seems to me that these are the top speculations. Not disproving it of couse, but nothing leaked that is surprising or at least something not obvious to guess.

    Pics will make it more convincing. I mean is it not easier to post a pic than to type all these text? No access to camera? Really?
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  • posted a message on New Secret Lair Cards
    Love the Ponder and Cultivate, but I already have the full art cultivate.

    Not a fan of Teferi art as it feels too Disney for me. It does not feel like a PW art too as the focus is not on him, feels like an art direction mismatch.

    Will probably pass on this set and if I get lucky try to get the Ponder as a single.
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  • posted a message on Maro confirms strixhaven is no Reskin of any version of “magic school” and a bottom up set
    Quote from Grixh »
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Did you guys read Maro's response? Strixhaven is "not just a reskinning of any one version," which leaves it fairly open to borrow from any number of sources. Just like every other set.

    Yeah, not sure where people are getting "there will be zero Harry Potter references" from.

    My guess: it's an instants and sorceries matter set. This has been described by MaRo as a difficult concept due to needing a certain volume of creatures for a set to work, but was possibly solved by MDFCs with instants and sorceries on the back of creatures.

    My other, way more farfetched guess: the plane it's on is Vryn, which has a specific need for a lot of mages.

    You are on to something.

    ZNR was land/X and KLD was god/permenent. Spell/creature is one missing combination. Perhaps the theme is : either you summon your teacher or you learned the spell form him/her. And that inspired the school theme, maybe?

    It may be a Magic version of school tropes, and not necessarily from Magic School tropes. So not necessarily Horcruxes or Dark Lords but definitely MTG versions of Potions or Herbology. A Xmen Danger Room, perhaps? Quidditch?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Superdrop Smitten
    I would have liked it if it were the full cycle of titans. But missing Sun Titan would not bode well if I want them in cube. Plus I think the xbox Grave Titan is much more badass. I like tbe KLD frame, but these Titans look tiny being forced to fit in the small frame.

    Still not happy about distribution as our country is excluded still. Only choice is to buy from resellers here that give more than 50% markup. I dont know why they can just sell through LGS which I will gladly support.
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Kaldheim (KHM) cards for the cube!
    Great Review!

    I thought that you might have a hard time filling in 20, but the set still has a lot to offer for medium cubes.

    I agree with you on the missed opportunity on the “sorcery” lands. They could be replacement for some of the weaker man lands if they fix mana as well. Perhaps in another set, they will make a rare cycle.

    It is interesting to know that the top 4 colored cards are white; and for pauper, blue gets 3 new solid options as well.

    I wanted to put Vorinclex in my artifact cube, but I agree that it suffers from the enabler coming in too late. At 6cc, it costs way too more than the cards it should be enabling. I might test it over doubling season for a while but I feel it will just be a big dumb beater with an ability that won’t matter much given the clock. Man, I wish he costed 4 so he can curve out with Verdurous Gearhulk at least!!!

    Esika’s Chariot is something I appreciate for green in my artifact cube. Token generation and payoff, plus an artifact/vehicle.

    Halvar is interesting as a creature/euipment choice depending on what you need, but I really hate the “vanilla creature mode” on an empty board. Still, that is better than an equipment that will be useless. Even though it is annoying that it can’t be tutored with Stoneforge Mystic, I am still going to try it in my artifact cube, and will likely stick.

    I view Starnheim Unleashed and Doomskar as a “Fortell Package” and they seem to be OK for 450 cubes, but personally I am sticking with the 4 mana Shatter the Sky, pushing these out from my 450.

    That leaves User the Fallen as my sole include for my 450 unpowered. Your asessment pretty much hits it dead center. It is one of the best one drops in cube.

    Thanks again for the article!
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