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  • posted a message on Stranger things secret lair spoiler and upcoming secret lairs
    Stranger thing utilization of clue provides a nice flavor ane mechanical tie to the characters, which is important of they are “Friends Forever”.
    So with that, its a good design like a mini-set designed for building Stranger things themed edh decks.

    Mike is weird though, and does
    Not interact with the rest. Also, they should have made Mind Flayer colorless to be able to usable in all the edh decks you make with these.

    Overall though, kinda tired of Secret Lairs. The last few I bought were disappointments (the foils do not look good in person). And the novelty really wears off for me.
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  • posted a message on What tribes, old and new, do we want to see get some additions this 2021/2022 cycle?
    The tribal components for 2022 are sort of Strong.
    Innistrad - Usual monster tribals, but hopefully the Spirits interact with the Kamigawa spirits.
    Kamigawa can have more suport for the smaller races such as Fox, Rat, Snake and Moonfolk. Ninja is expected of course. And more Demons because....
    New Capenna is already revealed to be a Demon Set, so yeah.
    Dominaria will of course will have some glue smattering a few Snakes or Demons and random creature types. Perhaps tribal matter spells (e.g choose a creature type). Maybe even playable changelings!
    For The Brother's War, I would love some Golem tribal or even just Artifact Creature Tribal. Better yet, Artificer tribal.
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  • posted a message on The Brother's War - Modern Mechanics for a Retro Set?
    This expansion is quite interesting because it is set a long time ago, when some of Magic's mechanics were not present yet. Will we get a pure retro set or shall we get new mechanics in an old set?

    Some mechanics such as Improvise or Modular are fair game but Vehicles and Equipment seem odd as they never appeared in old sets. So do you think we will get an old school set or will Wizards choose modern design over continuity?

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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) cards for the cube!
    Obviously Falkenrath Pit Fighter is the slam dunk for given that it is only the third 2/X 1 drop for red. (Technically Goblin Guide and Zurgo the Bellringer have drawbacks but they are too good). This is definitely better than Falkenrath Gorger and has a more relevant ability. Will they ever have synergy? Perhaps almost never, but they do tend to go to the same decks.

    Adeline, Replendant Cathar is indeed better than Brimaz as long as you have a creature prior, which is the usual case for decks having them. I would say they are pretty close and interchangeable. Personally I would change only when I can acquire Adeline cheaply.

    I like Suspicious Stowaway powerwise by really, really hate that the card needs 4 faces to function. I will essentially need a "token" DFC for convenient transforming as well as the day/night card. Too much inelegance. Will wait on this. Kinda odd that for smaller cubes the Werefolf is Blue.

    As for Fateful Absence I am not liking the card disadvantage. So it is a pass for me now.

    Sadly I have not played cube and will likely not play for a very long, long time due to the pandemic so I am holding off any updates for a while.

    Nonetheless, preview seasons and your reviews and the cube community here provides enough discussion/analysis that keep me entertained. Thank you for this!
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  • posted a message on [MID] Moonsilver Key— Casual Magic preview
    Artifact/colorless tutors are always good. Getting ready for the Brother’s War, I suppose.
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Suspicious Stowaway // Seafaring Werewolf
    I hate DFC’s logistically, but this is great! Will probably delay my purchase unless this is really cheap.

    The alt frame art is really good too.

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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Bloodthirsty Adversary
    I think better than Abbot of Keral Keep because ot is less random, and roughly as good as Dire Fleet Daredevil. With this you have more control of the spells
    But with DFD you can pick up 1 cc spells,
    Or at least hose your opponent. I still like DFD more.

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  • posted a message on [MID] Curse of Surveillance— Riley Knight preview
    This card has to be the peak horror card of Innistrad. I mean, I literally can’t scroll up to it and afraid of clicking tbe link. Now
    that’s horror. Kudos Wizards.

    The mutulation is gross, but what’s much worse is that it is someone else’s eye, observing you all the time. Stuff of nightmares!!
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  • posted a message on [MID] Sacred Fire— Commander Replay preview
    It’s Firebolt + W. I guess the limited archtype is generic aggro.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Briarbridge Tracker— Skybilz preview
    Geesh I wish it was not a 3 drop. For some reason almost all green investigate cards are at that slot. I would have been very happy if it was a 1/2 2 drop.
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Intrepid Adversary
    Another card that entices me to include Ephemerate.

    Is this a good replacement for Angel
    of Invention or Cloudgoat Ranger?
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Augur of Autumn
    Can’t be Disenchanted, too. Courser is on the controlling side, but this leans towards aggro and going wide.

    An activated coven can go pretty nuts. Can’t wait to play with Oracle of Mul Daya or Sylvan Library.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Augur of Autumn and Turn the Earth— Numerama previews
    That Augur is better then Courser of Kruphix in 2 aspects:
    1. Card is not revealed
    2. It can upgrade to casting creatures as well
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Arlinn, the Pack's Hope
    I think the play pattern is quite limited. Put 2 wolves, then of opponent does nothing next turn (unlikely), you can attack with 9 power. If not you will likely use the +1 to skip the turn, Transform her and flash something. Dunno, seems needlessly complex for a vanilla effect.

    The persist combo is something though, if you want an additional piece.
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Falkenrath Pitfighter
    While the ability is quite a hoop, it is a good way to replace itself if the 2/1 gets useless, e.g. a big blocker. Replacing itself and another dead card is decent. Slam dunk.
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