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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    I have ages to post here, mainly because i have time only for my Gisela Commander deck, since i work, the format my group plays, but i have to admit, i like Tajic! Late at night, i will playtest him against many match ups. What do you believe is the best number for him, 2 or 3? I think 2.

    As for the extra turn card, will be tested for sure. Both of them play better in a 30 creature deck, than mine (will post it later), but, hell, does it feel mythic!
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy
    Quote from Illinest ยป
    I don't understand why BG constantly gets good removal like this while RW mostly just gets crappy anthem cards.

    Red does lands and artifacts, white does creatures and enchantments. Even flavor-wise I think the land it gives away is a white (Balance) mechanic more than anything. Why doesn't RW ever get any of this good stuff? Screw that Boros crap. Give us the power the color combination deserves.

    Bless your lips mate! Boros cannot even get an ability like Nahiri, the Harbinger's second effect in its own card! Vindicate is boros! Armageddon is boros! Sower of Discord is boros!

    Boros, Dimir and of course the very bottom, Simic, do get the worst multicolor cards. Don't even get me started in commander!

    As for the card, eternal playable in 3-4 multiples everywhere it can be played.
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  • posted a message on 9/8 Mothership spoilers - One riled up dino and a stampede
    Damn, someone in the creative team really hated soul sisters.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    I was thinking about the walkers of the block.

    1st Set:
    Jace U
    Huatli WR
    Vraska BG

    2nd Set:
    Friendly Ally
    Angrath BR

    The first set will have all colors represented. Judging from Angrath's Marauders flavor text, he/she is certainly chaotic, grudging and destructive, which fills all my criteria for a Rakdos character. Also we have not seen this color combination since 2009 and Sarkhan.
    So, who do you think will be the deus ex-machina, if any? Ugin, Kiora??? W, G and U are all open. Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    Hello guys.
    Earthshaker Khenra is close, but yet not the card i am seeking. I wish it was a 3/1 or had no power limit to his ability to disallow blocking. I will test him though.

    Solemnity is a sideboard card. Very flavorful and if the time comes it will be used. Perhaps 2cmc would have been still ok.

    Resolute Survivors could have been a nonhaste Hellrider variant, but demands your other creatures to have exert. Meh.

    TIdecker88@ I don't know your budget, but i obliged to suggest Goblin Guide and Monastery Swiftspear. Honor of the Pure demands you to go wide and cannot win the game by itself.
    EVERY CARD in your deck must be able to WIN the game on the spot if left unchallenged. Always remember this. The only exception is Path to Exile, which is the best removal in the format. I suggest replaing Dismember with a burn spell, such as Searing Blaze. For alternative 1cmc creatures, there is also Zurgo Bellstriker, which works fine as a 1-off in my deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    Because i want to play something more similar to zoo than burn, but realize that without G this is not possible yet (i firmly believe that we are one hasty premium 1-drop away for this to happen though), so it tends to work more like the latter.

    Searing Blaze was a staple in my deck, but got replaced by Lava Spike because it was underperforming lately, as the creature light decks increased.
    I dont like the Eidolon. Call me biased or idiot if you must.

    This is the first set after Tarkir practically, that R gets to be again the small aggro color. Hopefully something aggressive with exert or a good burn spell comes out. Hazorat and Gideon are leading the way.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    Hello again, after a long time. This is my list prior to the new spoilers:

    The last couple of days i have been trying to make Hazorat and the new Gideon work in my deck, and yet again the very nature of the deck allows for a small variety of cards. In fact, if a card cannot win on its own right away, then it simply isn't included, with the exception of 1-drops like the Lynx and of course Path, which is the best removal of the format.

    Final verdict of the new cards: Hazorat is fine against nonwhite midrange decks, ok against control and abysmal against aggro. Gideon is alright against Eldrazi, some combo decks and midrange that cannot wall it (aka Rhino and Goyf). Thus, Hazorat may be okeish as a 1-off maindeck, while Gideon can be included as a 1-off maindeck or in the side, in the best of cases. I will keep playtestig though.
    In different shells i guess they can work better.
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Bloodbound Juvenator- Quite inovative i have to admit. Judging from the flavor i would argue this being WB though. The card itself is fine, but in combination with older forgotten cards it could easily turn out as a disaster. Works in Standard, either trush (burn is a thing) or broken combo in eternal formats. Good job nevertheless.

    Swashbuckling Corsair R
    Creature- Human Pirate (U)
    Haste, Vanishing 2
    ''Survive 3 years and you may become a captain. Then again, let's lower the bar to 2 days for starters''- Marine welcoming saying to recruits.

    Designed as a premium aggro creature for red based decks. Perhaps 2/2 would be better. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on What Cards Do You Hate?
    Timely Reinforcements.

    I know it is a neccessary evil to exist against aggro decks in modern, but it is not fun being the guy to be cast against four consecutive copies of this devil.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    I have been tuning and playtesting with my close playing group, lately, though not yet in serious Friday Night games, because of university exams, and Kaladesh awaiting.

    Dryad Militant has fallen out of favor, and Kytheon has been doing fine. In fact, not only does he imposes a serious beatstick if left unchecked, but there have beem games he stands as an eternal blocker, enough turns for me so that i draw that particular finishing burn spell.
    Zurgo is there for the LoLs, as a fourth copy of Kytheon would be too much for a legendary. The redudancy and surprise haste work fine though.

    Imposing Sovereign was underperforming, as modern has turned into a removal heavy format lately in my playgroup and/or creature-light decks. The Eidolon is really helping in those situations. Though when the times come that i face a Aether Vial deck or an instant reanimator deck, i really wish i would run both in my deck. Sad decisions.

    The new Chandra on the other hand, has been a great newcomer against midrange and prison decks. Perhaps i will get a second copy, but i find it hard to find room.
    The Declaration and the Firecraft are always on point, as well as the Blood Hand, because my deck REALLY HATES LIFEGAINING! I may replace the second Blood Hand for a second walker or something, but besides Chandra, the others are not good enough.

    The new fast land is losing ground in my deck for one simple reason: Landfall. Without the fast lands, my deck has 12 fetch lands and 8 possible targets. With them the pothential targets become 6, that's 2/8=1/4=25% efficiency loss for my mana fixing, the Lynx and the Blaze! Saving 2 life never seems to win me the game, whereas there have been a sufficient amount of games that i had dead fetchlands in my hand!
    I think i will return to 4 Foundries for as long as landfall is a major player in my deck.

    I will post results as soon i start playing starting next week i believe.
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Heir of Autumn-I believe that -2/-2 without including itself and -3/-3 for all would be the solution, so i agree with you choice. I like his flavor and second ability a lot. Though i would suggest sacrificing 2 lands, so that he does not become too obnoxious in the right deck. The rest is fine. Thumbs up!

    David Dahar, the Shadowpacted 2BR
    Planeswalker- David (MR)
    +1: Create a 4/4 Shade creature token with ''Haste, Deathtouch. At the beggining of the next end step, exile this creature''.
    -3: Destroy target nonenchantment permanent.
    -7: Target opponent gets an emblem with ''You can't cast spells or activate activated abilities of you permanents, unless you pay 3 life for its instance.''
    Loyalty counters: 4
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Steelglint Armorer- Veteran Armorsmith for all creature types as long as you control an equipment. It is a simple and elegant design, though the Veteran Swordsmith version would be my choice for the same cost and ability. Thumbs up!

    Highway to Heaven Aircraft 2
    Artifact- Vehicle (R)
    Haste, Flying
    When Highway to Heaven Aircraft enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 Aetherborn Rogue creature with ''This creature can't attack or block. At the beggining of the next end step, sacrifice this creature''.
    Crew 2

    Designed for aggro decks. It guarantees at least the first attack regardless of your board, while being aggressively costed. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [KLD] - Spoiler Discussion for Modern
    I mean you ''sacrifice'' it for that particular combat phase. You are right to point it though, i neglected to clarify it.
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  • posted a message on [KLD] - Spoiler Discussion for Modern
    I wanna like crew, i so much do. The idea of Goblin Guide becoming a professional smuggler or racer is just ridiculous. But then when i try to compare a card like this with any staple 2cmc creature, i find no winning merit.
    The cornerstone problem of this mechanic is that you have to sacrifice a creature, so aggro decks will just play the most damage dealing critter, midrange will play the best ''good stuff'' and control need this hypothetical crew creature to finish the game consistently.

    Smuggler's Copter would be a fascinating vehicle if it was 3/4 with crew 2. Just that tiny change.

    I believe in the whole block there will be a rare/mythic rare vehicle that will be aimed for eternal formats, but it will have to either:
    a) Have a huge body for low cmc, since you sacrifice a creature. For aggro this most like also means haste and/or evasion. OR
    b) Be the next Batterskull, aka have it produce the token that will crew it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Boros
    Let's hope she does not become a walletslayer! Who am i kidding...

    The first ability can end the game or gives you one more chance to draw that Charm you need.
    The second ability lets you empty your hand with her and then Blaze a creature.
    The third ability can kill almost anything, though it will rarely be the best to do asap.
    The forth can end game, but who cares.

    She seems handmade for your deck GofyTomcat1! I believe i will use her as a 1-of maindeck or 2-of in the side against midrange. In matches like jund, junk and mardu is where she truly shines.
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