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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Clue #3 seems interesting. What kind of drawback could balance a Worst Fears for all opponents and in a permanent's Continuous effect? My first thought would be something like Underworld Breach, aka. a permanent with a spell-like effect that sacs itself after a while, but maybe it's something super narrow, like "You control your opponents while X is being targeted by a spell" or something.

    ... while choosing targets."

    Black-border Gleemax.
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  • posted a message on Potential upcoming set leaked for 2022
    The Nine Titans already had mechas/power armor. I have a certain trust in MtG Creative to give us an interesting twist and take on cyberpunk the same way they repurposed steam punk into "aetherpunk" on Kaladesh.

    As far as I'm concerned their transformation with their own IPs has been consistently less of an issue than their product bloat, power creep, "set design" (probably restrains put on this one to have chase cards for all kinds of Constructed formats) etc.

    Marketing and business decisions are far more problematic than the artistic realization, and I'm certain I'll be quite pleased at the concept of the plane, but they'll pair it with a new wallet-targeting product that would have soured the taste of the release independent of which plane they choose and how they developed it.

    So I welcome this, oping they don't repeat what the just did in ZNR and underplay their chance at nostalgia by sheer flavor name-drops.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Not tooting my own here, just basing it on my experience teaching HS English, I believe my way of spelling is correct: Ji-sel-luh, w/ an "s" that's almost a "z."

    Wouldn't the spelling be "Gisela"?
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  • posted a message on Yarok The Desecrated (MTGGoldfish preview)
    Quote from The Fluff »
    so this guy lives in zendikar. They should have just made him an eldrazi.

    The whole point of this is that there are no more Eldrazi on Zendikar and the restauration begins, but there are still... things that are not neat - after all Zendikar was an inhospitable plane ripe for adventuring long before it was food for the plane-eaters.
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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
    Please, recreate my account.

    Username: ZasZ234
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  • posted a message on Speculation Forum and custom cards
    Am I the only one annoyed by threads in the Rumor Mill subforum Speculation that clearly belong into Custom Card Creation?

    I have no problems with obvious questions like reacting to a new mechanic like e. g. exalted with suggesting elegant design variants like Akrasan Squire or putting it onto an enchantment. Those speculations are based at least on the solid foundation of an existing/rumored mechanic.

    But sometimes such card creations totally miss a premise to be posted in the context. Look here for two threads that are totally wrong. But even within threads people seem to miss the point totally at times as long as they can show off their cards to the wider audience the Rumor Mill provides.

    I think, something concerning this matter might better be added to the Rumor Mill Guidelines (as its the best way I can imagine to bring it to the attention of everyone and have a good reference point).

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  • posted a message on Meylan - Keywords are Key
    I am carrying this block idea with me for years now and it might be just about time to try how it works out: Evergreen keywords.

    I decided to have multicolored factions combining multiple keywords, but those will be exclusive to that faction. The themes for the factions are meant to harmonize with their keywords, but are not yet final.

    The size of the set is not yet decided. There are no plans on expanding the theme to a whole block (though changing the combination of keywords could easily support that idea), so it will be reasonably large.

    There may be a sub-theme honoring enchant and equip.

    Regeneration is left out for now on purpose, but it would be nice to know if I forgot anything else.

    I'm hoping to find a nice mechanic or even keyword for spells to support the theme.

    There will be definitely a small animation theme going hand in hand with enchantments that have flying and lands that have trample etc.

    Caelean Order :symw::symu::symb::xmana::xmana:

    The Belt of Caelea is a group of naturally floating islands. On it lives an order of Aven and Vedalken wizards. The Aven naturally claim the islands as their homes, being able to fly is a necissity as the islands are only quiet small. Herds of Pegasi travel from floating pasture to pasture.
    The Vedalken have are refugees from the savage lands below. They fled with their balloons to the sky, while barbarians tore downtheir towers. The space saving vertical architecture comes in handy in their new refugium. Under the patronship of the Ancients - the spirits of an extinct race - the Order seeks to gain access to the lands below, but the Earthbound yet resist.

    Keywords: Flying, protection
    Races: Bird, Vedalken, Spirit, Angel, Demon, Sphinx, Pegasus, Faerie
    Classes: Wizard, Soldier, Cleric

    Characteristics: Sabotage-abilities

    Ashvalley Hunters :symw::xmana::xmana::symr::symg:

    Ashvalley is a wide lowland between the main mountain chains on the continent. It is the main habitat of Arachs, Elves, Humans and their semisentient mounts, the Unicorns. They hunt everything in their vast territory and above and are formidable fighters.

    Keywords: Double strike, first strike, reach
    Races: Spider, Elf, Human, Unicorn, Beast
    Class: Warrior, Archer, Scout, Shaman

    Characteristics: Pump-spells, Ensnare

    Horde of Ebonridge :xmana::xmana::symb::symr::symg:

    One of the great mountain chains of the continent is Ebonridge. Here resides the Horde. The imp-like Devils have conquered the Mountains and enslaved the tribes of Goblin Barbarians and their savage gods: Powerful Elementals and tunneling Wurms. Now they have strongholds erected for themselves and send their troops on raids into the valleys around.

    Keywords: Fear, haste, trample
    Races: Devil, Goblin, Beast, Wurm, Horror, Elemental
    Classes: Barbarian, Berserker, Shaman

    Characteristics: Sacrifice, Attack-trigger, Growth

    The Leeching Legion :symw::xmana::symb::xmana::symg:

    A faceless plague of undead Insects roams over the fields. Their are thousands of them and they live nowhere. They just crawl over the face of the earth and consume everything, plant and animal alike. The rough magic of their Shamans reanimates what is not instantly consumed as decaying hosts for the larvae of the swarm. No one stands in the way of the Legion, because at the end of the day there will always be more of them. Fortunately the climate will change and they will migrate to another region.

    Keywords: Deathtouch, lifelink
    Races: Insect, Zombie, Elemental
    Class: Shaman

    Characteristics: Combat-tricks, Recursion, Lure

    Flickermist Rogues :symw::symu::xmana::symr::xmana:

    The Flickermist mountain range is vast and mysterious. Of its inhabitants is not much known except that they are small tricksters. They are an alliance of the like-minded Quicksilver Dwarves, Stormkin and Mistlings, who settle their since centuries, but after otherss appeared and showed interest in their land summoned an enormous Mist Elemental to cover their realms and now defend it together against intruders through trickery, illusions and well-crafted traps.

    Keywords: Flash, vigilance
    Races: Dwarf, Kithkin, Elemental, Illusion
    Classes: Rogue, Wizard

    Characeristics: CIP-trigger, Block-trigger

    The Borearids :xmana::symu::xmana::xmana::symg:

    They dwell in the oceans, but they come at land with their impenetrable shells. The creatures of the shore live in symbiosis and hunt inland rather than among each other. They are able to hide from the scrying of the most powerful Mages and the eyes of the most talented tracker, when they sneak into their holds

    Keywords: Shroud, defender, landwalk
    Races: Dryad, Homarid, Turtle, Treefolk, Shapeshifter
    Classes: Shaman, Soldier

    Characteristics: Activated abilities (also for opponents)
    Typing this up took a while, so only a few example card to illustrate the point:

    Ashvalley Archer :1mana::symg:
    Creature - Elf Archer
    :symw:, :symtap:: ~ deals 1 damage to each creature blocking or blocked by a creature with reach you control.

    Inspired Vedalken :2mana::symu:
    Creature - Vedalken Wizard
    Imitate flying (This has flying as long as you control another permanent with flying.)

    I don't think it will stay a keyword all the way through the design, but expect at least a cycle, possible with a global effect added as long as it imitates, e.g. "As long as ~ has deathtouch, creatures you control can't be blocked except by two or more creatures."

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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Kithkin Mafia - Game Over
    Chapter I – Funeral Feast

    Jack looks towards the long tables with the many seats. The festivity has been meant as a celebration of the bounteous harvest of the previous months. Fruits of the field greater than a Kith’s head have been brought together and pies baked. The feeling of elation has caught on everyone. But now the mood is dampened by the sudden death of on of their own; today they will not celebrate, but mourn.

    Jack can sense without surprise that everyone’s thoughts return again and again to the worrisome words they have heard earlier that day. The cenn’s speech - revealing the investigation results regarding the murder - echoes through the thoughtweft with a voice unwilling to fade away.

    “Many of you”, the cenn has started, “ blamed the Fae, who disgraced the body of one of us with their gruesome pranks. But we found soon that the wounds were to deep to be their work. Other rumors spoke of the crime being committed by a Merrow, but the waterways are far from the site of crime. Once we knew that the wounds were inflicted by farming tools of our own kind it didn’t take long until we knew the truth: We had to search among ourselves for the murderers.”

    The upset has been great, but soon resolved by the cenn explaining that the list of suspects can be narrowed down to just a few who cannot confirm their whereabouts during the night. It won’t take long to figure out who of these have committed the crime. According to tradition though, everyone has an equal right to present their defense and allow the others to sense the truth in their feelings. Only after everyone is heard a vote is held to decide who will receive justice.

    Jack takes his place at a table with twelve chairs and looks at the other Kith sitting on their places. They are talking about the harvest and how good the food tastes, but it won’t be long and they will come to the topic at hand. It won’t be long until the bloodlust that taints the thoughtweft will raise the tempers and fingers will be pointed, accusations will be made and things be said that cannot be taken back. And before the end of the day one of those gathered around this table will be called to justice.

    Jack glances at the sky above and wonders whether the sun will ever again rise as bright.

    It is Day 1. Twelve players are alive. The lynch threshold is at twelve votes and decreases approximately one vote every 48 hours.

    The Bemoaned:
    0. Pregame Dude, Kithkin Greatheart, Neutral Survivor has been covered with deep cuts by unknown and desecrated by Fae Night 0.
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Kithkin Mafia - Game Over
    KITHKIN MAFIA – Big Trouble in Little Lorwyn


    The basic principles of mafia apply. There is a town and a mafia. The main tool of the town is the lynch each game-day by majority. The mafia has the ability to assassinate each night-phase and talk at night.
    To avoid confusion between day/night in the game and in real life I will always give real life time in hours. This will always be an approximation that can easily vary more than an hour.

    The Golden Rules:
    # The Forum Rules apply, do not ignore them.
    # I can overwrite any other rule with my judgment and it’s entirely possible I have already in your role-PM.
    # If you are ever in doubt on a ruling, you can PM me to receive judgment.
    # Have fun!

    # Type vote: player to subscribe your vote against that player. If you already vote another player the earlier vote will be automatically removed.
    # Type unvote to remove all votes you have currently subscribed to any player.
    # A player gets lynched, when the number of votes against that player is greater than the lynch threshold.
    # If the number of votes for ‘no lynch’ is greater than the lynch threshold, the day ends without a lynch.
    # The lynch threshold is set to a number determined by the players alive at the beginning of each day phase. After approximately 48 hours the lynch-threshold will decrease by one until there are enough votes for a lynch.
    # There is only one lynch each day - in case of the lynch threshold decreasing to a tie, the players are responsible to break the tie by unvoting.
    # If the lynch threshold reaches 0 everyone loses.

    # Posting in thread is allowed to any living player after I declare the beginning of the day – I will post the outcome of night actions (e.g. victims of night kills) as far as publicly available - until I declare the end of day – I post the outcome of day actions (e.g. the lynch) as far as publicly available.
    # Communication outside of the thread on game-related topics is prohibited unless specifically allowed in your role PM. This includes talking about the game to any person not currently in the game.
    # Once your dead has been proclaimed, you are no longer allowed to make game-related comments at all. You are allowed a single Bah!-post as long as it contains no game-altering information. When in doubt, don’t say anything; the Bah!-post is optional.

    # Nights will have a deadline of 72 hours – night actions sent in after the deadline ends won’t be considered.
    # Members of night-talk groups (e.g. the mafia) may talk to other members mentioned in their Role-PM via personal messaging or a during the night.

    # Don’t quote any part of any PM I send to you (be it word or image), especially not of your role-PM. This rule will be enforced with mod-kills, probation and blacklisting depending on severity.
    # You may however paraphrase your role-PM. Use common sense or ask the mod.
    # Crypto-claiming in any form is forbidden.
    # There is no Jester.
    # An example role-PM:
    Quote from Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins-Mafia »

    Nath's Buffoon :1mana::symb:
    Player - Townsfolk Resister
    Special abilities from Elf sources targeting you during night or day fail.
    Smik learned the elvish dance quickly enough. The most difficult, yet most important step was to stay out of Nath's sight until called to perform.

    Win condition: When no Mafia players are in play, you win the game.

    # Your role may contain activated abilities with one of those symbols: tap symbol or :symq:. The first denotes an activated night ability with a single use per night, the second an activated day ability with a single use per day.
    # Mana symbols (:1mana::symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:) in your abilities have no meaning for using the ability unless otherwise stated.
    # There may be additional fluff and notes to your abilities (FAQs) in addition to the win condition. The box contains your full role as far as relevant.

    Activity & Absence:
    # Try to post as often as possible – once every one or two days should be okay. If you don’t you will be prodded and granted an additional couple of days to post, before you are replaced. My patience is finite.
    # If you are not able to post for an extended period of time, make sure I am informed.
    # You may request a replacement for yourself at any time.
    # Due to the voting mechanism players may request prodding and replacemet of other players, which I will follow if a prodded player doesn't return to the thread in time.
    # You may request to freeze the vote threshold while I am searching a replacement.

    # Be nice to your mod and fellow players – remember that the general forum rules apply to mafia as well. And after all it’s just a game, no reason to get rude.
    # Don’t edit your posts. This rule will be enforced with mod-kills.
    # If a player acts rude as part of a gambit, I can't stop you, but I will evaluate faked rudeness like real rudeness, because it generally takes away from the fun of others. In extreme cases bad sportsmanship may suggest you for probation.

    1. Archmage Eternal
    2. Callaway Clem Da Squiggoth
    3. Deaths_Vampire
    4. greymon90210
    5. iLord
    6. kpaca
    7. Milldawg
    8. Minineko
    9. mystery meat of doom
    10. Skander
    11. Wuffles_II
    12. zindabad


    Minineko hasn't posted since February and wasn't active for three days. I start Day 1 anyway with all negative implications for the player. The cat won't have more than 48 hours before I start searching for a replacement.
    You may post in the thread now.

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  • posted a message on Kithkin Mafia (Mini) Signups
    KITHKIN MAFIA – Big Trouble in Little Lorwyn

    Jack awakens from a terrible nightmare. He cannot recall the details, but he vaguely remembers himself screaming in the face of an insane hatred. He looks out of the window. It is deepest night. He can barely see the sun behind the distant horizon. But out there are other Kith awake with faces reflecting his own feelings. Jack must have shared the dream with others through the thoughtweft – maybe it hasn’t even been his own nightmare. Curiously he leaves his bed and joins the others, who are hastily walking towards the fields. Now he feels their emotions even stronger: fear and panic.

    He sees a dancing figure on a hill, a shadow of a Kith against the sunlight. The others have gathered around and watch it with eyes wide open, some turn away in disgust. At first he doesn’t understand, but then he sees the Fae flutter around the poor Kithkins head taunting him. But why does nobody help him? Indignantly Jack storms towards the hill and scares the Fae away by picking up stones and throwing them after the Fae. At first they seem to insist staying, but then they fly away.

    The Kith they were circling though collapses immediately. And now Jack turns his full attention to the poor being and backs away in terror from the sight. Now he knows why no one tried to helped him. The Kith was disfigured by dozens of deep cutting wounds and the only reason the corpse was moving were the Fae, who played with the body like a marionette.

    Jack was disgusted and terrified and shared this feelings with the other Kith around, but the echo carried another feeling that would soon be shared by them all: The longing for justice, vengeance, blood. The clachan hungers for a lynch!


    This is a game for 12 players. Signups will be open for approximately 72 hours. When you sign up, please provide the following information in your posts:

    * How many games of forum mafia have you completed (a link to the most recent game would be nice)?
    * Have you been modkilled/replaced recently? If so why should you be considered for this game anyway?
    * Are there any upcoming events that might stop you from commiting time to the game during the upcoming months?

    The game will feature a decreasing lynch-threshold, which means that days have a restricted length. Lack of activity can hence be very detrimental to the game. Make sure you have enough time you can invest in playing the game so you don't need to be replaced.


    For those of you, who are totally lost on what the theme is about: Kithkin and Lorwyn are explained in MTGSalvation's very own wiki.

    The setup has been reviewed by loran16 and DragonDart.

    Signed-up Players so far (14):
    mystery meat of doom
    Archmage Eternal
    Clem Da Squiggoth

    Today the time's running out. Last chance!

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  • posted a message on [CON] & [SCI] Mechanics for third set introduced early?
    Okay. This speculation is based on the assumption that Conflux will be five-colored and Scissors will be themed around enemy-wedge shards. For the sake of this thread, let's pretend that's true.

    Further many people think the enemy shards will introduce five new mechanical identities (compare the Ravnica guilds).
    This makes sense:
    Why would any white wedge-shard have exalted? Neither red nor black like that mechanic ("~ attacks each turn if able." and "~ can't block." don't work well with exalted - unless it's on a single beater).
    Why would a new blue wedge-shard be expected to feature more of the artifact love, when it shares a plane with at least green or red - possibly both?

    We all expect the five shard-thems of Shards of Alara to continue in Conflux. There is no reason to think that the united Alara won't have aspects of the individual shards. Now continuing this line of thought, the united Alara should have also all aspects of every shard in Scissors.

    According to the leak, there is a Thallid in Conflux. What is if the Saproling production up to now just was foreshadowing a return of a theme for a wedge shard? Sporoloth Ancient wants to be reprinted soon with that name fitting Mycoloth so good.

    My speculation: Shard of Alara's mechanics will be continued in Conflux, but the Scissors mechanics will also all appear already.

    Further implications: Except for cycling, which may evolve over all three sets, all mechanics will have the same number of sets - there will be 'last set' mechanic. That's a huge benefit, because it was stated, that R&D tries to develop their keywords more and not abandon them after a single set.
    There may actually be some of the other expected themes, like the land-themed shard - just moved at the end.

    Obviously there are also negative side-effects, e.g. the predictability of the last set, that hurt Dissnesion as well as Eventide.


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  • posted a message on [R&D] Back to Basics

    Awesome banner by Fogatog of Epic Graphics

    R&D is a clan for anyone who enjoys Magic design. This thread is a place where members and friends can chat about design, get help on their design ideas from experienced designers, and just enjoy hanging out in general.

    Members are also expected to regularly contribute to design and discussion of the clan's current design project, found here. If you are a friend rather than a member, you are welcome to contribute to the project but please leave only comments rather than editing the project page.

    Clan Designers

    Alabran - Clan Leader
    ZasZ234 - Subsidiary Clan Leader
    Mago Sanguvita


    Shadowfox (MIA)
    Kenny "Lan" Karasu
    Itinerant Soldier
    Kagavin, Havoc Bringer

    Honored Friends

    Eledin - Clan Founder
    Alacar Leoricar
    Kraj - Former Clan Leader; Great Designer Search Contestant

    I <3 Ballistic Fury
    Doubtless One
    Master of Warcraft
    Lord Moo
    Patron of the Nerds
    Night Terror
    Photon Eater
    Magic Mage
    Casual Chaos Rules!!
    Faerie Lord

    APPLICATION POLICY: To become a member of R&D, do NOT PM any clan member. Just post here, saying that you want to join, and present three cards that you have created. (They do not have to be connected the R&D's current project.) You must have at least 30 posts to join.

    Members who make regular and quality contributions to the clan project will become Clan Designers and allowed to fill leading roles in the project design.

    Anyone can be a friend! Just ask, or stop by and chat.

    Peruse our clan history...

    We're far too busy, being [R&D]elicious
    [R&D]: We'll Be Your Girlfriend!
    [R&D]: Screwing Blue Since 8th Edition
    [R&D]: We Formally Deny Ever Making Skullclamp
    [R&D]: The Station for Card Creation
    Look at Me, I'm In [R&D]!
    [R&D] Getting Mark Rosewater Fired
    [R&D] First Steps
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  • posted a message on Stand to your decision to close a thread, anonymous!
    In my years on MtGS I have been stumbling across threads that have been closed for no apparent reason and without statement as to why or who.

    I think it would be nice to have any mod/admin either make a post or add in the first post/title a statement as to why the thread got closed or who did it, so the public knows where to go with questions about the decision or an appeal to re-opening the thread.

    Just an idea.

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  • posted a message on [ALA] Return of the Guildmages?
    Well, maybe not the Guildmages, but some mechanical equivalent - just look at that art:

    A black Grixis spellcaster with red and blue spells and a probably blue Esper wizardress wielding black and white magic - looks like they belong to a cycle!

    And what better way to show the structure of a Shard than having a main color creature with activated abilities from both secondary colors?
    Or maybe a single ability that uses both colors, though the chances of that aren't that high. Hybrid would be cool, but there are no hints for it, so new Guildmage seem likely - they were an elegant design and would work both for Alara's color scheme and for interblock-synergy (two-colored decks).

    No, I haven't read any of the art-batch threads; feel free to tell me, if this isn't new speculation. Smile

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  • posted a message on Create the Common Challenge - 2008/04 Round VI
    Welcome to Round VI!

    It's the final round of April! (The declaration of the winner will naturally bleed a bit into May)
    Keep in mind that most of all the card you vote for should be a appropriate for common! And don't forget to vote, when you want your submission to be in the next poll!

    2008-April Round #5 Submissions:

    Quote from Dragoon26
    Baulduvian Frostbeast 3UU
    Snow Creature - Beast
    You may sacrifice two snow lands instead of paying Baulduvian Frostbeast's mana cost.

    Quote from menma
    Emperor Penguins 2U
    Snow Creature - Penguin
    ~ can't block or be blocked by nonsnow creatures.
    The Emperor Penguins rarely leave their territory.

    Quote from blacker_lotus
    Polar Impediment 2U
    Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1 for each nonland snow permanent you control.
    Draw a card.

    Quote from memnarch6
    Freezeframe 1U
    Tap target creature and put an ice counter on it. As long as it has an ice counter on it, it is a snow creature.
    Draw a card.
    Most Xyl chronologists believed they'd move forward. Some instead became cryologists and went back to a time unbeknown to them.

    Quote from Twilight Kiwi
    Frozen Assets U
    Choose one - Tap target nonsnow permanent; or untap target snow permanent.
    Entwine - S

    Quote from Ikeda
    Rimewind Drake 1U
    Snow Creature - Drake
    Rimewind Drake can't attack unless you control four or more other Snow permanents.
    Heidar never factored the drakes into his plans, but they remained an intimidating presence in the vicinity of his stronghold.

    Quote from Alx2
    Rimeshroud Serpent 2UU
    Snow Creature - Snake
    Snow land walk (this creature is unblockable as long as defending player controls a snow land)

    Frosted Sicklearm 2U
    Creature - Bird
    Whenever a snow permanent comes into play, ~ gains flying and gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

    Quote from TywinLannister
    Age of Ice UU
    Snow Enchantment
    All permanents are snow in addition to their other types.

    Quote from penguinwriter
    Gusts of Blizzard U
    Return target permanent with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of snow permanents you control to its owner's hand.

    Quote from elathel trom
    Rimewind Mage U
    Snow Creature -- Human Wizard
    When Rimewind Mage comes into play, put an ice counter on target permanent.
    Permanents with ice counters on them are snow.

    Quote from Quazifuji
    Frosted Lens 2
    Snow Artifact
    S: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to play snow spells or the activated abilities of snow permanents.

    Quote from ZasZ234
    Snow Creature - Illusion
    Whenever ~ deals combat damage to an opponent, you may draw a card.
    : ~ can't be blocked this turn except by snow creatures. ( can be paid either with one mana from a snow permanent or .)

    Scoreboard after 4 Rounds:
    Ikeda - 8
    ZasZ234 - 8
    Dragoon26 - 8
    menma - 6
    myevilhamster - 4
    penguinwriter - 4
    Alx2 - 4
    Twilight Kiwi - 3
    memnarch6 - 3
    Kami_of_Randomness -3
    TywinLannister - 2
    elathel trom - 2
    Quazifuji - 2
    CounterAdept - 1
    Krey - 1
    chaosjuggler - 1

    - Each player submits one card per round
    - This card has to (a) be a common (b) fulfill the round requirement
    - When the next round is put up, there will also be a poll to vote for the best card - each vote will net you a point that will be noted on the score board. Voting for yourself will result in no points from that round and possibly a DQ of your card submitted at that time, so simply don't do it!
    - You must vote on the poll, if you want your submission to be legit for the next round! If you don't vote, your submission won't be up for voting in the next round.
    - I will put up the cards you will be voting on in text format, so please submit textcards in the suggested format (s.b.) to make the work easier for me; if you really want to submit a render, I won't stop you though.

    Cardname :?mana::sym2w::symub::symrg:
    Cardtype - Subtype
    Rules text
    Flavor text
    For reference the original inspiration for this game and some helpful tips as originally put together by ShinyMan:

    I was inspired by MaRo from his recent article.

    It's also true that in the custom cards thread, people tend to make splashy rares or, to a lesser extent, uncommons. I also found it true while trying to design my own set that crafting the common slots is a very tough task.

    So here you are! A competition created mainly for commons! I see this as a new step to give us more chance to practice making commons and see how they others twist such basic elements of the game.

    From MaRo's article.
    A common should be;
    - Easy to understand
    - Straightforward
    - Covering the basic elements of game play
    - Serving as backbones for limited decks

    A common shouldn't be
    - Too swingy in limited (Glare of Subdual, while being simple and straightforward, is too much for limited.)
    - Too wordy (Alter Reality isn't that complicated, but it requires too much reminder text and became wordy.)
    - Too complicated (We obviously don't want Celestial Dawn in the common slot.)
    - Too big or too splashy (Akroma in common? No no!)
    - Too narrow (Rain of Gore, for example.)

    Being a common has nothing to do with power level and doesn't mean that it can't be a tournament staple.

    Examples of common cards that are tournament staples.
    White - Faith's Fetters, Momentary Blink
    Blue - Mana Leak, Compulsive Research
    Black - Last Gasp, Dimir House Guard
    Red - Seething Song, Rift Bolt
    Green - Llanowar elves, Silhana Ledgewalker
    Multicolor - Scab-Clan Mauler, Castigate
    Artifacts - The signets, Chromatic Star
    Lands - The guild karoos, Terramorphic Expanse

    Remember folks! Commons could be very innovative.

    Examples of very innovative commons
    White - Beacon Hawk, Temporal Isolation, Whitemane Lion
    Blue - Foresee, Rune Snag, Trinket Mage
    Black - Festering Goblin, Psychotic Episode, Macabre Waltz
    Red - Gathan Raiders, Riddle of Lightning, Empty the Warrens
    Green - Edge of Autumn, Utopia Vow, Sprout Swarm
    Multicolor - Coiling Oracle, PIllory of the Sleepless, Riot Spikes
    Artifact - The spellbombs, Wielding Jar, Terrarion
    Lands - The artifact lands, Terramorphic Expanse, Cloudpost

    Round requirements: Create a blue card with converted mana cost 1!
    Anythings possible. Don't forget to vote!

    This round will last approximately four days.

    Questions/suggestions/critic can be directed at me via PM or right in the thread.

    Good luck & have fun! Smile
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