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  • posted a message on There are boxes out there with a mythic in each pack
    Quote from Snoopdeville3 »
    Looks like a big time error.. people have been complaining about missing rares/mythics in the packs and boxes they have been buying.

    I was missing a foil in 2 boosters out of the one box i opened.
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    Quote from Varyag »
    All Foil Comet Storms should be immediately torn to pieces upon opening.

    Don't even know if I'll draft this set. You can do 3-4 normal drafts for what one of this set costs, and have better expected value/easier time finding 8 people to fire off the pod in the process.

    All Comet Storms should be put in an envelope and sent to Wizards with a note saying "please don't reprint this again". We could actually make a thing of it - what are we going to do with that junk anyway, might as well make a stunt out of it.

    Lol I'm definitely down for this if I pull any in my 2 boxes. If I even open them now
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