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  • posted a message on White "Passive" Control Deck
    Quote from JDay
    This is a rather groan-inducing white deck. I suppose it could be thought of as control, but it's only real goal is not to die, not really being concerned with what the opponent does. It uses Howling Mines to draw the opponent out and keep your hand full of goodies. Your opponent is the first to draw off of your Mine, so they should draw out, first if you play carefully. There's a Feldon's Cane, for good measure. It's done well in my very limited testing, but I have no real knowledge of what the Lorwyn game might look like, so I'd appreciate if any major holes could be pointed out. The sideboard is just thrown together. Here's the deck:

    I think I would run...

    20 Snow Covered Plains
    4 Mouth of Ronom

    4 Howling Mine
    4 Wrath of God
    4 Holy Day
    4 Oblivion Ring
    4 Dawn Charm
    4 Pollen Lullaby
    4 Chronomantic Escape
    2 Ajani Goldmane
    4 Martyr of Sands
    2 Hoofprints of the Stag

    I think that build is solid. I have seen a friend run a similar deck with a green splash for Rites of Flourishing and Abundance...it seems to work very well. He also runs Hoofprints but runs like 2 whetwheel is a win condition.
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  • posted a message on White "Passive" Control Deck
    just for some advice, I am playing a similar deck right now and have noticed that the deck almost scoops to Gaddock Teeg, so I would not only suggest a snow base with Mouth of Ronom,but also taking out the Pariah's and Angel's Grace for maindeck Ajani and Oblivion Ring.

    Oblivion Ring gives you an answer to Teeg so that you can WOG either that turn or the turn after, and Ajani not only is relevant in the deck but gives you an alternate win. I would say...4 ring, 2 Ajani maindeck would do it. Or also...in a long matchup, Hoofprints of the Stag is a viable "win condition" also.
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  • posted a message on Jace Beleren Speculation
    I think this guy is going to be better than people give him credit for. I guess if I had to rate them by playability I would see it as a second to Garruk, Followed by Lilliana, Chandra, and Ajani.

    The first thing a friend of mine said when he saw it is that is was going to be a new Phyrexian Arena, and thinking about said statement, it still makes sense. This guy is going to be a staple in UB control decks throughout the format. Essentially you give your opponent 2 cards so that you can net 7 over 7 turns...FOR THREE MANA. He isn't that bad of a card, you just need to think of how a deck like that runs. Sure, you may be giving an aggro deck extra threats, but your still running counter magic and Damnation, or another mass removal effect (aka damnation lol). Against control, he is even better. Regardless of the fact that your opponent is drawing 2 cards from your ability, you are netting 7. That is how a control deck wins, is by netting more card than your opponent, even in the mirror.

    Hell, even if I had to Uber Johnny mindset, I would say at least you could run this guy in some kooky mono blue control deck with traumatize and his last ability...essentially if both resolve you win the game I guess..who knows. Someone will try it, I know they will.
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  • posted a message on Better Lucky than Good Part 2: PTQ: Valencia
    See I have ran into Yakov like 5 or 6 times in my magic career, dating back to Team Constructed when I played my B/W Husk deck against his Wildfire deck, to just trading and such at prereleases, etc, and I must say that I am glad Yakov won his PTQ entry and he definitely deserves it..He's a good player and a good guy...good luck in the PT man.
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  • posted a message on The DCC: 07/02/07
    Wretched Recurrence 2UB
    Enchantment- Rare

    All cards that have you search your library for a target now must search a graveyard.

    "The worst part of dealing with any threat, is dealing with it again." - Sergeant Bael, some guy I made up and can't think of a title for.
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  • posted a message on The DCC: 07/01/07

    Success! 100
    Success! is colorless.
    You win the game.
    Failure... 0
    Failure... is colorless.
    You forfeit the game.
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  • posted a message on The DCC: 06/29/07
    Risky Business 0
    Risky Business is colorless.
    Select a number from 1 to 20 and roll a 20 sided die. If the numbers are the same, you win the game. If they do not, you lose the game.

    "In response to your Dragonstorm for four...." -Steven, Hopeless Magic Player
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  • posted a message on Hasty Depths
    Doesn't the deck lose to goodcards? lol Repeal for 0, or Boomerang seem to um..WIN THE GAME. Any deck rips you apart because of all the free cards your giving them...
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  • posted a message on Swatch (Grapeshot + Pyromancer's Swath Combo)
    Tampering with the deck for shock, or rift bolt, or anything else I find are just subpar ideas. I ran a similar build to the original post with a tweaked board at regionals. My results were actually decent and I got a LOT of positive reactions.

    Round 1- Saffi (Project X): House him game one, hit him for over 30.
    Game 2, he castigates turn 2, then turn 4 glittering wishes for another castigate...eventually he gets 2 hierarchs and I can;t deal with it.
    Game 3: I keep a one land hand only because if I draw ANY land I infernal tutor for a 3rd rite of flame turn 2 and win turn 3. Could not draw a land for 6 turns. Meh.

    1-2 (0-1)

    Round 2- WUG Blink Combo (Heirarch, Snake, Mangara and Blink)
    I have played with this deck numerous times as a friend of mine had the deck built for awhile.
    Game 1- Deal 33 with Swath and Double Grapeshot on turn 4. Guy 2 seats to my left goes " wow all I heard was a lot of damage with no so good cards. That's awesome." When my opponent goes to shuffle for Game 2, the same guy goes "Wow you just got owned by grapeshot? How do you feel?" Guy..totally angry.

    Game 2- I essentially stall as I think I know what he sides in. I lost hours when he has 4 lands on turn like..6. He rune snags it. I pay it. He rune snags it again. I'm like wtf? 2 turns prior I transmuted a Dimir Machinations and he asked me "if what he was doing was an ability.." so after he double rune snags a lost hours I am like wow this guy has voidslime or Trickbind. So next turn I transmute for another lost hours and pass. He goes draw, go. I draw, play lost hours. He mystic snakes it which taps him out, and I combo off for the win. GG me.

    2-0 (1-1)

    Round 3- Rock? IDK?
    Game 1- He goes turn one search for tomorrow suspend, I go turn one land, go. He goes land, pass. I go draw, land, lost hours. He has lands, Teneb and Sudden Death. I pick Teneb, which then gets shuffled away next turn. I win easily.

    Game 2- Literally same deal. I lost hours turn 2, and see persecute, phyrexian arena, among others. I take persecute, it gets shuffled to search for tomorrow. I am transmuting away, and think about going off. But he keeps going draw go making sure he has 4 land, 2 of them being white. I seriously thought this dude had Seht's Tiger. I am like wtf. I have 6 win cards and a machinations. He plays arena finally, like turn 8. Then he glittering wishes for castigate..and doesnt play it. I am like..I got it..he has mortify. He passes, I draw, Xmute the machinations for a 2nd swath, play like..song song swath swath..after the second swath he goes "that's game" and reveals a mortify. I am pumped.

    2-0 (2-1)

    Round 4- Gruul. Best match of my life ever.
    Game 1- I keep a one land god hand on the draw. It was mountain, Lotus Bloom, Double Rite of Flame, Double Grapeshot, Seething Song, knowing that I can draw one of 8 cards in the 3 turns it takes for bloom and win. I top deck a swath the same turn bloom comes into play. I deal 39. LOL.
    He goes crazy. " I DONT BELIEVE THIS PILE JUST BEAT ME BLAH BLAH BLAH." After continuing to run his mouth, I deduce that I am going to be a tool also. He keeps on the play, as do I. He goes "if crap like that happens again I am going to quit playing magic." He goes land, Seal of fire. I go land, Double Lotus Bloom, and pass the turn. He's furious. He does something and passes, I draw and play a storage land. He takes his turn, I put a counter on my land, blooms go to one. I draw, play another land. I'm like "transmute shred memory for a second grapeshot...thats right. Second. I am going to hit you for as much as possible." He takes his turn he's like "this better not happen." Both blooms come into play. He is acting childish going "hold on man..I can respond..I have a seal of fire..." He did this after every action. Essentially I told him I was going to empty my hand and hit him for as much as possible. I sacced one bloom for black and one for red. The one for red paid for a seething song. The one for black hard casted shred memory, to remove the lotuses I had just sacrificed from the game. I then molten disastered for 0, played a swath, and then played double grapeshot. I kill his board and him..he like throws his deck, signs the slip and leaves...leaving a Stomping Ground on the table. I'm like um..Mine. Tool. Apparently he left his Bag there too, because the judges called us both up and he was in such a fit, that he just left. It was hilarious.
    2-0 (3-1)

    Round 5- Dragonstorm WOOT!
    Game 1- He goes turn 1 steam vents. I laugh. He goes "what's funny?" I tell him how I haven't played against this deck all day. I am reaffirmed by turn 2 dreadship reef. I win this game by going Bloom, Swath double grapeshot for 21.
    Game 2- It is later in the game and I have 2 sulfurous springs and 2 mountains, with a possibility to go off next turn. I also have my one sided in Shadow of Doubt and Lost Hours. I play lost hours..his hand is Hunted, Hellkite, D storm, and land. I pick D Storm. He top decks another. And wins. I Lol. He sided in riptide pilferers too. I couldn't kill it lol.
    Game 3- He hits double pilferer, turn 3 and turn 4. I lose. I am disappointed.
    1-2 (3-2)

    I then left with my ride because 7-2 would not have made the cut. Definitely a fun time, and I definitely loved the reactions and attention I was getting. Under deck creator I put "Extarbags (Handle from Mtgsalvation). That was my salute to you sir. I only wish I could have done better and got the word out lol.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Regional Results
    lol i know Coleslaw IRL, and let me say that hes probably being 100 percent discriminatory to the sliver deck because we have some kid at our shop who plays slivers a lot and is clearly a horrible player/deckbuilder/showerer. I like the deck and I say grats on making top 8 with slivers...I know they can be decent but its just funny to hear that slivers do well. At least your not running Poison Sliver, or Shadow Sliver, or sliver legion. (the guy i mentioned before like oogles at cards like this..and is hilarious.)
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono Black Rack
    I Made Coleslaws Build.

    Spam Warning. Please add more content in the future.
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  • posted a message on Swatch (Grapeshot + Pyromancer's Swath Combo)
    I still have been continually testing this deck, and am also considering UR Perilous Storm. Anyways. Of all the decks in the current meta that I have played MBC is the WORST for me. On top of that, none of the main decks run Persecute. I can basically sum up how I have done against every deck.

    Gruul and Boros: I HOUSE IT. Like literally, I think I have only lost once and it was to mulligan to 5.

    Narcobridge: About 75%...turn 2 and turn 3 magus of the bazaar is usually game over, but with shred memory your deck is almost pre teched against it..not to mention post sideboard you drop black leyline and if your opponent doesnt scoop...im surprised.

    D-Storm: About a toss up? Like a remand on one of my "go off" cards has yet to hold me back...but i mean my deck is clearly more consistant, not to mention I have SB tech against it also.

    Control: I have beaten control a lot...but BX control builds with persecute is almost GG...other than that...I've played infernal tutor to search for a second pact...and thats usually GG me if i know im about to go off.

    Other than that, I have realized that the deck loses to 2 maindeck cards (eh kinda); Persecute and Extirpate. And also, the deck goes NER against SB cards like Trickbind. Therefore I have tried to tech my SB around this.

    Current Sideboard:
    4 Leyline of the Void (against dredge I side in 4...and take out blue pacts)
    3 Shadow of Doubt (Tutorable Dragonstorm Tech. I take out lost hours for them as most of the time i go "lost hours" and theyre like...EOT telling time? or like next turn sleight..and i just go DOH)
    4 Ignorant Bliss (Meh? IDK yet. It's tutorable. but still too slow IMO)
    1 Defense Grid (I am considering this option against straight up control, and the decks that leave one or two mana open for me for god forsaken extirpates and trickbinds)
    1 Molten Disaster (I like..Its nice...)
    Im also considering 2 stupor also..Possibly. IDK yet.
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  • posted a message on Swatch (Grapeshot + Pyromancer's Swath Combo)
    a friend of mine is considering playing rack discard at regionals and it got me to thinking...there must be better discard hate..WHAT IS IT?
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  • posted a message on Swatch (Grapeshot + Pyromancer's Swath Combo)
    i remember now...3 bliss in the board and 1 howling mine..xmute for it...dont need to put it main in an aggro meta because itll burn you...its good to xmute for it after a persecute naming red...lol
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  • posted a message on Swatch (Grapeshot + Pyromancer's Swath Combo)
    I love the main deck and disagree how lost hours should NOT be in it. I have been testing this deck for at least 10 matches a day and it WINS ME GAMES against certain decks. Essentially I have deduced that the deck straight up gets boned by 3 cards; Persecute, Extirpate and Trickbind. So I think i have teched out the SB very well..

    4 Leyline of the Void
    3 Shadow of Doubt (D storm, mystical teachings, mainly d storm)
    1 Defense Grid (trying it because i find control is leaving only one mana open the turn they KNOW ima go off...i think its a good surprise since you can tutor for it..but once you do they MAY play around it...if you ran more than one i suppose you could draw into it and shock some people)
    2 Nightcreep (aggro meta for regionals..shouldnt need em main deck)
    1 Molten Disaster
    3-4 Ignorant Bliss
    1 Open Slot maybe?

    I also LOVE 4 blue pacts main...its more tech late game...i dont want to describe a scenario i was in because it was far too long, but lets just say having one in hand helped immensely.

    I also dont like the concept of darkness in the board as it is not easily put in your hand.

    I feel like im missing something i wanted to say but clearly i cannot remember it. im vowing to run this deck at regionals...i love extarbags.

    PS I remember...Blood crypt over expanse and remove a mountain for a swamp, deck is too dependant on black mana

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