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  • posted a message on Disenchant - Alpha or Beta?
    Take any card not from.alpha and compare the corners. If the corners are different, it's alpha.
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  • posted a message on Random Things You've Noticed About the English Language
    Actually, the English major was right. The word is,either irrespective or regardless. Irregardless, even if it's to be considered a word, would amount to a double negative, and hence mean the exact opposite of what it is usually used for. Incorrect, eitger way.
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  • posted a message on Worth Investing Right Now?
    No, but fall 2019 is about a year away, so you'll be able to use those cards in Standard for about another year.
    And as said, if you buy primarily cards from GRN (or M19 IIRC) they'll remain in the format for a year longer.
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  • posted a message on Suggestions for dealing with a rude opponent
    Talk to the person in question? Or just ignore the tantrums and trounce them.
    Our store used to have a player like that (although he would stop short of insulting players), and after he got beaten in the game enough, he didn't come back.
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  • posted a message on Need help evaluating a card collection
    What do you mean, alternative 4th Edition?
    If you're talking Summer Edition, you're holding a fortune, whatever cards are in it...
    If it's metely the second printing, then never mind.
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  • posted a message on Spellslinger Starter Kit
    I mean, 2-player starter kits predated the Duel Decks product line anyways, and they also had stuff like clash packs come out before the product was retired. The end of the product line never did mean the end of 2-in-1 decks.

    My first Magic product was the Kazz and Zakk preconstructed, pre-ordered with play-by-play walkthrough "duel" deck.
    Shortly after, I got all my playgroup's blue cards on the cheap, because "blue sucks"...
    Good times.


    Yes, I'm old...

    Edit: pre-ordered as in the cards were in a pre-determined order.
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  • posted a message on Coldsnap Appreciation Thread (Yes, Really)
    And so many wacky casual cards. Still looking to acquire (and then break) Braid of Fire.
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  • posted a message on Promos: Vampiric Tutor & Nin, the Pain Artist
    And while I love the art-appropriate and lovely concept of having Ixalan vampire themed Vampiric Tutor, I resent that the artwork is so hideous. So many Ixalan vampires, male and female, are very elegant, handsome/pretty in their art. But here, we've reverted back to depicting men, yet again, as old, gnarled, worn and unattractive. I love everything else in the art, from the candles, lanterns and feathered pens on a map etc. But contrast this to lovely Terese Nielsen depictions of Jace and Gideon, I question the high volume of disparity in MTG art with sexualized women relative to grunty gnarled brutes in depictions for men. Gives the game a distinctly hetero male exclusive vibe that I resent every time I see men depicted to be as unattractive or imposing as possible.

    Honestly i would find the art ugly even with brad pitt/george clooney/johnny depp/jason momoa/ryan gosling/whoever you want.
    As an hetero male i would hate the art even if there was naked emma stone instead. There are many problems with this art, the attractiveness of the main subject isn't even on top 10.
    - he doesn't look like he's tutoring. Really random looking at maps isn't what tutors usually are, unless they are land tutors.
    - he doesn't look scary. The idea is that you are paying for the tutoring with your blood. The idea isn't depicted by the art in any way. It's just a random studio with some maps. You can't even be sure that the guy is a vampire
    - he is ridicolous. Not because he's ugly because he looks annoyed. Like a grampa who sees kids on his yard. Really his exprection isn't giving to me a "youu are gonna give me your blood" feeling, but a "can't you see i'm busy?" feeling.

    Fully agreed. The original art actually perfectly conveyed just that, while the Masters art was just gorgeous, but this is just... forgettable.
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  • posted a message on Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire and Lathliss, Dragon Queen
    Quote from Lectrys »
    New Vaevictus looks OK as a creature to cheat in off your opponent's Show and Tell in Legacy and eat up your opponent's big creature and maybe Sneak Attack later. Of course, Griselbrand draws 7 cards before he gets killed, but when doesn't he draw 7 cards before getting offed?

    When someone drops a Humility as their S&T choice?
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  • posted a message on Trading sucks
    Really? I quite enjoy trading.
    I suppose it helps that I never trade anything unless I already have a playset (or 1 copy for vintage-only restricted cards), have a bunch of those leftover cards ranging in value from bulk rares to constructed staples, so there's generally always something for people to find.
    But if they don't, no hard feelings, and enjoy the rest of your day.
    And I don't see a problem in looking up card values to make sure the trade is roughly even either,

    I admit that wanting everything even to the penny is a bit silly, but most people I find aren't that interested when it comes to bulk rares, and for valuable cards I don't mind throwing in a bulk rare or useful uncommon/common or two.
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  • posted a message on O_O MYCOSNTH LATTICE!!!
    Quote from Crispen_Smith »
    Quote from Velrun »
    Can someone tell me what you can use this card for?

    I remember when it was first spoiled many, many years ago and no one wanted the card because it didn’t do anything.

    What does it do, now?

    In EDH there's a fairly nasty win with this, Darksteel Forge and Nevinryl's disk. Also, artifact heavy decks tend to be able to ramp in out quickly. Arcum Dagson and his tutoring can have this online stupid early.
    Not sure if that's where all of the 25$+ value is coming from.

    It also makes it easy to blow up everyone's lands (Karn, Silver Golem), or to just blow up everything else in general (Vandalblast).

    March of the Machines kills all lands as a SBE (except yours if you have a Master of Etherium in play) and Null Rod shuts down all non-triggered, non-spirit guide mana forever.
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  • posted a message on Lost Soul's Apparent Nudity
    Why is it awkward?
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  • posted a message on [M19] Commons leaked in Dominaria Packaged Product
    I thought core sets are also supposed to be the place to include safety valves (ie, decent catch-all removal) for Standard, not just the newbie sets?
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  • posted a message on Epic combos.
    Mesmeric Orb + Seeker of Skybreak lets you mill your entire deck. From there you can use the usual Dredge shenanigans or whatever cute GY combo you want to win the game.

    Sky Swallower + one-use sac-effect + Endless Whispers gives you all permanents in play.
    Alternatively, play Sky Swallower with W1 floating, then cast Balance, leaving you with an 8/8 flyer vs whatever puny creature your opponent decides to keep.

    Aluren + Genesis Chamber + Man-o'-war/Cavern Harpy et al = infinite 1/1 Myr tokens. But Aluren's kind of silly that way anyway.

    Trade Routes/Barrel Down Sokenzan + seismic assault. For added bonus(es), aim the Barrel at a Stuffy Doll or Mogg Fanatic to really put the hurt on, or have a Crucible of Worlds/ramunap excavator in play, so you can replay your lands.

    Furnace Celebration + Mana seism lets you do 2 damage to something for each land you have in play except 1. Ashnod's Altar does it for creatures.

    Null Rod + mycosynth Lattice kills all mana production (and other activated abilities) bar Spirit Guides or triggered abilities (thran turbine, braids of fire, eladamri's vineyard/its magus, blinkmoth urn). Creatures can still attack, but that's about it. Add a March of the Machines, and all lands die upon entering the battlefield. Add a Master of Etherium, and yours don't, plus your Master is really, really big. March + lattice still kills all lands, march +rod is a nonbo, but two out of three ain't bad. There's no reason you can't play mana rocks to accelerate into the Lattice, as they'll be creatures with a March, or at least make your Master bigger with a Rod in play. Suspending things before you hit the "kill all mana" button is also a good idea.
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  • posted a message on Brawl feels like a solved format
    Because starting a new format off with a banning isn't where you want it to be.
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