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  • posted a message on StarCityGames Discussion Thread
    No store would ever grade the 4 Mana Short as 3 NM/M and 1 SP. Sorry to burst your bubble. I highly doubt any If this was sold on eBay and graded as NM/M and I am bidding NM/M prices on it, you would be getting an item not as described dispute and a negative feedback from me should you not resolve it. The bottom left card is badly scratched at the top right corner, and a small portion even have the black border coming off and you can see the white card stock beneath it. Fits correctly into their MP classification. The other 3 cards have enough edge wear, and surface wear to be graded as MP. I don't think this is an issue with harsh grading from Starcitygames, but an issue resulting from your incorrect grading of the 4 cards (at the very least for these 4 cards). I'm sorry if that isn't what you would want to hear, but that is the truth.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What is the most pimp card/deck you've seen or owned? (SEE RULES!)

    Tempest Plains with a standard mtg back

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  • posted a message on List of shops that CANCEL orders when cards spike. (READ OPENING POST)

    Beyond the veil of an amateur looking site with a (in my opinion) terrible color for the background and poor selection of singles, lies the hypocritical owner who operates it. Why do I say that? Just click the link, go to 'service' and see the philosophy section. Small $28 order that got cancelled. Quantities purchased were all 8 or under, well within the acceptable limit given by the site. Other stores fulfilled what I bought later on. No response from the seller whatsoever. The automated email from PayPal was the only notification I have gotten. The seller does not even bother to send an email to me telling me the order was cancelled.

    Just don't buy from this seller. Terrible selection of cards with prices that most stores can compete with. Most stores don't charge much for shipping internationally with several offering free international shipping if the purchase amount is high enough. I would suggest everyone to not deal with such a wannabe. It is of no surprise that this site doesn't even have many sales at all. My last order was for 61 cards totaling $171 and the cards came crammed in a PWE for those who were wondering how the orders were shipped. Even TnT who gets so much flak for their shipping, uses a bubble mailer. Just don't deal with rancoredelf. Such unprofessional sellers are detrimental to the community.

    This site has been posted here before. I'm well aware of that. If he didn't honor the sale all it does is to prove the point of why his site is listed on this very thread.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What is the most pimp card/deck you've seen or owned? (SEE RULES!)
    My current EDH:

    General+2 spare tokens

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  • posted a message on Unlimited Lotus with crease price check
    Quote from SirBruce
    It's not damaged just from a major crease. As I originally said, it's borderline HP, but from the front it could pass for MP. People will prefer the crease over heavy whitening that obliterates the card art.

    I have totally no idea how you even grade cards. The Lotus will always be in the worst possible condition grade. Grading the front and back differently is ridiculous. If the back of the card is poor the entire card is poor. Either way the front is still poor to me, and anyone buying cards (especially higher end cards) would always look at the card's back. The crease is downright obvious on the front. The card also has shuffle creasing and a lot of play wear. No way this could be graded anything above Poor/HP. That isn't a borderline case at all. No where even close to that. Most players would rather take a card with play wear than a heavily creased card.
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  • posted a message on Pre-Order Items "lost in the mail" and eBay?
    Quote from SilentHill
    Your misguided, I'm an eBay power seller.

    I offer free shipping (without tracking) on everything less than a certain dollar amount, with the option for bubble mailer and tracking for $1.50 more. I'm taking the risk, that if something gets lost in the mail I'm going to eat the cost. The buyer, is taking the risk that if something gets lost in the mail they are not going to get their stuff (assuming they don't buy tracking). They will get a refund of course, but if that card has gone up in value then tough luck.

    That is how it works. (It's also worth noting that I have never had anything get lost in the mail *knock on wood*)

    It makes me sick sometimes hearing how people think they entitled to something. It's the sellers responsibility to get you your items and blah blah, well. It's really not. It's the sellers responsibility to ship your items, it's the post office's responsibility to make sure they get there. Because eBay mandates it. I'll cover for their mistake if it happens and give a refund, which is all I'm obligated to do.

    That being said, Cardshark has the best policy. They put all the onus on the buyer. If you buy without tracking and they get lost in the mail then too bad for you. If you buy without insurance and they get damaged in the mail? then too bad again. IMHO that is the way it should be. If your ok with the risk you get it a little cheaper, if your not ok with the risk you pay a little more for piece of mind, eBay circumvents this by basically telling sellers, "hey if you want to take the risk we have the biggest buying base in the world."

    Power seller means nothing on eBay, and is extremely easy to get it. The other person is referring to getting a top rated seller status. You are required to upload tracking information on 90% of your sales, and meet a good number of other requirements.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Both Japanese and Chinese (foil or non foil) Coffin Puppets have alternate art.
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  • posted a message on coolstuffinc
    Quote from jeffbcrandall
    If you have definitive proof that it was delivered and if registered mail (presumably signed for?), then you need to gather that information together and tell them that if they dont acknowledge that they received your package, then you will be filing mail fraud against them. If you dont have definitive proof, then I dont know what to tell you.

    The store is still denying that the package was delivered to them. The store said they would check with their postal service and never got back in touch. I had to email them again to get this reply.

    Thanks for ordering with us. Unfortunately this package has not been delivered to us at this time and was unavailable from any of our local post offices. Please start a claim on your package with your tracking number at this time.

    There is no way I could be filing a claim since tracking shows as delivered. I sent via registered mail which would have meant someone would have signed for it.
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  • posted a message on everything went gray!
    How do I go about changing the forum styles? I can't recall where I go about doing this. I'm seeing the site in green and I want to have it changed.
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  • posted a message on MPS Lands
    The MPS lands were worth something 3 years ago, and I have been selling them for more than 3 years to know that. I'm not going to comment on the speculation part of it, but right now Ravnica lands are obviously better than the TS lands. The time to buy the lands from these two series for a cheap price have long gone.
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  • posted a message on MPS Lands
    Quote from Pilerboy
    I don't know why people keep repeating that the rav ones are the good ones; the only run I find consistently impress people are the 2006-2007 series which have 'MPS' in place of the mana symbol (one of only two runs of basics not to wear a mana symbol, can you name the other?). I don't think I've ever had anyone look at the island or plains and not say, 'wow.'

    I believe these will one day be held in similar prestige to guru lands (although, given not as old, the value will not be comparable, but I could see them worth half).

    Ravnica MPS lands are definitely worth more than the Time Spiral MPS land series (2006-2007 lands), not even close. I don't see the Time Sprial lands ever coming close in comparison with Guru Lands. The demand for these MPS lands are a lot lower compared to Guru Lands. TS lands are typically easier to find compared to the Ravnica lands, but more and more Ravnica lands are appearing on eBay after the spike in prices. Personally Ravnica lands are easier to sell, especially when I put a set of 20 together.

    @Mr.C: Personally I'm still sitting on a 400 count box full of Ravnica/TS MPS lands. There are others out there who own similar quantities or more of these MPS lands. Smile I'm just going to part mine out slowly when I have the time.
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  • posted a message on coolstuffinc
    Here is the tracking number: RC609120982SG. It definitely shows the package has arrived. Registered mail requires a signature so someone must have signed for it. I gave them the tracking number and they still said they didn't receive the package. Supposedly checking with USPS and getting back to me but they didn't.

    From USPS
    Your Item's Status Your item arrived at 6:16 am on August 03, 2012 in WINTER PARK, FL 32792.

    Registered Mail™
    Arrival at Unit August 03, 2012, 6:16 am WINTER PARK, FL 32792
    Processed Through Sort Facility July 30, 2012, 10:10 pm ISC MIAMI FL (USPS)
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    Processed Through Sort Facility July 26, 2012, 9:16 pm SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE
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  • posted a message on coolstuffinc
    Bought and sold to this store many many times without issues. However, I sold them a bunch of cards in July. Tracking (registered mail) shows that it has been received. However the store said they did not receive it and hasn't paid me yet.
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  • posted a message on Diablo III
    Right now one of the easiest way to get a good pile of gold is to find a decent legendary item. These are the legendary items I found (post patch) off my head that I sold for >$10 or 10million gold. I might have missed some. Also found quite a good number of legendaries that were sold for between 5-10mil (maximus, inna's reach, hellcat waistguard etc). Pretty easy to find a big pile of gold these days.
    Natalya's Bloody Footprints
    Natalya's Embrace
    Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom
    Tal Rasha's Unwavering Gaze
    Fire Walkers (sold it before price tanked)
    Andariel's Visage (sold it before price tanked)
    Zunimassa's Marrow
    Zunimassa's Trail x2
    Litany of the Undaunted
    Bul-Kathos Warrior Blood (with a 99% crit damage roll and decent dps)
    The Witching Hour (with dex roll and near perfect crit damage)
    Vile Ward
    Dead Man's Legacy

    I did act 3 runs probably 95% of the time, most were done quick. MF is maxed out (375% with stacks). Number of legendaries I found ranged from 0 to 4 a day. Most days I had 2-3 on average.

    I've mentioned this to someone before but the number of Ivory Towers I find is ridiculous. I found 7 so far and once I've gotten 3 of them in 2 days.
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