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  • posted a message on Magic Pro League (9 pm announcement got spoiled early)
    magic as esports ?
    meh... i think there are many better titles, that are not only more entertaining, but also require more skill of the players.

    in my eyes a strategic mistake, i guess its just something they want to happen but will not happen... but what do i know
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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    when does it start ? 1st january 2019 ? or some time in 2019?
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  • posted a message on What is a good red goblin deck for mtg?
    the best goblin deck is a defeated goblin deck !
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    regarding the value of the set... did they change the rate of mythics ? cause since we got 20 instead of 15 mythics, the chance to get a specific mythic would be lower, right ? so i am not sure if they tricked people with 20 instead of 15 mythics, if they didnt increase the mythic droprate
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    no unstable obelisk is kind of disappointing... would have loved to get one of these in foil
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    hmm, after the interest and hype at the start it kinda feels sober now.

    lots of missed opportunitys in my eyes (i mean in a premium product, why warleader's helix instead of lightning helix?

    yes, it has some good cards and nice downshifts. but when there are downshifts of rares to uncommon, i dont get why cards like Garna, the bloodflame are in this set. i dont complain about here being uncommon, just why is she in the set ? what justifys such a card in a 10$ booster, when u can get the same card on the same rarity level out of a 2,50$ booster ? its not really scam, cause people know it could be inside, but damn, if i were one of the people buying such a booster, i would feel kinda stupid.
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  • posted a message on Yixlid Jailer + Snapcaster Mage
    Yixlid Jailer can disable flashback of cards like faithless looting, but would that also disable a snapcaster mage played after the jailer ? or is this some kind of timestamp thing where the snapcaster gives a card a new flashback ?
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  • posted a message on [UMA] Glen Elendra Archmage New Art
    Didnt see a post of it

    but on mkm you can offer Glen Elendra Archmage

    not sure what their source is, but i doubt they use any fishy source to allow traders to sell the card
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  • posted a message on ¡¡¡Upcoming Western Set!!!
    actually it made me laugh, since that other thread is actually baseless and still not locked. so, do i get a warning if i jump on this joke train ?

    i heared, wizards is planning to save the rights for "Wild wild wizards", probaly the set name ... duh
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  • posted a message on [RNA] - Art Previews for the other five Shocklands
    Quote from OathboundOne »
    Quote from Fenrir Rex »
    Oh good, more Bolas horns marking obvious allegiance. I hate that design so much. Also, thopters- Dovin Baan or Tezzerett puppetry confirmed?

    I'm voting/hoping Tezzeret for a few reasons:
    1) I really like Dovin Baan's character as portrayed in Kaladesh, and feel like it's be character assassination for him to be a Bolas minion.
    2) Baan isn't an artificer (his abilities are a sort of psychometry or clairsentience, while he can and does use this in relation to artifacts, he's never been shown to create artifacts hiself), but Tezzeret IS an artificer and could make the thopters himself
    3) This is exactly what Tezzeret did on Kaladesh -- infiltrating the (specifically white-aligned) government body of the city/plane -- it would make sense for him to do so again.

    EDIT: To be fair, points against Tezzeret being the Bolas'walker involved with the Azorius:
    1) Tezzerert's cards are always heavily artifact based, and the Azorius has never been an artifact based guild (in fact none have)
    2) We know that the Bolas'walkers will share their guild's colors, and a WU Tezzeret is a departure from his previous color identities (UB and monoU)
    3)Dovin flat out "feels" more in-line with, and fits better within the Azorius guild

    but isnt tezzeret from esper ? we saw him mono blue, blue black, but since he is from there, i could see him being a UW walker in disguise
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  • posted a message on 2 questions
    gotta ask again (sorry)

    how is it with Mentor of the Meek, the "if" clause is in a second sentence and depends on the mana spend, not the creatures power (right?)

    so if i get a jadelight ranger that explores non-land cards, will i be able to draw or not?
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  • posted a message on 2 questions
    thank you!
    603.4.A helped me understanding a lot of things!

    and regarding the troll, seems to be a weakness of magic arena, not allowing things in phases it allows in the real game
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    i love the timmy's in our community, seriously

    this product is premium, just because wizards says so and increases the msrp

    does this work anywhere else ? consider a car. when you buy a premium car, you usually get higher quality, more functions and so on, the product also used more workforce or development time.
    is it the same for ultimate masters ? did it take more development time than ravnica ? do the cards not curle anymore ? i mean, does adding on card (#printedpaper) justify this price ?
    it feels like a scam to me, that wizards wants more money for this, just because they let the secondary market affect their policy. so it is strange for me to see, so many people are hyped and buy this product. its not that the product is bad or so, its just, that the price is not reasonable.
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  • posted a message on 2 questions

    i got 2 questions ... or maybe 2 and a half

    when i have a 2/2 Pelt Collector and play Jadelight Ranger
    i decide to put the pelt collector trigger on the stack, than the jadelight one, lets say the jadelight gets at least one counter and becomes a 3/2, will the pelt collector get a counter or not ? (does it remember the 2/1 creature or does it look on resolve how stong it is?)
    does the same go for mentor triggers ? can i let the trigger go on the stack, than pump it and on resolve i get the counter ? (attack with 2 1/1 creatures, one has mentor, attack, trigger on stack, pump the creature to a 2/2, will the other one get a counter?)

    I play Charnel Troll turn 3 with no creatures in graveyard, can i use the discard ability in my upkeep to prevent him from being sacrificed or is it to late there ? (asking, cause i tested magic arena, and it didnt give me the opportunity to use it in my upkeep)
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