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  • posted a message on Challenger decklists for this year!
    i dont understand why they downgrade them so much, especially if u consider the time these decks will be playable. what a wasted opportunity Frown
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  • posted a message on Brand new world after Core 2020 confirmed
    I thought i seen somewhere that it was gonna be a nurse style plan.

    If that's the case though hopefully there isnt gods again I'm kinda over that mechanic/type. Always makes it where one of them is always really good and problematic and the rest are meh.

    could totally see that after a war XD
    some heal wounds
    all heal post traumatic stress dissorder ... like yes, why is that not a thing ?

    i guess it would mean a reprint of Lobotomy
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  • posted a message on March 11 B&R Update
    i dont think nexus of fate is the toxic card, but wilderness reclamation, they should, if at all, ban this card. in my LGS there are so many decktypes around this card (temur reclamation, bant reclamation (with just 1 dawn of hope as win con, UG reclamation) and all tend to stall the game. i am always happy when i manage to win game 1, cause in like 3 out of 4 times it happens that you wont finish the game in time.
    so if there is anything that needs a ban, its that enchantment
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  • posted a message on 36 planeswalkers in war of the spark officially confirmed also stained glass art in better view
    u dont have to make to many answers to planeswalkers if they are just crap
    every creature is an answer to a planeswalker. i doubt that they will make "superfriends" a playable archtype in standard. it would slow down the pace of the game and usually thats somethn they at least try to avoid.

    but when they will planeswalker removal, i highly think they will have planeswalkers with this ability. afterall its a war, so walkers should be able to handle walkers!
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    since it is a war and since people (planeswalkers) die in war i guess we could have some one trick wonders
    for example
    random red planeswalker RR
    0: becomes a 4/1 trample creature, sacrifice it at eot
    -1: deals 3 dmg to any target

    some kind of this stuff, so that u get the feeling u r losing planeswalker in a fight, but that they had some impact before the go
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  • posted a message on "beneficial trigger"
    so in this article

    wizards said
    "Then trigger policy changed. Nowadays, missing beneficial triggers doesn't get you a penalty, you just don't get the benefit"

    who decides what a beneficial trigger is ?
    what if i cant play a Valorous Stance cause my opponent missed a trigger. why wouldnt he get a penalty ? who says he didnt do it on purpose ?

    when is it beneficial if a creature gets bigger and when is it punishible if it is kind of unknown ? or when it can be expected ?

    its not only creaturs, what about gaining life ? what if that is missed ? my opponent is at 9, he misses 1 life gain but i have Hidetsugu's Second Rite on hand. will he get punished or not ?

    i think this change is very questionable. in casual rounds people usually say "oh, it doesnt say "may" i cant miss it" and than they put the counter on it or w/e
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  • posted a message on War of the spark potentially getting 3 color multi color cards (atleast one anyway)
    maybe they do it like they did on alara, where colors can be mixed up

    i think we could see alot of hybrid mana, giving a card a 3 color idendity but allowing to play it for 2 different mana. for exampe U/W + U/B hybrid, makes the card esper and representing a co-work of azorius and esper (just an example!), but u could play it mono blue, bw,bu,uw
    kind of would allow to implement all 10 guilds in one set and dont make the plane lose its idendity
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons (Updated)
    tbh to me this is just another alternate masters set, just with a focus on modern
    i mean the price is higher than for a standard set FOR WHATEVER REASON (cause compared to other card games the magic card quality itself is pretty cheap, resulting from the old days of magic, but compare it to force of will card quality)

    it is just that the timmy factor in our community increased and wizards noticed this. this product is not to evolve modern but to diversify the product range and sell a product with the same costs of developement and production for a higher price to all these people that are willing to pay for it.

    the sad thing is, with an increased price, it is kind of acknowledging that modern is a more expensive format, which makes the entry for newer players so much higher (or even if u want to switch a deck)
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons (Updated)
    meh... i dont like the idea of a modern set that skips standard. i got the feeling that standard increased in popularity in the last months (at least here at my LGS) and i am worried that people dodge standard again when these modern sets come out.

    i dont like modern anymore, to many decks where u have no interaction with your opponent, so for me the format became super boring.

    and when i look at the power level of the spoiled cards i doubt this set will make the format more fun. ok serra kind of sucks for modern, not sure what they were thinking. uncreative, powerless. just looks like "oh they wanted serra for commander sets"..."lets print any random white planeswalker with angel theme and put in a set where it doesnt belong"
    but the therapist seems good, having a continious discard looks playable
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  • posted a message on Saproling cards that could work.
    i kind of like these cards, kind of feals like a saproling themed commander deck wizards could sell

    as for the name of the elvish farmer card, i kind of like the idea of making him a younger version of nemata (so a treefolk, not elf)
    a treefolk helping to spread the spores and make the forest grow sounds kind of right, doesnt it ?
    it would also allow u to diversify ur creature types and not make it all about elves and saprolings/fungi. with other creature types around saprolings/fungi they become the focus
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  • posted a message on Cause Exile matters
    So I like the idea of cards like Torrent Elemental, Eternal Scourge & Misthollow Griffin. They are creatures that come out of nowhere, a different dimension, a unknown place or w/e. While I think "Exile" was originally ment to be the "u r not part of this game anymore" zone, they thought more and more of using this zone, to use mechanics that dont really fit the graveyard, sind the graveyard is for the dead and used creatures / cards. best example is how mono red spells exile cards from the top with a limited time frame to cast it or cards like Karn, Scion of Urza

    so since exile aint that "u r not part of this game anymore" zone, i think we should use it more. i would like a creature that comes from another world, takes things with it to that world and that stuff is never seen again.

    so here is how i would take it on a card like this:

    Velox, the Aether Walker
    Legendary Creature - Horror


    You may cast Velox, the Aether Walker from Exile.

    When Velox, the Aether Walker enters the battlefield from exile, you may exile target nonland permanent.

    Sacrifice two other creatures: Exile Velox, the Aether Walker.


    "Whatever he takes with him, will never return"
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  • posted a message on State of Brawl: Bans, format health, and more!
    Brawl isnt played in any LGS in a 100km radius here Frown
    They say there is not enough demand, while not even trying a single tournament to test it out

    when wizards wants to change things and establish new stuff they should make sure they change the LGS's too, that prefer to much "business as usual"
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  • posted a message on Are that many people really spending money on this game?
    while i think arena is cheaper to build a deck, i think people leave out some other factors.

    when u buy ur deck in paper, u also have the chance to sell the cards. for less, for more, that depends on many factors. but say i buy a deck today, play with it and than sell it, i basically was able to play for free. u cant sell ur cards on arena.

    second, while u have to invest alot to get started in paper, i think there is a real payoff. with the deck i build i win tournaments, there i get prices, especially those nice showdown boosters. those are cards i can sell for real money, so i have some return on my investment. again, on arena u cant sell ur price cards.

    so i think for some people arena is kind of cheaper, especially to those that dont play tournaments or have a store with bad payouts. but i wouldnt compare it directly to just the purchase of real cards, since there are so many differences between these 2 platforms.
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  • posted a message on No More MSRP
    i think this is just a consequence on the feedback they got from the high ultimate masters msrp

    "uh, people critize us for the increased msrp"
    "just dont announce any more msrp"

    problem solved
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