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  • posted a message on Kotaku preview - Giver of Runes
    anyone else feeling that the name is kind of not giving enough respect to mother of runes ? why "giver" ? i think aunt, dought, sister, ... even grandmother of runes would have given much more tribute to mother of runes. i mean they basically copy so many cards and change them by a tiny bit, so i think i they should given more credit to good old mother ^^
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  • posted a message on Esper Midrange
    is it worth to run sorin ?
    i see lists with even 2 sorins and i am not sure if its worth to run him, especially when they have no hostage taker and just hero, thief and guardmage and/or basillika.

    if u reanimate a hero or thief it basically does nothn. if it is basillika or guardmage u can have some value, but is it worth to run sorin just for that ? cause the 1 damage doesnt seem to be worth spending 4 mana
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  • posted a message on Ice-Fang Coatl (Merchant spoiler)
    does it have potential for draw-go decks ?
    i mean its a cantrip with a body that could be used as a removal, just dont know if there is any deck, that wants this 1/1 body ?
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  • posted a message on Over 80% of Modern Horizon cards are completely new
    i say there are just pseudo new cards
    seems like we just altered or "modernized" versions of old cards
    i mean the new hermit is basically not that new, they just replaced the echo by vanishing... wow, i am deeply exited by all this creativity.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] Force of Negation
    the hardcast is reasonable, but the noncreature part makes it worse than Negate cause of 1 mana more meh.

    do i play this one and have the opportunity to trade 2 for 1 for free or do i play negate or spellpierce and keep the mana open to trade 1 for 1?

    without the "not your turn" clause i guess i would play this, but like this.

    the theme for this set seems to be:
    lets take a look at all those old cards that are played in legacy and make the same cards for mordern but worse. so modern is supposed to be a worse legacy ? (cause it seems they want to push these cards into modern but prevent them from possibly being played in legacy... cause "modern" horizons)
    we have a worse cabal therapy and now a worse force of will & and a-semi deranged hermit (not sure whats better or worse, the vanishing or the echo, guess mostly the echo, but depends on the deck i guess)
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  • posted a message on MOCS Championship Spoilers Complete
    meh, this is a disappointing start and it doesnt make me look forward to other spoilers

    right now it feels like: "we didnt know what we could sell you, so we decided to go for full art snow covered lands and added ... something. oh and btw its 6€ a pack"
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  • posted a message on Esper Midrange
    Since there is no thread for discussions, I just start one:

    so today i played the deck above and it was suprisingly fun. i actually wanted to play bant midrange, but i didnt have all cards together, so i played this one.
    was my first standard since war of the spark and i usually play GBx midrange, so i was curios. i tested a few cards like dovin or depose//deploy and they were actually good cards, especially depose//deploy.
    unfortunatly i never drew sorin, so i cant tell yet, if he is good or not.

    i played vs

    izzet drakes (2-0)
    easy games, he was just overrun by human tokens in 5 minutes

    white wheenie (2-1)
    lost the 1st game and had two hard but fun games. i felt a little like i had to many lucky topdecks

    mono red (2-1)
    same as white wheenie. lost the 1st game and then i felt like i had just more luck

    grixis (0-2)
    here i felt like i had no chance. 8 bolas, ugin, lili and tons of removal. it totally felt like the anti deck and this is the reason why i started this thread.
    answers i had he could discard (like an The Elderspell from the sideboard, some cards game 1 were just useless, like tyrants scorn.

    can anyone with more experience tell me whats good vs this deck. i dont feel like Sorcerous Spyglass will do it, since they have artefact removal. maybe Ixalan's Binding ?
    Any other ideas that make the main deck more generalistic good and helps vs grixis ?
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  • posted a message on [Unofficial/Leak] Modern Horizons Buy-a-Box and Second Promo
    are u sure its a buy a box promo ?
    in our store we dont get the promos in a plastic bag. this is only true for prerelease promos. i know this one doesnt have like the astral thing, but that they use a reprint as a box promos makes me really wonder
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizon will have 2 Planeswalkers in total, and the other one is a new character
    there wont be fetchlands or shocklands if i remember right. its 50 reprints of non modern legal cards, so since they are already legal, you wont see them there. the question is, will the set have enough cards for current or probably new arch types to make it relevant, in that case the set might sell pretty well.

    from a business point of view i can understand wizards, why they charge more for the "kind of same" product when people are not even hesitating to buy it. if your customer is a monkey, give them bananas and there are happy.
    from a moral point of view ofc, i dont like this strategy and this makes me as a customer thinking about quitting the game, but guess that makes me a customer they dont want anyways. but if that is healthy for the community in a long run? only future will tell.

    considering the power play they did with war of the sparks, i think we can pretty much expect the same for modern horizons. so i guess the set will sell well. modern became more and more a premium format anyways.
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  • posted a message on Teferi + Kefnet
    so lets say my opponent has the new teferi in play
    i got God-Eternal Kefnet and reveal an instant or sorcery. will i be allowed to cast the copy or not ?
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    i am international and i thought they will be available worldwide. will they be and just the rest is not visible for me ?
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    i am actually not searching at all, just by entering the store and clicking on a categorie it shows me "0 results".
    i can click on ur link and see the figure, if i go to the store it shows me nothing Frown

    can the mythic edition already be seen ? could you post a direct link to that please ?
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    just wanted to check out the hasbro store, but it shows me constantly 0 results, no matter what, cant purchase anything there
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  • posted a message on How To Counter God Cards?
    the question for me is, which tips will be practical in standard so that it doesnt end in a race of gods

    so every color or color combination should at least have something in the sideboad (does every color need something ? can a white aggro just out race a kefnet for example, where it is enough to answer it just once?)
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  • posted a message on and/or wording meaning

    can someone clarify the meaning of the wording "and/or" to me ?

    example: Mass manipulation X=1
    do i get to choose 1 creature and 1 planeswalker ?
    or does X = 1 mean i get to choose a total of just 1 of either of those
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