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  • posted a message on [C20] Full decklists (Ruthless regiment is up) (all decks revealed)
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    Yep why is it that people keep anticipating that’s $20ish reprints it’s the new cards that get those price tags later on

    Because we've had a $20 card reprinted in Commander before (and yes it was between $20-$25 when reprinted in C14). It didn't make Daretti's deck more expensive than any other one. They don't have to shy away from great reprints.

    Indeed. Rift is one of those cards that's very good and quite a few people would buy if the price dropped a bit. Seeing it reprinted in a Commander product wouldn't be unheard of. There's also the fact that many people (myself included) have been asking for a reprint for years.

    I'm honestly surprised that the thing hasn't seen a reprint in all these years at some point.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Full decklists (Ruthless regiment is up) (all decks revealed)
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    I prefer Otrimi to Zaxara, but mostly because the idea of a Mutate deck seems fun, if not super viable.

    See that's the thing. Otrimi seems interesting to me but I just don't know how viable Mutate really will be. I've kind a been on the lookout to see if I could find a Sultai commander to possibly replace Yarok. I like the commander and the deck I built but I just sometimes question if a more...engaging commander will come along that will peak my interest. Ya know? Thing is though, Yarok can be a lot of fun and requires me to really think while still being powerful. It's just that, he's such a simple Commander.

    I'm a little scared that Otrimi will turn out like my venture with Volrath, which was the opposite. The card is fun and rather cool, but the mechanics of it made the deck felt hit or miss. Basically a reverse Yarok problem. Commander requires a bit strategy to properly utilize but the 'feel' of the deck suffers for it.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Full decklists (Ruthless regiment is up) (all decks revealed)
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    Overall I liked that they tied the decks into the set; i think it was a good way to get more out of a set in commander for mechanics like Mutate and the like that would otherwise suffer. Flavor wise it is also really neat.

    I have to agree. It does feel good that the Commanders and the set are linked together. Generally, at least to me, sets usually mean that just a handful of new cards for Commander. A list that further gets filtered through a combo of interest and what decks you already have. But with them pulling double duty with Ikoria as a whole, it just feels like we're getting so much more to experiment with.

    In addition, the flavor is really nice. Ikoria as a whole has the epic feel to it. The idea of running around and slaying huge, mutating beasts while partnering up a beast of your own just gets the blood pumping. I haven't felt so interested in a plane in a long time.

    Quote from Gutterstorm »

    My guess is that Zaxara will come out of this as, by a wide margine, the most popular card that isn't a free kill spell or counterspell from these decks. The Jeskai and Temur partners will fall shortly behind Zaxara in terms of deck popularity.

    I'm tempted to agree. I've already heard rumbling around the net of people so happy to finally have a Hydra tribal commander with arguably the most powerful color combo. Honestly, if I didn't already have a Sultai commander I'd be tempted to pick of Zaxara myself.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Full decklists (Ruthless regiment is up) (all decks revealed)
    I'm not complaining too much. Yeah, not a lot of value but there are good cards in the decks. I'll take generally positive direction versus an outright negative one. Is it all I wanted. No. But it is good enough.

    Already got my deck pre-ordered.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Obosh, the Burrower
    Quote from VariSami »
    No mention of Heartless Hidetsugu yet?

    Oh, that's just...mean.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Rielle, the Everwise
    Well, that's going into Kess.

    That said, kind of mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it's a good card. On the other, it's so good that everyone and their mother is going to want one.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Obosh, the Burrower
    Ok, this is awesome! IIRC, this the creature from in the trailer that Vivian fought.

    So, what are the rules for companion in commander?? Now, I know how it works if you're going to select the card as a companion but can you use it as just a regular card in the 99? I've got an idea for this guy but I need to know the specifics first.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria spoiler season begins on the Magic Twitch stream
    Honestly this set is...out there. Not bad, not good. Just out there. I say that because I have no bloody idea how it's going to play out across the various formats. As a Commander/EDH player I've been waiting for this set to fill out my last commander slot for a while. I'm just not sure if I'll bother. Mainly due to the fact, like others, my response to the set is just 'How is this gonna work?'. Not the most reassuring feeling in the world but who knows? I'm willing to take give a little faith.

    On to the issue of Lutri, yeah, I'm not mad at anyone for banning that.

    As for the new commanders, what's everyone feeling? I'm digging Kalamax and Kathril but can't decide which. On one hand, I already have a spellslinger deck in Kess but Kalamax does work very differently. I'm just scared it will turn into a weaker variation of a deck type I already have, ya know? As for Kathril, I see a lot of cool creature shenanigans with it and it's a style of play that no deck I currently use does.
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  • posted a message on Wich Ulamog is more powerful?
    Hunger is better on cast, as mentioned above. Two exile targets vs. one destroy.

    Yet, Gyre protects you from mill just by sitting in your deck.

    Both are dangerous once they're out and allowed to swing. The difference is speed and consistency. Hunger exiles a lot of stuff but that effect works both ways. Yes, he can hit combo pieces and the like. But he also can just end up thinning an opponent's deck, making them run into much needed cards faster. Plus, to fully exile someone's deck, you're going to need like 3-5 attacks. Gyre, on the other hand, effects the opponent's board state. He immediately forces them to make painful decisions on what to get rid of which is compounded by the fact that they still need to chump him, which will usually mean another thing is dying. One attack is usually devastating to most opponents. Two usually kills any momentum they've built to that point. Three will lock them out of the game usually. Heck, depending on the situation, Gyre can ruin a board state in just one attack.

    Honestly, I think Gyre is better. He gets rid of something on cast, he easily pressures opponents on the field and he protects your cards while in the deck.
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  • posted a message on Mothership 1/3 - Haktos the Unscarred
    I agree with Ritokure. Just because a card has a random element doesn't automatically make it bad. Everything depends on what the effects of the random element is. 'Fixing' the randomness by setting what Haktos is weak to seems like it would make it 'better', but that would just make it consistent. Which would work against him as now it's easy to home in on his weakness. The random element makes it so that this cannot be easily done as it forces opponents to have to work around something that requires a specific answer at a specific time.

    Simply put, his randomness allows for the possibility of him seeing play and doing things in game vs. being constantly shut down because you always know what it take to stop him.

    It'd be different if Haktos' effect was like:

    Roll a 2: Sacrifice Haktos.

    Roll a 3: Give him to an opponent.

    Roll a 4: Haktos has protection from all CMC except 4.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Siona, Captain of the Pyleas (Bloody spoiler)
    Seriously, TBH has just been awesome. I've have found something for every deck I currently run, whether it's a serious card to add or just so fun that I want to throw it in.

    Siona is just...man, can't even put it into words but I'll try...Siona has combo potential, she digs for the pieces of that potential and she generates value. The art is beautiful, the effects are good and she's well costed. As a commander or 1 of the 99, she's just brilliant! I finally got that card to enable an infinite combo for Kestia.

    Real talk, I'd love to go over to WotC and shake the person's hand who came up with her.

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  • posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    The diversity isn't dead, it's just that the groups you described created competitive environments that are not compatible with what you want to do. That speaks to the people you play with, not the game itself. Everyone makes their choice on how to approach the game.
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  • posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    Quote from Carthage »
    So... from what I'm gathering... you want every piece of interaction, card filtering, card advantage, and mana advantage to be so grossly inefficient and/or niche that which one you use (or whether you even use them) doesn't make a meaningful impact on your win/loss record. Am I finally getting this right?

    Don't use stupid hyperbole. We don't need sol ring or mana crypt or mana vault in this format. We don't need one mana tutors. We don't need cards like mystic remora or necropotence drawing cards at rates that have clearly been dubbed obscene.

    Cutting these cards can suddenly open up room for synergy to actually compete, but no synergy will ever outclass a sol ring level card.

    No, it wouldn't. Getting rid of those card will just have other cards who do the exact same things take their place.

    Really, the only effect I could see happening is killing the diversity of the game. A lot of people like the fact that EDH can be super casual, super competitive or something in between. That they can build decks that are meant for certain levels of play and have the card pools to do that.

    Honestly, man, not come off as hostile, but it really just sounds like you want everyone to play at a certain level because you think it's fun. You want everyone to conform to your definition of a good time under the guise that it will make the game better. Not too mention, your stance basically treats it like everyone plays at the cEDH level when that couldn't be further from the truth.

    Not too mention that the measures you talk about would kill deck development. I pretty sure there are people out there who love upgrading their decks over time. Slowly but steadily phasing old cards and replacing them with better ones. The thrill of getting to play a deck that gets better and more efficient with time, tweaking and, yes, straight upgrades.

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  • posted a message on Would like Kestia advice
    I don't know if you're still looking for some advice, but I do have a tip or two. When I started building Kestia, I didn't have much of an idea outside of just enchantress cards, enchantment creatures and the like. You know, basic stuff. But then I read an article that gave me two things I was overlooking: the Gods and stealing creatures.

    The Theros Gods (EX: Nylea & Thassa) are just good in general for everything the deck will want to do. They're enchantments so they will count towards enchantress effects to draw you cards. Plus, they're indestructable making them pains for people to remove. And if you get them to be creatures they will hit hard while handing out various advantages. Overall, I'd say they're almost an auto-include if a bit pricey in real life.

    Auras like Corrupted Conscience and Control Magic work out more than you think. Not only will they trigger Kestia but they give you a back up plan in case you don't have any good beaters out just yet or if your opponents have really good creatures. Not to mention that if the creature you took dies, it's not that big of a deal for you because really, you didn't lose anything but your opponent will have.
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  • posted a message on Why is Edric banned in 1v1?
    Quote from illakunsaa »

    Your typical Edric deck plays exactly the same in multiplayer as it does in 1v1. Calling Edric "great political card" is just lie. Edric decks have so much redundancy that they always start drawing ton of cards before any other player gets to even play creatures. Edrics also play time walks the most antisocial cards I can think of.

    Edric is also an elf and elfs are racists in pretty much every fantasy setting. Elfs in magic are a deck archetype that whines "whyy u targeting me??? Im just playing fair creature deck" while playing storm. At least when you play against honest storm deck you can stifle the storm trigger. You can't stifle Priest of Titania when it's tapping for mana.

    That's less on Edric and more on players who built those decks and I'm pretty sure there are people who don't play him that way.

    Also, 'redundancy'? How does Edric have more redundancy than any other Commander? I'm just saying, most decks pick a strategy based on what their commander does and use cards that are committed to that strategy. Edric is no more guilty than any other commander.

    I don't see how Edric being an elf has any bearing on anything. What does it matter how elves are portrayed in various fiction? That has no bearing on how Edric is played/used. Also, Edric cares less about a creature being an elf and more about that creature either having some form of evasion, offering a utility or just drawing him cards. I mean, out 938 decks on EDHREC, only 52 are Elf Tribal.

    It really sounds like you hate particular playstyles that Edric can be used for and are projecting your dislike onto a singular card.

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