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    posted a message on Drakuseth, Maw of Flames unofficial leak
    Hello everyone, it's Drakuseth, proooobably better known as Maw of Flames, and for today's combat step, we're burning some sweet Planeswalkers in Standard.

    Effect is obviously good. For standard it all becomes a matter of how quikly you can get it into play and whether you can give it haste or not. Rhythm of the wild seems like a good choice.
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    posted a message on Arboreal Grazer
    This turn 1, new Huatli turn 2, swing for 3?
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    posted a message on Guild Globe, Ugin's Conjurant and 6 more leaked on reddit
    I know it would be busted, but it's a shame charmed stray isn't one of those cards where they remove the four copy rsstriction.
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    posted a message on Planar Celebration
    Quote from Raptorchan »
    Quote from krishnath »
    Quote from idSurge »
    I'm fairly annoyed that we know Bolas loses. :p

    It was a foregone conclusion. Had he won, the game would have been over. Same would have happened if Phyrexia won in Invasion block.

    In MtG forces of evil can win a battle, but not war...

    Tell Gerrard and Urza that. Last I checked even though Yawgmoth is gone, Urborg is still permanently corrupt and Phyrexia took over an entire plane created by the only existing bit of the Legacy and the only 'descendant' of Urza. I would say Phyrexia did better in that conflict than Dominaria.
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    posted a message on Living Twister
    Quote from Boreez »
    This card just shuts down aggro decks in Standard completely.

    Which is weird in Gruul colors.
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    posted a message on Ilharg, the Raze-Boar
    So I guess with way that they're revealing things in plot order it's safe to assume the thing that swings things back in Bolas's favor after they start annhilating Eternals with Parhelion and the power of friendship is that it turns out the Big Pig is the real MF deal?
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    posted a message on Parhelion II


    This was obviously printed for Omniscience Draft on Arena.
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    posted a message on Evolution sage twitch preview
    Man, if there WAS proliferate on lifegain, new Ajani would be stupid.
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    posted a message on Macabre Mockery (Possibility Storm preview)
    Man, I am finding Rakdos's flavor so creepy. Parading dead bodies around in front of former friends and allies. Literally forcing crowds to watch their debauched shows. A lot of their cards are real flavor homeruns.
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    posted a message on Galloping Lizrog
    Quote from DodyShiratori »
    This makes me want to build a silly Temur deck where I try to make this a 21+/21+ and then Thud it at my opponents face for lethal.

    And of course in Temur you always have the backup plan of giving it haste, possibly through Riot.
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