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  • posted a message on [VOGUE] Opening Its Pages For A Journey Just Begun


    this will be my last.

    Take care guys Frown

    With all the love in the world,
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  • posted a message on I Sad but Happy to Say that I'm Gone...
    I'm leaving. I'm leaving for the sheer fact that no one believes me anymore. I caught up with another thread today denying my gender and whatever. I'm fed up with it. I've delt with it for too long (5 1/2 months or whatev.). Everything about this site is starting to get under my skin. I'm tired trying to lighten this place up with happiness (and the drama) and then get thrown into the "she's not a she" pit.

    I do have some great memories of this site, though. All the great friends I've made and my wonderful clan, I'm sorry to leave you. My friend Sylvia, Holland's NTM runner-up, will still be here unless she decides not too.

    I'm sorry to those who care for me. I'm sorry to leave you. Just remember that I'll never forgive you. Awwww

    As for the others who are laughing at how this "is a lie" and I emphasize, then oh well. I'm trying to say godbye maturely, but it's just not working.

    I love you all Love is in the air

    P.S. And I'm sorry to go Frown
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  • posted a message on [VOGUE] Opening Its Pages For A Journey Just Begun
    Androgony is something that is really neat, but if you're too much of it you look odd. lol

    There are a couple of chicks at my school who can easily pass off as guys. Some of their voices even sound like a guys! OMG it's quite freaky. My lil' bro has been told that he could pass as a girl. His eyes are what kind of give it off. That's what I've been told, though.

    @Shin: I find a big difference in our world and in Asia (as well as other places) other than the culture. It's just, it seems as though many other things like androgony, respect, and sexuality is far more accepted or not concerned about than here. Here, you get laughed at. It's quite depressing.

    Well, I'm still waiting for the pic i took over Thanksgiving Break. I'm hoping that I'll get it.

    I hate people who pretend to be your friends for only the image you present and nothing else. It's not that hard to figure out who's your friend and who's not though.
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  • posted a message on [ Epic Graphics - Fogatog . Krashbot . Craven ] (No New Requests)
    Ok guys. I'm just trying my luck elsewhere. I'm just feelin' mad today due to gettin' another freakin' warning. I've already deleted my request (like 2 days ago)
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  • posted a message on [VOGUE] Opening Its Pages For A Journey Just Begun
    Quote from Yukora
    First of all, Kroen's a guy. I don't have the slightest idea why he decided to act like a girl, but hey, it's not the first time someone on this forum has lied about their gender.

    He got all of his pictures from google images.

    I take slight offense to the part I bolded due to the fact that I had lied about my gender at first. I joined pretending to be a boy cause I was afraid of what people thought of a girl who liked MTG. She'd be like some card geek. I cared too much about what anyone said, and once I came out about my true gender as a girl, some found it a little confusing and hard to believe. I know that it was my fault, but I hope that everyone trusts and believes me. Then again, if you don't I could care less.

    Quote from TonyCR
    Hi guys, I will like to be a friend of your clan, what do you guys think?

    I suupose so seeing as how your posts aren't that bad and you seem mature. Just don't spam this place up nor rarely post here.
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  • posted a message on [VOGUE] Opening Its Pages For A Journey Just Begun
    Quote from ghindo
    So uh...I realize that this is a double post, but Emily was just banned for being Kroen.


    Wow. That' quite shocking. Well, I'm not going to discuss much about it. She's been removed from the member list.

    Quote from Zyrakris
    Wow.. well, that's a shame. Thankfully I didn't particularly care for her/him... but I didn't hate them either. Yeah, we have to liven this place up a bit. How about a little bit of an discussion/activity?

    First, a small poll. How many of you have access to mp3s, mp4s, wma, or just songs off of the internet?

    My suggestion for an activity: to get to know each other a little better, every one of us recommends a song- just ONE song. We'll upload it on Megaupload.com and link to it on here. We then write a quick review on the songs we listened to; just one sentence/song or even a smiley will do.

    You don't HAVE to participate or write a review, it's just for fun.

    What do you think?

    That is a really great idea!! I have a few songs that I really like, but I don't know my favorite! Frown

    I'll probably say "Wait a minute" from the Pussycat Dolls, but then I also want to say "Sweet Sacrifice" from Evanescence.

    Quote from Diggy
    Hmm, doesn't look too good when one member of this clan claiming to be a girl turns out to be a guy, right?

    Exactly. It makes the clan look very bad and it makes us all seem fake. I'm dissappointed in this. But I'm wondering where this Kroen found pics of a girl's backside and a face that was painted. Confused potentially his sister/girlfriend.

    Wow, from that to speaking perfect english in such a short amount of time, can i ask how you managed it as you could be an amazing linguist Smile

    She can't speak it perfectly at all she said, but she can type/write it a lot better. I know she's been getting a lot of help around the neighborhood and getting tutored while I'm at school. Her speaking is still pretty hard to understand, but she's a fast learner. She's been spending hours around the neighborhood and with tutours to improve her English. She writes/types much better than she speaks, though. lol

    By the way, Sylvia is gone today. She went for her shoot. It actually wasn't way out of state/country like she thought it would be. It happened to actually be in Nashville so she'll be back late tonight.
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  • posted a message on WP Idea- Pandemora

    I tried to add more description to the places

    anything else?
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  • posted a message on WP Idea- Pandemora
    Info on Pandemora- Pandemora was once a glorious and free world located somewhere on Earth that was controlled by five goddesses. The land was inhabited by beauty and peace. The world consisted of mountains, oceans, forests, and even a Haven for the almighty glorious angels. People roamed the magical lands and it's dreamy aura. One day, a creature unknown weeded itself into the mystical world of Pandemora. This creature would soon be known as a threat. The creature started killing countless numbers of people. Soon, more creatures like the threat found its way into Pandemora and started kiling inocent passerbyers. People were slaughtered, raped, and even worse things. No one was left remaining. The five goddesses tried to destroy the threats with countless armies, but all failed. Never had they encountered forces like these before. The five goddesses got together and combined their powers to destroy the threats. They successfully had destroyed them and sealed their world temporarily. The world had been doomed.

    Centuries later, scientists decided to research a bit about this mysterious place. Since the place was to merely be seen (mirage as thought of) they sent highly-advanced cameras attatched to flying bots. None ever came back. There had been one 2 minute recording that the scientists were able to capture before one camera was destroyed. The footage showed a few creatures of assorted types. Some weilded wings while others were of various types. They mumbled a few words and then the signal from the camera was lost.


    The Haven of Marlia

    The central and heart of Pandemora. Angels and all holy beings roam free here. Gaurds and soldiers heavily block the gates and buildings. May be there is a way to persuade them to move so you can get through a place. There is a gate on the east (forest), west(ocean), south(mountain), and north(hellish abyss) sides that all lead to the other places. The place is fulled with shining towers, buildings, and olympic games. In the center is the main place. It is the sactuary that beholds the godess, Marlia.

    The Forests of Mertil

    The loved part of Pandemora. The forest consists of trees, huts, secret villages, and unknown things. Military-like forts are scattered throughout the land. The mytholical legend of the "fountain of youth" is rumored to be located at the heart of the forest. It's inhabited by insect-like creatures with human-like appearances that weild magical powers.

    The Oceans of Serene

    This place was once filled with peace until the day the "threats" arrived. The waters are now slightly polluted and evil lurking creatures lurk below the waters. The Oceans have a large beach where secrets may lay under the sand. Beneath the polluted waters is a legendary pollution-free city much like Atlantis. The goddess, Serene, is said to thrive there. Many activities are held there such as musicals, pearl hunting, and more. All sorts of mysteries and secrets are to be found there.

    The Mountains of Myrial

    The place was once an icy view where hiking and other fun activities were held. Now, the mountains spit out lava from time to time. Screams have been reportedly heard up there from time to time. There only thing left to do is investigate inside the mountains and see if you can discover a hidden city within.

    The Hellish Abyss of Nia

    The hellish abyss was soely created off of Nia's hate. Nia was once an angel with the ones in the Haven. She was one of the holiest and most appraised until she let greed and jealousy get to her as her love was killed. She commited crimes and mocked the holy ones. She was soon banished from the Haven and sent away in a dark, lonely world. With that she created a hellish abyss of fright and horror. The abyss has transformed into a dark, underground hellish city where horrid things occur. Surrounded by corpses, and enternal darkness, there may be something you can do. Not many have been brave to find out.

    Races- You are only human at first, but you can gain and become a different race pending on what area you spend more of your time in in Pandemora. You can become only one other race, and that is decided by you but is only available by how many quests you take and where. (ie. You can become a Soldier, Mechanical person, or Angel by spending a lot of time in the Haven and also completing a lot of the Haven's tasks or protecting the city. Once the option has been opened up to you to change race, you may choose which.

    Note: You do not have to change race, but if you do you cannot change into anything else nor go back to human unless something happens in the story.

    Choices (remember, you start off as a human):
    Note: All races will be half-human. (EX. Half-human and half-dragon)
    Angel (Haven)
    Celestial soldier (Haven)
    Mechanical people (Haven)
    Dragon (mountains)
    Lavamancer (mountains)
    Flaming being (mountains)
    Amphibian of some type (your choice) (Ocean)
    Merfolk (Ocean)
    Harpies (forest)
    Insect of some type (your choice)(Forest)
    Bird of some type (Forest)
    Lone shadow person (Hellish abyss)
    Tainted Demon (Hellish abyss)
    Fallen Angel (Hellish abyss)

    Your part in the story- You are someone who has found it's way into Pandemora. You first start off in the Haven, but you can end up going anywhere else in Pandemora. You are in control of what goes on. Your actions decide whether one things will happen of whatever. Unlimited people are welcome to this WP (as any WP should allow) and you all are able to interact with one another or simply ignore the other.
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  • posted a message on Leave all hope behind all who enter [Vagary]
    Ok, first off, Magic Mage is right. Using "he" is wrong when referring to me. I don't give a nitpickle whether you believe I'm a guy or a girl. Some don't believe me anyways due to the fact that I joined this site pretending to be a guy cause I was assamed of letting people know that I was a girl playing Magic. Most kids around my age that I knew though of it only as a guys thing and would scoff at me for playing it. I finally decided one day that I didn't give a d*mn what people thought about it and I came out. That may be the reason why some don't believe me. Some still think I'm lying about my gender but I don't give a sh*t what they think.

    pfft. I'm happy to be Korean so I do not wish to be Maltese. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm just proud being Korean. By the way, if you guys are wondering about my location, it's not in Korea. I just put it as that because I'd like to live in Korea one day.

    Don't censor evade.
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  • posted a message on [Magic Coffeehouse], where everybody knows your name
    Well, Sylvia isn't here at the house right now. I came in the house after school today and found a note taped to my bedroom door. Apparently she had a dentist appointment today.

    @sneaks: I understand. I think though, you are feeling as though that clairvoyuant is just a spare account for me. That is wrong. The account was originally created for my friend, Raechel, to use to get to know the place I like to be at while she stayed with me for awhile after her and her father got into a heated arguement (which ended with Raechel having a big bruise on the side of her cheek). I had decided not to throw it away seeing as I didn't know how so I just let it sit. Then, two of my siblings wanted to use it so they did. Then a few days ago they gave it up for my friend Sylvia who has come down to stay with me for awhile. I've let her use it and I assue you, sneaks, that she will be the last one to use it. If she ever decides to quit or leave, you may terminate it.

    Also, a little cleary-cleary on the Sylvia situation which was brought up in her Intro thread.

    I DO NOT actually live in South Korea. I just posted it as that cause I'd like to live there since that is part of my culture. That leads me to say that Sylvia is here with me in the U.S. Sylvia is Dutch-Italian (as she told me plus it's kinda obvious) and is a she.

    I know that the account is going through changing owners, but I assire you that this is the last and only one now. If she leaves, the account is banished in all holy hell. If there is no way to delete it for good, I'll change the password to complete random numbers or something random and mixed.

    Also, Raechel is no longer here so she will not know of this place anymore (in terms of not knowing what's going on here) and my bro and sis won't be on here anymore either.

    Sorry for the confusion, if you have anymore questions then please pm me.
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  • posted a message on [Magic Coffeehouse], where everybody knows your name
    Ok guys. You know how Raechel used to own Clairvoyant? Well now it's been taken over by my sis (well actually a while ago she took it over). She's now not on here too much but still wants to be on it so she's going to share it with our bro, Tyler, and my best friend (who's visited to stay with me for awhile) Sylvia. They're going to use different font colors so you guys can tell them apart. The little color key for who's color is what is going to be in their signature, they said. My bro and sis know a lot about this site and how it works (watched me a lot) but Sylvia is still learning. I think she will pick up very quick on it seeing as though three people in the same house know a lot about it and can teach her.

    That's all! Oh, if you guys want to know more about the whole Sylvia story and her being here, then just ask but i left it out cause I didn't think it was too important. I'll let them get on now if they wish.
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  • posted a message on Leave all hope behind all who enter [Vagary]
    Quote from Magic Mage
    什么错误如果你是日本人? Seriously, what's wrong with being Japanese?>.> 中国人があることのどんな悪事か? What's wrong with being Chinese?>.>
    Li, Jet, and Jet Li, but not Jet-Li, by the way.:-/;)
    Also, Jet Li isn't some random thug of a hitman, but a mere Sino-American actor.

    It's just offensive to any of the cultures to call them by another. It's like calling an African a white guy. I know Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans look alike, but we are different.

    Why do I feel like I'm getting a sour vibe from you?

    If anyone is going to attempt to use the word that relates or pertains to Asia, or its peoples, languages, or culture, they better spell it correctly, for the sake of it.>.>

    Uhhhh, duh. Or some Asians are going to get very upset and start bickering until hell freezes over (like I'm doin' right now).

    So, the story so far is that your family is constituted of your parents, your brother, your sister, and yourself. That's pretty cool.
    Sooo, why do you and your brother have similar names?:confused: Wouldn't that be most confusing?
    Also, do you speak Korean?

    I really don't know. I'm called Ty usually and my bro is called Tyler.

    I speak little Korean. Learning American has made me forget Korean.

    How can you type in a different language?
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  • posted a message on [VOGUE] Opening Its Pages For A Journey Just Begun
    I agree, Photon. Jesse does have a nice build up on the chest. I think the face is cute, but that's my oppinion.

    @cali: Thankies! I'm still waiting for the picture to arrive.

    Neat news. You guys may not know much about the history of Clairvoyant (the username here that my sis uses) but it was once owned by one of my friends. Well, now that my sis doesn't come on here too often, she's sharing it with my bro and one of my new best friends, Sylvia. She's come here to stay for awhile. She's graduated highschool and she models, and she wanted to spend a few months with me while still caring out her modeling career!
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  • posted a message on Leave all hope behind all who enter [Vagary]
    Quote from U_Legacy
    To the last part, I appologize for the misspelling, I didn't realize I didn't spell it correctly. Spelling was never one of my strong points.... =\

    It's ok. It's just a little irritating. It's like calling me Japanese or Chinese. It's a little offensive, but I don't react like some which is blow up in a storm and attack you like Jet-Li.

    As for my name, it's confuzziling. I'm going by my middle name now, Daisy. Isn't that odd?! lol My friend's are still so used to calling me Ty/Tyler but hopefully it will be over soon enough. Rolleyes Heck, I still call myself Tyler. I'm going to be called by my middle name from now on, though.

    I guess that means it's time to update my profile.
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  • posted a message on Leave all hope behind all who enter [Vagary]
    Quote from U_Legacy

    Secondly -- Tneill, I have a question for you. You leave House Dimir, and then come here to Asian-ify Vagary? Weird (Okay, so I kinda left House Dimir as well, but I left after you.... :P)

    My my you silly boy. Haven't you ever read my post where I said that my sister and I shall asian-ify this whole forum?! I'm planning to asian-ify this place up, one thread at a time. Wink

    Leaving House Dimir was quite sad, though. Oddly, I left the day I got back on after my month leave due to lost interest. I thought it was time for a little change and it was sad to see a ot of the members I enjoyed talking with either left or chatted about football. Something that I don't know of real well. I still love House Dimir, though.

    Also, if you plan to use the word "Asian" around me, atleast spell it right please. It's "Asian" not "Aisian" or "Aisan".

    Whew. I'm bored. I'm getting off here now.

    My brother has an account on myspace. He's been grounded from it for quite some time.


    I asked my parents about my name and they broke loose today. My name actually isn't "Tyler"/"Ty" (my bro's name is Tyler). It's actually something in Korean that means something completely different. They just gave my bro and I the same name. (why I have no idea) I was usually called Ty so my bro and I wouldn't get mixed up, but my name isn't either!!! Jam I can't pronounce what my real name is,though. Frown
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