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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Thanks! A concern I always had with GDS is always been that I'm not sure at all that's the best DS variation

    I really feel like it's always switching more and more towards non-blue variants (i.e. traverse shadow. And I admit to be kind of a blue fanboy and I don't really wish to leave the colour. But yeah, I guess DS is my most "budget" option (even if 4x DS and 4x Street Wraith quickly add up. I also lack half a playset of Thoughtseize, but I guess that's a bullet I have to bite eventually in black)
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  • posted a message on Looking for boardwipes for Voltron deck
    If you stick to B/W that's kinda limited. Splashing red would help to play something like Razia's Purification or even just changing the commander to mardu Zurgo who loves ALL the wraths
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hello! I own Grixis Delver (just miss a few recent inclusions with the most notable one being Collected Brutality). I also own 1x cryptic Command and 1xAncestral Vision for EDH purposes. The Delver deck got bad, overshadowed by Grixis Death Shadow and Grixis Control, so I switched to storm, which now I own, but I don't really like to play it as I am not a fan of uninteractive combo decks.

    If I wanted to build a new modern deck without spending a lot of money (let's say I can justify spending 50-60€), what should I buy into?

    I admit most of the choices I was considering are now almost surely out of budget because they'll want to include Jace
    Please, don't factor Shocklands and KTK-fetches in the budget as I'm going to eventually buy them anyway so consider them "free" for the purpose of discussion
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Hello, I've been away for a while from Delver while I played Storm. But the little blue bug is still my preferred play choice. It just doesn't seem... as viable.

    Opinions on running a list without collected brutality? I've missed on it while it was cheaper and now I'm definetly regretting it.
    Also: is the primer updated or is the consensus now different on a "default" list for the deck?
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  • posted a message on Improving on Sram, Senior Edificer
    Hello! I am in a playgroup mainly composed of new players, so I tried to build something linear and not meant to win every single time, but still able to hold its own. Yeah, you could call it a 75% list. So here I am with a highly Voltron build based on Sram. I decided to go heavy on equipments to maximize the advantage of free-draw with cmc0 artifacts and the toolbox nature of the deck coming from equipment tutors in white. However, as I am usually a control player, I am quite sure this first attempt to an aggro deck definetly needs some tuning. I'd really like this to be a 75% list as my friends are new, but are proxing some quite powerful decks and they will eventually learn how to put them to good use XD

    Link to the decklist:

    Here I'll list some of my concerns, but feel free to suggest anything even if it's not asked in the following questions

    1) cmc0 artifacts: more or less? I get they are free draws but they also don't bring a lot to the table
    2) Creature count: is it too low? When attacking, I really only care about a single voltron creature, so I opted for a very little count, somehow compensated by living weapons. But this low count leads to a few problems, expecially on defense, having no blocking creatures. Also, on the offense, such a low creature count seems quite liable to having my only attacker chump blocked if no equipment on the field is currently granting evasion
    3) how can I make this list scale decently in multiplayer? That's the usual Voltron question
    4) Do you think this deck is resilient enough? I think without Sram the whole engine just stops and I am really just spitting cheeri0s around for nothing. On the other side: do you think the few removals I included are actually enough to interact with my opponents?
    5) My curve is quite low so I included very few ramp spells. Do you think I should add more?
    6) Any suggestion both on the equipment package and/or on Auras or Vehicles worth including?
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  • posted a message on looking for mtg ravnica guild pendants
    They are both good as they have different price/quality value.
    I'd prefer something that looks like a real jewel, a bit like the second one you posted, but less redundant with details.
    However they are both good options to I consider
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  • posted a message on looking for mtg ravnica guild pendants
    I'd be interested in buying some decent to high quality mtg pendants portraying ravnica guild emblems.
    Do you have any suggestion about websites to buy them from?
    note that I live in europe, so I'd prefer european stores in order to avoid shipment issues
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    All right, the new sideboard looks like this:

    3 Dragon's Claw: burn
    2 Hurkyl's Recall: affinity, lantern, maybe thopters?
    1 Dispel: burn, control, gifts, ad nauseam (I really wanted to squeeze a second, but I run 1 mainboard)
    1 Flashfreeze: burn, scapeshift,creature toolbox, any GBx deck with choke in its sideboard
    1 Negate: control, tron, any non-creature combo. Would you bring it against burn? And against bogles?
    1 Engineered Explosives: affinity, creature toolbox, elves, bogles. Maybe hatebears? Woud you bring it against burn for its creatures?
    2 Thoughtseize: tron, any combo
    2 Blood Moon: Any 3color deck not running red, scapeshift, tron, maybe jund (for manlands)
    1 Spellskite: bogles, affinity, infect, burn. OMG it's too good
    1 Izzet Staticaster: elves, lingering souls, tokens. Creature toolbox according to their creature thoughtness

    Is there any match up I'm not considering?
    What about cards you usually side OUT against various match ups? OMG

    Thanks a lot for your answers. I feel pretty confident in running the mainboard, but sideboarding is something I really want to improve.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    The fact is that if you don't get to play early tasigur/angler (maybe they're not drawing a nice target like eidolon either) and you're stuck in a delver/pyromancer game, vampiric link is not going anywhere on its own. Yes, when it works it does WONDERS, but it can be some sort of a dead draw
    Dragon's claw is less effective, but can be slammed on the field and it will do its business on its own without the need to interact with other cards.

    What about the other sideboard cards?

    I think the SB till now looks like:
    2 Hurkyll's recall
    2 Vampiric link / 3 Dragon's claw
    1 Spellskite
    1 engineered explosives
    2 Dispel

    For a total of 8/9 cards
    I don't own extraction so I can't include it tomorrow Frown
    I think 2 thoughtseize should go in? I used to board it in against Twin, but it's not around anymore
    Probably it stlill works against other combos (scapeshift and maybe half of the thopter combos), but I want to hear your opinion.
    Same goes for the other anti-combo card: vendillion clique. Is it still any good?
    And what about blood moon? without eldrazi around and with tron being slightly nerfed, is it still worth it?
    I usually like it also againts Junk and it's not terrible against Jund either.

    I'm also a bit worried with not having Forked Bolt in my deck anymore against lingering souls decks
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Hello, I'm attending a tournament tomorrow: what's the usual agreement about sideboard plan against an unknown meta right now?

    Against affinity in particular I'd like to know if there is any agreement on the choice between Hurkyl's recall and Shatterstorm
    Note that I'm playing a list with only 3 snapcasters (as some other lists are doing: personally I hate drawing multiples in the opening hand) and no forked bolt (upping the remand + mana leak count in case of more blue decks appearing after the unbans). I still run 2 Kommands and 1 Elektrolyze as mainboard affinity hate

    Is there any consensus about burn? I'm thinking about 3 or 4 Dragon's Claw instead of Vampiric Link which I didn't really love in my testing
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  • posted a message on The Old Vanilla Legends
    Probably pure fun because you like the portrayed legend, I guess
    Strictly casual
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Quote from Jonny_Tempel »
    I believe that 16 creatures are too much. 12-14 seems like the best count and 3 Sulfur Falls seems also too high. A hand with 1-2 Falls as only lands is unkeepable.

    I'm attending a tournament tomorrow (first one in a very long time and with UR Delver), and i guess there will be pretty much Jund/Grixis Midrange and Affinity.
    Therefore i replaced two SCM with Young Pyromancers to stand a chance in more grindier games. I'm still not sure if this is a right decision so i may change back to 4 Mages and go all in. The prowess build is also the one i'm more familiar with.

    Electrickery and Invasive Surgery are there to deal with Ancestral Vision and Thopter Combo.
    If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to post them!


    As far as I've noticed in tournament reports over time, Disrupting shoal is better fitting into mono blue delver lists and a bit underwelming in UR.
    Also, if you expect to face grixis, you really don't have any 4 to 7 drops to discard with it for countering Pia and Kiran or Tasigur/Angler. So I'm not sure if they are a good meta call. Forked bolt will be GREAT if you expect lots of affinity lists, so they seem a good call. Sorcery speed can be relevant however, so consider Vapor Snag too. That's excellent against Tasigur/Angler but in contrast it is weak against affinity.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Quote from NibzChan »
    Hey there!

    I found a list piloted by Andrew Davis 5 Days ago in an SGC Classic wich looks interesting:
    (22nd Place at Classic on 4/10/2016 )

    He had not a single Young Pyromancer in his 75 but 4 Snapcaster Mage . I tested the List, and it feels very fast. It Goldfishes mostly by turn 4 and the 4 remands are nice against AV. The self inflicted Damage by the Phyrexian Mana spells is higher than normal.

    Whats your opinion of this Prowess version?

    It did really surprise me.
    I think it played to the strenghts of the color pair. Running a no-counterspell build seemed to me like an inferior version of infect, so running 7 counterspells, 4 of which cantrip and one of which is so flexible is probably the right way of playing the deck. Instead of going full aggro with pyromancers, he used Snapcaster that further push on the more controlling-side of the deck.
    In such a build, abusing prowess seems difficult to me, but I didn't test.
    I also love the 4x of vapor snag. I think it's one AMAZING tempo card we often undervalue

    Short answer:
    -I think he used the color pair well
    -I'm still not sure prowess is the way to go
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  • posted a message on The Modern Price Discussion Thread
    Asking for a suggestion here.
    I've been interested in building a Gifts Ungiven deck for a while now, but didn't really have the money for many cards in that deck, so I durdled on buying the gifts.
    Should I buy them now? I hate buying into the hype and it doesn't really seem to me the deck is putting up worthy results (yeah, it's at least appearing in top 30s. That's something more than being a fringe deck nobody played, but really... it's not getting any Tier 1 or even Tier 2 results)

    Should I buy now or wait for the hype to stop? I really love the deck, it's probably my favourite in the format, but I'm not ready to shell money for many other cards of that deck right now.
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  • posted a message on MTG jewelry?
    Is there any good MTG jewelry on sale on the internet?
    In particular, I'm looking for pendants inspired to guild signets. I live in europe, so european websites/shops would be preferred
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