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  • posted a message on Renting cards for events?
    I don't recommend renting cards. Like other posters above me I'd suggest borrowing cards. That's one of the points of magic. You have a friend group and you pool cards together for that occasional large tournament.

    There is an upside to renting. If you know that the only time you are going to be playing this deck is at a Grand Prix. Then sure rent the deck. Practice in advance with a proxy deck. If it costs you $100 to rent a $2,000+ deck for the weekend, sure. But if you are talking about renting at a small local tournament, no. Don't do it. You're better off not attending the local tournament or just playing with what you have. If you are only playing at tournaments you're missing out on the best part of magic which is just playing with friends.

    It really depends what you are using the cards for. TheOnlyOne652089 Already did a good job of explaining it.
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Talrand, Walk the Aeons, Piracy Charm, Erratic Mutation and Bewilder— MTGNerdGirl previews
    Quote from Xcric »
    Maybe its just me but I'm not really enthusiastic about this set like I was 15 years ago when Time Spiral Block first came out. I got most of them 15 years ago and I could have bought any at any time during that decade and a half. If the entire set was done in the old style border I might get onboard but the way it stands why would I pay 6 bucks a pack for many cards in this set that I could buy for pennies on the dollar. I guess I'm not the target audience for this one. If they would have made these Pioneer legal I'd be on board as well. I'm just not feeling it this time around. Maybe if the packs were like 3 bucks each I'd be game. I guess there are enough new players out there to justify this set, but I usually buy a booster box or two of product and I doubt I buy more than a pack or two just for the novelty. Too much draft chaff for me. Save my $$$ for Forgotten Realms set. Smile

    Yeah i feel the same.

    I keep finding myself saying why should i care about this product. Nothing here so far has been demanding a reprint. Its loaded with junk, and we've done this before. Who asked for this and why.

    Yeah, I just checked $200 for a booster box of this. That's nuts. This should have just been regular price. $100 for a booster box. Huge mistake on their part. I haven't seen anything of value worth that price. I don't think there will be enough value in the box to justify that price. Looking at all 3 sets mashing in the all of the tops rares it's still not enough money per pack. You're relying on the time shifted cards to make up for the value.
    These are probably the top chase mythics Sliver Legion, Damnation, Gemstone Caverns. Then everything is going to bottom out in price. Cards like cloud key are going to drop from $30 to $3. I know they have their formula where they calculate value at X price per pack but it could have been normal $4 a pack price.

    Someone will still buy it.
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  • posted a message on Old Remastered Sets New Norm for Reprints Going Forward?
    I see them doing more remix sets or remake sets. It's going to be an on going theme until they hit every old block that they can.
    I don't take any issue with this. Apocalypse remastered in one booster box set. The power level of that block is low by todays standards so they have to remaster it. They couldn't print a 3 block set like that today. Odyssey Remastered would be great too like the OP I've been waiting forever for that.
    They could even use all of the cards if they wanted to but cutting out a most of the junk helps. No one needs even more piles of old reprinted junk commons.
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  • posted a message on Black Core in Kaldheim Set Boosters
    Haven't seen anything about this yet. If they let the printing quality lax between printers fakes will be able to enter the market even easier now. Rip test a two junk commons to compare what's inside. If you find anything out update your main post. Just visited their main webpage for magic. It's telling us nothing but buy the latest secret lair.
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  • posted a message on February 15, 2021 Banned and Restricted Announcement
    I had to look up all the cards to see why some of bans happens. A lot of the bannings were just from Valki Cascade. So much so they even changed how cascade works. I'm fine with them banning cards now. While in the future I may disagree with Wizards. They seem to have a okay reasons for the various bannings. When you print a lot of over powered cards you end up having to ban somethings because they become too over powered.

    I still think they need to bring back non-basic land hate in standard and modern. The speed and power level of games that go on today need a policing deck.
    Two mana: destroy target non basic land. It might not even be good enough anymore with every card being value driven. Unless you're a black green deck playing Assassin's Trophy you probably didn't even have a side board option for destroying lands. Lands are only noninteractive because they designed the game that way.
    Having modal 4 mana land destruction has been a thing for a very long time. From the new set Smashing Success. If this wasn't an instant and didn't destroy artifacts as well this would be terrible. It's already not good enough at 4 mana. So if the problem is non-basic lands then we need to force people to alter their play patterns by punishing greedy very multi colored mana bases.

    Gnottvold Slumbermound I'm surprised this was printed at all but it's also not good enough. 7 mana is bonkers to get a 4/4 and destroy 1 land.

    I have hope they are moving in the right direction with Cleansing Wildfire. I give them some serious props for printing this. It needs another new 2 mana spell to go with it. If there is one already let me know. I for sure have talked about variations of two mana land destruction spells in the past they are fair. This card is very fair.

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    Yes, the value is not there for buying a booster box of Kaldheim. One of my friends I was talking to said that you're paying $95 for the box and maybe getting $50 of value out of it. That's bad. I'm sure in a year from now the set value will go up. But if no ones buying the boxes. No ones playing standard then it might take longer than that.

    If there are under ground paper magic tournaments going on that's awesome.

    From my perspective if it's not a commander card or reserved list card there isn't going to be value.
    If they can consolidate the boosters that'd be nice. New and old players have no idea what they are getting when buying. If we can have regular boosters only with occasional alternate art cards put it again that would be best. But if we can't have that. Then how about Normal and Collector boosters. Something needs to be cut.

    I'm looking at upcoming sets. I'm just wondering how many more flops we are going to have. I really have no reason to buy any of this stuff until life gets back to normal.
    Time Spiral Remastered
    Strixhaven: School of Mages
    Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (Really good idea to replace the core set again)
    Modern Horizons 2
    Innistrad: Werewolves
    Innistrad: Vampires

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  • posted a message on Mailing Cards to a College Campus?
    If you are mailing something in a small bubble mailer there won't be an issue. No one knows what's in it. Just don't mail anything high value. Anything that doesn't go through computer tracking is prone to having people say they never got the card. Then you lose money. Easier to do in person trading. If that's still possible.
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  • posted a message on Booster Box Recommendations
    You could try on ebay for $100 but it's more $130 or higher for even slightly older boxes. Jumpstart you can get a few higher end cards out of it. Or you can crack some packs of double masters hoping for mana crypt.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad booster box leak Japanese
    I'm going to say it's real. Going back to innistrad again soon. I'm all for some new planes. Or some planes that have yet to see sequels. There are still a few left. Kamigawa #2! Portal #2 ! You could do both in the same year. Starter #2. Mesh them all together in one year. It would be great.
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  • posted a message on [TSR] Lotus Bloom release promo— Good Morning Magic preview
    I'm sure it will be fun! Old set new again. They have hit up almost every set now with a double. Still waiting on Kamigawa 2.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Black is Magic
    Listen, we've had this conversation already about other products Wizards has released. Everyone on this website is an extreme liberal. Two generations are brainwashed extreme liberals. If you argue against extreme liberalism you will be shouted down. You will be hunted to the point of losing your job or worse. There are all kinds of news stories like that and it's disgusting.
    You have to understand the rational arguments are over. Just enjoy the societal collapse. Arguing against the ideology behind this product is a massive waste of time.
    In the context of a product available for purchase that you disagree with there is only one solution of not buying the product.
    Solution: Don't buy the product.

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  • posted a message on I have never heard of getting a pull from a booster like this....
    That's probably just a screw up. Unless since pre-releases have not been happening, they decided to put those in normal packs. But, I don't see any article for that.
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  • posted a message on RWx redirect damage EDH deck idea
    Hey if you come up with something. Go ahead and post it. I have spent many hours on this and have not put anything together yet worth posting. I'll probably get on this again later tonight. I feel like it has to be 3 colors. If I get anything I will update this post.
    This was black white deck for a while. Just to play with effects in black. Played cards like crypt rats to blow the board. While having some frustrating walls to block with. If the deck where to include black. Mathas, Fiend Seeker would fit. It's not much of a threat but turn 6 if I'm out of cards it would be good play. Or if I'm setting up to wipe the board.

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  • posted a message on RWx redirect damage EDH deck idea
    Hi all,
    I’m looking for some assistance with this new commander deck. It plays off of the red white redirect damage interaction that I can’t say I’ve ever really seen used in a commander game. It currently lacks a commander. I do have a starting card pool for you to look over. Not everything fits but it gives you an idea of the direction of the deck. I Either need to do a lot of damage to my own creatures or have my opponents creature deal a lot of damage to them.

    Redirect damage creatures/effects

    Worse redirect damage creatures

    Deal damage to your own creatures effects.

    Pump your opponents creatures
    This is the small section of the deck I really like as these card were never meant to function this way.

    Cards with fight could be added to the deck, double damage effects and indestructible.
    I was thinking Elsha of the Infinite as a possible commander to be able to draw some extra cards. But the deck doesn't do anything blue. It's pretty much just red/white. I will have to look through the red/white commanders again but nothing really seemed like it would benefit this deck the first time I looked through. Suggestions welcome.

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  • posted a message on How Many Lands Do You Play in a 60-card Deck?
    My usual 60 card decks are 24 lands.
    The right number is 20 or 33% to 24 or 40%.
    That can vary depending on the deck and your mana curve.
    Rarely do you go outside of that mana range.
    I tend to keep that 40% mana range in all of my decks. If I'm substituting in some mana ramping small creatures maybe that percent fall a little.
    I've played decks with a top mana curve of 3-4 for years. If you want to consistently hit that mana curve you always have to be in that range or 33% to 40% lands. Mana curve higher than 4 your maybe want to consider slightly more lands 25 or 26.
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