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  • posted a message on Pure BURN
    Because Manabarbs is horrible, maybe.
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  • posted a message on Evangelize
    OK, firstly Evangelize is in my opinion one of the sleeper rares in the set. Talk about anti-Akroma...

    However I'm not sure exactly how it works. What exactly do I target when I announce it? It says "target creature" but it also says of an opponent's choice, so does the opponent get to choose what it targets after it resolves or what?

    Additionally, does the opponent have a chance to respond? I.e. can an opponent choose his Plagued Rusalka, then sacrifice it with its ability so I don't gain control of it and then Evangelize fizzles?
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Champs Results
    Mono-black zombies went 5-2 at Maryland champs OMG Other than that a lot of Firemane Angels and a lot of Dragonstorm, some UW control as well.
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  • posted a message on Purple "Timeshifted" cards Standard legal; Rumor floodgates have opened
    There was a recent article on MtG.com about how something like Tormod's Crypt was useless back in the day, but would be far too powerful in today's environment. I find it curious that they would reprint it, given how significantly a reprint would change how Extended, and to a lesser extent, Standard, is played.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Snow Control
    UB control making a comeback... yay!

    edit: Yes the snow duals aren't good... that's why the decklist above doesn't run them.
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  • posted a message on G/W*Budget*Token Rush!
    To quote someone who I don't remember, "I love it when people who play Leyline of the Meek end up crying when my Meloku rapes them twice as fast."

    Don't run it.
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  • posted a message on [Post-CS] UWB Haakon/Knights
    Quote from Amadi
    Ashes does nothing on it's own, while being not good enough anyway unless you have stuff like 2 yoseis. IMO, not needed, would slow deck down. Lot better 2 drop would be one of the 2 jump knights.

    IMO, you need 4 mortifys MD, It deals with pesky enchantments AND creatures.
    No idea why I didn't think of this. Been playing UR decks for too long I guess :p
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  • posted a message on Brooding Swallower
    If you don't mind Kamigawa Forbidden Orchard might be a good addition to the mana base.
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  • posted a message on [Post-CS] UWB Haakon/Knights
    Quote from FATALAssasin
    Haha you take ten every turn while i continuously legend out my kokusho's lol

    Also you do realize quite a few cards in your deck have double color in its casting cost, which i could see being a significant problem, but you are running duals and pain lands so i guess your ok.

    Yeah I pretty much never have color problems with this deck, surprisingly. However I do have a problem with Blood Moon Smile
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  • posted a message on [Post-CS] UWB Haakon/Knights
    Quote from nic01445
    So, if there's lots of Tron in your meta, what do you do to kill their SSS? You can't weep it off the board, so your best bet is mass removal OR cruel edict. I think it's a pretty solid card, maybe maindeck?

    Hmm, that is a really good point. The more I think about it, the less decks I can think of that you really DON'T want to have Wrath against... I guess UW counter-post, but even they splash for SSS often... so yeah, Wrath should be a 4-of MD. I'll SB the other 2 castigates.

    Just played a game against a fast BUG aggro deck where Ashes of the Fallen didn't really do much. The reanimator engine doesn't really come online until late game, and against fast aggro I'm guessing it's a dead card. I still think it has late-game potential, though, so it's definitely a possible SB card, along with Cruel Edict.
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  • posted a message on [Post-CS] UWB Haakon/Knights
    Quote from nic01445
    I would make wrath of God a 4-of, since you can easily recover if Haakon is in the graveyard. Maybe take out 2 Azorius Herald, since there isn't a whole lot of deck synergy there.
    I dunno, I've pretty much always been happy to draw a Herald. The life gain is quite significant, especially since with no really good 2-drops this deck tends to take a fair amount of damage before it gets to 3 mana. And making Wrath a 4-of MD is risky, since playing against stuff against Tron and 'Vore you don't want to draw Wrath too often. Depends on your meta, I would say.

    Quote from Furion
    Sweet deck. A suggestion that would be very nice since your games go on for a long time would be to put in ashes of the fallen from kamigawa. kokusho dies? play him again. Very fun. More wrath's would be good in main deck maybe?

    Thanks! Holy crap, ashes of the fallen looks AMAZING in this deck. It's a) a two-drop, which this deck could use and b) would provide some really amazing synergy with Azorius Herald (and Kokusho/Yosei, of course). I'm not exactly sure what to take out--the castigates and a Kokusho, probably--but I'm definitely going to try to fit it in.
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  • posted a message on [Post-CS] UWB Haakon/Knights

    From what I've seen, this deck is really really good. It absolutely destroys any sort of control deck, and I've beaten Ghazi-Glare, Snakes, and Heezy Street.

    It should be fairly obvious what this deck is about, but here it is anyway: Getting Haakon into your graveyard ASAP, usually via Compulsive Research or Vexing Sphinx's upkeep, then playing him and getting your knights (Paladin and Court Hussar) out over and over. At its best, this deck runs like a well-oiled machine: Vexing Sphinx on turn 3, turn 4 upkeep discard Haakon, play Haakon from the yard, then start throwing knights on the board that will just come back to life should they die.

    The synergy between Haakon and Court Hussar is INCREDIBLE, by the way. With Haakon in play, you are basically paying 1UW for a 1/3 creature and the ability to look at the top 3 cards of your library for the right card for whatever situation you're in. That is basically 2 card advantage for 3 mana right there, which is incredible.

    Vexing Sphinx is a great, great creature in this deck as he can pitch Haakon or a knight, and keep in mind with Haakon in play a knight in the graveyard might as well be in your hand. Paladin en-Vec is your go-to guy for blocking weenies, denying Wood Elves their precious Jitte counters, making Magnivore frustrated, all that fun stuff. Azorius Herald can beat down against creature decks while Paladins hold back and block, not to mention giving you nice life gain. Kokusho and Yosei are for big late-game finishers.

    It might be weird to see Wrath in a creature-based deck, but honestly I think at least 75% of the people on MWS are playing UB Snakes and this deck rolls over to snakes if it doesn't get Wrath, especially if they can resolve a Coat of Arms. Castigate is one of the two 2-drops and is pretty useful, especially on the play. Faith's Fetters is the best anti-jitte this deck can run, and it can also squelch a control deck's finisher, so I think it's a 4-of. Rune Snag is good since it's a 2-drop and it also gets better as the game goes on (and believe me, games go a long time with this deck).

    Sideboard isn't really fleshed out; extra castigates/Shadow of Doubt for Heartbeat, Spell Snare for 'Vore, more Wraths and Threads for snakes/zoo/heezy/whatnot. Obviously this will change depending on what you think you're going to be playing against.

    I think with a little adjustment this could easily be a tier 2 deck, it's performing really well from my testing.
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  • posted a message on the uber super duper power deck needs critique
    If you're not running any duals Sakura Tribe Elder and Kodama's Reach are an absolute necessity. Otherwise you should at least shell out the $20 for 4 Brushlands.
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  • posted a message on MBC Post Kami Block V3
    Quote from Swordsman Boy »
    Dreams is only good vs control, a deck with bob or the areana.
    Dreams doesn't even work against Bob, since Bob has you "reveal and put it into your hand", not draw.
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  • posted a message on U/r Howling Posession (post-rotation)
    Looks much better! Maindecking Exhaustion was a good choice, I think. Though with Psychic Possession I would maybe throw in Vision Skeins instead of Compulsive Research, as it would essentially be a 2-mana Tidings at instant speed.
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