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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Futurama - The Hostile Takeover Game Over - MAFIA WIN!!!

    Quote from Paperblade
    I'm used to using lynch user or ##vote user for the syntax. That theory is pretty wild. And yes, I acknowledged when first questioned that technically that lets us leave RVS, but it's not in a way I'm fond of.

    vote Void

    I'm not convinced by this, too... how to vote is clearly laid out in the rules, and there was a whole bunch of RVS voting that demonstrates it, you'd really have to be not reading the thread OR the rules to miss that.

    Where is it common to use that syntax, Paperblade?

    That said, I can't see any scum reason to psuedo-vote Void like that...

    Quote from BlueElectric »
    My thought process was, "Vote for Mister Void and see what Mister Paper does, as well as how Mister Void reacts."

    Why the focus on Paperblade at that point? What so grabbed your attention about them previous to your vote on Void, compared to other players?
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Futurama - The Hostile Takeover Game Over - MAFIA WIN!!!
    Vote: Guardman because I don't live in a country where we know anything about ice hockey. It is ice hockey, right? Fry
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  • posted a message on Signups for Futurama - The Hostile Takeover [CLOSED]
    Looking forward to this starting! Been reading a bunch of ongoing/recent games here.
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  • posted a message on what do you do with 59 sleaves?
    Quote from W0lf90
    If you think that bad my cube + land is 650 sleeves...

    Hah... My cube uses 1200 sleeves D:
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  • posted a message on Signups for Futurama - The Hostile Takeover [CLOSED]

    In, for sure! I'm not in any Mafia games atm, and having been trying to join one for agges, always too slow off the bat. And I love Futurama! I'd have to say my favourite episode is... Too many to say! I'll go with Law and Oracle for now, though many of the classic ones mentioned about like The Devils Hands are really so good.

    Characterwise, hmmm... Of the primary cast, I'ma big fan of Leela. More obscurely... I love Flexo Grin

    Just an aside, I'm not terribly experieced with Mafia. I've played a full game here before, and read several games through (including recently the excellent Innistrad Mafia), and I think I'm more than able to play the game, no need to pull any punches :p
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  • posted a message on The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Mafia Signups - Specialty
    I'm not in any other Mafia games at the moment, nor do I intend to be in two at once if I get randomly picked for this one Grin Not that it matter, if DRey is gonna randomise it.

    I think I'd like to be... Li Mu Bai from Crouching Tiger Grin
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  • posted a message on The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Mafia Signups - Specialty

    Haven't played Mafia in a while, but been following bits and bobs here on the forum. I'll post up about a character in a bit!
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Goblins
    I tend to rely on a SB of Chalice of the Void, Pyroblast/REB, and graveyard hate.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Goblins
    Quote from battozai
    First thing is the only reason for you or anyone to not be happy with tuktuk scrapper is that he isnt very good vs affinity. If you have issues with affinity then goblin tinkerer is your man. The problem with shattering spree vs affinity is that etched champion cant be killed usually. Your better off with shatterstorm if its really a problem.
    Second theres really no reason to side more than 4 grave hate unless your playing somewhere that has 33+ % of the field graveyard reliant decks. If thats happening then i dont know why someone hasnt just picked up miracles with md rest in piece because that person would win every week. In goblins relic of progenitus is just a better form of grave hate than everything besides rest in piece but that only works if you have plateaus. In the field that you mentioned with the options you said you had, id run a split of 2 crypt and 2 cage because the cage can also turn off gsz in the maverick deck.
    third that leaves you with 4 remaining sideboard cards. With no show and tell, rip miracles, or ad nauseum storm decks to deal with, id find yourself two pyrokinesis to side board and sideboard an extra krenko and siege gang commander to bring in for the more grindy matchups and teh matchups where your not fast enough and will most likely get a lackey trigger to happen.

    Thanks, for the really insightful sideboarding advice, I really appreciate it! Definitely gonna make some of these changes, and I know I can dig out a Relic from somewhere as well. I really need to pick up some Pyrokinesises, it's just something I've never managed to remember to buy.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Goblins
    My current list (slightly budget, for lack of some nonbasics).

    Without the wastelands, I'm happy with 21 lands, but I'm not happy with Stingscourger and Tuktuk scrapper, really. Nor do I know really what graveyard removal to run, I own Crypts, Faerie Macabre, Surgical Extraction, Grafdigger's Cage, too many options! I also think my high CMCs are all over the place, with all three big guys. I can put another SGC in?

    Advice in general would be appreciated. My meta (as far as I know) contains Cephalid Breakfast (with Angel of Glory's Rise), Zoo, Burn, Pyromancer Ascension Storm, Red Maverick, Affinity.

    EDIT: Has anyone tested Bonfire of the Damned?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Goblins
    Hello everyone. I've posted here before, I keep coming back to goblins whenever we get around to Legacy weeks at my local shop, and it's that time again. My question: Legion Loyalist has been printed since I last dusted off my deck, does it have a slot? Mono-R goblins here, I've so far been somewhat successful with a high piledriver mostly traditional build, though I'm covering bases when it comes to the high CMCs with 1x SGC, 1xKJ, and 1xKrenko. That can change, and I'll put up a decklist again when I actually _find_ my deck, but yeah, Legion Loyalist? I can borrow a playset if I need to, but is it worth 4? or just 1x for matroning? Or none at all??
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  • posted a message on Favorite Competetive Format
    Quote from Slivortal
    I really enjoy playing Modern because it coincides almost precisely with when I started playing Magic. It's really great seeing all the old cards and synergies that you remembering playing with throughout your Magic history.

    I thought exactly the same when Modern first became popular. Then I actually played some and was reminded it's not about the coolest or funnest decks of the last ten years; it's about the most abusive and boring decks of the last ten years.
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  • posted a message on [GTC] Ominous Eclipse (fake?)
    I dislike how the top and bottom edges are pixel-perfectly straight. There's some angle in the verticals, but the way the corners of the border aren't anti-aliased at all with the background is very suspicious. Also, the background (once you remove the easily-added darkening in the corners) is VERY uniform, looks very much like it's just been made with a certain program's noise generation effect.

    And, as always with fakes like this, I see no reason why the source couldn't make it less ambiguous by posting a bunch of photos, maybe with something else in the frame, something that's hard to fake digitally, rather than just an extremely-well-aligned top-down photo on a plain surface.

    That all said, I could be wrong still! 8D
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Esper Tokens
    There's a 2nd place SCG invitational qualifier on their database, fairly average list, only 2 Favorable Wind and 3 Gather the Townsfolk, which seems okay I guess. Not a particularly prestigious event.

    @Schryder, I occasionally have problems with getting black, but more often I have problems with too many CipT lands, so I don't really want to add more Isolated Chapel. The whole manabase issue will get a lot more solid with Gatecrash.

    Sideboardwise, I don't really have a solid plan, other than to side in Pike when I know the game isn't gonna go long. Stuff like Tamiyo and Rewind and maybe a Talrand and a Chill can all get situationally cut to make the deck faster, and vice versa, faster stuff like a 4th delver and a 4th favourable winds, the Azorious charms, can all get cut to add the higher-end stuff in, the Sleeps and 2nd Tamiyo (which is a great combo), to make the deck go longer against aggro-control.

    Other stuff, obviously Cage is for zombies and reanimator, without shutting down pike (which Rest in Peace would). O-Ring was a safety net against stuff I couldn't deal with or fly over, since been replaced by the pretty-much-always-better Sundering Growth. Pithing Needle was a silver bullet against the last week's winner, GWB tokens with a lot of walkers, and against walkers in general.

    My current version is running no countermagic, and 4 Feeling of Dread, seems just great against the fast aggro decks I'm seeing a lot of locally now.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Esper Tokens
    I won FNM last week with a very fast (at least, to my mind) version of this deck. I cut most of the black I'm seeing some people run, for reliability, and also one major card; Snapcaster Mage. I know he's the boss, CA-wise, but often with this build I'm sitting on four mana unwilling to use him until I get to five, and even then, I just wish I had other stuff.

    Here's the list:

    Obviously this deck is running the delver strategy a lot more heavily, and I side in the Pikes in matchups where speed helps. I'm not so sure on the Rewinds, or the Crippling Chills (could easily be Feeling of Dread instead). What are your thoughts?
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