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  • posted a message on Time Sieve Ideas
    This is a deck I created last night after the card was revealed. I have played about 30 games with the deck, winning 11. While it is a losing percentage, it shows some promise. Tweak the deck to your liking or post a completely new deck idea. I just love the idea of Time Sieve, even if it is a costly ability.

    It pulls out wins using multiple turns to build Sarkhan Vol. Then once Sarkhan Vol is at 6, make dragons and either take another turn or play another Sarkhan Vol and Haste them.
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  • posted a message on Jund Aggro - RGb Haste - Actions & Motives
    Just a hilarious idea brought about by Blitz Hellion. Just wondering what initial thoughts are about a ridiculous deck like this.

    Deck seems like it could be fun, whether or not its any good is up-for-debate. Cool
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  • posted a message on ARB Machine Head Ideas
    Machine Head was more aggro control than straight up aggro. Duress and Blazing Specter kept hands light, Rishadan Port denied mana and Plague Spitter/Flametongue Kavu/Terminate killed everything that did resolve. Rishadan Port was one of the key cards, the same way it was in Fires, to resolve something big on your turn.

    Honestly you should either go the suicide aggro route with the whole unearth shebang or go the more controlling route like the World Championship deck did. The good news is that it already exists: Blightning Beatdown.

    Blightning has a similar function to Blazing Specter. Murderous Redcap is basically Flametongue Kavu's younger brother and Siege-Gang Commander is straight card advantage. Having two of the best cards in standard right now, Figure of Destiny and Bitterblossom, doesn't hurt either. Depending on the meta, add Goblin Outlander/Shambling Remains and you have yourself Machine Head.

    I figured that Nekrataal or Shriekmaw could also act as a decent FtK removal. They also take out a large chunk of played creatures. I do currently play both Shambling Remains and Goblin Outlander in my Blightning deck. The biggest missing correlation in the deck from the old Machine Head is Plaguespitter. It is one of my favorite creatures in magic, but it's doubtful we're going to get anything related to it anytime soon. So I was wondering if Pyroclast Consul might be a possibilty. Also, Hell's Thunder is a pseudo-Skizzik without the possibilty to Kick-It.
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  • posted a message on ARB Machine Head Ideas
    Quote from Horseshoe_Hermit
    If you're thinking of putting in Pyroclast Consul, I must ask if Resounding Thunder is needed. A Nameless Inversion could go in its place and count as an Elemental Shaman, while killing the same range of creatures, plus getting around pro red and damage prevention, and some of the time being pump (on, say, Nyxathid), while costing 1 mana less, and not forcing you to run :symg:-capable lands.

    Great use of dredgery of the past. Smileup

    Cycled Resounding Thunder is as close as I can get to Urza's Rage! :p
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  • posted a message on ARB Machine Head Ideas
    Now that Terminate's about to be back in Standard I want to look at recreating the power that Machine Head had back in the day. It harnessed 187 in FtK, removal in Terminate and board sweep in the form of Plague Spitter. Here's my attempt at an ARB Standard Machine Head deck with what we know so far...

    With the amount of elementals in the deck, and the ability to up the number...I was thinking of a very, very sub-par version of a Standard Plague Spitter. Pyroclast Consul could be tested, at least, in that spot. I couldn't think of any other recurring sweepers in Standard.

    Ideas, please.
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  • posted a message on Terminate in Alara Reborn
    Quote from Nideon
    I think you would want some sort of removal when i have Light from Within and Oversoul swinging for 10 each turn. The only thing that could deal with that is white (***) really, even then....It's lapse'd. Oversoul is good

    It's not played, though...at all...in any constructed tournament format...

    Honestly I've been playing a BRW Blightning deck for a while with both Terror and PtE. I'm going to add Terminate to SB at the VERY LEAST. More than likely I'll balance the number between Terror and Terminate...although Terminate's new art sucks. I'll have to use DCI foils...10th Terror foils are so beautiful, though. :p Anyways, imagine if my removal Suite was something to the tune of :

    along with:

    Good night, creatures...good night...

    Quote from flaming infinity
    I really think Vindicate would actually be fair at common. Rarity only matters for limited and honestly, it's just going to be a 3 mana Terminate most of the time in the format since most things you kill in limited are creatures. Sure, it is more versatile, but the extra 1 makes up for that. Honestly, how many times have you seen someone main deck a Creeping Mold in a limited deck, anyway? Grin I certainly wouldn't put it at common in the same set/block as Terminate, though, because that would seriously imbalance the environment.

    If Vindicate is ever reprinted, however, I don't see it going below rare because it would totally wipe out its secondary market value overnight.

    Except for the fact that Vindicate destroys planeswalkers, too... :S
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Alara Reborn Visual Spoiler
    Quote from DalkonCledwin
    I am sorry, but both the vaporized individual and the person in the art for Terminate strike me as being humans, but that is just my perspective of the art....

    All humans short, chubby and short-limbed where you come from? I'm utterly excited it's back, but I might be having to use some DCI Terminates. In other news, the Pale Recluse is probably the only art I dislike other than Terminate.
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Alara Reborn Visual Spoiler
    Seeing Terminate's art officially confirmed makes me sad...NO MORE KITHKIN!!!! Please WoTC...if anyone else submits Kithkin-oid people in their arts, reject them! One of my favorite cards of all time insulted with such terrible art...
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  • posted a message on [DCI FOIL] Dark Ritual
    Majora's Mask anyone?

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  • posted a message on Standard Decklist Explanation
    Quote from Elysium
    Redundant effects and draw? He's got four esper charm, four drifter, brokens to scry with, and the cruels. The wispmare and celestial purge on the side give you 7 answers to resolved bitterblossom and 5 answers to resolved glorious anthems.

    What deck won't have creatures to counter? Other than like, swans I mean. Its just another counterspell

    Nassif talked about it in a deck tech, and chapin mentioned it in his article. she ruins control decks, and either taps faeries out end of turn to counter her, or is unkillable because she dodges the again popular terror.

    No, he obviously won a pro tour with godawful cards.

    Wall is really good, and if you tested with it you'd understand that. And like plumeveil it won't kill you if sowered.

    It kills eveything in tokens and faeries but mistbind and cloudgoat. kills figures in resp to pump, knight of meadograin, ko2, siege gang and tokens, and mutavaults. and is uncounterable. They also have flying 1/6s to block things which dodge it, and wrath's in the side.

    Wafo-tapa, Chapin, Bucher, nassif, and several others all developed and tested this build together. Its not a fluke, and you honestly just don't get it.

    Thanks to all the responses, but seriously Elysium...no reason to be sarcastic. I'm just wondering. I've been playing a 5CC deck for quite a while running 4x Drifter, 4x Esper Charm, 2x Mannequin for Drifter, 2x Cruel and I still have games where I can't get a single copy of a four-of. It's not impossible to miss multiple copies. So I never have understood how some pro players, especially Japanese pros, it seems, run 1-ofs. It seems so lucky that you would draw it. I don't seem to win games based on luck that often, so I wouldn't dare run 1-ofs of cards that I would side-in.
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  • posted a message on Standard Decklist Explanation
    Firstly, I have no idea at all where to post this thread, so I'm sorry in advance, mods. Move it to where it needs to be, please. I was perusing the decklists of Pro-Tour Kyoto's standard portion and I saw some things in Gabriel Nassif's winning list that challenged my understanding. Please help shed some light on this list.

    I don't understand, first of all, how a bunch of random 1-ofs are going to help you with no Gifts or Tutor effects. How does 1 random Wispmare help solve anything in STD?

    What about 1 random Remove Soul?

    What does Wydwen, the Biting Gale do for the deck?

    Is Wall of Reverence really a playable card in serious competition? I barely...nearly don't...believe in Plumeveil as-it-is.

    Is Volcanic Fallout really enough board sweep to solve most STD aggro matchups, or is this just a coincidence that this list worked?

    I know Gabriel Nassif is a more-than-competent player, but this list just doesn't make sense for all the reasons listed above. Any light you guys can help shed on this will be much appreciated. Thanks, phyremynd.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What is the most pimp card/deck you've seen or owned? (SEE RULES!)
    Coolest things I have:

    1) Foil Goofy that I got for two TS Finkels. Scrye said the Goofy was 5 dollars at the time. Grin

    2) Foil TS.

    3) Foil set of Ghost Council, my fave creature of all time. Rode him to Top 8 at Regionals when it was still Standard. Deck also had foil set of Shrieking Grotesque. I love the art of them.

    4) Two foil Bob the Builders. Pulled one at the PR and got another one off of Card Kingdom day 1 for 4 dollars. In my Ghost Council deck. Grin

    5) Decklist I play now in Standard.

    Including the sideboard, the only non-foils in the whole deck are 1 Cruel Ultimatum and 1 Bant Charm.

    I like to play it cause its shiny goodness!
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  • posted a message on Progenitus Stoppers
    I was just sitting around thinking about ways to kill Progenitus, as players in my area are attempting Dramatic Entrance decks with him. Assuming I don't hit the counter, I thought of a hilarious answer to it for my 5C Mannequin/Control. Runed Halo would be obvious, but I don't typically have a use for those other than that. I did realize, however, that Protection from Everything doesn't mean Protection from the Legend Rule...

    The answer to Progenitus is...Clone...LOL!
    Then I'll quote the Reno 911 move: "Not protection from bullets!"
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  • posted a message on Has Conflux Changed your Impression of Shards?
    Honestly, I love ALA as a set. It has a lot of fun and interesting cards. The themes of MOST of the Shards are relevant and interact within their respective colors nicely. The only-ONLY-thing that makes ALA look terrible, is-as many have already stated-that LOR/SHM has some ridiculously overpowered card interactions. Faeries, Lark, Kithkin, RDW are all fine in a vacuum, but they far overpower the strengths of ALA block. Once we have rotation this fall, it will be much better. And to answer the question, CON made me love this block that much more. I'm a Johnny, first and foremost, then a distant Spike. I like the interactions of things like Malfegor discarding Unearth creatures. CON helps to further flesh out the themes of ALA very nicely. I approve. If you don't, CONFLUX you! Grin
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  • posted a message on So how much potential does Malfegor has?
    Quote from pandafarmer
    Yeah people were so pumped for Avatar Of Discord for reanimator builds, which were actually played at the time, and it STILL didn't see play. This guy is actually a little worse because if your opponent isn't playing many creatures the drawback will make you think twice about playing him. If he had haste, it would be a 15 dollar rare for sure! At least you could get a swing in before they have a turn to recover with thier hand full of cards.

    Avatar of Discord had two things different about her, though. She didn't slay the opponent's board, and she also did not have the luxury of existing with a bunch of super-efficient Unearth creatures. Give it a whirl. In my testing, he's been awesome.
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