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  • posted a message on [KHM] Immersturm Predator— SCG preview
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    So is Kaldheim the new name for Valla? Immersturm is a plane from Planechase. I thought they both seemed similarish. Maybe Kaldheim and Valla are otherwise linked in some way by the Immersturm.

    Card's not as immediately threatening as Falkenrath Aristocrat but it also provides a little bit of graveyard hate. Not terrible

    According to Maro, R&D had to change some of the plane names from Planechase. So it's likely just a name that was rewritten to Kaldheim.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Graven Lore & Svella, Ice Shaper - Arin Hanson preview
    Source is Arin Hanson.

    Always enjoyed tokens based on actual cards, and those Snow Manaliths might actually do more than make snow mana, especially since snow payoffs this time around count snow permanents. Speaking of counting snow, what's the acceptable floor for Graven Lore's snow-dependent ability?
    I'd say compare to Glimmer of Genius or even Behold the Multiverse found in this set. Ugin's Insight is a sorcery, this is already got an edge on that, but I don't think I'd really want to cast this with less than 3 snow mana, but at 4 or 5 it seems incredibly powerful.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Cosmos Elixir— LegenVD preview
    It's like the recently-Standard Fountain of Renewal + Dawn of Hope combo for card drawing, but on one card.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] The Raven's Warning— Greg Orange preview
    Quote from Courier7 »
    My boring theory is that we're overthinking and that person is either a Valkyrie (note the wings) or Esika.

    Probably overthinking it. I just looks like that raven--Hakka, if I recall--is issuing a warning about that person.

    What is the art representing? One guy is Alrund, who is the other one? ...Why his arm looks like it's made of etherium?

    Do we know anyone whose arm is made of etherium?

    Tezzeret was my thought, too.

    Excerpt from MTG Wiki article on Tezzeret:

    With the damaged Planar Bridge in his chest leaking energy that slowly seared the surrounding flesh, Tezzeret fled to Esper on Alara.[20] There he was informed by a gloating Tibalt, who had witnessed the end, that Bolas was dead. Tibalt had hoped to feed on Tezzeret's pain over his master's death, but he couldn't be happier about it. Bolas had been the only entity in the Multiverse powerful enough to stop his minion. With the dragon gone, there was no one who could stand in his way. Reuniting with his own minions, the gargoyle Brokk and the homunculus Krzntch, he reoccupied his fortress in the clouds, the Seekers' Sanctum.

    The Wanderer revealed that she feared what Tezzeret might become, now that he had become untethered from Bolas. She considered him extremely dangerous and a possible threat to the Multiverse. Aided by unique abilities she possessed that allowed her to track him, The Wanderer and Ral Zarek eventually found Tezzeret. The pair were attacked by a squadron of etherium gargoyles. Ral and The Wanderer destroyed all of them but the leader, Grokk. They then entered Tezzeret's base and battled against his minions and faced multiple traps. Upon reaching Tezzeret, The Wanderer was knocked unconscious by the lead gargoyle and automatically planeswalked away. Ral found his powers useless as Tezzeret's Planar Bridge technology absorbed and redirected his lightning strikes. Nevertheless, Ral challenged Tezzeret to continue fighting, and in hand-to-hand combat, Ral was badly beaten. Not wanting to be hunted further, Tezzeret showed mercy and gave Ral his damaged etherium arm to provide proof of the kill.[20]

    Tezzeret returned to Ravnica to meet with Lazav with whom he had formed a secret alliance. Lazav revealed that Ral had unexpectedly told the truth about his defeat which prevented Lazav from blackmailing him. With better news, Lazav went on to discuss his plans to blackmail Vraska and how they could now exploit the new leadership structure of the Orzhov. Lazav also revealed that he had infiltrated the Simic.[20]

    Tezzeret is still alive, has the Planar Bridge lodged in his chest, and The Wanderer even mentions she worries what he will become. It is thought without Bolas commanding him, he will be one of the most powerful threats still roaming around, as he has the Planar Bridge with him. This also coincides with it looking like the character in the saga art has an etherium arm, and anytime WotC mentions Tezzeret in a story context, his etherium arm plays some role in the story.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Tyrite Sanctum— Merchant preview
    This looks awesome. I like it.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Immersturm Predator— SCG preview
    Quote from Ritokure »
    I find it hilarious how well this massive Vampire Dragon monstrosity from beyond works with Vehicles. Dragon just wanna ride a boat.
    Quote from 5ColorsEDH »
    he is also good at crewing vehicles for some reason

    Is that why Raiders' Karve has a dragon head on it? Laughing
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Cosmos Elixir— LegenVD preview
    I don't know about that. Gaining 2 life a turn can be a good tool to keep stabilizing against a red deck in Standard. If you Shatter the Sky, then drop this the following turn. The game can quickly get out of reach for red decks. I usually stabilize against red at 3 or less life, then I lose 2 - 3 turns later when they draw a burn spell.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Mothership 1/15— Arachnoform
    Quote from Dale Dan Tony »
    I was hoping this was going to be a new rendition of Form of the Dragon

    I, too, was hoping more for Form of the Dragon/Form of the Dinosaur goodness.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Fynn, the Fangbreaker— Dicebreaker preview
    I think the venom is referring to the venom from Jormungadr's fangs.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Cosima, God of the Voyage/The Omenkeel - Kotaku.AU
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Well for judges question

    is The exile zone targetable with proliferate

    From the Comprehensive Rules (November 20, 2020—Commander Legends):

    701.27. Proliferate
    701.27a To proliferate means to choose any number of permanents and/or players that have a counter, then give each one additional counter of each kind
    that permanent or player already has.

    It doesn't work, because when she's exiled she is not a permanent.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Gates of Istfell— Weekly MTG preview
    In a long control mirror, uncounterable card draw could be useful.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Dwarven Reinforcements— Sjow preview
    Quote from EasyLover »
    What is it with the dwarfs 1 toughness . . .

    I think it's more of a dwarf BERSERKER thing?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] "Resolute Valkyrie"— @mtgjp preview
    At least it can be a turn 2 3/2 flyer. Anything that dumps a creature turn 1 enables it.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] "The Bears of Littjara" and "Mystical Reflection"— Dagoba previews
    Quote from Tormented »
    I love the card, but I just don't see where this card beats essence scatter/negate in any of my decks. The utility of making my critters better, making theirs worse just doesn't beat just getting rid of the threat altogether.

    At least in this case Essence Scatter doesn't stop planeswalkers, and Negate doesn't stop creatures. So this is more flexible? Close to a hard counter. Doesn't stop them from getting a body, but think of it as a malleable Swan Song for creatures and planeswalkers. Power of more coverage for less mana (in terms of Standard counterspells these days) in exchange for a body. Recent comparisons are Anticognition and No Escape.

    Also, since the creature being chosen doesn't say target, I think you don't have to choose a creature until the spell resolves. Doesn't that mean I could use a bird token created by Murmuring Mystic, for instance, created when I cast this spell?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Mothership 1/13— Wings of the Cosmos and Funeral Longboat
    Quote from Werewolf_Rawr »
    I'm not sure how a boat carrying a corpse can be a 3/3....that is, unless you light it on fire with an arrow as many of the shows tells us they did. Then I guess the fire can make it a 3/3

    0/1 for corpse.

    +3/+2 for stench.

    Using Stenchskipper for stat hypothesis. Flying, 3/3 for 3B seems reasonable...because its stinky it gets +3/+2.
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