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  • posted a message on March 11 B&R Update
    I think Standard is doing fine in every way except Bo1. That format is a dumpster fire. What still boggles my mind, however, is that Rampaging Ferocidon is banned. I picked up a foil playsets at release to combat all of the Anointed Procession/Hidden Stockpile decks in my meta, and it gets banned. Super powerful cards like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Nexus of Fate are an acceptable power level, but Rampaging-flipping-Ferocidon isn't?
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  • posted a message on 36 planeswalkers in war of the spark officially confirmed also stained glass art in better view
    Quote from boombox_smk »
    I'm INCREDIBLY EXCITED for more Ashiok, Angrath, Ob Nixilis, and Kaya. I love me some dark walkers.

    Do we know who is below Ugin? Reminds me of an Aetherborn. Is Gonti a walker?

    Maybe the dark aura means it's Chain-Veil-corrupted Garruk. He had a helmet,I suppose.
    Davriel "Greystone" Cain. He is from the novel "Children of the Nameless" by Brandon Sanderson. He is human, he makes deals with devils, he is primarily black with a splash of blue and red magic. However his outlook on the world is very Esper.

    Deals with devils? Is he Liliana's soul mate or something?
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  • posted a message on 36 planeswalkers in war of the spark officially confirmed also stained glass art in better view
    I'm INCREDIBLY EXCITED for more Ashiok, Angrath, Ob Nixilis, and Kaya. I love me some dark walkers.

    Do we know who is below Ugin? Reminds me of an Aetherborn. Is Gonti a walker?

    Maybe the dark aura means it's Chain-Veil-corrupted Garruk. He had a helmet,I suppose.
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  • posted a message on Possible name of the upcoming set
    Quote from tronix »
    tbh i could see liliana 'dying'

    Won't happen, we have the whole raven-man thing to solve

    What if her death releases the Raven Man or something, setting up the next big bad?

    He is already released. He's in Darksiders II, and he's annoying as hell.
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  • posted a message on Sideboard Help
    Is the only win condition the single Teferi? That's not good enough. If for any reason it gets junked, don't you pretty much just lose?
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  • posted a message on Hyper cancer the combo deck thats making me play standard.
    Quote from Bloodyfaucet »
    Hey everyone new to the forums. Need help building a sideboard for this to take to fnm this coming Friday.
    Its basically a reanimation deck. The streamer who made it runs it on arena however so theres no sideboard. To see the deck in action watch it here
    So as a modern player for the last 5 years what cards am I gonna need in my sideboard to protect my combo pieces mostly?

    This isn't reanimation or a combo deck. It's like a life gain deck that doesn't do anything. I've seen a number of people playing this on arena, and I usually race them dead in BO1. There's no way this deck will take BO3. Once they know they have nothing to worry about, they'll pressure you without overcommitting and just kill you.

    You really need some win conditions that kick in before turn 20. If you don't get a strong sequence you will eventually get overrun, or give them enough time to disrupt you
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  • posted a message on Is it just me, or are there almost no constructed playable Common cards in RNA?
    Quote from Metaethics »
    I hope I'm wrong here. But...
    The Bad:
    Summary Judgment is far, far worse than Seal Away
    Sage's Row Savant at 2/2, I'd think about it. People don't run Omen Speaker, and Omen Speaker blocks most of boros and mono red creatures.
    Ill-Gotten Inheritance... what? It costs 4 mana, right? I'll point you to Trespasser's Curse, which while not a standard powerhouse was at least worth considering.
    Undercity Scavenger - Uh.... Demon of Catastrophes, which is unplayable as Doom Whisperer outclasses it.
    Undercity's Embrace - Vona's Hunger, Plaguecrafter - Ferocious-light is just not a viable mechanic, and is out of place here.
    Burning-Tree Vandal - I think you're over-valuing looting. I hope I'm wrong here - but I'd feel a lot better if it had Menace and didn't die to every piece of removal.
    Spear Spewer - "Each player." Out of curiosity, what 2 drop does this enable that you're happy with?
    Aeromunculus - I am unprepared to talk about this card, as it dies to everything, has an ability you're losing if you even consider using, and doesn't affect the board. There are dozens of cards I could point to, but let's compare it to Trygon Predator - a card you might know as it has a repeatable practical ability that lets it see play.
    Applied Biomancy - Manafixing is good, but you'd still rather have the body on a man-o-war.
    Footlight Fiend - the goblin pirate outclasses this too much. Here's the thing - I could imagine a set of cards that would make this... "meh"... but those cards don't exist here, and seemingly on purpose. By far this is the best of the hybrid (C)s, but that's not saying much in this set I'm afraid.

    The Meh:
    Justiciar's Portal isn't great, but it's fine.
    Shimmer of Possibility - Bad Impulse is on my list.
    Deface - on my list. But not-Abrade is not Abrade.
    Goblin Gathering - On my list, but let's be clear - this is probably really bad. Sworn Companions doesn't exactly show up, and this is no [card]Raise the Alarm[/card].... but it could have been.
    Open the Gates - on my list. But this is for someone's "maybe someday" gate deck, it's not for today.
    Sagittars' Volley - I'll err on the side of caution here and give it to you.
    Stony Strength - Fair enough.

    The Good:
    Lawmage's Binding - I suppose Flash Arrest is fair. Good call.

    Again, I'll try and update you once more of these are tested, but a few things I'd like to note:

    • Spear Spewer - Each In a Rakdos deck, MY life total is usually not a concern, although it does get me closer to growing Spawn of Mayhem. Secondly, if it's a control deck like Turbofog/Teferi control, then my life total never matters, anyway, outside of Spawn. The point is it enables Spectacle without having to get through blockers.
    • Undercity's Embrace you are comparing to Vona's Hunger which is a rare, and it's quite okay for a common to be worse than a rare. Also, let's say I have a Doom Whisperer, and am staring down a red aggro deck. The incidental life gain might save the game. It's not why you play the card, it's an added effect should you meet the requirements. Plaguecrafter isn't an instant, so it operates on a different scale. Sure, it also hits PW's and can be recurred with Find // Finality. What if I keep dying to hasty beaters, though. What if I'm playing a control deck and I have no other creatures or just want to always leave interaction open? Undercity's Embrace also doesn't rotate when Ixalan block does, so if we need a diabolic edict, we still have one. I'm not saying this card is god's gift to Magic, I'm just saying the picture might be cut-off or out-of-focus. I am an optimist and I find it harder to count out cards without seeing the whole picture.
    • Ill-Gotten Inheritance isn't Trespasser's Curse. Trespasser's Curse is useless versus a deck without creatures. Inheritance is better versus control where as Curse is better versus aggro. Control has to keep above 4 life, as well, or Inheritance can just kill them in the late game.
    • Undercity Scavenger I am brewing in a Mardu Aristocrats build. A single black mana is easier for me to have lying around than a double black mana, plus it gives me Scry. Part of the problem with Demon of Catastrophes is--and I know I've brewed with it, also--is that it has 0 effect if it's Cast Down. At least with the Scavenger I've scryed if I sacrificed a creature. If I have 0 other creatures out, I can still play Scavenger. There are upsides--and downsides--to both. It's not just cut and dry.
    • I'd play Sage's Row Savant in an aggro wizards deck before I'd play Omenspeaker, and Omenspeaker in a slower mid-range/control deck needing some extra card parity over Sage's Row Savant. Again, not everything is cut-and-dry.
    • Footlight Fiend can be played along side Fanatical Firebrand. Having multiple one drops is definitely something you want in an aggro deck. Also, let's say Rakdos, the Showstopper actually becomes a Standard-played card, Fiend survives his trigger automatically. Again, it's not just cut-and-dry.

    My personal opinion is: it's dangerous to just compare cards directly to others without using context, individual card nuances, and deck needs. That's how you overlook cards and miss out on a lot of playable and sometimes new strategies. It's okay if you're more of a "I'll believe it when it 5-0's a league", than a "This has potential and I'll believe it until it doesn't play out"; but it's hardly fair to call everything bad or "phoned-in" without giving the cards their due diligence.
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  • posted a message on Is it just me, or are there almost no constructed playable Common cards in RNA?
    Quote from Metaethics »
    I've been underwhelmed with RNA's spoiler thus far - some great (R) and (M) cards, a lot of fun build around cards and a few interesting uncommon cards. But here's a list of the constructed-viable commons...

    W: None
    U: Persistent Petitioners, Quench, Shimmer of Possibility (2 nerfed cards)
    B: None
    R: Deface, Goblin Gathering
    G: Open the Gates, Saruli Caretaker, Root Snare
    Gold: Final Payment, Growth Spiral, Imperious Oligarch
    C: Lockets (x5), Gates (x5).

    I think I'm being something generous here, but as gates replace a basic land this means there are only 16(21 w/ gates) constructed viable commons is absurd.

    Compare this to GRN: Lockets, Gates, Barrier of Bones, Burglar Rat, Dead Weight, Goblin Electromancer, Healer's Hawk, Hired Poisoner, Hunted Witness, Maximize Altitude , Maximize Velocity, Notion Rain, Portcullis Vine, Radical Idea, Sworn Companions - that's 18 (21 with gates); but notably this includes 2 proven reprints (while RNA includes Root Snare and 2 other functionally worse nerfed cards that I'm reaching for here). The white 1drops also stand out...

    Now DOM: Adamant Will, Artificer's Assistant, Benalish Honor Guard, Blink of an Eye, Broken Bond, Call the Cavalry, Charge, Dark Bargain, Deep Freeze, Divest, Fungal Infection, Ghitu Lavarunner, Gideon's Reproach, Gift of Growth, Grow from the Ashes, Invoke the Divine, Llanowar Elves, Opt, Rat Colony, Saproling Migration, Shivan Fire, Skirk Prospector, Syncopate, Tragic Poet, Unwind, Vicious Offering, Voltaic Servant, Warlord's Fury, Yavimaya Sapherd

    That's 29 cards! Now, yes, several of these are very niche/narrow use constructed viable cards... but DOM includes stone cold staples Llanowar Elves and Opt, with red's Wizard's 1 drop of choice and the classic constructed staple Skirk Prospector.

    This, I think, is a big problem - I look at RNA and I honestly can't think of a (C) that I'm looking forward to; I understand the relentless advisor is for someone else - an that's great - but there is are NO common Riot, Adapt, Spectacle, or Addendum cards worth playing in constructed, and although I was trying to be charitable with the Afterlife cards, there's no Doomed Traveler!

    Edit: Constructed playable commons from the 1st Ravnica set:

    Signets (x4), Bouncelands (x4), Boros Fury-Shield, Compulsive Research, Consult the Necrosages, Dimir House Guard, Dimir Infiltrator, Dizzy Spell, Drift of Phantasms, Elves of Deep Shadow, Faith's Fetters, Farseek, Fists of Ironwood, Galvanic Arc, Last Gasp, Muddle the Mixture, Peel from Reality, Shred Memory. Smash, Stinkweed Imp, Sundering Vitae, Terrarion, Veteran Armorer

    Here we have 29 cards, many of which are staples - Elves of Deepshadow, Farseek, Stinkweed Imp, Compulsive Research...

    I think I'm being very generous when I say Lockets might see play somewhere (I'm thinking commander, but I've never seen them there), but outside of Goblin Gathering and maybe the Advisor, I don't see any commons to be genuinely excited about from this upcoming set.

    I think it's just you. Commons I'm already brewing with:

    W: Justiciar's Portal (blink combos + surprise blocker with first strike), Summary Judgment
    U: Sage's Row Savant, Shimmer of Possibility
    B: Ill-Gotten Inheritance, Undercity Scavenger (sac outlet), Undercity's Embrace
    R: Burning-Tree Vandal, Deface (great vs all the Arcades/High Alert decks people are trying here), Goblin Gathering (sac fodder + mana combos with Skirk Prospector), Spear Spewer (great for enabling Spectacle)
    G: Open the Gates (gates control deck I'm brewing), Sagittars' Volley (a number of brewers here are playing Thopter decks), Stony Strength (enables many of the Adapt creatures, also helps Marwyn, the Nurturer), Titanic Brawl (great in decks with Stony Strength + other counters)
    WUBRG: Aeromunculus (cheap durable flier), Applied Biomancy (tempo), Growth Spiral (Simic/Temur/Bant midrange/control decks), Lawmage's Binding, Footlight Fiend (kind of mimics Mogg Fanatic back when you could stack damage, great with Judith, the Scourge Diva or any sac payment giving it another bonus)

    Sure some of these cards might not look great at first glance, but if there's a hope of it being useful I'll brew with it. You can't just right off all of these cards without trying them in something. They don't have to be broken to be good and useful.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Gallery Up
    Quote from TearingEons »
    I was pretty stoked about Afterlife when it was announce and couldn't wait to see what tricks they'd come up for it. Then the spoilers started to drop and it was clear it wasn't gonna get the same love that the other mechanics, especially Riot and Adapt, were getting. Even Addendum looks better balanced than Afterlife. It'll be good for limited, but not for Constructed or EDH.
    There's no one drop because they did basically that in Guilds. The creatures we did get this set just feel underpowered. I know that you get one or more bodies when they die, but most don't do anything interesting aside from that. Even the mythic was just ok. The only two that look decent are Ministrant of Obligation and Orzhov Enforcer. Afterlife didn't even get a spell to grant it to your creatures like Riot did.
    The other four mechanics for this set all involve some sort of choice, while Afterlife was just there.
    If I am mis-evaluating things, please correct me, I'd love to think better of this mechanic.

    You're correct in saying that what they did with afterlife isn't terribly interesting, but it is good. Adding stickiness to a board is strong. Sweepers become less effective for each body that hits the board. Sure, they give their dude Haste with Riot, you Cast Down, and they get nothing. They cast down your Ministrant of Obligation, and you have twice the bodies you did before, and with evasion. So while its a bit uninteresting, it's definitely strong.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Gallery Up
    Again, numerous arts with Shrieking Grotesque in them, but still cant get it back in Standard. That crafty gargoyle helped me top 4 regionals back in the day. I NEED it back! Love Footlight Fiend, btw. Also, for Rakdos, the Showstopper, there are not many demons, devils, or imps, at all. At least let me try to break the janky thing.
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  • posted a message on Font of Agonies
    Quote from Puddle Jumper »
    Pretty sure Thoughtseize doesn't work with this. Life loss doesn't mean life payment. Fetchlands definitely don't.

    The effect of killing a creature is not one you'd happily trade life for very many times, unless your deck has a significant amount of lifegain. Also, these don't stack well, so putting multiples in a deck risks you losing the card advantage you sought to gain. It may see play in a black control deck as a 1-of alongside Arguel's Blood Fast but other than that there's little reason to think this is going anywhere competitive. In EDH, though, there are a handful of commanders that will turn this on as a matter of course, and the extra life will make this pretty decent at killing things. Probably better than most single-target removal at that point.

    Why wouldn't fetch lands work with this? They say: T, Pay 1 life. You are literally paying life.
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  • posted a message on Macabre Mockery (Possibility Storm preview)
    I've been waiting on a Standard reprint of Makeshift Mannequin for 12 years, and this might be as close as we get. I'll play it with the same enjoyment, I'm sure.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Bad Advertisements Report Thread
    Quote from knto »
    I have been getting so many redirects on my mobile that I can't even post here on it. I'm using my laptop at the moment to post so I don't have the links. It's been happening all week.

    Came to report the same thing. I can't use the forums at all, now, due to the constant redirection to the same link as RabidVacin. Every 20 seconds I'm redirected on mobile.
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  • posted a message on Collision//Colossus (last split card)
    Collision being hybrid kind of disappoints me. Before, red had to bring in Fight with Fire to kill Lyra Dawnbringer, easily. Now they can just side this in to kill her at instant speed for two mana. It just straight up prevents you from stabilizing with Lyra or Shalai, so red can just continue the beat down.
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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners (Strictly Better MTG Spoiler) - mill common
    Lol. My advisor tribal Commander deck is non-blue.
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