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  • posted a message on Fantasy Football 2006
    Quote from PurpleD

    Indeed. Here's what their game plan is gonna be... BLITZ THE S**T OUT OF FAVRE!!! haha, That's why I'm happy to have Urlacher as one of my individuals. They've got no running game (crappy o-line) and no passing game (crappy WRs). If they can contain the Favre/Franks Duo, they win hard.

    Holt is by bonafide WR. He's an amazing player with the ability to pick up YAC. Also, he's got a good QB in Bulger.

    Moss should do well. With the starting job up in the air in oakland, they should be looking to throw the ball deep, and you can guarentee that He'll be there Grin

    Heap will finish 3rd TE-wise behind Crumpler and Gates. Shockey witll give him a run for his money.

    I'm not sure about Westbrook. He reminds me a lot of marshall Faulk, and that means he's a dynamic threat in both the rushing and receiving games. With Phili lacking a solid receiver (although they just signed stallworth), they will throw to Westbrook, and Andy reid already said that they want to establish a good rushing attack as well this year. I'll stick with him (depending on his injury, obv.)

    They won't even have to blitz. 5 in the box will still get past that makeshift O-line.

    I just don't trust Brooks/Tuiasosopo/Wolters/Jeff George (are you friggin' kidding me) to get him the ball. Hell, they couldn't get Moss the ball last year with Collins.

    I'm a huge fan of Gates, BUT with a "barely wet behind the ears" QB I just can't bring myself to draft him high. On the other hand, TE's are a new QB's best friend (outlet WR) so I guess he's kinda got me "on top of the fence," so to speak. I like Crumpler too, but the Falcons have their best QB riding the pine. So far Vick hasn't proved himself enough to be worth anything IMO. Shockey, if healthy, will have a career year.

    I'll have to politely disagree. Westbrook is decent, but he has almost 0 durability and couldn't tie Faulks shoes on his best day. He's a good 3 back....but I'd still start the other 2 in most situations.

    I just spammed(if you wanna call it that) 3 other MTG sites to try and get enough people for a few leagues. If anyone posts anywhere other than here, Wizards.com or TCGplayer.com feel free to ask around.
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  • posted a message on Fantasy Football 2006
    Bears D is gonna go for hella pts week 1. It's sad how pathetic Green Bay has become. Guess I can't flame them too much though as my team has fared about as well the last 5 or 6 yrs. Slant

    Purple: Get rid of Moss while you can. Heap may very well lead all TE this year, so nice pick! Regarding Edge......meh......not this year i dun think
    although Arizona could easliy find themselves in the Playoffs. Holt is always solid......the guy catches everything. Westbrook is hurt......but even if he wasn't I'd still start Jackson over him. Hasselbeck n McNabb are very solid starting QB's. And Hasselbeck as with Jackson both play in one of the weakest divisions in football.

    Karmic: That'll work if they're playing San Francisco:)

    Just my opinion of course......

    Either of you interested in participating in another?
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  • posted a message on Fantasy Football 2006
    Okay I just created an 8 player league on ESPN.com
    Anyone whose interested plz msg me with your email so I can send and invite. I haven't chosen a time/date yet as we'll need to see what's most convenient for the majority of us.
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  • posted a message on Fantasy Football 2006
    well I know of a least one or two fellow magic players who don't post on any forums (anymore) that would be interested so I can get a few more if need be. I'm gonna make an edit here in a minute.......once I find my old league rules/setup......see what ya think.....its a bit different than most are probably used to. Now that I look......my league only had 8 teams. But that'll work

    TD Pass 3
    50+ yard TD pass bonus 1
    Interceptions Thrown -2
    2pt Passing Conversion 2
    Every 1 passing yards 0.1
    300-399 yard passing game 1
    400+ yard passing game 3

    TD Rush 6
    50+ yard TD rush bonus 1
    2pt Rushing Conversion 2
    Every 1 rushing yards 0.2
    100-199 yard rushing game 1
    200+ yard rushing game 3

    TD Reception 6
    50+ yard TD rec bonus 1
    2pt Receiving Conversion 2
    Every 1 receiving yards 0.2
    100-199 yard receiving game 1
    200+ yard receiving game 3
    Each reception 1

    Kickoff Return TD 6
    Punt Return TD 6
    Fumble Recovered for TD 6
    Each Fumble Lost -2

    Each PAT Made 1
    FG Made (0-39 yards) 3
    FG Made (40-49 yards) 4
    FG Made (50+ yards) 5

    Team Defense / Special Teams
    Interception Return TD 6
    Fumble Return TD 6
    Kickoff Return TD 6
    Punt Return TD 6
    Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 6
    Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 1
    Each Interception 2
    Each Fumble Recovered 2
    Each Safety 2
    Each Sack 1
    0 points allowed 15
    2-6 points allowed 12
    7-13 points allowed 9
    14-17 points allowed 6
    18-21 points allowed 3
    28-34 points allowed -1
    35-45 points allowed -3
    46+ points allowed -5 LEAGUE R

    and the starters:


    That's the setup I went with last year

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  • posted a message on Fantasy Football 2006
    Wow......kinda shocked to see a thread like this. I'm all about football season (Feb-Aug is just Sooooooo depressing) so if anyone would like to start another league I have accounts on NFL.com and ESPN.com. I even saved my personal league set up from last year on ESPN, so the scoring system etc is already in place.....though I would like to make a few minor changes. But, 6 people is just a few to liitle. If we can get 10 that'd be great. I dont have a problem setting everything up, all I need are your emails and I'll send out the league requests. If we get more than 10 people, we'll probably have to do a few different ones......no biggie though......If memeory serves me correct I played in 20 or so legues last year so it's a non-issue:D
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  • posted a message on Haakon Knights
    I did make one mistake....The Snare's should be Rune Snags.

    Playing Haakon or Wrath hasn't been a problem so far. If for some reason you can't find a wrath, Mortify can buy time. The great thing about this deck is it doesn't have a problem digging for answers via Hussar, Research, and Gifts. There are 8 ways to get Haakon into the GY via Gifts, Research, and Peace of Mind. I suppose you could add a 4th Haakon if you were that worried.

    Pitching cards to Peace can buy you a few turns if faced with an onslaught as can your endless supply of Knights when Haakon is in the 'yard. Just yesterday afternoon I was playing v. Solar Flare and Held off 2x Angel of Despair, 1 Yosei, & 1 Kokusho all the while at low life (around 3 or so if I recall corectly).

    I have seen a few builds run Stinkweed Imp, but those are mosltly the B/W versions and would replace the Hussar's or Research's.

    Vexing Sphinx is a solid card, but I dont like the UU as WW & BB are already needed. I haven't found the deck to need a "Finisher." I tried Sky Hussar briefly, but it was only useful on rare occasion.

    BTW Barfly and Aliken....."seems" & "the feeling I get when looking at" make it "seem" like your views based on at-a-glance opinions, and not results. I apologize if this comes across as rude, I assure you the intent was not so. However, I have been testing the deck, and "the feeling I get when looking at" your statements is that you both have not.
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  • posted a message on Haakon Knights
    Here's the list I've been running to much success:

    Creatures (13)
    4x Court Hussar
    3x Haakon
    2x Paladin en-Vec
    2x White Shield Crusader
    2x Stromgald Crusader

    Spells (25)
    4x Remand
    4x Rune Snag
    4x Compulsive Research
    4x Wrath of God
    3x Mortify
    2x Gifts Ungiven
    2x Peace of Mind
    2x Persecute

    Land (22)
    4x Watery Grave
    4x Hallowed Fountain
    4x Godless Shrine
    3x Swamp
    3x Plains
    2x Island
    1x Shizo
    1x Eiganjo

    While the deck may seem like an aggro deck, but it definately performs more like a control deck. For that reason no more than 15 creatures are really necessary. Ashes isn't that great because it HAS to stay in play to abuse the deck correctly. Playtest something closer to my version. I promise you'll be more impressed /w the results.
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  • posted a message on [TS] Scott John's angel art
    Quote from charlequin »
    Doesn't look anything like Akroma, though.

    Plenty of cards have seen reprint with different artwork. Besides, it seems as though the art in recent sets has been given a more "realistic" feel. But it's only a guess......Okay it maybe more along the lines of wishful thinking, but ya never know......
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  • posted a message on [TS] Scott John's angel art
    My money's on the first Legend to be reprinted ever........Akroma! She won the "Favorite Legend Vote" Wizards did not too long ago. I doubt it was a coincidence. I'm really like the artwork too; a very detailed piece.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Regionals - so, how'd you do? (Decklists post 1)
    Quote from ApprenticeofUrza »
    I know most of the people that played snakes and they all lost quickly...and i eliminated the only one with potential to make top 8 (and myself by tieing...blah). I played wafo tapa by the way.

    And Im pretty sure skies didnt win the whole thing...remember in the beginning they said they were going to cut to the top 8 have one round of single elimination and then whoever had the best record at the end of swiss out of the top 4 would be declared the winner...so it really wasnt a true winning.

    And the reason snakes lost im pretty sure is due to their poor piloters...my opponent had 10 snakes and jitte on the board and i still beat him that game...i guess its better to chord of calling eot instead of attack for the win?

    AH, your correct.....they did say top Swiss finisher would be declared winner after they cut to 4. I didn't personally know anyone playing snakes, but the "BUZZ" seemed to be that they were faring well. If it's true that they didn't then I wouldn't be surprised....others tend to overhype things they see for the first time. And I definately understand your point about bad pilots. I saw my fare share of them( not saying I played flawlessly....I made a few bonehead plays), but 10 snakes and a Jitte.......WOW! What was that guy thinking?!
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Regionals - so, how'd you do? (Decklists post 1)
    Quote from What-A-Noob »
    Dude, I'm confused. I went to Orlando regionals with some of my freinds, but left early because they dropped, and I was hungry and wasn't doing to well either. Later on though, another freind who was still there said that U/G snakes was doing well and was undefeated, but they aren't even top 8 on the forums for unity entertainment. Guess he lied?

    Anyway, I was surprised to see that skies got first. I was playing something extremely similar before I decided to play something else (which got ownd) at regionals. But seriously, an aggro deck with glorious anthems, no burn, and no jitte. And it wasn't even like it was controling either, it just had 3 remands.

    He wasn't lying per-say....U/G Snakes did real well until round 6 or so. Then the deck ran into the "big boys" and crapped out.

    I was defiantely shocked that Skies won our Regional.....I woulda put money on Ghost Husk personally, but then again, I was kinda surprised I did as well as I did.....but for the Meta I was expecting (Ghost Husk, Heartbeat, and U/W/x Control) I was a good choice......and I was pretty dead on in my assumtion. What I wanna know is how I got a lousy 9 packs for 9th place, and some people in even smaller regionals events finished with twice as many packs and didn't even top 16......Sounds like a certain company was more concerned with fattening their pockets.......LAME!
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Regionals - so, how'd you do? (Decklists post 1)
    I had the privilege of being the first loser @ Orlando Regionals. I piloted U/B Fish to a 6-1-1 (14-5-1) record....good enough for 9th place. My 6th RND draw to heartbeat due to TIME cost me Top 8. He was a 6....I had Jitte'd Hand of Cruelty (/w 2 counters), 3 counterspells in hand, and enough mana to cast em all.....all I needed was 1 more turn........
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