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  • posted a message on Temur Elementals (or Temur Ramp)
    Ive piloted a nearly identical list each of the last 2 weeks, Top 8ing both times. The only noticeable differences being -1 Lightning Strike +1 Chandra, Acolyte of Flame in the MD & -1 Negate +1 Lava Coil in the SB
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  • posted a message on Major changes to Magic announced at SDCC? (New booster variants and premium styles)
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Updated the OP with all the information from MaRo's article on the new premium cards and new booster variants.
    you can add all the spoiled art from my post at the end of page 3 if you'd like
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  • posted a message on Gruulggro
    I'm stuck on the Nullhide Ferox route or the Legion Warboss decision. I don't want to add 4x Rekindling Pheonix, 4x Nullhide and 4x Legion Warboss into the one deck.

    I prefer Warboss in the side. Ive had quite a bit of success with this list. Its top 8'd 7 of the 9 times ive run it.

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  • posted a message on What happened to MTG?
    Find a good LGS? I sold out of Modern because of the "robotic" try-hards who treated a $15 top 8 split like it were Grand Prix. I despise Limited & Commander. Having said all that, our Standard group is fantastic. Everyone is warm and helpful. We make an active attempt to make newer, younger players better. Theyre sociable before, during, & after matches. A group of ~ 15 of us even go out to the bar after FNM for drinks every week.

    In regard to cost (at least for Standard), its not as bad as it was imo (no more $100 Jace). Even some eternal format cards are getting cheaper because of sets like Modern Masters. For myself, im happy to play whatever the best decks in the format are. Ive never been much of a brewer but if you identify as one then there are risks that come along with that.....like overspending for something that doesnt/wont work. For myself, I fund the hobby by cashing in events (I play Fri, Sat, Sun atm). For $350-$950 (and ive found spending the extra $600 isnt worth it to get the mythics) I can preorder a playset of an upcoming set and its largely if not fully paid for by store credit acquired from playing 3 days a week. So while there has to be an initial investment, long term the game is paying for itself. Getting yourself a "bankroll" would go a long way in allowing you to brew more often because you'd have tiered decks to fall back on without spending more if things dont work out while already having the card pool to brew at your leisure
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  • posted a message on Icon of Ancestrality (gameplayrj
    Quote from Raptorchan »
    I am starting to guess they put a lot of implied tribal Commander cards into this set. Maybe some 2017 leftovers?
    To me, this set feels like a hard push for the new "standard plus" format.
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  • posted a message on Blightbeetle
    We're never reprinting Llanowar Elves *prints Llanowar Elves*. We aren't printing protection cards anymore *prints this*
    What else arent we ever getting again?

    Bring back Paladin en-Vec
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  • posted a message on New player confused
    So the game of magic has nearly 20,000 unique cards so the "when to use" every card is not only an impossible task to undertake but one that totally dependent on the situation its being used.

    You could google the "comprehensive rules" but its probably going to leave you with more questions than answers.

    MTG Gatherer allows you to search card by card, but the number of "advanced" rulings per card vary.

    To be honest, you'd probably pick up on the game better by watching it. There are a number of pro level players that stream on Twitch that talk through their plays to explain the "how & why"

    Some basics regarding some of your aforementioned confusion: The player casting a spell chooses its target assuming its a legal target.

    Regarding combat, the attacker can choose to attack the defending player or a planeswalker that player controls. You cannot attack opposing creatures directly in combat. The defending player chooses how and if they block those attacking creatures assuming all blocks are legal per the rules.

    If a spell changes or adds a land type to a land you control, that land will tap for 1 mana of either type that land could produce unless the spell says "adds x in addition to"

    Blighted Gorge is a utility land. It taps for mana like a traditional land but has an added affect tacked on to allow you to pay 4R, sacrifice it (destroy it) and deal 2 damage to a creature or player. Planeswalkers are also considered players in this instance and thus are also legal targets
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  • posted a message on infuriate and...... LEYLINE OF SANCTITY REPRINT!!!
    This is really bad timing to add 4 mana cancer to the format. Also, Feather gets a friend
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  • posted a message on infuriate and...... LEYLINE OF SANCTITY REPRINT!!!
    Courtesy of Mr Rolf

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  • posted a message on Who Made it to the End?
    May 2006. I ran Fantasy Football Leagues for MTGS for years. Sadly, almost everyone is gone and has been for a time. For me, MTGS "died" in 2012/2013 when Curse acquired the site.
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  • posted a message on GB/x Midrange
    As someone currently playing 4c Dreadhorde, its red matchup isnt as good as you would think. While it does have the explore package, it durdles more than traditional BG midrange and your life total is a lot lower by the time you get to your Dreadhorde, rendering it far less useful if useable at all.
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  • posted a message on Standard is good now
    Control decks dont need to run creatures anymore because they have planeswalkers as win cons now (more card advantage). If you choose to play every game to 100% completion, thats certainly your prerogative. However, dragging games out and chewing up what could be valuable clock can hurt you if youre trying to get a match win. A Teferi emblem on an empty board is game over. A Nexus player with a flipped Azcanta + Tamiyo + Reclamation + ~25 cards in library is game over. Hence, dead before youre actually dead
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  • posted a message on So SICK of planeswalkers already
    I would argue Magic is a ALOT like chess.....except it has tens of thousands of pieces that all do different things as opposed to only 6. If you dont think each game of magic has its own challenges and strategies then I dont know what to tell you. Its called finding the correct line in any given situation.

    Regarding "play-to-win", if you want to play "competitive" magic then yes, you have to invest in the cards to be competitive. If you dont want to, then just play draft. Arena may be a casual forum but the decks being played are more often than not of a competitive nature.

    No deck is going to have a good matchup against everything. Thats not how Magic works

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  • posted a message on NEWB question about rotation
    To be honest, it varies. Core sets were discontinued for a time. We've only had 1 in recent years. Those were the sets where cards were more likely to see a reprint. With traditional sets, they tend to keep the cards on flavor with the given theme of that set/block. You'll get functional reprints (a card that is basically Luminus Bonds but with a different name), but dont usually see exact copies.

    So basically, the odds of old cards you currently have being part of Standard after rotation is very low
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