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  • posted a message on Scg Open Las Vegas
    Quote from cfusionpm »

    I only mention it because I tweet at SCG and Cedric every so often (usually to complain about the 100% disappearance of any and all Regional events west of Texas). I'm usually met back with "Well we're doing this one event in Vegas! That counts as our contribution to the west coast!" And as someone who actually lives on the coast, I find it somewhat insulting. If their inability to do anything here is contractual (non-compete with CFB) then they should say something. But ignoring us and then insulting us with this "tossed bone" which isn't even west coast just rubs me the wrong way.

    I didn't hear Cedric say it before, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. I think us West Coasters have pretty much accepted the fact that SCG has no interest in doing West Coast tournaments anymore. Frown

    (As I say this, I have just come back from Las Vegas, lol.)

    Our team finished 19th. We lost the last round for prize money (probably would have been 10th-12th). Sucks.
    I don't know how much this helps, but our Modern player was on Tron. He played 7 mirrors in 15 rounds, going 2-3 day 1 and 2-0 day 2.) I played Sneak Show in Legacy and our Standard player was on UR Phoenix. We lost to 2 of the top 8 teams. I also happen to know most of the players around the top 32, so I could help what they were on.

    Our Tron player lost to Bant Spirits twice on Day 2, including the "win-and-in" for money in Round 15. Kind of got stuck on lands and lost to flurries of Spirits. Frown

    *The meta doesn't look that diverse, but I'm definitely surprised that there were not more Tron on Day 2. I assume they knocked each other out on Day 1 and I'm sure that makes many of you happy. Grin
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Bad variance (and bad plays) happens. I would shrug it off.

    I actually notice some matchups that I've played where it's probably correct to side out the Combo, but I just enjoy it too much to do right now. If I decide to play this deck for the Dec. 2 RPTQ (which takes some serious balls), I would try to get the sideboarding down completely.
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Quote from 7he5haman »
    If anyone has success with tweaking the stock list I'd love to hear about it.

    I don't know if it counts as "success", but I played x4 Bloodbraid Elf in the MB to a 4-0 FNM haha

    Going to tweak the deck further for this week's FNM. Will try to post my updated list later today, would love feedback. Then I'll do a write up of the FNM sometime this weekend Smile

    I used to play Mardu as well, and love Phoenix. Have been thinking of giving UR Phoenix Reveler Thing in the Ice a test run.

    I have to mention this then as well. A friend of mine just won the Atlanta Regionals after scrubbing out of the Pro Tour. Here's his writeup on UR Phoenix/Thing/Reveler if you're interested.

    If anyone is up for a short write up on U/R phoenix here ya go! Record: 10-1
    The deck:
    4 Arclight Phoenix
    3 Chart a Course
    4 Spirebluff Canal
    3 Bedlam Reveler
    4 Thing in the Ice
    3 Izzet Charm
    4 Thought Scour
    4 Faithless Looting
    4 Scalding Tarn
    4 Manamorphose
    3 Steam Vents
    4 Serum Visions
    4 Fiery Temper
    4 Island
    2 Mountain
    1 Shivan Reef
    1 Opt
    4 Lightning Bolt
    2 Firemind's Research
    2 Alpine Moon
    2 Abrade
    2 Anger of the Gods
    1 Izzet Charm
    4 Surgical Extraction
    2 Dispel
    Round 1: Opponent G/W company
    These games were some of the hardest games to play not because I felt unfavored but because I felt unprepared for the deck and I hadn’t looked into the deck enough. As my opponent is casting their azusas and courser of kruphixs’ I find myself to be falling behind in this matchup. Overall I think that the key to winning a matchup like this is an early thing in the ice and a couple of phoenix. Some of the most problematic cards are voice of resurgence and courser of kruphix. Voice just puts a damper in your plan and makes you have to make plays that you wouldnt normally be making. Courser just allows your opponent to manipulate their deck and grind you out while gaining incidental life along the way. In the end my regionals tournament was off to a rough start. 1-2/0-1
    SB plans:+2 anger of the gods ,+2 abrade, +1 izzet charm
    -4 though scour -1 opt
    Round 2: Hollow Bois
    I think that this matchup in one of the closest matchups which is crazy considering that playing hollow one is like flipping a coin for your tournament result. The problem is that early hollow ones can just completely obliterate you. If you can survive the early hollow ones or get an early flip on TITI then I believe you are highly favored. The key cards to you in this matchup are the thing in the ice’s backed up with removal spells. Take this match to the long game with a life total one higher than some number of bolts and take over the game from there. 2-0/1-1
    SB plans: +2 anger of the gods +4 surgical extraction +2 abrade
    -2 serum visions -2 thought scour -1 opt -3 reveler
    Round 3: Mono Red Wizards
    SOOO…….I think that the deck choice my opponent had says a lot of the story here. So I guess my opponent was on a budget but his deck was sweet. I would say this matchup is very unfavored and if my opponent had played better I would have lost. Some of the key cards in this matchup include all of your removal spells and early flipped thing in the ice to pressure them. I had one of the most aggressive draws I’ve ever had with this deck against my opponent which also helped a bunch. Turn 2 thing into turn 3 thing + thought scour. Turn 3 was manamorphose , looting discard 2 phoenix, bolt you and 20 you. GG. 2-0/2-1
    SB plans: +2 anger of the gods
    -2though scour
    Round 4: Hardened scales affinity
    I’m excited to say that this matchup feels super positive! I am under the impression that the only card that matters in this matchup is thing in the ice. Hardened scales affinity is a snowball type of deck. Just imagine the feeling of blowing up a balloon for 5 minutes wasting all that breath just to have some guy pop it with a needle. That needle is thing in the ice. POP! Some things to be aware of in this matchup is getting burned out by walking ballista and getting demolished by arcbound ravager+hangarback walker. 2-0/3-1
    SB plans: + 2 abrade +2 anger of the gods
    -4 fiery temper
    Round 5: Infect
    This matchup is so strange. I find myself getting behind early and having to flip thing in the ice to delay my opponents inkmoth nexus 2 turns. Then after the board is stabilized you can start to bring back your phoenix’s for blocking. I think the biggest card in the matchup is Arclight phoenix. It blocks so well and forces your opponent to use pump spells when then don’t want to. Also something super random that came up was that spellskite has the creature type horror which means its basically gonna stay on the board the whole game. After game 1 your opponents have so many less pump effects in their deck to bring in some cards that are super easy for you to play around. Most of the time they will bring in grafdiggers cage to counter phoenix/faithless looting but you simply don’t care about those. I find myself hard casting the phoenix to gain my advantage In the air. 2-0/4-1
    SB plans: +2 alpine moon +2 abrade +2 dispel +1 izzet charm
    -4 fiery temper -1 opt -2 thought scour
    Round 6: Bant spirits
    THIS IS NOT A GOOD MATCH UP!! I mean that seriously. If you think that the metagame of the tournament you will attend is gonna have a lot of spirits players please don’t play this deck. You will NOT have fun. That being said there are some good cards in this matchup like Thing in the ice (this card seems to be good in a lot of matchups). It allows you to shape the game to how you want the game to be played. For example you can play super hard into your opponents spell quellers/company so hard all because of thing in the ice. That being said if they go 1,2,3, you’re dead…..Very dead! 2-1/5-1
    SB plans: Pray and…..+2 abrade +2 dispel +2 anger
    -3 bedlam -1 opt -1 chart -1 izzet charm
    Round 7: Hollow Bois pt.2
    I think I left one thing out on the last one so ill add it here so this isn’t blank…lol. In the post board games against hollow one do not be afraid to surgical them super aggressively. They are a very fragile deck and sometimes one missing piece is good enough. 2-0/6-1
    Round 8: 8 rack
    I hate round 1 losses :/ although the tournament was large I was a little bummed I couldn’t ID into top 8 but nonetheless here I was. I came into this match so unfamiliar and really had no clue what was going on. To be fair who expects to play against 8 rack for a win and in of a 200+ person event anyways. Game one went so weird and I think the best card in this matchup is bedlam reveler. It draws so many cards and can get you out of the soft lock of the rack/shrieking affliction. These games feel like they were decided around turn 4 and if they had played out their hand or not yet. Get ahead on cards and stay ahead. That’s the game plan. 2-0/7-1
    SB plans: +2 fireminds +2 abrade +1 izzet charm
    -4 bolt -1 looting
    Quarterfinals: dredge
    Although I wish I didn’t have to say this the truth hurts. My opponent was a local and conceded to me because he wanted to go home after we prize split top 8. I do still have some good information on this matchup though because of past tournaments. I think that the key to winning this matchup the most is aggression. They are an aggro deck with one heck of a finisher in conflagrate. You have to be able to keep up the pace of play with them and be able to get them to have to play in a pinch. Unfortunately, they have creeping chill, but trust me its better after board. Make sure you mulligan aggressively to get those surgicals and do it at the first time you can. One cute interaction is if you’re at a low life total you can manamorphose to make black mana, so you don’t have to pay for surgical. Bye/8-1
    SB plans: +4 surgical +2 anger
    -3 bedlam -3 chart a course
    Semifinals: KCI
    Okay so we’ve got an interesting one here. I think this matchup is close. Your best card by far is izzet charm unless your opponent is aware of it. Counter things aggressively I promise. Once their hand has dwindled down to a few cards you gotta turn on the rocket boosters and kill ‘em quick. Post board games revolve around timely surgical extractions. Also make sure you watch out for sai in this matchup as it can be another way for them to out grind you. 2-1/9-1
    SB plans: +4 surgical +2 abrade +1 izzet charm +2 alpine moon
    -3 reveler -4 temper -1 opt -1 chart a course
    Finals: Runaway red
    The pseudo mirror and my carmate for the trip. We had talked a lot about the different versions of Arclight phoenix decks and he was unable to put together the U/R version so he played mono red. I think that the mono red version is favored in the mirror because of the burn spells and early aggression. I think that overall this match is close and it comes down to who has the better early turns. I feel that it is hard to come back from behind in this match up. The key cards on your side are Arclight phoenix and thing in the ice. ITS SO BIG! They have such a hard time dealing with the awoken horror that the game plan becomes protecting that guy once he flips. 2-1/10-1
    SB plans: +2 surgical +2 anger
    -1 izzet charm -1 opt -2 thought scour
    Matchups I did not play but believe are important:
    Humans: +2 abrade +2 anger of the gods
    -3 bedlam -1 opt
    U/W or jeskai: +2 fireminds research +1 izzet charm +2 dispel
    -1 bedlam -4 fiery temper
    Tron: +2 alpine moon +1 izzet charm
    -3 bedlam
    Jund: +2 dispel +2 fireminds research +1 izzet charm
    -4 fiery temper -1 opt
    Burn: +2 dispel +1 Izzet charm
    -3 bedlam
    Storm: +2 dispel +1 izzet charm +4 surgical
    -4 fiery temper -1 opt -2 thought scour
    Grixis DS: +2 surgical +2 dispel +2 fireminds research +1 izzet charm
    -4 fiery temper -1 opt -2 thought scour
    Tips and tricks:
    having phoenix’s on board when u flip thing in the ice is not all that bad. Faithless looting becomes a lot better and so does chart a course
    sometimes its best to not flip thing in the ice right away. Flipping it EOT is always fun.
    GY hate is very beatable. There were plenty of leylines and rest in piece played against me. Its not that bad
    Izzet charm has a lot of text. Read it.
    Bolts ALWAYS go the the face when thing in the ice is on one. Please don’t oops.
    Fireminds research is cute…but its good cute and jeskai/U/W have very little ways of handling that card
    Wrap up: so lets see where we can go from here. I think the deck is good. Very good and if its not on your radar it should be. I think that we need answers to some bigger guys which could result in me playing some shaky cards. I think kalitas/sai/titi/any 4 toughness guys are very difficult to deal with so for the next tournament I play I’m going to consider playing harvest pyre or lightning axe both of which can kill some serious threats. Let me know if there are other matchups that side boarding concerns you! That’s all I’ve got for ya. Thanks for reading!

    I left out his name, but you could probably find it easily at

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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from darksteel88 »
    What reason do you have for him to not play Tron? It's still a good deck and putting up some results. Modern is a format where familiarity is rewarded. I don't doubt your friend can play other decks, it's quite common for entrenched players to play several decks fairly well, or be able to pick up similar decks easily. That being said, there just doesn't appear to be a significant benefit to swapping decks. Assuming your friend isn't breaking the meta, he's only gaining a couple percentage picking the optimal deck and then losing it to familiarity anyway. Especially if he's doing well with Tron, I say just let him play it.

    I personally don't think that Tron is in a good place, perhaps mostly because I play decks that do well against it. I feel like UW Control and Humans are among the top 4, so I am going to be bringing those as well.
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    That's too bad it happened that way. Modern has a lot of variance, so even the best deck on a good day can go less than 50% while a "trash" deck can win a tournament. Now I don't think Mardu Pyromancer is a very strong deck, but you get the point.

    I am going to the SCG Open in Las Vegas for Trios Constructed. Any suggestions for our Modern player? He is a Tron player, but can play anything pretty efficiently. I am playing Sneak Show in Legacy while our other player is doing UR Phoenix in Standard. I am going to bring my Humans deck in case, but it's probably best for him to run Tron since he's seen a lot of success with it. What do you think?
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    Quote from Soot »
    2nd place! That's pretty good!

    I'm taking a break from Cragganwick to experiment with Mardu Phoenix and get some practice with Bant Spirits, but it's good to see the deck putting up results.

    If anyone success with tweaking the stock list I'd love to hear about it.

    I'm interested in Phoenix as well, but got "stuck" on this Cragganwick right now, lol. Let me know how that goes. I'm about to get the last 2 Phoenix I need to play from my LGS.
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  • posted a message on Shaman of the Great Hunt
    It's funny you ask that. I have been playing Cragganwick Cremator for the past 3 weeks in Modern. I read a post about this card and wondered what it was. In the "New Deck Creation," there is the Cragganwick Cremator thread. Shaman does seem like a fairly powerful card, even if it is super weak to Bolt.
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    Quote from Galerion »
    I would say that Vivien Reid's price is closer to $23, so the $30 price may be local or a store markup. I'm assuming it's because of Standard's GB decks.

    Sad thing is that it was a card that I considered speculating on when I saw her at $6 because big Green planeswalkers usually hit a high price in Standard unless there is a replacement, but I just thought that Vivien was just not that good. Ragrets...

    What happened with you there?

    I mean card advantage, conditional removal, good ult, high loyalty, not overpriced in terms of CMC. From a lore perspective I couldn't care less about here. In my opinion just another generic green mage but as a card she is obviously not bad. She has the things that make a planeswalker good.

    I've been trying to speculate less and actually avoid it nearly completely in Standard because I have to know Standard to speculate correctly. And I don't want to know Standard. I haven't really enjoyed Standard for longer than I would admit to. It's part of the reason that players call me that Modern dude.

    I just figured that Wizards would print a better Green planeswalker, thus one would be around $4-6 and the other around $20. I did not even really look at the abilities that carefully or thoroughly to be 100% honest.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Sneak Show
    Yeah, I think that Jace, the Mind Sculptor can carry you out of some bad situations and be another threat from our deck. Unfortunately the version that I have copied does not run any Jace in the 75. What would be a good sideboard for the current 2 Omniscience version Sneak Show? I am playing at SCG Vegas this week. Grin
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from Jonny_Tempel »
    I feel like banning cards, except truly broken stuff like Eye of Ugin, acomplishes nothing for the overall health of modern in the long run. All it takes are one or two innocent looking cards (creeping chill for example) slipping through the playtesting team to wreck havoc in the format.

    Cards need to be printed/reprinted/UNBANNED so that people have at least some answers for all the kind of broken stuff happening in modern. At this point i don't get it how people are still arguing Preordain and SFM being too strong for modern... I mean just look at the huge impact Jace and Bloodbraid had on the health of ups nevermind Rolleyes

    Although we live worlds apart, I completely agree with this. I have often said here that the only time in Modern that was not enjoyable to me was Eldrazi Winter. I don't want to get into specific cards that I didn't mind being in the format (because I will get bashed), I have had fun any other time in Modern. It never felt warped. It just felt like there were best decks. Nothing wrong with that. There's always a best deck. It's just that nowadays, people are more unsure about what it is.

    I think that for someone to suggest a ban right now is just silly. Nothing is overwhelming. Good players win. If 100 good players play a deck, it will have results, sorry. There is no 1 deck that is doing too well right now. But in some ways, I hardly blame anyone for being ban happy (if they are) because Wizards has "created this monster" by having this approach in Modern. So far it has worked well, but is there proof that it wouldn't have been as good a format if some other changes did not happen? I'm not sure.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    I would say that Vivien Reid's price is closer to $23, so the $30 price may be local or a store markup. I'm assuming it's because of Standard's GB decks.

    Sad thing is that it was a card that I considered speculating on when I saw her at $6 because big Green planeswalkers usually hit a high price in Standard unless there is a replacement, but I just thought that Vivien was just not that good. Ragrets...
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  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the November 26, 2018 announcement?
    Quote from tronix »
    yeah i would expect around goyf levels of play. even if it only got to like the levels of tireless tracker, thats still far more influence than thopter sword.

    i can understand the argument that sfm is safe BECAUSE there is a lot of ways to deal with it. but beyond that the old 'it dies to doomblade' argument falls short because it would mean you are playing against a deck with removal. if the opponent wants to trade resources, sfm is fine in that setting.

    the other end of the spectrum, where sfm as a standalone play isnt as powerful as the decks trying to play past you. alright, but what does that have to do with a midrange creature? youd have to be under the assumption that midrange decks are unplayable, and that is demonstrably false.

    That would be my hope for a card that gets unbanned - for it to see moderate levels of play and create or help decks that aren't that good already.

    Unfortunately I am in IdSurge's and CFusionPM's (among many, many others) camp in believing that it won't make that many waves. Of course initially many people will jam it into decks. There will be players that take advantage of that and play decks that beat SfM decks. Then the play should die down to a minor amount of play.

    I mean, Legacy has Umezawa's Jitte for Heaven's sake! It's hard for me to fathom how Jitte was "okay" in Extended for so many years, but it is seemingly way to powerful for Modern (but I do believe that it IS way too good for Modern).
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    You bring up some super valid points. I have also heard others say that I should probably replace the Ghalta with a 4th Wurm. I was just waiting for that Timmy moment when I can cast Ghalta, but honestly that situation is mostly a win-more.

    Nullhide Ferox has been just okay and has been sided out a lot. I figured that it could tax removal enough for it to be worth it and I love having a bit of discard protection. So far, it hasn't come up and I've only played against Jund once.

    So all in all, I would trust your instinct on these cards. I could take out the Caverns because Control is not that prevalent, but also I like that I am learning how to play Caverns in a deck with many creature types. It makes for some thinking situations, whereas most decks are super easy for naming Caverns. It's probably not the best way to be configured for Comp REL though.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from wtyyy »
    Is there a need to cripple dredge? I personally think things coming off the ban list + new printings sound more palatable.

    I agree. I don't see Dredge as currently bannable. If something continues to prove that it is, like Golgari Grave-Troll did, then and only then should a ban be possible here.
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