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Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
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    posted a message on [Promo] May FNM - Judge's Familiar
    Judge's Familiar

    Awesome art. Grin
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    posted a message on [[SCD]] Hellraiser Goblin

    The design of this card intrigued me, as picking this card in Cube could also affect future creatures picked. How strong is a Fervor on a stick that forces you to attack, backed up by removal? I could see this guy be almost a centerpiece for a Boros or mono-red burn deck

    How strong is it comparative to Lightning Mauler? Is it Cubeable? Or chaff?
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    posted a message on [[SCD]] Cabal Therapy

    I've been looking all over for a thread discussing this Legacy staple, but couldn't find one that specifically talks about it

    I currently do not have it in my Cube, but after having found a couple of boxes containing my long lost Odyssey & Onslaught block cards, I wondered why I was not playing it

    Of course, the major drawback of playing the Therapy is that in a Limited Singleton format, having to name a card without first looking at your opponent's hand sucks big time. Having said that, the second drawback is that there is a shortage of selective discard in my Cube. Cabal Therapy is an amazing follow up to a Duress/Thoughtseize/Tidehollow Sculler/Mesmeric Fiend, but that is all I have

    The major reason I am considering it is because it allows you a 2nd chance if you whiff the first time around, and is a sweet sac outlet for some creatures that want to hit the yard

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    posted a message on [[SCD]] [GTC] Dimir Charm

    I like the versatility of the spell, and am considering replacing Agony Warp or even Undermine. Thoughts?
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    posted a message on [[SCD]] [GTC] Mystic Genesis

    How would this spell fare alongside Mystic Snake? Run both? It could be time to retire Cold-Eyed Selkie in my Cube
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    posted a message on [[MCD]] Bounce/Tempo Archetype

    I have seen discussion regarding blue tempo, but nothing regarding the Bounce archetype afaik.

    I know a lot of Cubers run Man o' War, Aether Adept, Into the Roil, Repeal etc as tempo blue cards, but as far as catch-all bounce spells are concerned, I usually only see Venser, Shaper Savant and Capsize

    Why hasn't anyone considered the evergreen Boomerang, which does not see print now due to essentially being a two mana Stone Rain or Time Walk in BCSs, and a solid bounce spell in WCSs. How about its Sorcery counterpart in Eye of Nowhere, or the many 3 mana variations?

    Kojiro's podcast take on Blue led me to wonder about aggressively promoting the bounce strategy in my Cube, since it plays into the tempo aspect of blue

    Thoughts? Is it a good idea?
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    posted a message on [M13] DailyMTG Previews 7/2: Everything!
    Quote from rancored_elf
    Wow, Wizards must be at their Wit's End in order not to notice their patheitc typo (not to mention months of editing, proofreading, and other handling of the cards and images) on this card. Wow. It got all the way to print, AND uploaded to Gatherer, after all that editing and reviewing, and still nobody saw it? I saw it as soon as I glanced. I sent it to my gf, and she looked at it and got it within a couple seconds. Disturbing!!

    "Where is your arrogant pride now?"

    Bolas is pulling an Ali G. 'Restecp!'. Lol

    Patheitc Bolas is patheitc

    Regarding the set..I find it 'ok' overall. Bummed that they hadn't at least reprinted a goblin lord, but overall a solid set with a few suprising (and welcomed) reprints as well as a handful of good build-around new cards
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