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  • posted a message on [ELD} Gilded Goose and Egg
    "Gaining control of your Food."
    "Can you hand me a Food?"
    "Do you have any Food?"
    "How many Food do you have?"
    "Destroy your Food"

    I'm excited for this, lol.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and a new scarecrow.
    Hope they keep making the rest of the old weatherlight crew.

    Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
    Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist
    Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero

    Looking at you next, Hanna.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine eBook
    Quote from Crypt Rat »
    I thought we were going back to physical books being a thing every set...?

    They did say starting with War of the Spark...... maybe it ended there too. Especially after the debacle that it was.
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  • posted a message on 7/8 B&R Announcement - Bridge from Below banned in Modern
    I'm glad Modern Horizons brought some variation to the format. I still can't wrap my head around how people have fun playing busted combos/decks. But I guess it's less about fun at that point, and more about leaderboards and prizes right?

    Quote from leslak »
    Glad they took Bridge now the bridgeless decks can all be more fair on being mostly agro decks. I m not even sure if Altar Of Dementia(the other problem card) will be that good, i mean it still can outrun a ensnaring bridge prison deck and also can make the deck too fast and resilient but at the same time it is not the auto win that it was before this ban. Lets be fair the deck lost a bit of power but will still be a really fast and good deck.
    Quote from Sephon19 »
    I've followed the YouTuber Magic_Aids (and others) recently so I've seen this in action a few times. I have little understanding of the Modern metagame, but when people start maindecking black leylines, you know you done goofd.

    (I'll recommend him, btw, he's quite charming, although content warning, he's not always kosher in regards to his commentary. Who'd know from such a username?)

    Also it's my birthday so this is a weird birthday present lol

    I mean, Aids can mean some number of Aid (Help) while Aids can be confused with AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) or better named HIV, but lets be true alot of people write AIDS as Aids, but HIV as Hiv is less common. Grin

    Off topic, but in response to this real quick. AIDS is not another name for HIV. AIDS is what you have when HIV is left untreated for years and progresses to the last stage of immunodeficiency caused by HIV. Just fyi, so you don't go around thinking HIV+ people have AIDS. That's a huge and important difference. Especially in this day where living with treated HIV allows a normal lifespan. You'd be worse off being out of shape, with diabetes or cancer, and many other degenerative diseases.
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  • posted a message on WAR of the Spark Foil Uncut Apology has Arrived
    Got mine today, one of my corners was bent pretty badly. And from the looks of it it wasn't because of the tube. Otherwise, ....neat.
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  • posted a message on Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
    I know most planeswalkers essentially have the same motif going on in their art, but why do all the Vivien arts blend in to me? Bow and arrow in hand, spirit animals around her (even when her card doesn't create tokens or summon creatures [new PW deck version comes to mind]). Just a gripe I have with her. Even as I write this I realize you can probably say the same for Nissa, or Chandra, etc. but still.
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  • posted a message on Sephara, Sky’s Blade - TCC spoiler
    Rare is nice. Angel is nice. Beautiful art.
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  • posted a message on Lotus Field - Weekly MTG
    Sure is an invasive species.
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  • posted a message on Shifting Ceratops (GLHF)
    Must be based on early art of dinosaurs where they had projectile attacks XD. Like the Parasaurolophus who shoots fire from it's crest.

    This is a nice dino for Marath.
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  • posted a message on Kykar, Wind's Fury (Command Zone)
    So.... is this a Tarkirian rebel/defector from the Ojutai clan who has taken up the old Jeskai way? Wink
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2020 Box Art (SCG)
    Looks nothing like Ugin.
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  • posted a message on Ingenious Infiltrator (ninja)
    Quote from pierrebai »
    Its skin is gold, not blue.

    Lol oh gosh. That no one is getting the joke is great. That damn meme XD

    I love that his applies to all ninjas. They hardly have tribal support (just Yuriko, Higure, and Walker of Secret Ways).
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  • posted a message on Ingenious Infiltrator (ninja)
    Got this card emailed to me. Straight into Yuriko. Vedalken Ninja oo
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  • posted a message on MPL weekly stream preview card - Sword of sinew and Steel (Rakdos sword)
    Quote from Lectrys »
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    Quote from MRdown2urth »
    Whoa, are they all on Tarkir? That’s neat and makes a ton of sense in terms of dual cycles.

    But. Neither of them are on Tarkir? Truth and Justice has a pegasus knight and a castle. This one has generic dragons that don't match any of the dragonlord broods.

    I do appreciate they're all by Chris Rahn again. He'll forever have a slew of cards to sign.

    I'm fairly certain that the white, feather-winged, long-tailed creature on Sword of Truth and Justice is an Ojutai-brood dragon.

    Also, the banners on Sword of Sinew and Steel look fairly Mardu/Kolaghan. The dragons can plausibly be young Kolaghan-brood dragons from a distance.

    No. It's definitely a pegasus. And no those don't match Kolaghan dragons at all. They have 4, feathered wings. If anything they are similar to shivan dragons. All the arts might be Dominaria. Truth and Justice was already confirmed to be.

    All you need to do is look up the full size art
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