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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 3/17 - Sorin & Deathcap Cultivator
    i like this sorin, one of the problems with bob in white/black tokens is the amount of "six" drops and as such, that means no bob, however, this sorin turns that on its head. his minus' arent super cool, but their power can't really be questioned. removal and tokens are both solid. in case of red, i suppose this card has the side effect of gaining six life on a dime. not an amazing trade, but if it wins it works.

    though to be completely honest, i hope he is a five dollar walker, because i want some.
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  • posted a message on Modern Red Vampires
    oh yeah, kalitas, i forgot he was a vampire, because yaknow, he makes zombies.
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  • posted a message on Modern Red Vampires
    to say this as respectfully as possible, i just feel like there is no real payoff. i feel like you really need the black splash so you can run the black vampires that really laydown damage. if also gives you access to some 3ish lords.

    4 Drana, Liberator of Malakir
    4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
    4 Vampire Hexmage
    4 Bile Blight
    4 Bloodghast
    14 Snow-Covered Swamp
    4 Mutavault Land
    2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    4 Captivating Vampire
    4 Gatekeeper of Malakir
    4 Vampire Nighthawk
    4 Vampire Nocturnus
    4 Phyrexian Obliterator

    here i posted a paste of my vampire/devotion hybrid deck, it might give you some ideas.

    i think drana, nighthawk, and captivating vampire are some good power picks. drana has the "vampire" ability, but if it triggers, it buffs whole team. on top of that, first strike means all your other attackers get the counters before normal combat.
    nighthawk plus the r/b lord gives the deathtouch first strike combo, which is nearly impossible to stop through combat. some of the other stuff might be hard to cast, due in part to me giving you suggestions about a mono-red deck using parts of my mono black devotion deck...

    also, i think volt charge just isn't strong enough for modern, maybe forked bolt, since it is incredible at clearing blockers.

    oh and funny enough olivia voldaren is actually a really good card in modern for a multitude of value related reasons.

    also, i genuinely tried to find more powerful red vampires to suggest, but you have included nearly all that exist in your deck...

    all in all, i hope i helped.
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  • posted a message on Chandra's Phoenix R/B
    i like the idea, and the card selection is alright, but i feel goblin electromancer is one hundred percent unnecessary because you only have 1 spell with any colorless in its cost. i also feel that you should run more spells in general. delver is also a very powerful option that doesn't ever break budget.

    i also feel that more 4ofs would be nice for consistency's sake
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  • posted a message on Keywords We'd Like To See Again
    on the topic of new slice cards, but non-arcane splice things, i think splice without a drawback would be too good for normal spells.

    perhaps make it a sorcery speed thing even on instants. imagine a world were a player with 8 mana gets to do all 4 modes of cryptic command every turn because of a cheap buyback spell.

    on a related note, i love buyback spells. i would love to see it come back. it justifies the low power level that wizards gives a good ammount of cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "Complain About Standard Card Prices" Thread
    When the nuMbers are crunched, this is the most expensive standard. Jeskai black may not have stoneforge, but the mana base fixes that. 700>527
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  • posted a message on Lifelink Damage Carries Over?
    Quote from evilbunny6009 »
    Say I have a 3/3 flying creature and my opponent has a butcher of the horde. Opponent sacrifice a creature for butcher of the horde to gain lifelink then attacks. My 3/3 flying creature blocks butcher. So does my opponent gain 5 life or since my creature's toughness is only 3, that would mean that the butcher only dealt 3 damage to it. (butcher has no trample)

    yes he gains five life, simple explanation is that all lifelink sources are incredibly brutal, even after the thing is dead, it continues hitting it far beyond its toughness if its an option. lifelink train stops for no one.
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  • posted a message on [Deck/Primer] Rack Pox (mono-black tempo)
    i like how the budget list is a completely modern legal deck. like a lot.
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  • posted a message on Looking for an edh deck like the abzan/4c rally decks in standard.
    i happen to know a great one for this.
    shirei, shizo's care taker

    you can use a toolbox of 1 power creatures (and some interesting other creatures)that you may sacrifice each turn to outlets of varying descriptions.

    it really plays a lot like rally, though it is sadly mono black. the list is here, for if you are interested.
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  • posted a message on Clone Legion!
    looks great for jhoria of the ghitu, your opponent will either play into it, or intentionally kill his creatures so you dont get the etb. i also see use for it in other control builds too.
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  • posted a message on Control and cordon: Stax/lock
    ignore this, page wasn't refreshing so i thought my post was lost- just a less interesting repost of my above post.
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  • posted a message on Control and cordon: Stax/lock
    oh alright. i didn't think budget mindedly in that recommendation. it's too easy to think legacy/vintage players have no budget. vein is an interesting pick. its a card i use as a 2-3 of in my sac land restore balance deck. granted i mostly got outshined by the other sac lands simply because most cascade cards are xColorColor2, with most having 1-2 for X. however i see the potential here. t1 island shreder. t2 worb t3 crucible t4 stacks 2/ sacing the vein + replay the vein and hold down the lock. granted thats very hopeful. still will be potent if you can avoid the force or the daze.
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  • posted a message on Control and cordon: Stax/lock
    i really like what you did here. admittedly the reason i like stax is because its just torture to face a stax deck, the idea of trying to mill out the opponent sounds much less fun (to the receiving end) and much more fun than killing soneone with leonin arbitures and other hatebears after mana screwing them. however on the topic of mana screwing, mishra's factory doesn't seem to do what the rest of the deck wants to do, perhaps wasteland instead? all in all, i like what you did here.
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  • posted a message on Humans Helping Humans... ABZAN Style
    Si n doesn't sound too shabby, but the key about a t1 ts, iok, or duress is to start the game ahead, a 3 drops too slow to take their place. Also I like the vualt. Very Strong no doubt. Especially against symmetrical lords. Merfolk anyone?
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  • posted a message on Humans Helping Humans... ABZAN Style
    i really like the deck you have here, but i must admit, the mayor sounds too unreliable, perhaps you should swap the mayor out for something like hand hate. also, hows your storm matchup? it looks like you can't really interact with them just going off. perhaps eidolon of rhetoric? sure he is a spirit, but he passes the bolt test with flying colors.
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