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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    How do you all feel about Sylvan Library? The green midrnage decks could use this as their version of Azcanta. I feel the GB/x decks could use a little more consistency. Also, maybe cards that have creatures with explore + something else? Not sure if these kinds of cards will be present in MH, but something like this could help midrange a bit.
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  • posted a message on Do you enjoy modern right now?
    Staying on topic with this thread, I did get a chance to play in paper last night and saw a ton of modern players. Got a good vibe overall regarding the format and played some good games. A lot of players who invest into modern decks aren't always the spikiest of spikes. They seem to just enjoy playing the decks they've purchased. That's fine for that level of play, and it made me rethink my entire perspective on bannings. While there were groans about lootings not one of them expressed the kind of frustration that KCI presented before it's exit.

    There is the casual modern player and then there's us. I grind mtgo, have competed at regionals, prepped for GP's and done the whole team testing blah blah. We are invested in the actual gameplay of the format. We have a much different take on what's acceptable at the higher levels of play. If I could change me answer it would be #2. We need some changes, but after seeing good average Joe's enjoying their decks, consistently asking for ban hammers doesn't solve everything. I like the format, yes there are things I dislike, but seeing the locals last night changed my mtgo hive mind sentiments a bit.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Well, played locally for the first time in 8 weeks. Was nice to see some old faces. Got to show off my beta forests so that was sweet! Deck hummed and I had some favorable match ups:

    R1) Vs Izzet Phoenix 2-0 Win (This didn't feel close, felt like my top 8 at Dallas Regioanls in 11/18)
    R2) Vs Golgari Midrange 2-1 Win (Good player, made finals of a SCG open a few times, he took Game 1. G2-3 were a slug fest but hard casting Ugin the old fashioned way still gets the job done).
    R3) Vs Jund 2-1 Win (G1 I mull to oblivion, G2 I do tron things, G3 I left my buddy with 0 lands in play and a gofy. I made sure to be nice afterwards.)
    R4) We split. Was nice to talk to locals.

    I don't get a chance to play locally anymore so it was cool to shuffle my deck and actually laugh and talk to players. MTGO can be a lonely and at times salty place Laughing
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    The 3 Cider didn't help, but he fires off Smallpox on T2, and then surgical away my Mines G1. I was not happy. G2 I was on tilt, and didn't think to bring in claims and got punished. My mull to 5 didn't help but, as we say, "No seas Pendejo", translates , " Stop being a Dumb***". Everything else was fine, ciders were a nice way to kick off spring break.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Just finsihed a league, went 3-2:

    Notes here:
    League Tron
    R1) 2-1 Win Vs Valakut
    R2) 0-2 Loss Through the Breach
    R3) 2-0 Vs Bant Eldrazi
    R4) 2-1 Vs Dredge (notes Venegful Pharaoh almost beat me)
    R5) 0-2 8 Rack (lack of Sb prep)

    The dredge match up was very tight. Vengeful Pharaoh was hiding out in the opponents GY. I attacked once with Ulamog , got him down to card in his card and gasped a bit once Pharaoh went back on top of his library. We laughed about because I took a minute to figure out that I needed to hold back lol. Phew

    Valakut win was sweet, surgical his Valakut's and in G3 I mull to 5 and casted 2 Karns in a row (ah tron things)

    Bant Eldrazi felt tricky, but that deck sometimes fails to find pressure. They can't beat multiple O stones either.

    Throught the Breach felt like a nightmare, and I was not prepared for 8 rack. Caught me like a deer in head lights.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    just curious, when was the last time a deck won every major tournanent over a single weekend.

    Izzet Caw Caw just 3-0 2 gp’s and the scg open.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Players are trying to consistently beat both Dredge and Phoenix, it doesn't seem to be working. Phoenix has won 3 Gp's in a row, and we are waiting on the SCG results. It may be that more players need to play GB Midrange, but as of right now GB has failed to follow through with a "win". There is a consistency issue that these fair decks suffer from, the UR decks do not have this problem, as their cantrips allow them to churn through their deck and find the answers. The other midrange decks have to rely on Bob, or Tracker. We would need something like Sylvan Library but of course it's too powerful and breaks the modern concept of the color pie.

    I don't think I've seen 1 deck win every major tournament in 1 weekend, we might see Izzet take it all down within a few hours. I'm hoping to see GB win the SCG open, as I'm eyeing the deck since I enjoy G/x midrnage. With MH coming, I see 0 reason to invest in any modern cards outside of beta lands for pretty mana bases.

    Edite to Add:
    If the worst does happen and Pheonix wins well everything this weekend, I'd like wizards to reveal some more cards from MH's. I want to see the so called cards that are going to reshape modern and beat Dredge/Phoenix.

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  • posted a message on Do you enjoy modern right now?
    I chose #4. I don't really want to set my wallet on fire and play a "fair" deck and expect to do well at regioanls, ahem Magicfests, or pptq's...of wait those are gone, IQ's! Seriously, if fair decks had better tools I'd gladly pick up GB rock and play that forever. Sadly, there are certain truths about modern that most players either over look or except. Linear is better and Tron lets me enjoy modern with a slight a glimpse of degeneracy. I have all this desire to play Lili's and goyfs but why waste 1000+ dollars on an archtype that's MEH.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Well, I'm going to regionals again (Aiming high again! 4th and beyond). I still have my notes on your SB Sicsmoo, was wondering what your thoughts are on these match ups:

    Izzet Pheonix and Mono Red

    Last Regionals I beat Izzet Pheonix 2-0 in the Quarters, G1 I remember knocking on the top of my deck and just believing in the Heart of the Cards. I was gifted with a top deck Wurmcoil Engine, Never didn't have it :p . My SB'ing was improvised, something like:
    Out: -1 Stone, -1 Ugin, -2 Karn, -2 Ballista, -1 Ulamog
    In: +1 Wail, +2 Claim, +3 Thragtusk, +2 Surgical

    The last league I played, I did this against mono red phoenix:
    Treated it like a half way Burn Sb Plan:
    Out: -2 Ballista, -1 Ulamog, -1 Ugin, -2 Stone, -2 Karn, -1 Relic (good but I shaved 1 from my main down to 2), 1 Sphere
    In: +3 Claim (I still run 4, it's like a rabbit's foot for me), +3 Thragtusk, +2 Spatial Contortion, +2 Surgical
    I did't like TKS here, not sure why, I did want the Surgicals.

    I know how to board against everything else, but these match ups are always a shuffle. Any input is would be greatly appreciated. Thnx!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Hey all, been a while. A bit too much Arena, needed to get to playing T3 Karns :p First league I went 4-1 beating favorites like:

    Burn 2-0 Uhh
    Mono Red Pheonix 2-1 Rolleyes
    Bant Spirits 2-0
    Bad Tron (A La Mono Blue) 2-1

    But for the life of me I can never beat UW Control and saw my 5-0 wings clipped by Field of Ruin.

    Wasn't sure if Tron was still good...pfft of course it is. Is Tarmoboy something we can pick up again? I wasn't a huge fan of Surgical during that league but I would think with burn/R decks seeing a Renaissance, we might look back towards gofy? I haven't been playing that much modern but with Regionals coming up on March 9th, I'm sleeving up Karn's.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    I would recommend trying drastic things right now. Main deck RIP, Main deck Leyline's and see what happens. We are reaching a point in the meta where you have to wonder if this isn't the correct route. The top tier decks require disruption + Hate + a clock. All during T1-4. That's a lot to ask for on curve. When linear decks can ignore this, due to them being so resilient, it may be time for midrange-fair decks to just jam this kind of hate. I tried 4 main decl RIP in my extinct Bant Eldrazi deck, and it did exacttly what I wanted. Nuke these things asap, and as much as we want to try and complain. We need to try things out. For those of competing/grinding there is little reason to not play the established tier 1. That's unfortunate because that does mean modern is not as diverse as we are told.

    Midrange is now allocated to Izzet Pheonix. Let that sink in. GB/x, GW/x are not even in close atm.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Have been tinkering with Bant lately. I tested 3 ques with a new version, went 2-1 and then tested again in the practice rooms to net some data, and I found that what I set out to beat I crushed.

    The highlight was beating storm 2-0 and a temur midrange deck 2-1.
    Vs Storm , I turn 2 RIP G1. My opponent paused for a moment Smile Yes we have hit the point to where this kind of warping to a Main 60 is necessary.
    He creates 40 Goblin tokens. I untap cast ee for 0 and that is game. G2 I boarded in 2 Grafdigger's Cage and 2 Damping Sphere. That is 8 combo hose in the main, 4 of those findable off of stirrings. I dropped the sphere on 2 and he conceded T7.

    The meta is heavily warping atm, and it's time for drastic measures. I decided to play 4 Rest in Peace in the main, alongside a set of creatures that do not care about the graveyard zone. The eldrazi are the best way to abuse this kind of hate.

    Here's the list I'm working with: It is super hateful, I need to test more but I think against, Combo like Storm, KCI, and the established tier 1, Pheonix and burn to a degree this deck should have a shot. While we are still weak to other tribal decks we do have tools to work with. Beat merfolk 2-0 and that had a lot to do with EE and Displacer shutting down the team.


    I am going to test this list and see how it fairs. Bant Eldrazi had the absolute best SB in modern a one point. Maybe it can comeback. This list is geared to hose Combo, and decks that abuse GY. It's weaker in midrange mirrors, but still great against GDS variants.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Did the meta not shift to beat KCI? Or were we all fooled into thinking we had actually done it? The truth may be that the deck was heavily underplayed and that we are not all the "pro player" we all hope to be. It seems like KCI is the defacto best deck in modern in the hands of someone truly understands the ins and outs of the deck. If this is true, then it really only loses to itself. While we as players can board into "Stony, Relics, Leylines, Claims, Wet Balls, Ect ect", it may be that we are misunderstanding what a real clock is. Izzet Archlight decks clock well and have an insane ability cantrip. This allows pilots to find their SB cards, hold up disruption and pressure all that same time.

    GB/x decks do not have that filtering, tribal decks do not have the ability to churn through their deck and "find" their SB cards in time for them all to matter. Sure sometimes you draw them but these decks rely on drawing them. Izzet decks alongside Shadow decks can actively dig for answers via their cantrips. So the argument that all we need to do is pack disruption is flawed. We need a clock, SB cards and the ability to "find" them in time to matter. KCI does this as well, it has an one of the best "find X colorless thing" card in modern Ancient Stirrings. In the past we had Humans and now Spirits touted as being the answer to KCI! Were we wrong? Today's GP and SCG indicate that maybe we were mislead?

    I don't know if we all comprehend what it means to actually "hate" out KCI. It has not been relegated to being just another deck. Most Pros agree that it's not played heavily due to how difficult it is to pilot on mtgo. Since most testing is done on there, the meta view may be incorrect. KCI taking 4 top 8 slots is going to raise red flags. Should we all start tune our starting 60 to include 4 leylines + 3 relics? Do we all need to have 3-4 RIP in our W decks (main deck!?). That's a lot to ask for, and would be extremely warping.

    So, how do we actually hate out KCI before we keep asking for it to banned. Is Reid Duke right? Survival of the fittest? We should try and beat it in every which way possible first. Haven't we already tried for an an entire year?
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    got to platinum ! but that tier is a whole lotta of ub/x control so back to the drawing board. merry christmas dino ladder climbers!

    Got to Platinum tier 3 after taking a day off to do X Mas stuff.
    I upadted my list and have added 3x Ranging Raptors. Commune with Dinosaurs was the weakest card for me overall, and I wanted to rely on raw power the dino tribe creatures offer. Alongside that, I like the enrage mechanic and there have already been matches where Cannonade + Raptor triggers get you a land/ or draw you card (thus is cycles itself). It seems like Bo1 really wants to maximize power level and leveraging your main deck to be against what you want it to be good against.

    Clarion vs Cannonade, I like playing this kind of effect at instant speed and since I want an instant speed trigger enrage I prefer cannonde. Today's matches in ranked were a clean x-2 to tier 3 Plantinum. The worst match ups for my version have been heavy B/x control style decks and Jeskai decks running multiple settles and novas. That's not what I tuned to beat, I aimed to make the GB/x match up better and Raptors + Cannonade have helped a ton! CLearing their blockers and making giant Tyrants alongside reggie's have improved the Bo1.

    Current list: (made to Tier 3 Platinum only playing Rg Dinos, the gruul player in me is very happy!)

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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    So competitive Bo1 dinos has been my chore this week. I decided to add 4 fiery cannonade to the main and promptly got to gold tier 3 tonight.

    I also added 2 Vivien to the main as another piece of interaction against drakes and a way to seeing more cards against control. Last hour was a 6-2 overall record. the cannonades were great overall, as it cleared blockers, trigger enrage off ripjaw and made stomp much more brutal.

    Ranked Arena Bo1 posed some interesting deck design choices. Adding 4 cannonade felt odd but wiping tokens and opposing manadorks has been pretty decent. Hope to make platninum before x mas!

    RG Dinos Bo1 Deck I'm currently using:

    Ranked up to Gold tier 1 tonight. Cannonade has been great at clearing GB's chumpers. Played against BBD and lost in a close one! I top decked 4 reggies, but we each got down to 1 card, it so happened his card was Expansion/ Explosion, and this after I landed a Tyrant Match was great!
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