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  • posted a message on [SCD] Goblin Chainwhirler
    Sadly, we are all trying to figure how to beat Chainwhirler and not suck against the rest of the meta. UW Approach is very good against mono red but bad against RB/aggro.

    Esper Control is better against Rb aggro but suffers against straight mono red (mana issues). G/x decks can give red based decks trouble but Hazoret/Phoenix/Glory Dragon, just fly over you.

    You cannot beat RB and mono red along the same axis. That's not possible I think, you have to chose which version of Chainwhirler to lose too.
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  • posted a message on UW Approach
    Hey all, I've been jamming some UW approach in prep for the upcoming RPTQ's. Went 4-1 last night in a competitive league with a very early 1st draft of this:

    My history with approach decks goes WAY back so I'm not new to the arch type.
    Vs Esper Control 2-1 Win
    Vs RB aggro 0-2 Loss
    Vs Mono Red Aggro 2-0 Win (This match up is the reason I'm honing in on approach)
    Vs BW Benalia 2-0 Win
    Vs Esper Control 2-0 Win

    My Innovation was/has been the 7 desert package and 14 cycling cards in my opening 60. Censor is a card that has gone up in value for me. A lot of decks tap out often, so a card like Censor is flexible. It doubles up as soft permission and helps the deck hit its land drops. The entire cycling component of the deck helps you dig for your answers and win conditions. I was very impressed with how smooth the deck ran last night.

    The Mirror matches are often decided by decking in G1. With 7 Deserts, you can patiently wait for your opponent to answer your threats and bait them.

    Threats/Win Cons:
    3x Teferi
    1 Geahulk
    2 approach

    Taxing your opponents permission suite plays into your G1 plan of decking. Exhaust their permission, let them draw cards and wait until you've amassed 4-7Deserts; then execute the plan. Mill them for a potential 28.

    In control mirrors on mtgo I am 6-0. I'm confident that this works. After board it always gets harder against Esper and UB but unlike a few seasons ago UW actually has good cards to bring in:

    History of Benalia

    I had a nutty draw last night that saw me draw all 3 Saga's in my opening hand. That match ended quickly.

    As referenced earlier in this post, this is a firsr draft. Early testing is going well.

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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Dominaria/Richmond - Standard/Draft - 6/1-3
    That's kind of accurate Grin

    I mean...yes? You are right.

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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    Played UB control last night on mtgo and happened to be paired against Steal Leaf Stompy with the blue splash.

    Mono Green splash for blue is a build I'm considering with the upcoming RPTQ team event. The counterspells work wonders against control decks. It makes cards like Blossoming Defense even more of a blowout. It's one thing to try and use spot removal for Steal Leef and friends; but a follow up Negate is so back breaking. My opponent did cast memory and drew into Negate and Blossoming Defense. That quickly made my short of me in G3.

    So as a player who is constantly testing, I'd highly recommend the U splash. It is better against the things the deck is traditionally weak against, control and sweepers. Also, with the older version of Steal Leaf Stompy being destroyed at the PT, the inclusion of Servant of the Conduit helps mitigate the eventual T3 Chainwhirler blow outs. The versions I played against also played Adventurous Impulse which is you are looking to cut GB snek from your trio, this card allows the threats to keep coming.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Dominaria/Richmond - Standard/Draft - 6/1-3
    There are many factors that have contributed to R dominating the way it has over the last few sets. If we consider for a moment it's curve:
    1cmc, Bomat/Soul Scar
    2cmc Kari, Kherna, honorable mention Scrounger
    3cmc, Chainwhirler, Crasher, Pia
    4cmc, HAZORET, Phoenix, Chandra,
    5cmc, The Bringer of Glory

    It's the perfect storm. Anyone remember Abzan Midrange and all of it's many flavors? The core of a deck was a result of powerful cards printed within it's wedge combination. Here, we have all the same cards contained in 1 color. RB aggro is the same core, but splashes B for Scrounger, Discard/disruption and walkers (Angrath). This was a concession to the raw power of the UW control deck (which is extremely powerful). With RB being a full turn slower it's not a surprise that mono red won. Look at all those RB lists!! Holy Moly!! lol

    On banning Chainwhirler, we need to try and beat RB/RDW/ The issue is whether or not we can cleanly accomplish that. A deck like New Perspectives in theory can probably beat it, but it's control match up is poor (Brontobro is another issue). If we (as in us the player base) fail to come up with a solution, there might be a banning? Maybe, I don't think Chainwhirler is that powerful (Ferocidon was a complete and total HOSER of a hate card), but man does it warp the format. dang Wotc dang. Uhh
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Dominaria/Richmond - Standard/Draft - 6/1-3
    Having tested quite a bit of RB aggro and Midrange on MTGO I can safely report that a SB plan of:
    4 Duress
    2-3 Doomfall
    2 Angrath the Flame Chained
    1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance
    1-2 Arguel's Blood Fast
    1-2 The Eldest Reborn this card is insane
    Throw in a Karn or 2 and you have a SB plan that can match the control deck's card advantage and then some. I've had matches where I've sided out every piece of removal and beaten resolved Lyra's/Gideons/ and Teferi's. The deck cuts 8-11 dead cards for 11+ that really impact the texture of the SB'd match ups.

    The top 20 decks are 15 RB/x decks and 5 "other". I didn't think RB was that strong but, being able to hose 1/1's,s have main deck Abrade's for GPG and incidentally also have the mono red draws (if you are on the BR aggro plan) is actually very powerful. Is it unbeatable? Well no, mono red is quite good against it :p

    Also, having heard back from a few friends who ran mono green stompy at the PT, it was not a good choice The deck has issues against ChainWhirler and UW control. You'd think that a deck with all the beef that stompy offers would be able to beat one of those consistently but the truth is that RB can stabilize, remove your threats and out grind you. The mono red match up is much better, but the RB is actually very hard.

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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    Played in paper last night (first in paper casual event since Feb) Still my LGS has some very good competition.

    Beat Sultai Midrange 2-0
    Lost to RB Aggro 0-2 (Bomat List, good player, grinder)
    UW Control 2-0

    I SB'ing with your advice in mind and pretty much, crushed this deck? This is an outlier as I'm sure this isn't a favorable match up but I got off to some quick starts. the triple Scrounger draw alongside my constant pressure made it so that by T4 he was already at 8. I forced my opponent to play settles on 1 creature and held back all Scroungers. I set up the Fumigate turn for him, but I also left up 6 mana to bring back my scroungers and quickly won G1. G2 was just a a steady stream of threats, with me holding 2 Nissa's in hand.

    I SB'ed like this:
    In: +2 Bestiary, +3 Nissa, +3 Crushing Canopy
    Out: -1 Rampager, -1 Steel Leaf, -1 Skyboat, -4 Ghalta
    Steel Leaf is great but not better than Brontodon, or Scrounger. Skyboat isn't where I wanted to be at 5, Nissa was, and Ghalta will never really matter or resolve.

    It worked out.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    Well this isn't a build I've seen tried yet but I think the only answer is met with a redundant question. How is it testing? as much as we don't only want to be result oriented, how's it doing against the "current" best decks in the format?

    The addition of Shalai is nice, that card does get shut down Settle the Wreckage, and it's possible that a T3 Shalai is something we should be looking at doing. I hope your testing yields results, please report back!

    A have a few buddies PT bound this go around and I'm, excited for our arch type. I do think it has potential to make an impact at the PT. We should look closely at the 7-1 lists from the MTGO PTQ. Those just missed on breakers for Top 8.

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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    against UW control, I was doing something like this:
    Out: -1 Rhonas, -2 Rishkar, -4 Ghalta, -1 Rampager
    In: +2 Nissa (Yes 100% necessary here), +2 Naturalize, +2 Brontobro, (Sure on these 6), from here it's really a matter of what you expect from the UW deck after SB. Lyra? Knights? More enchantment based removal? That part is hard and I don't have enough reps. 3cmc Destroyed an enchantment seems...okay? I mean yes this is probably the better card to bring. The issues with playing cards like Bestiary and Vraska, is that UW/x control won't care much. The deck has so much raw card advantage that a 6cmc walker doesn't fit with what the deck wants to after SB. I may be wrong though.
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  • posted a message on UB(x) control
    Hey all just ran UB control through and league and went 3-2. Would've been 4-1 but I ran out of time against UW control. G1 against UW I exile every win condition they had and basically had it wrapped up but the timer on MTGO is a cruel mistress :p If this were a paper event I would've decked them.

    I tried to cater my MD and SB to have game against UW G1, and still have a well rounded gameplan against everything else.
    2-0 Vs GB Snek (EASY mode)
    2-1 Vs RB Vehicles
    2-1 Vs UB Midrange

    Loss to
    UB Mirror OMG
    My deck is not prepped for the mirror so I lost handily here.

    Win but loss due to timer (grr, I played the heck out of this match)
    UW Control, literally exiled every Planeswalker they had in the Main. Opponent was kind and admitted he had no way to win. Win in my heart :p

    4-1 overall, 3-2 according to mtgo lol

    Sb cards that mattered:
    Knight of Malice put a wrench in RB's aggro plan (saved me at least 6pts) but at the same time it's not the best nor most impactful creature; but I had for this card against UW after SB. My SB would've been:
    In: All of it, all 15 cards
    Out: -1 Gearhulk, -4 Push, -2 Moment of Craving, -2 Essence Scatter, -3 Syncopate (I think it's better to just have Negate after SB), -2 Commit // Memory, -1 Hieroglyphic.

    This was the plan, never got to execute it because see above lol

    My deck still needs work, but I think UB has the tools, and Scarab God is still insane.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    which match ups ? and post your list so we can help Wink
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    On Rishkar

    It's card that's been on my mind since I net decked the first list I put together. It's impact varies from "meh", to, "YES". Against decks like UW control, spreading +1/+1 to your Branchwalkers and Llanowar's allows to keep up pressure without needing to send multiple creatures to meet a Settle the Wreckage. Rishkar also allows for a more consistent T4 Ghalta. Is Bronto Bro better? Depends on what you are expecting in your meta. If it's heavy UW, the 3rd Brontodon is probably better. The 3 drop that comes to mind is Jadelight Ranger but I'm not so hot on that card in this iteration of mono green stompy. Jadelight did wonders in RG monsters because that deck needed to hit all of it's land drops to curve 2,3,4,5 and then 6 to start bringing back Kherna's.

    More testing needs to be done, but I like Rishkar in the deck so far. He is also a flex slot after SB when you need to bring in PW's and more interaction. It's one of the first cards I cut along with the 3rd Rhonas to start opening up slots on the draw.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Aggro
    Hey all, took a break for a bit due to life, but am back on mtgo and playing! I tested this deck out in a few ques and am 5-1. Racked up enough points to jump into a league and will do so later this week.

    Wins against:
    UW Control 2-1
    UW GPG 2-0
    Mirror 2-0
    RB Vehicles(Midrange whatever lol) 2-1
    Loss to Abzan/x Approach? PFFFTTT. If approach deck comeback mono green is toast. 1-2 loss here

    My version was something like this: (Still tweaking)

    When the deck draws well, IT draws really well! I've had players scoop to a T3 Ghalta more than once. The deck does have some issues, the beefy cards do a ton of work while the filler cards tend to be pretty anemic on their own. I think you need to mulligan if your opening hand doesn't have a:
    Curve (1-3 Drop at least)
    A Pay off (Rhonas, Rishkar, Ghalta, Heart, Steel Leaf)
    at least 2 lands

    The deck is good, in the little testing I've done I've won way more than I've lost. 5-1 in ques, 9-2 overall. Hardest match ups are UW/x control. Be patient, apply pressure and when you get to the Settle the Wreckage phase of the match, send in 1 dude at a time and hold back. If you have 0 creatures and your opponent plays Teferi, scoop. Don't waste time, that match is over.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Hey all, took some time off to focus on limited. GP Houston came and went and I'm back on this deck. Played a league and went 3-2, after that league I did a bunch of tournament practice matches on mtgo and am 8-0 against various brews. That alone doesn't mean much except that I think I got the shell right. The SB is beginning to sing a much more refined tune, updated list:

    Things we are still good against:
    Grixis Anything (Tyrant is a HUGE problem for them to answer), Reckless Rage is fantastic at shooting down GB's and Pheonix's.
    Mardu Vehicles, we incidentally have good removal that lines up with their entire G1 plan. G2-3 they better but so do we, we can:
    +1 Abrade, +3 Brontodon, +2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance all come in. We can grind too, and if they go into the PW route, 2 Hour of Devastation isn't a bad include.
    UB Control, 7/6 Trample Hexproof attacks past The Scarab God just fine.
    Merfolk Fish tend to make good meals for our Dinos :p

    BW Vamps, hence my 4 sweepers in the SB. However you can win G1, and most of the time it feels like 50/50. It depends on how many sweepers they actually bring in.
    Mono Red, yeah...well...
    UW/x Approach You can beat it and I did beat bant Approach in my league but that had a lot to do with me T6 hitting me opponent for 18 in 1 turn.
    GB Explore You must get on board fast and remove sneks on sight. They can actually get bigger if you are unable to keep things in check. Ghalta is excellent here.

    Fumigate.decs If Fumigate is a card that gets heavily played, then dinos is just poorly positioned, but due to the fact that other decks are playing cards to hedge against it, that opens the door for Dinos to become a good tier 2 deck. There are metas where dinos will be great and this leads to believe that the deck has legs.

    On Fatal Push, you have to respect this card, and it's one of the reasons I dropped Otepec Huntmaster and am a huge advocate of Thunderherd Migration. Getting to 4 mana and accelerating on the draw really helps the deck regain the initiative. If you have the read that your opponent has Push + revolt, play out the Drover after ramping with Migration. Most players will push the dork (T4 Tyrant is lights out for a ton of decks and T4 Reggie is also a problem), this allows you play Reckless Rage on your own dork and remove one of their threats IE: Gifted Aetherborn.

    Hope ya'lls testing has also yielded good results!

    lastly: cards i have been least un-impressed by savage stomp, it may get cut, but it has a high ceiling. mtgo is littered with deathtouch blockers so it brings it’s usefullness down. This may not be true in paper metas but i do find myself boarding 1-2 out on the draw in favor of abrade and chandras.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Thnx so much! I think I'm the only one on my team jamming the deck day and night. I bring in Suns against every single aggro deck after board. Putting Sweltering Suns in the MD seems a bit excessive but there is a meta where that may be necessary.

    Updated list:
    -2 Samut
    1- Stomp

    +3 Blossming Defense

    I don't want to say this is the solution but boy is it huge plus. Saving a Ripjaw/Reggie is so good. All we need to do is prevent 1 removal spell from resolving and the deck usually cracks back for so much damage that it becomes hard to race.

    My board plan against Merfolk (am 4-0 against in ques and leagues)
    Out: -2 Huntmaster, -1 Reggie, -3 Deathgorge -1 Abrade, -1 Tyrant, -1 Ripjaw
    In: +3 Sweltering Suns (just cast it, don't worry about your mana dork, cast it and clean up the board), + 2 Magma Spray, +3 Thrashing Brontodon <---- 4 butt, blocks well and shoots down the hexproof enchantment if they run it.

    ***Dislclaimer, please note my Sb ideas reflect how I think the match up plays out on the draw. Ripjaw is great. but having my 4 drop Unsummon'd on the draw is bad. Having my 2cmc or 3cmc drop bounced is fine. if you find better plans I'm really open to suggestions and better ideas.

    The B based decks are a grind, it's one of the reasons I like Tyrant so much. They can't target it and if you can get gifted aetherborn off the board things swing in your favor quickly. Again one of the reasons I like Abrade right now.

    Life Crafter's Bestiary has been on my mind for a few days but the approach decks aren't that prevalent atm (they are being tested but aggro is literllay everywhere), I think the B based decks are actually doing a good job of keeping it in check. It would be great against control, but control isn't that hot right now. Aggro makes up about 75% of my match ups.

    Banner seems okay if we enter a meta where Midrange becomes the norm, and blasting canons is a card I haven't tried.

    The U/W control match up is bad and I think we need to accept that, we can board in Brontodon's and pressure ( I have beaten approach but you need to just jam every threat, and prevent them from going up on cards. As a control player and one who knows how to pilot approach, it is important to pressure and not let them glimmer. even if it means getting your chandra countered, jam it on T4 unless you have another 4cmc or 3cmc play that impacts the board)

    The W splash, yeah, I wanted to try naya but the format is so fast and punishing that I wanted Magma Spray over any W at the moment. That said, yes there is a deck there and no one has actually brewed it for RIX standard. I have the cards but first, deal with aggro.

    Glorybringer isn't bad, it's great and there may be a GR monsters deck. I really think there is, a la Khans/Theros, but I haven't looked into it. My initial concept is that it would be a jund deck, I think that deck wants 4 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner as it's 2 drop and 4 Ripjaw.

    Nissa, Vital Force is on my mind, a lot lately, but the question is how does she help; My mind says "regrow Carnage Tyrant. I think this card merits testing. That ULT is the control hoser...

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