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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on Death and Staxes

    Sometimes I'm flooded and sometimes I'm starved, but I think I'm happy with this mana base. I think 4 thalias is very important. If I were to make a cut, it'd probably be the reshaper as that's my flex slot and I'm uncertain what it should be (aven mindcensor and bladesplicer chief among other candidates). For a reference point, I think colorless eldrazi should have a similar land count to us, but they're on 23 lands as of this last GP.

    I have since updated the SB to be the following;
    1 worship
    2 tocatli honor guard
    1 celestial purge
    2 stony silence
    2 ratchet bomb
    2 rest in peace
    2 kitchen finks
    1 gideon, ally of zendikar
    1 elspeth, knight-errant
    1 cast out

    It seems to me that 2 stony 2 ratchet (and the worhsip and cast out?) should be enough against affinity and I'm already fine vs eggs, lantern, tron, and ad naus so I think the -1 stony shouldn't hurt me too bad while the ratchet should help me in trouble spots vs aggroswarms/tokens or even vs blood moon.

    kitchen finks is the card I'm least sure about in the board, but I need a value slot to help vs stuff like GBx. While mirran crusader should be better, I'm not keen on him being bolted. Plus the life might be nice as I'm anticipating burn.My main concern is that it might be difficult to cast.

    tocatli honor guard is preferable to hushwing gryff because I need it ASAP vs something like humans (which I think is still fine atm). I like it more than the orb because it attacks and I can see myself bringing it in vs something like control with snapcaster mage, vendilion clique. Otherwise it's just a versatile card that I can bring in vs a range of decks including D&T and bantcompany to primetime.
    Of those decks, most can remove him (humans often has no way and if they do it's like 1 dismember and company has been occasionally pathless lately), but they only have so much removal to use with many cards they'd like to kill. Plus it works with worship ;P.

    Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is slightly better at grinding imo even if he doesn't let my dudes fly over to dome them. I like him a little more on an empty board. I think it's a toss up between the 2 and I found 6 mana elspeth often uncastable.
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  • posted a message on Death and Staxes
    Hey all!

    I think I've settled on a 75 for GP Phoenix and would love some feedback. In particular I wonder if matter reshaper is the right 1x value oriented flex slot. Also I'm unsure about the board.

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    On Side-boarding;
    Playing stony silence for us has gotten worse and worse as we have begun to play more artifacts in the form of smuggler's copter and thraben inspector. This is why you'll see some lists without it int he board, but conventional wisdom is that stony is so good where you want it, that it is worth it. If you're still playing the card (which may or may not be correct depending on your meta, playstyle, etc), I'm curious to hear how you like to board with it. For instance, I think that thraben inspector is absolutely vital vs lantern and would not ever board it out, even if I was bringing in 4 stonies. The truth is, they like to start with hand disruption and then control your draws, making stony hard to resolve. Inspector can help you to draw something relevant. If you have stony and inspector, then you're probably in a good spot.

    I use similar logic with vial vs affinity as it helps us stay at parody on board. A fellow streamer likes to make fun of my non-bo style boarding, calling it the "spiderspace special," but I truly believe that to be correct.

    Also, D&T is not usually fast enough to get under a GBx deck. For a long time, I experimented with boarding out 0-4 vials vs them and finally came around to the camp of boarding them out. It might be a very different discussion for a deck like humans which can clock them fast enough for it to matter, but it's simply not the case with us. Our deck grinds pretty well with canopies and inspectors or displacers (for the 2 most popular variants. Otherwise you have cards like collected company so I stand by my point). Additionally we have walkers to bring in vs them making us even grindier. Yes, they can resolve a dark confidant that can run away with the game, but they can also brick on hand disruption as we beat them down with a bear and rest in peace makes tarmogoyf into a plant token.
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  • posted a message on Death and Staxes
    Quote from redtwister »
    SpiderSpace did nicely with a build recently, would love to hear from him on how his sideboard felt with lots of not Path to Exile removal.

    I felt sideboarding into nonbos was awkward. While there are matchups where you want path and not chalice, they're not always a 1 for 1 exchange. A good example of that is vs death's shadow where you want both cards.
    declaration in stone is just a nice decent broad answer for tokens as well as other decks. Occasionally, I've brought it in with stony so they don't get the upside (it has to be a MU where the OP plays some amount of artifacts of course).
    To be honest, there aren't a lot of matchups where I felt a really missed path. I'm bringing in other hate for storm which really loves something like counters company as a bad MU. I already am jamming cage, but let's face it, it's probably just a poor MU.
    I like worship in this meta. Humans is difficult otherwise. The walkers are anti control/midrange cards. Otherwise, I think my SB hate is pretty reasonable/standard.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Grats on your recent results with GW SpiderSpace! Any chance you'll be posting your thoughts on your card choices/matchups?

    I tend to not post a lot of tournament reports here anymore often because they get buried in comments and then people ask about something that's on the page just before and so it doesn't seem worthwhile to spend time unless someone asks me for them as you have.

    That GW list is probably my most perfected variance of D&T and is a list I have worked on for a long time. I just explained ghostly and eidolon above. I should add that eidolon is more necessary in GW as I'm on 3 thalia to accommodate for cocos.
    I added field of ruin because of tron's uptick in presence. I like it more vs tron and affinity as you can use them when they have less lands than 4 while I don't feel I need the extra help vs control decks where tectonic edge is better. The mana is still quite clean (and relatively simple) though. Voice of resurgence is nice for grinding capabilities. In fact, this list grinds better than many versions of D&T with cards like that, ewit, and coco, while still being able to be very aggressive with acceleration from hierarch.

    I should note that I used to run rip, but this list has GY cards that are excellent in most places you'd want rip, so I moved over to relic of progenitus to not hose myself. Additionally, running stony here feels much easier than in mono W as vial is the only MD artifact.

    EE is just a great SB option that cleans up tokens (lingering souls and empty the warrens anyone?) and can be brought in for aggro MUs like humans or affinity.

    reclamation sage is a nice SB option. I think it's better than qasali pridemage as I think pridemage is a MD kinda card in a coco shell, it's nice to abuse etb abilities.

    ramunap excavator grinds well vs control decks while also being a good option for the greedier decks of the format like DS and humans and also coming in vs big mana decks as that extra oomph (tron variants and valakut).

    If you have any questions about particular cards or MUs, please do ask. I'd be happy to answer them.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from pocaron19 »
    Hi, I am very interested in knowing more about the deck with which spiderspace did 5-2 in a modern challenge recently. Could you explain the reasoning behind the sideboard and their particular matchup? Thank you for the information.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Also @Bearscape (since it looks like you based your list off mine)

    I don't recall all the matchups at this point in time, but I can tell you that my losses were to humans (as would be expected) and to G tron. Vs humans, I've been in love with ghostly prison. The card comes in vs a lot of decks, but since humans started to play kessig malcontents more, ghostly has started to look worse. The tron loss was due to variance clear and simple. I mulled to 5 g1 and almost got him. G2 I drew all 4 vials and all my plains.
    I do like gideon of the trials as a versatile pseudo removal card that can grind and is also decent burn hate.
    To note, I was trying it again as well as gelid shackles because Theau Murray talked about them and I thought it was time to try the later and give the former another shot. That's also why I was playing stony which is a strong SB card, but one that I like less and less in mono W as cards like copter and inspector pull so much weight.

    I do like the gideon, but I'm not in love with shackles. It's kind of like a weaker, but more versatile sunlance, but it just doesn't do enough in my opinion. I can see it being better vs E tron and it has potential in some other big creature MUs, but sunlance doesn't require the repeated mana investment. You may consider trying to get Theau's take, but I don't love the card.

    Eidolon of rhetoric is just such a powerful and versatile SB card. It has hidden applications beyond hosing storm. For instance, stopping tron from playing multiple eggs in a turn is very nice. it also hoses snappy without doing nothing else in a game the way rest in peace might vs control.

    Overall, the deck is strong and resilient. I'm uncertain if I want stony or not, ghostly probably needs to become something else to have a shot vs humans (worship perhaps?), I like the double gid-fathers, 2 BFT felt right, and eidolon is just a sweet card.

    EDIT: I was boarding out copters for stonies if I wanted that effect.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    It's just a plains with an upside. The only downside is making your deck slightly weaker to blood moon. The card is by no means essential, and typically is only run in mono W, where you're not worried about moon anyway. Some corner cases come up where it's nice to have. For instance is lets thalia dodge kolaghan's command. It gets better with more legends. For instance, Thalia, heretic cathargets through lightning bolt or anger of the gods if you have it up.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Re: no stony whaaaat?

    Tron brings in removal for stony because it is good against them, but it isn't backbreaking. In fact I'd rather see a vial in my opener so I can actually use LD vs them than stony. There are even cards that work as splash hate for them. Eidolon of rhetoric for instance makes those baubles awkward. Remember, we're favored vs them already. Altho surgical vs them is mighty tasty if you're so inclined.

    Lantern is likely to discard your opening hand stony anyway. That means you have to draw it before they don't let you and then kill them before they bridge up and eventually draw decay. The cards good, but it's just not a good MU for many taxes variants. As catmix said, it probably isn't worth hedging slots for since it make a up a low meta %. If you really had to beat it, leyline of sanctity is probably the best card for you since it hoses them from the start AND lets your other hoses stay in your hand.

    Affinity is certainly effected by the lack of stony and I'd argue it's the 1 real MU that make a me occasionally want it. HOWEVER cards like copter actually do put in quite a bit of good work here. Spot removal and anti aggro stuff like ghostly prison should be able to cover it.

    Ad naus is hosed by stony very well, but the MU is pretty much free.

    I guess I can mention eggs, but the deck can be attacked from a ton of angles and is probably favored for us already.

    Ultimately, thraben inspector and copter are so excellent in so many MU as they give a mono W deck much needed card filtering. If you really want to beat affinity you can still run stony (or kataki which we haven't really talked about) and swallow the nonbo. I truly believe copter and inspector are excellent in mono W.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    ReCatmix's humans rant:
    If you're on a multicolor version of the deck, EE on 2 wrecks them. Ghostly prison is an absolute house vs them. Settle the wreckage can also be good, altho you might have trouble getting to it/ having opponents play around it. Imo, ghostly is an excellent option for D&T in general.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from xotug »
    Congratulations to SpiderSpace for this:
    Well done, men!
    I hope you share with us your experience with the deck.

    Thanks friend!

    I decided to recently revisit trophy taxes and ended up pulling out a 5-0. The deck grinds very well while still having game against some combo which is why I tried it. In the 5-0 league, I played vs GW valuetown, GR tron, martyr proc, jeskai, and WB drazi (not E&T). I also streamed 2 leagues with the deck yesterday and ended up dropping from both leagues. The deck seems to always go 1-2 or 2-1 meaning they're a lot of close games. I don't think the deck is quite perfect, but it's a blast to play and has some neat tools.
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  • posted a message on Death and Staxes
    @redtwister Yeah, I tend to like copter slightly more than reshaper,but it's pretty close. It's just that copter has evasion and can take over the game if not answered. The only creature that can't really crew it imo is smasher. It just gives a lot of your dudes pseudo haste/ unblockability.
    I wouldn't cut big thalia though. I might even try to up the number of her to 3 with copter as she's just that good. Granted, the meta seems to be moving back towards bolt, so perhaps she's worse than she was.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I just played vs 5c humans with a version of WU D&T 2x and went 1-2, 2-1. I have also played a decent amount of the humans list recently myself as well as against it with various colors of D&T. Mind you all, my SB is very spot removal heavy, but I don't find the matchup that much in favor of either side. I haven't played enough vs them yet to give an exact percentage (partly because it seems like a lot of the MODO humans players don't always make the best plays at this point in time so I don't feel good about the data I have), but it feels like it might be 45-55 in their favor g1 and the reverse postboard. The older company versions of humans felt much better vs us than this one because every game that I could grind out that humans list, they'd just find a coco and crush me while still having the possibility of getting a quick kill like the current version does.

    Having played with the list and against the list, the part about it that has my interest for us at the moment is the card meddling mage, which I had tested previously, but dismissed. I'm not sure the card does the same thing for us as them in that we don't have team pump effects or the same clock, but I will be testing it again in WU.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    @SteveMont When dredge was a deck, you'd consistently see 1-2 relic of progenitus in the MD of BW E&T. If you want to pack MD GY hate (other than trying to fit a bojuka bog in the mana somewhere), I'd recommend relic. It replaces itself so it's not as dead as rip in the bad MUs.

    Btw, I'm surprised to hear that you find storm a bad MU. It should be quite favorable for WB E&T. How are you siding?

    Which brings me to @Spsiegel1987 We're a metadeck. This means that our SBs change and that we have more MD flex slots than many other decks. This makes having a SB guide a difficult task, especially because many people can't agree on what SB cards should be played. This means that if you want a specific guide, your best bet is something like the Coval article you already read. Beyond that, I'd try paying attention to other players SBs and getting a better understanding of how to build a proper SB with our deck and how to use it. I tried to build a general SBing guide that I try to update to more reflect the meta. It isn't splash specific and more teaches you how to craft one and how SBing generally goes. As Dsmonsta mentioned, it's in leonin's library (there's links in it at the bottom of the primer on the 1st page).
    Playstyle might influence how you board as well. For instance, even if I played Coval's exact 75(which I wouldn't), I wouldn't SB the same way he does. But Coval won a large tournament, which is why you might be more tempted to listen to his advice.

    The only MU I'd cut all the vials is vs BGx midrange decks where they're going to strip you of your resources and get you into topdeck wars where vial is actively bad. I also never board out vials vs storm. If I had a ton of amazing SB cards, I might board out 1 if I needed the room. I also wouldn't board them out vs dredge or GDS like he does. You need it to stay at some semblance of parody vs dredge and it greatly helps you win the tempo war vs GDS. I forget where else he boards them out.
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    The 22nd place in the challenge was me. Altho I'm very surprised to hear it called stock. I can do a brief recap if people are interested and would be happy to talk about deck choices.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from CarrotsMcGee »
    Quote from Rotax94 »
    Ehm, what is the plan vs Eldrazi Tron?

    He opened a hand with natural tron, smasher, balista, the equipment with deattouch and lifelink, i just scooped.

    EDIT: i'm playing E&T

    Mana disruption is key because you're not beating them if they 're casting a lot of spells. Ghost Quarter and Tec Edge are super important. Post-Board side in artifact hate and phyrexian revokers if you have them. Side out 1-toughness creatures like thalia and fickerwisp to avoid ballista blowouts.

    While you're correct about siding in artifact hate and that 1 toughness creatures such as thalia aren't great vs them, I think it's absolutely wrong to sb out fliers. Wisp can work as resource denial and can help us race when you vial out that attacking smasher. And it has evasion. I should also note that I like to keep in ~2 thalias on the play as her tax can be relevant in the earlier stages of the game and she beats reshapers in combat. She's much worse on the draw though.
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