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    I love the card, but I just don't see where this card beats essence scatter/negate in any of my decks. The utility of making my critters better, making theirs worse just doesn't beat just getting rid of the threat altogether.

    At least in this case Essence Scatter doesn't stop planeswalkers, and Negate doesn't stop creatures. So this is more flexible? Close to a hard counter. Doesn't stop them from getting a body, but think of it as a malleable Swan Song for creatures and planeswalkers. Power of more coverage for less mana (in terms of Standard counterspells these days) in exchange for a body. Recent comparisons are Anticognition and No Escape.

    Also, since the creature being chosen doesn't say target, I think you don't have to choose a creature until the spell resolves. Doesn't that mean I could use a bird token created by Murmuring Mystic, for instance, created when I cast this spell?

    Unless I'm reading the card incorrectly, it would also allow you to sort of "counter" something like a Carnage Tyrant since you never actually target or counter the card being played. Which is the big appeal of this card to me. Someone plays a bomb that can't be countered or has hexproof you can just turn it into a 1/1 soldier instead.
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    Just pair it with Fangren Firstborn
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