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    posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    Leave Them Thinking 2UU
    All players play with their library upside down.
    Whenever a player draws a card outside of their draw step, draw from the bottom of their library instead.
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    posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    Quote from Voila!
    Really?? NOBODY has a problem with this?!? Really?!?

    ...no, pstmdrn. No.

    @ Voila! - If you notice the Red red mana mana symbol tells us all.... This is a red spell. You of all people who correct us, should know Nodding the Affirmative

    Riot Flame 3RRR
    Creature - Elemental
    If ~ is counters, deal 4 damage to that player.
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    posted a message on The Mana Cost Game
    Pulse Dart RW/U mana
    Deal 1 damage to target creature.
    If white mana was used to cast this spell, gain 3 life.
    If blue mana was used to cast this spell, draw a card.


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    posted a message on Two Wrongs Make a Right?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a problem and hope that you can assist.

    Last Saturday at a Card Game Store, evening hours, during a Typical Game, two unknown players came to visit the store to play and also trade.
    As we played and traded, they mostly hovered around a young player who just got into the game and wanted badly to trade with him.

    Here at the store, we help - even train other younger players and newer player how to handle those who want to see your treasures you have earned and tried to obtain. We enocurage those to continue the game and not lose faith.

    These unknown would ask to see his binder and we all kept watch to see what was it that they needed so badly to see. That younger player had a playset of Force of Wills and other older cards from his bigger brother and his brother passed his collection to him to carry on the faith of Magic.

    Well it happened in a blur, the exit to the store is almost 2 feet from where he and the unknown were. They took off with his binder. We ran after but it was like a scene from a movie. They had a get-away car ready and jumped in and took off. However, without thinking, the unknowns left their binder and bags with them. Mostly Standard stuff, many were rares and sleeves. The owner took it upon himself to give everything in the bag to the guy whose binder was stolen.

    About 23 people were there. We didn’t recognize those unknown but ½ stated not to allow him to take all of the items, others were YES GIVE IT ALL.

    The reason most were angry is of course they also wanted what was in the bag, other really didn't care.

    Was the owner wrong?

    Should he had the right to give it all to him or share with everyone in the store or the owner hold on to it?
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    posted a message on Rudest/worst MTG opponent you've ever played?
    Not me today but my friend sat me down to tell me the tale of his experience. He is kinda poor and loves when I give him some of my cards and some to borrow. Today, He almost wanted to quit because of what he was told to him.

    He plays alot and likes to play with me and my group. They help him as much as they can.

    He was 1-4. But his 3rd game is what almost made him quit.

    The guy he was playing against was using a red and black w/splash of white.
    My friend was playing a blue red.

    The opponent was telling him that he was too slow, not shuffling right and making his opponent make mistakes just by attacking him.
    Finally he won that match but called over a judge to tell them if he might have been using cards he received from the pack he received for the prize.

    I tried to find the guy to "straight" him out, but he could not be found.

    After we finished today, we went to McD around the corner and game him my cards. I have two booster boxes coming my way.

    When it comes to playing a game, regardless what it is, making it fun for all to play is important.
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    posted a message on The Mana Cost Game
    Darkness Omen :sym2w::sym2b::symwb:
    Tribal Enchantment - Demon
    At the beginning of your upkeep, each player may pay 1 life. If he or she does, each player discards a card for each life paid.
    At end of turn, gain 1 life for each card discarded this turn.


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    posted a message on *The Common to Rare Game*
    Kraken Liver Lubricant 3U
    Enchantment – Aura
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted gets +3/+3 and gains Islandwalk.


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    posted a message on The Official Joke Thread.
    A man is jogging across the lake and come across a woman with no arms or legs. She is crying. He comes over and says, “Why are you crying?” “I have never been hugged before” He hugs her and continues to jog. He comes across her again and she is crying more louldly. He asks again, “Why are you crying now?” “I have never been kissed before.” He gives her a big kiss and goes off jogging again. He comes back one more time and she is wailing loudly and he asks her, “Why are you crying now?” “I have never been screwed before.” He picks her up and throws her in the lake. “Now your screwed!”

    What do you think?
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