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  • posted a message on [FS] Scrye Preview: Llanowar Mentor & Sliver Legion (Scans post# 109)
    although what about a "Storm Sliver" you know like --

    Sliver Legion
    All Slivers have When ~this~ comes into play, put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token into play
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  • posted a message on [FS] Scrye Preview: Llanowar Mentor & Sliver Legion (Scans post# 109)
    they are always tinkering with wording.. i mean they finally Keyword-ed Vigilance, and don't forget the Haste thing a few years back.. they are just keeping things clean for the time being.. they'll change it again probably later.
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  • posted a message on [FS] Scrye Preview: Llanowar Mentor & Sliver Legion (Scans post# 109)
    1) They really made me cry this set with Slivers.. they USED to have cool abilities for their price.. now they cost like 1,000 mana and have just random abilities that they thought were cool in general. I will admit the Rare Slivers and Enemy Color Slivers (BOUT FREAKING TIME) were an interesting addition.

    Sliver Legion is a cop-out in my opinion.. wow.. so they get a Coat of Arms sliver.. real inovative.. course since there are about 100 Slivers now they probably have run out of abilities to give.. I would think some sort of mega sacrifice woulda been better.. like Sac 2 Slivers for an effect

    Back to reality

    2) any news as to the Dragons? I believe I saw a pic a while back but I can't find it

    3) Is there any hope to see Venser, Freyalise, or perhaps any of the old Legends mentioned on the PC Timeshifts as cards in this set.. ideas?
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  • posted a message on [FS] 'Bogardan Lancer' art?
    I was mentioning the Battlemage just as a point to ponder. But I have a feeling the other battlemages (if any exist, and they BETTER) they probably will take cues from the Ana battlemage and have art that looks like the Volver of the appropriate type. This guy will probably just be a souped up Ghitu slinger... perhaps even a color-shifted Knight of Mists.. who knows.. but eitherway, I would argue a 187 or flash and being red
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  • posted a message on [FS] 'Bogardan Lancer' art?
    Just because I'm a Battlemage fanatic, I would like to toss out the fact that NIghtscape Battlemage had a mount in his art as well... so this could be a sort of Dega Battlemage (not likely, but since it has Black/Red hints I would only assume as much) but I would just like to get the idea out there
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  • posted a message on The Cycle Makin' Game
    Turned Slayer - 2W
    Vanishing - 3
    Protection from black, can block flying creatures
    ww, Tap: Destroy target Vampire
    If ~ Goes to graveyard with no time coutners on it, put a 4/4 Black Vampire token into play under target opponent's control

    The idea is that it is reverse hunting. They stalk their prey then get killed by being too good (I.E. living too long). This one is a reverse-Rependant Vampire
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  • posted a message on The Cycle Makin' Game
    Serra's Diplomat - 3WWW
    Creature - Dragon
    Defender, First Strike
    Creatures you control with Flying have Vigilance
    Non-Flying Creatures Cannot Attack You

    I'm new to this so if you poo-poo it ok, I was just thinking a Windborn-Muse sorta thing...
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  • posted a message on Attacking the Metagame: Destructive Domain
    I most certainly am not an expert on Meta-Game Extended, but I have a long history w/ Domain decks since the IBC was just Invasion.

    Here are a few points I would like to throw out there:

    -What about Boseju Who Shelters All? Even as singleton?

    -Petrified Field is a MUST... after seeing the U/W Gifts.. it is an unquestionable change

    -Terramorphic expanse is too slow, Terminal Moraine is better b/c it taps for mana, I would up the Fetch Land counts and -4 those, and Add the P. Field

    -I'm gonna agree on the Nodes going to SB

    -Something about that Krosan Grip not being MD bothers me.. only b/c of the matchup vs so many decks, I am thinking Stick and Jitte's mainly

    -Blinkmoth Well in the SB if needed later on down the line?

    -I think cutting 2 if not 3 tops for Trinket Mages is a better call as filtering your draws vs finding bullets is a no brainer

    -Cutting 1 Crucible is a possible as w/ a Ruins and a P. Field you don't need to worry about that

    -No Ivory Mask in SB?

    -And if you want a nice Gifts pile.. try Extripate, Dizzy Spell, Trinket Mage, Global Ruin... the Dizzy spell is to find the 2nd Extirpate that would be added to the SB IMO

    Anyways, that is the brainstorming.. and Collective Restraint was a pivitol card of all the type 2 Domain decks.. shame we can't really work that in..
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  • posted a message on Battle of the Sets VIII: Introduction Part 2
    Ok... so it is next week... and the results are...????
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  • posted a message on [TS] Official WoTC Previews - Sept 4 (Sedge Sliver and Teferi)
    I don't know if any was doing the same number crunching I was on the Slivers... but they mentioned 26 count of 'slivers' and 54 of 'Sliver', that means 26 new Creature - Sliver. If that is true that would leave something like 5 per Color and one 5Color or Artiact.. but does anyone thing that this may FINALLY be the time they release Enemy Color Slivers, perhaps even Arc or Wedge Colored? If they did that WOuld leave 5 Enemy, 5 Arc, 5 Wedge, 1 5c/Artifact, and 2 per color.. which probably is 3 per color because of having one in each rarity... anyone else even care?
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  • posted a message on Battle of the Sets VIII: Introduction Part 2
    This I'm sure is noone's real concern, but I think Coldsnap looks subpar to what it could have been. A counter deck is nice, but the curve looks HORRIBLE. I think Coldsteel heart could have been worked in, and I am also shocked at the lack of Skred, Chill to the Bone, Chilling Shade, Garza Zol, Frost Raptor, Jester's Scepter, Krovikan Rot, Mouth of Ronom, Rimebound Dead.. and that is only on a minor Red splash if that is even used. It seems that the counters in the deck will always be sub-par. I mean I like the idea.. but it seems to lack a way to stop the rush. White have the Shackles, Sunscour, Vanish Into Memory.. The Black you seem to be splashing is just for the Specter??? The rot is a reusable weenie killer (maybe a 1 of) the Scepter is a way to possibly catch a few easy counters. Chill to the Bone is the expensive Rend Flesh. Mouth of Ronomo I know is a long stretch, but it is snow and a colorless way to pop 4 toughness. The reason I mention Skred is that it is a 1 mana burn spell that says I do damage=lands... that is HUGE, splashable.. and I think should be considered. The Raptor and Garza are more Aggro-Control Creaetures, and I think retooling the inefficent couter base could make this deck more like that and that seems to be the way to win IMO. That isn't even touching on the Yeti (the FTK's lil brother). I just think that when your hard coutners are 4cc, and your other control seems to be high cc.. maybe a more dedicated smoother curve might be a change.. the tourney will tell.. I mean I may be crazy too.
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